Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Halloween Decor, Part One

Well now, it's the middle of September & I am ready for Halloween!  We recently had our annual block party here at my University & that signals its officially time for fall!  I love all seasons but one of my favorite holidays is Halloween.  (My top faves: Halloween, Christmas, my birthday, Fourth of July)  I love the decorations, the stories, the creepy-ness.   I love it ALL!!!

Here on Dorm Dec Wednesdays for the next few weeks I am going to showcase some Halloween decor ideas.  I love creating little scenes (& seeing the ones other's have created) & all of the things I showcase can be combined to create an awesome Halloween decor display!

Here's the first:

Over on Better Homes & Gardens I found this great tutorial for an interesting pumpkin.  The tutorial calls for a melon baller & your own two hands! Start scooping & create your dots.  If you carve out the inside, BHG suggests, a candle/pumpkin light with illuminate the holes.  Now isn't that something?

Indoor Decor: Bring it indoors with a few medium & small sized pumpkins displayed on books, on candlesticks (the bigger ones that can withstand the weight & still be stable), under a cloche, or (if you can find more round small ones) on a cupcake stand.

Out Door Decor: For an outside display use varying sized pumpkins displayed up your porch steps, display a few in a window (from the inside looking out), or put them in your yard near your mailbox, side walk, or a lamp.

I think I am going to do a Halloween Decor Link Party each Wednesday in October so make sure you check back!

I can not wait to carve pumpkins this year!! Do you do any crazy pumpkin things each year? Any interesting Halloween traditions?

PS. Remember to check out the link parties in the side bar or click here!

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