Sum Up Sundays: Finished Bookplate & Framed Quote

My apologies for this picture heavy post but I wanted to share with you the process.  So be prepared for a lot of images!

You may remember from this post an assignment to design a bookplate.  Well my design changed a bit & here is the process & the final product:

Inking up the press

Locked up block:

Preparing ink for second print:

And the final print:

I got SUPER frustrated doing this.  But my friend who is a print major helped me out a load! It made so much sense after! I realize though that in my frustration that my image doesn't support my type. I still like the colors together though.  One of the main parts of the assignment was the plate had to reflect the creator, it had to be personal.  During crit of our sketches my original one got thrown out because everyone thought this design reflected me better.  I see what they are saying now!!

And remember the quotes I made? Here they are as a decorative piece on my head board:

I love inspirational quotes.  And I really believe in this one! I also gave one away to my room mate since I made an edition of 21.  I put it in a thrifted & painted frame on top of a piece of scrapbook paper my sister gave me! Next to it is a great mason jar.  My roommate is so creative, she decided to buy some old mason jars for us to use as cups! So great!

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  1. Cool! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures. I found them very interesting.

  3. I like your quote..."try again, fail again, fail better." *grin* Been there!


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