Fan Fridays: Doggy Sweaters, A Style Post

My little Roo loves his little warm sweater for winter.

I crocheted it by measuring him (that probably took the longest) & trial and error.  I love little dog outfits.  Rudy, not so much

(Rudolf Rocket Howard.....my father says thats his full name...I don't really think they put that down on his papers)

I recently stumbled up on a blog Refashionology.com.  This blog is great! It is filled with tutorials & inspiration.  Look how cute these dogs look in their little clothes:

I want to make Roo a polo one! I think all the neighborhood girl dogs will be falling in love.  Go check out the post!

I've been super doooooper busy this week.  I am making folders for a conference, working on my senior project, & over all trying to get school, homework, & sleep figured out let alone blogging! But I think I am doing alright.

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My Artist Website

I've created a site solely for my artwork.  Please stop by & check it out!


Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Another Alternative Pumpkin

  Check out how cool these pumpkins are from Martha:

They use twinkle lights stuck through drilled holes.  It's so cool! Check out the instructions here.

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Sum Up Sundays: Decorated Lamp

I meant to make this a picture tutorial.......but I forgot & took no pictures before or during.  I am sorry.

Also, I feel as if this may have been a craft fail for me.  I loved the idea & I think it came out great, but I don't think the spot for this lamp is in my living room.  It seems better suited for a kids room since its so kid-like or perhaps it just doesn't fit in with the design in my apartment.  I love the lampshade but I think I may grab another one & redo it.  Perhaps I will make my own...hmmmm

I grabbed a flower image from one of my clip art/stencil books and made it a few sizes.  I colored charcoal on the back of the flowers & traced over them with a pencil (like carbon paper) to transfer the image.  Then I outlined it in Sharpie & colored it in.  I wanted it to sort of be Dr. Seuss-y & child like...which I think it fulfilled. But now it doesn't fit in my living room.  

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Fan Fridays: Lace

You'd think a doily post would be on my craft blog Cross My Hooks, but I love when craft crosses with art & crosses with decor.  These doilies are unique.  They aren't your gramma's ordinary doilies.

  1. This great heart shaped plate is from Hideminy on etsy.  I love the detail! This is a perfect bathroom/vanity accent.
  2. This great doily is actually porcelain! Can you believe it?? Check out Forest Clearing to pick up a few.  Make sure to read the shop info, you'll find out the secret to these adorable doilies!
  3. What a great place to jot down your secrets, aspirations, or inspirational quotes.  Fill this journal with anything you wish! From Read Write Books
  4. Finally, this clock would look great on any wall! I love the doily detail! Check out Lure Arts on etsy.

Have You Checked Out With Love, Crochet Lately?

Well, in case you haven't, I thought I would drop in and say that With Love, Crochet now has some really fun watercolored sayings & images for you to frame & hang!  All are in cheery colors measuring 4.5x6 inches :)

Check out the shop for more!
Also listed are some fun hats, jewelry & scarves :)


Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Halloween Decor, Part One

Well now, it's the middle of September & I am ready for Halloween!  We recently had our annual block party here at my University & that signals its officially time for fall!  I love all seasons but one of my favorite holidays is Halloween.  (My top faves: Halloween, Christmas, my birthday, Fourth of July)  I love the decorations, the stories, the creepy-ness.   I love it ALL!!!

Here on Dorm Dec Wednesdays for the next few weeks I am going to showcase some Halloween decor ideas.  I love creating little scenes (& seeing the ones other's have created) & all of the things I showcase can be combined to create an awesome Halloween decor display!

Here's the first:

Over on Better Homes & Gardens I found this great tutorial for an interesting pumpkin.  The tutorial calls for a melon baller & your own two hands! Start scooping & create your dots.  If you carve out the inside, BHG suggests, a candle/pumpkin light with illuminate the holes.  Now isn't that something?

Indoor Decor: Bring it indoors with a few medium & small sized pumpkins displayed on books, on candlesticks (the bigger ones that can withstand the weight & still be stable), under a cloche, or (if you can find more round small ones) on a cupcake stand.

Out Door Decor: For an outside display use varying sized pumpkins displayed up your porch steps, display a few in a window (from the inside looking out), or put them in your yard near your mailbox, side walk, or a lamp.

I think I am going to do a Halloween Decor Link Party each Wednesday in October so make sure you check back!

I can not wait to carve pumpkins this year!! Do you do any crazy pumpkin things each year? Any interesting Halloween traditions?

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Tempted Tuesdays: Beautiful Bracelets

Tempted Tuesday is usually about things (decor, style, clothes, jewelry) that are awfully tempted to buy.  Recently I've been featuring things that are still tempting to buy but I've now added a part of it that involves a DIY.

I am going to start calling those posts Worth the Buy, but Tempted to DIY.  This post is just that.

I've mentioned before my love for Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, & Free People and I am pretty sure I've mentioned my rather tight budget.  Tempted to DIY is how I feel when I browse through their sites.  I love the detail put into each piece but knowing my DIY-ing skills, I am sure I can come up with my own version that no one else will have.  Here are this weeks picks (again from Anthropologie):

  1. First is the All Seeing Eye bracelet.  By making a few little beaded chains, you can replicate this pattern or create your own.  Grab a piece of graph paper that is a few rows long (about 4 or 5 squares or longer if you wish). Start at the middle mapping out the pattern like the image to the right. Now you can follow the pattern to make the rows of beaded chain.  You may have to cut or add to your design to make sure the bracelet fits around your wrist.  You can find bars to hold the multiple chains at the craft store in the jewelry department or search on ebay/etsy/amazon for the perfect fit.
  2. The Strawberry Lemonade Necklace can be made with acrylic or glass faceted beads.  Create the yellow accent by stringing drop beads on and pushing them together.  This will create the flower effect.
  3. The Akela Necklace is a great bold statement.  This necklace seems to combine the use of a fabric tube tied around a beaded necklaces & the creation of fabric flowers.  Check here for a great youtube video from Threadbanger about making fabric flowers & here for a tutorial on the fabric tube necklace from Martha Stewart. ***UPDATE: I found a great tutorial over at Flamingo Toes!  Pop over to check it out!!***
  4. Finally these drop earrings (Stone Mine Drops) can be personalized with a certain color bead. Put smaller accent beads on the same type of head pin as the large bead & connect them to the earring fish hook.
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Make It Mondays: Lamp Redo

So I am sure you all have seen the great lamp re-do's out here in Blog Land so I thought I'd hop on the wagon.  I have a lamp that I've already "re done" by giving it a coat of paint & a new lampshade but the lampshade is plain ol' white & needs some sprucing up.

Here are some of my inspirations:

  1. The first is the very first lamp redo I cam across a few weeks ago.  From then on it's gotten mentioned on blogs & keeps popping up in blog & link parties.  I love it! Check out the tutorial/post on Billie Monster.  I can't decide between covering my existing lampshade with fabric or painting it (or drawing on it with black sharpie!)
  2. The second is a tutorial I just came across today! I love the globe lamps & even though my lamp doesn't have this element, I thought I'd mention how awesome it is!  Check out the tute here on Flea Market Trixie!
  3. The final one is the painted lampshade inspiration.  I love the zebra print & how neutral it is! It is a well put together lamp.  If you check out Bon Temps Beignet's blog you'll see the before & after and get a well detailed tutorial.  Personally, I like the before too!! I struggle with that a lot too, I often love the before but can see it as a wonderful after! I want to buy two of everything!  I guess I just have to give in sometimes!
I also have a very college looking lamp.  When I move out on my own (in a real apartment that is really mine) I am going to spray paint it & make it better suited for, you know, real life :)

Happy Monday!


Give Away! on Jennfunique

I love give aways! Check out this one here on Jennfunique:

win this fabric & bow ring

this great headband!

this oh so adorable blue bow

& this great butterfly head wrap!

Oh my goodness! Isn't this the most fantastic giveaway ever!  Go check it out here! And don't forget to browse through the rest of the blog too!!

Sum Up Sundays: Finished Bookplate & Framed Quote

My apologies for this picture heavy post but I wanted to share with you the process.  So be prepared for a lot of images!

You may remember from this post an assignment to design a bookplate.  Well my design changed a bit & here is the process & the final product:

Inking up the press

Locked up block:

Preparing ink for second print:

And the final print:

I got SUPER frustrated doing this.  But my friend who is a print major helped me out a load! It made so much sense after! I realize though that in my frustration that my image doesn't support my type. I still like the colors together though.  One of the main parts of the assignment was the plate had to reflect the creator, it had to be personal.  During crit of our sketches my original one got thrown out because everyone thought this design reflected me better.  I see what they are saying now!!

And remember the quotes I made? Here they are as a decorative piece on my head board:

I love inspirational quotes.  And I really believe in this one! I also gave one away to my room mate since I made an edition of 21.  I put it in a thrifted & painted frame on top of a piece of scrapbook paper my sister gave me! Next to it is a great mason jar.  My roommate is so creative, she decided to buy some old mason jars for us to use as cups! So great!

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Fan Fridays: Patchwork

I can't get enough patchwork!! I did a quick Google search & found some images I love:

  1. The first is a great comforter from Trend Bites.  I can see this made from some scarves from the thrift store.  I'd love to try that!
  2. This is really cool wallpaper over on Apartment Therapy.  
  3. I would love to DIY my own patchwork chair or couch & this is great inspiration from Pinaywife Atbp.
  4. Finally, this is a beginning shot of a project over on HandMaid Liset.  I love the patterns!!
Do you have a favorite pattern or are you digging patchwork as much as I am?



This in its raw form probably has nothing to do with decorating but when I get finished with them I think it will:

In my print making class, one assignment we had to do (blogged here) was set some type & print it.  The type was to be our favorite quote & the goal was to print an edition of 21 (20 for us & 1 for our instructor).  My quote is a Samuel Becket quote.

I plan on framing a few & giving them as gifts.  They will be put on patterned scrapbook paper (probably) then framed.  I'll keep one for my self of course, but the others may get used in a collage or something, I am not sure yet.

I knew I loved this quote & what it meant but I never thought about how it exactly applied to me.  I always thought about it in theory.  Well if you check out this post on Cross My Hooks, you'll see one of the many art projects I am working on.  Well, long story short, while completing this project we were one part of the process short & thus it wasn't working correctly.  Once we remedied the problem it worked perfect.  It wasn't until that moment that I realized that the quote is true & not just in theory! We tried, we failed. We tried again. The second try wasn't perfect but it was a better failure than the first time & we progressed! Now we can pour these sheets out no problem.  Hooray!

Do you have a favorite quote??  One that you really feel is most definitely true?

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Tempted Tuesdays: Vintage Sheets

I loooooove sheets.  I love new sheets, I love old sheets, I love gently used "hey I don't really like these anymore, you want them?" sheets.  I. Love. Bed linens. Period.

None of my sheets match (well, I do have some sets, but I don't use them together).  I love patterns, patchwork & everything hodge podge.

I found this great image in my Google search (& the blog is pretty cool to!)

This image is from Confessions of a Thrift Store Junkie.  I have to say this blog is so great! There is an etsy shop on the side bar I am dying to check out!  So stop by, show some love & grab some great inspiration!!

I'd love to put a sheet up in my room like that! Am I too old? I hope not!

Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Awesome Inspiration

I've been following fuckyeahbedroomdecor.tumblr.com for a while and I am in love!!! There are always some awesome bedrooms on there.  The pictures give me some great inspiration for my own room (which is a bombshell right now).  I promise to become a neat & clean decorator when I graduate, I swear!

Here are some great pictures submitted by readers & found on the internet:

I love all of them but because I am in love with HP this last picture is my fave!

PS. Have you seen the trailers for the final movies? Literally I cried when I found out they'd finished filming! That means my childhood is over!


Make It Mondays: Decorative Plates

Sorry there wasn't a Make It Monday last week, I don't think I could have handled it!  This week I am going to try to make a decorative plate I've seen in a few decor craft books.  Using modge podge images are glued to the back of a clear glass plate & it's sealed.  You really can't use it to eat off of but its pretty cool to look at. I'd love to decorate some & put them in my shop.  I have a framed picture above my bed with the silhouette of a giraffe's head in patterned paper that I would love to translate into a plate!  A whole series with animal silhouettes would be cute.

Here's an example from Julie's Adorabowls on etsy!

Isn't it great? Click the link for more of her fun creations! She has bowls, plates & some really adorable jewelery!

Are you going to make anything new this week?


Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Pillows

Keeping with the Anthropologie posts, I thought I'd feature some really awesome pillows that are great to buy but are inspiration for DIY.

I love patchwork. I have a quilt on my bed (not handmade unfortunately), I love patchwork blankets, & have asked my grandmother to hand down a quilt I've slept under nearly every time I've visited.

  1. The first, the Bella Bolster is great for an entry way chair or love seat.  I can see it on a wicker set (which I'd love to have my mothers wicker set, She keeps it though I am sure she despises it!)  Also, is wicker still in? Do people still use/buy it? 
  2. Second, the Yoruba Pillow is a great accent to the Bella Bolster. I'd pair them both on a chair in the entry way!
  3. This Fringy Fronds pillow I see on a comfy chair in the corner of a master bedroom.  Great way to add color & detail!

If you are an avid quilter I think you can tackle this! I however am not, and hope I am correct in assuming that some of these are simple quilting techniques.  I've watched a few people quilt & I find it super interesting.  I tried to sew a dress once & didn't finish.  All I have to do is hem it! Just hem it! And I gave up.  Perhaps I'll get back to it one day.

Have you quilted anything like this? Or just sewn a patchwork pillow?


Color Block: Apartment Therapy

I am at work right now browsing around waiting for my boss to get back. Being a student worker at my university only has one draw bak: usually I get everything done and have to ask for more!!

While waiting I was looking at Apartment Therapy's Facebook page an found this post for today:

It's great inspration for some DIY art. I want to try the first one  here as a 3D painting with a few small painted canvases on a larger one. I love giving depth to paintings & am often inspired by a guy I go o school with who does just that. He combines stained glass, painting, & other structural elements to create awesome sculptures.

Tempted Tuesdays: Jewelery Boxes

If it isn't evident by now I love the Urban Outfitters company.  I love Free People, I love Urban Outfitters, & I really love Anthropologie.  I think I identify with this company because my style changes depending on my mood.  Free People caters to a style that is really earthy, country, & rural (yet chic), Urban Outfitters caters to a style that is more grungy & metropolitan, finally Anthropologie caters to a more feminine, cool, & sophisticated style.

This weeks Tempted Tuesday is from the latter.  Two Anthropologie jewelery boxes that are worth the buy but are also a great inspiration to DIY:

These two boxes found here & here are gorgeous! I love the detail & the femininity of the boxes.

Here's my idea for DIY:
For the first (Blizzard' Bounty Jewelry Box) I'd love to reuse some old denim fabric from some jeans.  I'd cut them into strips about 2" wide, make a running stitch & gather up the fabric. Then, I'd recover the box, padding the top, & sew on the frilly do dads I made with the fabric.  Heck, you could even hot glue them!

For the second (Pearl Essence Jewelry Box) I'd reuse an old sequined top from the thrift store! Find a top with some funky beading & use it to recover the top.  Slip some padding under it for a little cushion, remove some of the beads from the sides where the box would close, & secure.

Both of these are so cute & would look great personalized.  Anthropologie has some wonderful stuff!!


Sum Up Sundays: Butterflies & Type

Ahhh! I was in such a hurry to get out of the hot art building that I ran home with out snapping a picture of my type! It's alright though, the font I chose was more out of which has enough letters rather than what will look the best.

Here are my butterflies:

I've hung them over my desk which is getting a load of use this year! I am creating & crafting along with typing & drafting.  I am sprucing up my resume & learning to write proper cover letters. One of my assignments was to research a job I'd like to apply for & turn in a cover letter as if I was applying for that job.  Well I found one at Urban Outfitters in the field I'd like to get into: Visual Display & Merchandising.  Hmmmm...I might really be applying for it come graduation (or close to).

The photo in the background there is at my friend's graduation party.  The girl in the middle is the first friend I ever made in college, I'm in the orange & yellow, & the girl on the end is our other really good friend we met our second year here.  I miss them a ton! But they are both successful graduates & have really fun jobs :)

I can't believe it's the third week of the semester! I've got to get crackin!

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Fan Fridays: Can Do, DIY spirit

I have been blown away by the DIY decor I've been seeing on the blogsphere this past week.  I love perfectly personalized furniture & sprucing up what you've already got.

This week, instead of a usual Etsy shop or fashion trend, I am featuring some really cool furniture thats been spruced up in the most amazing way.  A few with a common household object & one in an uncommon color:

  1. This faux zinc frame from Mustard Seed Creations rocks my mis-matched socks! Can you believe its made from tin foil & a paint glaze? I can't either!
  2. Can you believe the color of this table?  From In His Grip, this side table is made in a traditional spray paint-then-distress fashion with a bubble gum pink pop! I love this color.  It would brighten up any place!
  3. Finally, this night stand is done the same way as the frame.  Mandi from Vintage Revival took tinfoil & modge podge & created this master piece then aged it with glaze. 
These projects are so great! I think my childhood nightstand is going to get a makeover.  Now to decide which way to go.....

Check out Cross My Hooks for a fun update on my senior art project for our senior show in May.

Free People's New Scottsdale, AZ Store

I believe I've posted some stuff on here before about my love of Free People, branch from Urban Outfitters.  It is my dream job to work for this company! I love the style, the stores, & the inspiration I get from browsing their stores & online.  I go their a lot when I am look for something to make fashion wise & love their blog for decor inspiration from their displays.  It is my dream to work on their visual display team!

Here's a bit about Free People:
Started in the 70's by Dick Hayne, Free People was nestled in West Philadelphia.  Targeting young people who sought unique clothing and an idea of freedom in what they wore, Free People became two stores & changed its name to Urban Outfitters.  Eventually demand rose for wholesale items prompting a split in the company giving new life to Free People.  Moving from its junior label, Free People became a mature brand catering to 20 year old women.  This is who they design for now offering fun & functional clothing for the confident yet free spirited woman.  (information pulled from here. Click to read the full story of Free People)

Here is the storefront of their newest store:

Gorgeous right? I know!

The point of this post is to reveal how amazed I am at every store opening.  The displays are amazing, the designs impeccable, & the decor is so do-able! I love that a lot of the displays they use in the store can be reinterpreted by those with a can-do & DIY spirit.  Take this photo for example:

Hmmm? what is that orange thing in the sea of blues & greens? It really stands out and looks so cool with the fabric woven through it.  Lets continue through the photos:

Awesome jewelery displays.  Lets scroll some more:

Hey look at that! More orange stuff....hold on

Is that what I think it is?? YES! It's orange netting/fencing! Now isn't that just the greatest thing you've ever seen? This is why visual display for Free People is my dream job!  So creative and innovative. I love it. Please visit this post on Free People's blog.  All images are copyright Free People.