Free People's New Scottsdale, AZ Store

I believe I've posted some stuff on here before about my love of Free People, branch from Urban Outfitters.  It is my dream job to work for this company! I love the style, the stores, & the inspiration I get from browsing their stores & online.  I go their a lot when I am look for something to make fashion wise & love their blog for decor inspiration from their displays.  It is my dream to work on their visual display team!

Here's a bit about Free People:
Started in the 70's by Dick Hayne, Free People was nestled in West Philadelphia.  Targeting young people who sought unique clothing and an idea of freedom in what they wore, Free People became two stores & changed its name to Urban Outfitters.  Eventually demand rose for wholesale items prompting a split in the company giving new life to Free People.  Moving from its junior label, Free People became a mature brand catering to 20 year old women.  This is who they design for now offering fun & functional clothing for the confident yet free spirited woman.  (information pulled from here. Click to read the full story of Free People)

Here is the storefront of their newest store:

Gorgeous right? I know!

The point of this post is to reveal how amazed I am at every store opening.  The displays are amazing, the designs impeccable, & the decor is so do-able! I love that a lot of the displays they use in the store can be reinterpreted by those with a can-do & DIY spirit.  Take this photo for example:

Hmmm? what is that orange thing in the sea of blues & greens? It really stands out and looks so cool with the fabric woven through it.  Lets continue through the photos:

Awesome jewelery displays.  Lets scroll some more:

Hey look at that! More orange stuff....hold on

Is that what I think it is?? YES! It's orange netting/fencing! Now isn't that just the greatest thing you've ever seen? This is why visual display for Free People is my dream job!  So creative and innovative. I love it. Please visit this post on Free People's blog.  All images are copyright Free People. 

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