Make it Monday // DIY Planner Pocket

Last week I shared a post on some crafty things I was currently obsessing over.  One of those things was something called a bagflip.  This concept inspired me to make a planner pocket perfect for my personal planner.
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This pocket is great as a decorative dashboard, a place to collect receipts, a place to store inspiration, or a pocket to put whatever you want in it!  I've included free cut files as well so you can get your craft on with this guy.  Here's how to put this together:

supplies // Cricut Explore cutting machine or scissors, SVGs or PDF template to trace, glue or adhesive roller, hole punch, coordinating scrapbook paper, bone folder, scoreboard or ruler
First, download the SVG file here then upload it to Cricut Design Space.  I'm not 100% sure how to get the SVG to be the proper size so in the file I've included a layer you can hide that tells you the sizing.  Select the SVG on the canvas then from the edit tab size the width to 21 inches.  Leave the proportions locked.
Right click (or two finger click on a mac) then select ungroup.  Hide the layer that says Five Sixteenths Blog & the sizing.  Click the Go button.
Choose the four pieces of card stock or scrapbook paper to create the pocket.  8.5 x 11 inch card stock or scrapbook paper is wide enough for this tutorial so you don't have to use 12 x 12 inch.  Cut each piece out.
I am not sure how to create an SVG to utilize the scoring capability of the Cricut Explore, so if you don't have a score board lining up a ruler and using your bone folder to score works greate too.

Assemble the pocket but putting the envelope together first, adding the rounded rectangle piece to cover the seam.  Punch this for your binder.  Then assemble the outside pocket and punch holes as well. 
These make great storage solutions for your binders but also really great pen pal or planner swap gifts!  I could fill these guys up all day long!  These can be themed for the holidays or made with the same papers your dividers are made from (check out this tutorial for making your own dividers with the Cricut Explore).  You also don't have to punch these and can use that cute little envelope on its own!
If you're wanting to know where some of the accessories came from here's a break down - planner is a Marion Smith Heart of Gold Personal Size planner (review here and the planners seem to be unavailable right now...), unicorn bookmark similar to this tutorial, & various paperclips from Webster's Pages (check them out on Blitsy often).

xoxo, Moe


Free Sticker Friday // Thanksgiving Countdown Stickers

Happy Friday again!  I missed the last few weeks Free Sticker Friday but I'm back at it again this week.  I can't believe that October is almost over.  Only a few more days and Halloween will pass us by and we're on to the next holiday.  I know Christmas decorations have been out since around July but it's time to just take a moment and appreciate this season!  I know these countdown stickers are just another way to make the days pass by, but its important to take the opportunities to do things with friend, family, and yourself!
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These little pumpkins will fit perfectly on your weekly pages to countdown the days until we get to stuff ourselves full then wake up at the butt crack of dawn and shop!

Included in the file is a PNG to cut with your Cricut Explore, a Studio file for use with you Silhouette, and a PDF file if you've just got your good ol scissors.  If you're looking for a way to kiss cut your stickers by hand, I hear great things about this tool.
Additionally - if you haven't heard I've created a Facebook group just for Cricut Ready printable stickers!  Go ahead and join up right here!  If you have any questions about cutting these files with your Cricut Explore, I've made a video right here for some tips!  Be sure to size the PNG to 5.5 inches wide once you've uploaded it to Design Space.

As always, these stickers are for personal use only.  Please to not claim the design as your own.  Do not print and disseminate the stickers in mass quantities.  Do not sell the file, design, or end product.  If you'd like to share these stickers with others, please link or Pin this blog post - not the download.  If you have any questions please let me know.  And thank you for playing nice!

If you'd like to find more Cricut Ready stickers on the blog click here.  Find all Free Sticker Friday Posts here.

xoxo, Moe


Trend Tuesday // Origami Owl New Adventure

I have been in love with the Origami Owl jewelry brand for a long, long while now.  I've posted about a jewelry piece I made in honor of my family dog Rudy, here.  That is what I love about this brand - you can customize a locket to tell YOUR story.  That is the whole premise behind the brand - to tell a personalized story unique to you.  
My new adventure is that I've launched my own Origami Owl business!  I'm now an independent designer ready and willing to help you create a one-of-a-kind keepsake for you to hold close to your heart.  If you want to find some awesome locket inspiration please follow my new O2 Instagram account @o2plannergirl!

If you're unfamilliar with this awesome jewelry brand, let me introduce you!  This brand was started by a young girl, Bella, who had a dream to own her own car by her 16th birthday.  She started this company from the ground up and now independent designers bring these one of a kind keepsakes to you.  You can shop online or from a jewelry bar.  Here are the 5 steps to creating your locket -
I do hope you'll check out my new adventure and shop the website here and let me know if you're interested in hosting a party or have any questions!

xoxo, Moe


Make it Monday // Crafts I'm Currently Obsessed With

Way back when I first started the Make it Monday series on this blog it was a post about the things I would try to make that week.  It has since evolved into a post featuring my own DIY work and creations.  Today is a little bit of a throw back but it is 100% still in the holiday spirit - we are in the final stretch reaching up until Halloween!

I started work on my October Daily challenge which led me into a whole new world of crafting.  Since starting that (and admittedly slacking on it...whoops) I've fallen in love with some not so holiday specific crafts juiced up 100% for the holiday!

(Bettlejuice! Bettlejuice! Bettlejuice!)
The first are mini albums.  My own mini album is above but if you search the #OctoberDailyChallenge hash tag on Instagram you'll find a ton of these bad boys.  This little journal/mini album is perfect for my documenting needs right now - especially for a little challenge.  You can find the tutorial I did on a small journal like this using the Cinch here.
The second thing I am 100% dying over are bag flips.  How stinking awesome are these!  This is something I am very new to hearing of...but wouldn't these make the greatest planner swap bags at meetups?? Or even something cut just to send to a friend!  I am trying to figure out a way to incorporate these into a make & take for a December planner meet up (spoilers!).  The tutorial I love is from Serena Bee (ps follow her instagram if you want to be overloaded with inspiration.  But the bagflip above is from Lorrie of Lorrie's Story blog.  These are mad with lunch bags - or any sort of bag, you can even use a die cut to make one - where the end is flipped up to make a second pocket.  I really need to jump on makings some of these.  You can find inspiration for these on Instagram by searching for #bagflip though some entries are people misspelling 'back flip'.

I just can't get enough of all the crafty inspiration behind October Daily.  I admit that I've been slacking but the ideas are so creative.  The bag flip thing really has me thinking about making planner pockets!

Its the final countdown guys, are you ready?


New Webster's Pages Planners now on Blitsy!

I've talked about Blitsy before on the blog and my YouTube channel - but it is my favorite place to find discounts on planner supplies!  And guess what - they just released the new colors!  I love it!  I am eyeing the green one for my December planner.  Which one are you in love with!
this post contains affiliate links, please read my full disclosure here.

And guess what - some of the older colors are on even more of a discount! I really want to you to check them out!  Click here to shop!  Plus orders over $29.99 ship free until 12/30/16! (no code needed!)

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My Thoughts on Menu Planning

90% of the time I'm a family of one.  What does a family of one need menu planning for?  Well that's what I thought until I realized more often than not I was staring at a fridge with like cheddar cheese, 3 eggs, milk, and ketchup.  Zach tried to help me by making various big meals in the crock pot to freeze for later...but it got to the point that I couldn't keep eating the same thing again and again.  I love leftovers....if I chose to eat them.  So I've considered meal planning.  Here are some of my thoughts why I want to start:
Money Saving
It seems to me that if I set out a group of things to make for the next 14 days I'm less likely to run to Chipotle or the grocery store for something random...and not that great.  It will help my wallet if I have a plan to look forward to.

Maybe I'll want the Leftovers
I've been making extra food for a few days and its been OK to eat it the next day for lunch so far.  If I'm in charge of the leftovers....maybe I'll want them?

I Probably Need to Cook more than Waffles and Bowls of Cereal
Literally my go to there isn't anything to eat meal is cereal.  And that's not that great.  I've shared some recipes on the blog before and I just need to learn to cook more things.  I just need to learn to be creative in the kitchen.  And its probably a good life skill to have.

Here's the thing though I hate cooking.  I don't like standing over the stove for hours...so I need to make some quick things.  Here's hoping I catch the menu planning bug.

xoxo, Moe


Make it Monday // DIY Halloween Planner Band

We are entering one of my favorite months of the year.  Honestly, September starts the best season of all - I've said it before and I'll say it again, if it weren't for all of the holidays in the coming months I wouldn't make it through winter!  So to kick it off, here is a DIY planner band just in time for the holiday season
supplies :: fabric flower, festive ribbon, elastic, felt, cabochon, hot glue gun or E6000, hot glue sticks,
I found most of these supplies - the elastic and the fabric flower in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby.  Originally they came from the hair accessory section - right by the jewelry - where all the fancy stuff is.  So if you're looking for a specific color or theme, head there in your local craft store to see what they have.
Start by cutting the ribbon into strips long enough that when doubled over will poke out just enough from under the flower.  Mine were about 7 inches long.  Being to glue the ends to the middle with a small dab of hot glue.  16 should be enough.
Adhere the loops to the back of the flower alternating the layout so that they create a starburst.  Wrap the elastic around the planner you wish this band to fit - I chose my black & white striped Websters Pages planner.  Once taught, but not too tight, trim and glue ends together.
Glue the cabochon to the middle of the flower.  Cut a small circle from felt to use as a backing.  Sandwich the elastic between the felt circle and the flower with glue, covering where the ends of the elastic join.
This technique isn't limited to Halloween!  Create an everyday band or one for any other holiday!  I love this because its a great way to be creative on a budget and to create a planner band suited to you.  I have to say I was never one who was into planner bands...but now I think they are super cute.

If you'd like some more Halloween fun for your personal planner check out this countdown insert, these notes pages, these countdown stickers, and these printable journaling cards.

Happy Halloween Planning!

xoxo, Moe