Flower Power

Flowers seem to brighten up any room & I love them, but I don't love the up keep.  I tried last year to keep fresh flowers in our apartment, but in both of our busy lives we would forget & leave a moldy stack of flowers in a vase for 3 weeks.  Gross! I don't like the idea of fake flowers because for the most part they look fake.  As you know I made yarn dandelions & put them in a small bud vase:

I was looking for something more to ad to them and I found these flowers from tissue paper over on a blog called inchmark (what a cute name!).  These flowers were made as birthday invitations.  How absolutely adorable is that!?!?  

I am going to make some to add to that bud vase.  I am hoping I can use more sticks as the stems instead of pipe cleaners and tape because I love the look of the sticks. I don't know how that will work for the floral tape at the base of the flower. But we shall see. 

I can not wait to move back into my apartment! My sister & I are going thrifting nearly everyday when I come home! Lord knows we don't need anything new but that is our favorite past time together.  Perhaps I can find some more unnecessary stuff for our places next year.

I have too many obsessions right now.  What are you obsessed with? 


Fan Fridays: Handmade Bunting

I am in love with bunting! I don't have a party to host, but man am I gonna come up with an occasion soon.

1. are these amazing tissue paper pom decorations from Tiny Prints blog
2. A fun handmade bunting from strips of crepe paper & brown paper on twine at The Natural Wedding Company
3. Another handmade bunting in different colors & shapes from Tiny Prints as well
4. Square bunting made from tissue paper & a great tutorial over at Tutus & Turtles
5. Finally, flower shaped bunting from Lolalina blog

I really want to use tissue paper, old magazines, newspaper, music sheets & postcards.  I think those would be a super cute idea!! 

Do you have any bunting you use during parties or for everyday decoration??

Ending the Week in Style

My summer job is almost wrapping up.  My staff leaves tomorrow & we leave on the 3rd.  Its been a crazy good summer!

I am thinking about moving home for two weeks, moving my sister into her dorm at college & moving myself in to my apartment.  I still have to pack up my room from work!  I need to go through a whole mess of stuff to see what I need to put in my storage unit, what I need to bring home, & what I flat out need to get rid of.  Does anyone have any packing tips? Any tips on throwing things out?  I am such a keeper of things! My mother is that way too.  I just don't see the reason in  throwing it away if its still good.  I have a chair that belonged to my father in college (it is ugly and brown...why do I still have it?), I have a lamp my mother gave me that her mother gave her, my tv looks like a computer monitor & has a VHS player in it because I got it when I was in 8th grade.  I just keep everything!  

I also just wanted to share an image of my bedroom from last year:

As you can see I preferred a messy bed to a made one :)  Sorry the image is so dark, I have no idea why I took it to begin with.  That lamp is the one my mother gave to me & my father's chair was in our living room.  

I will see ya tomorrow with a new Fan Fridays!


Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Budding Baritsa

I have fallen back in love with coffee! I used to be so picky about what I drank, how it was made, & where it came from.  For a long time (up until probably a month ago) I was sure I could only have a great cup of coffee if & only if it was made by my hand.  Now I enjoy (far too often) a coffee from our campus' local coffee shop. Its cute, a bit over priced, but delicious.  I still enjoy a nice cup of homemade coffee & here are some ideas for the budding baritsa in all of us:
  1. This Coffee Carafe & Cream Pitcher from beppiebags 
  2. A few decorative coffee cans from emmylucy
  3. These mod coffee mugs (in six colors, get that!) from SunnyDayVintage
  4. This Maxwell House Peculator in MrsRekamepip's shop
  5. These 1960's Canisters from TotallyVintage's shop
  6. This typography word art sign from WallBling
I already mentioned my coffee carafe/tea pot in mustard yellow I am using to hold my jewelry.  And I do have an assortment (a large one) of coffee mugs.  I wonder if my roommates next year would mind if I showed up with too much coffee memorabilia??

What is a kitchen trend or item you must have??


Tempted Tuesdays: Chemistry Inspired Dorm Room

My sister is heading off to her first year of college in August.  Hooray dinning hall food, floor parties that keep you up, room mates, studying (or no studying), library books, & cramped spaces.  Since I am pretty much set on things that I need for school, this is what I would buy her:

  1. Test tube inspired organizer
  2. Molecular bond inspired hanging photo clip.  To make or to buy, that is the question??
  3. Chemistry/beaker inspired modern yellow bottles/vases from mascarajones etsy shop.  My sisters favorite color is yellow so these are perfect!
  4. A molecular inspired over the door hook
  5. This trompe l'oeil brick rug/mat
  6. And finally, a periodic table of elements shower curtain
Can you guess what she is studying? Yes it is a science.  She is studying chemistry! I know, what a kook huh? She is really good at sciences & loves chemistry.  In fact I know she wrote a lot of her college application essays on her studies in science. 

Make It Mondays: Sticks, Stones & Paper

So since I didn't finish up some things I said I was going to do last week (my last week of work is here, now for two weeks of crafting & no packing!), some things from last weeks Make It Mondays! are carrying over.  Visit that post for the links to the first three things in the list.

  1. First, I hope I can get done some magazine coasters as well as some magazine place mats.  I think those would be cool to have on our table next year. (Fun fact, my apartment last year didn't have room for a dining room table so my room mate & I often sat on the floor around our coffee table.  Talk about bad posture!)
  2. I am going to hopefully make a magazine basket, but since I already have the newspaper basket done I am not quite sure how I feel about it.  I need to style it up some to see what I can use it for.
  3. The paper wall medallion will be finished.  I re-read the post on craftster & now I think I've got it!
  4. These painted sticks: 

These painted sticks I saw over on the Free People Blog have inspired me to paint this ridiculous piece of wood I snagged at the end of the year from someone who didn't want it.  I think someone was going to use it in a mixed media project but ended up scrapping it.  I want to paint it and put some hooks in it to use it as a jewelry holder.  (I know, like i need more) 

This week should (hopefully) go by fast. I am ready to get home to see my pup again! He's my parents' dog...but him & I have a special bond.  After me pretty much taking care of him one summer I am in his top 3 favorite people :)

What are you up to this week?


Sum Up Sundays: Craft Fail

Unfortunately I keep forgetting to get enough news papers & magazines from work to do too much from this weeks Make It Mondays.  However, I do have a cake stand & newspaper basket (which was tedious to make but pretty cool inthe end). Keep reading for the failure that was the paper wall decor!
Here's the first cake stand:

This one is for my mother.  She's been wanting one, a ceramic two tiered one to be exact, but not having too much time available to spend in the studio I haven't been able to make one.  Since we have a formal dining room I thought this would look lovely on our dinning table.  The tiers also separate for a tall & short single stand!

The second is for me:

I am going to use it as a jewelry plate for my dresser or shelf in my apartment.  I have one more to make but I am going to try out my new ceramic markers on the plate first.

I took these pictures right before I had to return the nice dslr I borrowed from the library.  I don't have any pictures of the newspaper basket but I promise it was done.  I probably won't have a camera for a while but I will try to borrow another one to post images this week. 

The paper medallion was complicated to figure out.  I thought half a sheet of paper would make enough of an arc to add the two halve together.  Well, it wasn't.  It was about a fourth of the medallion.  So this is a craftastrophe of sorts.  I will definitely be attempting it again though!

I can not wait until I finish work & am able to finally purchase a new camera! It sucks to not have one when I really need it.  Thank you for being patient, oh so patient, with me while I figure out what I can do.

I love link parties!

The DIY Show Off 
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Printable Disguise

Hide in plain site with this printable disguise:


Tiny Victorian House

This house is straight out of a fairy tale:


I've fallen in love with this little cottage, only accessible by crossing the stepping stones in the creek.  This little Victorian Cottage is straight out of a dream.  I love the white interior & the dainty decorations.  I want a hide away like this one!

Originally posted on sharonadesign.com a website hosting the artists porfolio, little bio, & stylish design blog.


Fan Fridays: Thrift Store Refashion

I love fashion & I love the thrift store.  I would much rather spend a day thrifting than doing anything else. I get so bummed when I realize that I can't afford or shouldn't buy things from the thrift store.  I like to save a few bucks by shopping there first, but I like to save even more bucks by not buying anything at all (unless its a super good deal and I have 59 cents in my purse or something!)

Mainly, I like to look good on a small budget and love to have some DIY-ed pieces to my wardrobe.  There is also just something about a worn in, well loved, second hand item.

DIY ALERT: keep reading after the image to see how to make the tank & denim skirt!
  1. Bag: to me the most important part of an outfit is the bag.  I love large bags! Large bags carry everything you need for the day.  Finding a large bag in the thrift store can be hard. A lot of the bags I've seen are super, super tiny but its possible.  Even though it isn't thrift, you can also try discount stores for nice big bags.  I have a fairly decent one I bought at Wal-Mart on sale (There is only a wal-mart in my college town) and its nice.
  2. Jewelry: This bracelet set is something easily made from any old/broken necklaces/bracelets you might have laying around.  If you don't have any, thrift stores always have a section of jewelry.  See if you can find a bag of odds & ends or a necklace with beads you may love but a style that's out.  Does your thrift store have a craft section? See if you can find some left over craft supplies like embroidery floss or yarn to bead them on for an even better handmade look.
  3. Shoes: These sandals are something that I am sure are a staple in a summer wardrobe.  If looking for frugal, one pair from a TJ Maxx or Marshall's will last you. Other wise, you can find a few pairs of these (if you don't have huge feet like I do) at thrift stores for a few bucks sometimes.  
  4. DIY Tank: This tank is super easy to make: find a t-shirt that's a size or two bigger than your actual size & check that craft section of the thrift store for a piece of rope (or braid many strands of yarn together to create a colorful look).  Cut the shirt on the lines shown in this image.  Fold over the top of the neckline & sew together leaving the ends open, repeat on back, do not connect front & back.  Thread the rope or braided yarn through the front & around to the back.  Try the shirt on to adjust the straps, tie (double knot is best) the rope/yarn to one shoulder.  Add wooden beads if you'd like.
  5. DIY Skirt: This skirt can be made from an old denim shirt: Grab an old denim shirt & some elastic that is about an inch thick long enough to fit slightly snug around your waist (you want to make sure the skirt will stay up as the elastic will be the waistband) .  Measure from underarm to underarm to make sure the length doubled will fit around your waist (see this image) & from underarm to the bottom of the skirt so it is long enough to wear. Cut along dotted line in image, fold over about an inch, pin and sew.  Make sure you leave an opening to thread the elastic through.  Thread the elastic using a safety pin as a needle to shimmy the elastic all the way through.  Make sure one end stays out of the waistband.  When the first end comes back around, sew the two ends together, tuck in the elastic, and finish sewing. (if it is too ruffly or pleated, take in the sides)
  6. Long Skirt: I am a fan of these long summery skirts.  I've found a ton in fun prints all over the thrift stores.  It is the one thing I look for every time I go!
Here are Some Parts of my wardrobe that parallel this thrift refashion post:

Do you have anything in your wardrobe that is an absolute go to?  Do you find yourself wearing it everyday??

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Dorm Dec Wed: Thrifted Finds

Today I thought I'd feature some fun thrifted items I've picked up recently.  The first is a mustard yellow coffee pot I found at a junk shop that I frequent nearly everyday.  I go mostly to look but also mostly to buy & I've passed this beauty on the shelf many, many times.  I told my self "If its there next time, get it." & its been next time for about 3 months now. Surprised each time I go back that it is still there, I finally picked it up.

I still haven't cleaned it really well but I am still working at school so theres no need to spiffy it up just yet.  I am going to use it as a necklace/bracelet holder most likely.  (Have I mentioned my love of dishware?)

Second find (or finds) of mine are thrifted plates.  In Sunday's post about the cake stands I mentioned using some of my dishware stash & old candle sticks.  These plates are going to make three different cake stands.

I bought some E6000 yesterday & am experimenting right now to see if it will work correctly.  The top one is for me, the middle one is for my mother (or myself), & the bottom plate (which is slightly visible) has a matching smaller plate to make a two teared stand for my mother as well.

Check out other links on the link party over at Apron Thrift Girl



Oh My!

Cross My Hooks was featured on Appleseed Gifts blog! Can you believe it?


She found my post about the Hammered Pendant Necklace & Sculpted Pendant Necklace on a blog link party.  Please stop by, browse, visit & comment if you love Appleseed Gifts blog.


Tempted Tuesday: More Dishware

My Grandmother's plates have been the staple in my home for close to three years.  When she passed them down to me I felt honored to hold something we all shared so many meals on. Now that I have one more year until I head out on my own I am considering creating memories of my own on my own dishware.  Don't get me wrong, those dishes are still near & dear to my heart but Target has some that I am even more tempted to buy.  I don't plan on spending any money on them now, & will probably continue to use my Grandmother's dishes until the end of time, but who knows? Anyone smell a gift in the air?

image from Target.com

These dishes are in guacamole.  Isn't that just the bee's knees? Guacamole! The picture doesn't do it justice, they really are chartreuse, & I mean chartreuse!

Are you looking for more dishware? 

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Make It Mondays: Recycled Decor

This Monday, I am inspired by recycled decor.  As a college student I don't have as much money as I like.  I am always shopping the clearance craft section, bargaining even at the thrift store, & always looking to reuse free items.  My Make it Monday list is all recycled projects!

  1. Recycled Magazine Coasters from How About Orange.... blog 
  2. Recycled Magazine Baskets also from How About Orange... blog
  3. Recycled Newspaper Basket from CraftyStylish
  4. Finally, this Paper Sunburst that looks amazing from Craftster (no tutorial is given, but We'll see what we can whip up). This project reminds me of ceiling medallions used on walls as an art piece.
I love to use up old paper, scrap paper, any paper! What will you recycle this week?


Sum Up Sundays!

Five Sixteenths has been working hard on some new decor items & inspiration.  Whats been going on you ask? Well, moving into a new appartment can be rough, but to ease the pain, I've been crafting up some cute cake stands! Here is some of my inspiration:

My mother has been looking for the perfect one for quite sometime & when I found this I knew we both had to have them!  As I've mentioned before, I have a huge love affair with dishware so I know now some will get put to good use.  And who doesn't have some old vases/candlesticks laying around that are just itching to be made into something great? Check out the tutorial here on DesignSponge.

Pop on over to the tutorial.  What patterned plates will you use?


Thinking About Home: The Kitchen

I have two more weeks of work, then vacation time & then finally what I have been waiting for: back to the grind of School!  I am switching apartments this year & really think its time for new dish ware.

I have always had a love affair with dishes & cups.  I love collecting them & offering my friends a refreshing drink when they come over to my pad.  These pint sized jelly jars turned barware are making me drool. The customizable etching is an ultimate plus, now they can match any home decor!!

you can find these beauties in East Mesa Design's etsy shop here

What is your favorite part of the kitchen? I'd love to know!

Fan Fridays: Store and Decorate

Check out these finds on Etsy! Its not too late to pick up some cute stuff to decorate your pad for the summer.


Decor Find: Child's Play Kitchen

Isn't this the cutest thing ever? I was perusing the internet today when I stumbled across Design Dazzle

Its a re purposed TV cabinet/entertainment center. View the entire post here & check out the blog too!

This puts my first play kitchen to shame. I am pretty sure its a PlaySkool plastic kitchen. I still have it its got to be almost 20 years old & I will never get rid of it!


Welcome to Five Sixteenths

Hello there! My name is Moe & welcome to Five Sixteenths blog!

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Five Sixteenths is a somewhat daily decor, design & style inspiration blog created to give some method to the madness at my craft blog crossxmyxhooks.blogspot.com. I opened a little shop With Love, Crochet on Etsy over 4 years ago. Its always been my dream to be successful at creating & crafting.

My blogs & shop are on overhaul right now, but stay tuned! I'd love to see you back here soon!

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