Three Keto Dough Recipes I Always Have on Hand

While I was pregnant with Marcus I was advised to start eating low-carb toward the end of my pregnancy.  Turns out I was growing a large baby and we needed to limit the carbs so that he didn't bust from my nether regions like bigfoot.  Too much? Well, that's the truth!
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Eating low carb was not what I wanted to do with my life, especially nearing the end of my pregnancy when I wanted ice cream and Oreos!  (spoilers: this is my favorite low carb ice cream.)  Honestly, when deciding to go low-carb one of my goals was to still be able to eat bread and sweets.  Finding some Keto friendly recipes on Pinterest was an obsession of mine...second to actually testing them out!

Over the last few months of my pregnancy and even into postpartum I've enjoyed finding and making new Keto recipes but there are 3 'dough' recipes that I always fall back on

Fat Head Dough

This was the first Keto 'dough' I discovered and it quickly became my go to for everything.  Fat Head Dough is basically mozzarella, cream cheese, eggs, and almond flour (or coconut flour).  This is the recipe I use each time. Making this dough can get really sticky.  Most recipes advise you to wet your hands often when working with the dough but I find using food prep gloves works the best.
I first experimented with these Fat Head Dough bagels but quickly moved to using this dough to make pigs in a blanket (with everything bagel seasoning!) & little pizza pockets.  Let's also talk about how I paired these pigs in a blanket with red wine.  I've reached ultimate mom mode!  I experimented with making little pizza rolls too...this is something I need to work on more.  I just found this recipe to make chicken empanada pockets and can't wait to have these for easy meals!

For the pigs in a blanket just make the dough as normal & cut the hot dogs into thirds.  With your food prep gloves on, grab a small ball of dough and wrap it around the dog.  Place on your pan and then sprinkle with everything bagel seasoning!  You can even brush a little bit of butter on them for that crescent roll taste but these taste great as is.  I bake them at the same temperature and time as the bagel recipe.

It is also important to cook these bad boys on a silpat mat I find this dough sticks to anything BUT this.  Even greasing tin foil got me no where.

The Chaffle

The Chaffle is something I'm just getting into but I can totally see it being my go to for buns, bread, personal pizza crusts...anything that you need to be hand held & quick!  The basic recipe is a cheese & egg mixture cooked in a waffle maker.  The waffle maker I've found that works the best for these hand held size portions is the Dash Mini Waffle Maker. You may be able to find it on Amazon - it sells out rather quickly - but Target is where I got mine.  Plus you can either order online and pick up in store or get it delivered same day with your Shipt subscription!
I love to whip the simple egg & cheese mix up for a quick breakfast sandwich or a quick pizza lunch.  One of my favorite quick lunches has been a pizza made on a flour tortilla.  Prior to having to cut my carbs I'd use whatever tortillas we had...eventually I'd found some low-carb ones BUT this chaffle cuts the carbs even more!  Just mix 1 egg with 1/2 cup cheese (I usually use mozzarella).  This will make two chaffles which makes it perfect for handhelds!

My favorite chaffle recipe that tastes EXACTLY like bread (so its perfect for sandwiches and toast!) is from Butter Together Kitchen.  I added a few things here in my own experimentation - instead of 3 tbsp almond flour I went with 2.5 tbsp, then added a half tbsp vital wheat gluten (this makes it more bread like) and 1/4 tsp of Lakanto Classic Monkfruit Sweetener.  The vital wheat gluten has been a real fun thing to play with and it is in another one of my fave low carb doughnut recipes.  If you make this recipe my way & with the mini waffle maker you'll get three chaffles.  So it might by worth it to double the recipe and make six so you can have 2 more sandwiches later/the next day.  Its the perfect meal prep!

Psyllium Husk Roll

This was the first 'roll' recipe I came across and I'd used it to make buns and whatnot for things like pulled chicken sandwiches.  (I love to make pulled chicken in my Instant Pot!)  This recipe also uses and ingredient I was interested in - psyllium husk.  This is basically pure fiber so drinking water is a must but apparently this ingredient helps recipes stay together.  Psyllium husk and vital wheat gluten are pretty fun things to play with in low carb cooking!
I didn't have a need to make these rolls recently so this image is from the original recipe maker, here.

This is the only recipe I'd ever used the psyllium husk in and it turns out a pretty nice roll.  The are a little odd though.  When you first cook them they will come out hard on the outside and then a little gooey on the inside.  I put them in a ziplock bag to store them and the next day they were soft on the outside and not gooey but still bread like on the inside.  It was odd but this is the results other people got to!  I'm excited to continue to experiment with different spices to make these rolls super versatile.

Another post I need to do is all the sweet things that I eat on Keto!  I have a huge sweet tooth and a love of bread so eating those things was important to me when I went to switch my diet up!

I'm still doing a Keto focused diet though I'm not super strict on myself.  I sub a few things here and there - like all these dough recipes, no sugar in my coffee, heavy whipping cream instead of creamer, monkfruit sweetener or stevia for sweetener - in order to just cut a few things out.  Overall decreasing my sugar and carb intake rather than obsessing over macros is my long term goal!

What are your favorite low carb recipes?  Anything I should try out?

xoxo, Moe