Tempted Tuesday: Moroccan Lanterns. Mercury Glass. Mason Jars.

Today at work I was thinking more about decorating our back patio for the summer.
Since we will be moving-in in July & thats near the end of 'fun summer time' I was thinking more about year round decor & decor I could maybe bring inside to use year round.
- I was thinking about mercury glass, lanterns, & candles -

I want to keep with a Moroccan theme 
I am tempted to buy but I can totally DIY!

I'd really love to combine glass paint or tinted mod podge (add food coloring, so I've heard)
+ the mercury glass trick
to make some interesting lanters for outside that can also be brought in & used during the cooler months.

- These would totally work through out the year -
I am thinking how cool it would look for fall &
how sparkly it would look into the holidays

-  Link Love -
DIY Mercury Glass - here & here
Tint your Mod Podge & paint - here & here

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Spread [your] Love - I Love my Size

Hello there!
Victoria from Garden of Eden Designs & Lindsay from Scenic Glory have declared this week (June 1st through 8th) as Spread you Love week.
You can visit their posts on what they love about themselves, too!

When Victoria contacted me about being a part of this event, I was super excited.
Spreading Love is something so very important especially when it comes to positive body image.
Too many people today want to fix things about themselves & it is important to remember that everyone is totally awesome 
No. Matter. What.

I also want to share why I love myself
- I love my SIZE! -

I am a plus size chick, I will tell you!  I used to be super self conscious about my weight & secretly diet with complete failure.  I also didn't like to diet with other people because I knew I'd fail & they'd succeed as I ate yet another muffin.

Eventually I decided that instead of being negative about my body I had to be positive.  I found a lot of plus size positive websites where fashionable plus size ladies showed off their curves.
A big part of my fashion sense comes from spending years with my body.
I used to see my weight as something I needed to overcome in order to be the person I wanted to be.  Now I know, we can't hide behind the things that we see as our short comings because we won't be able to see the forest for the trees if you will.
I've resolved to adopt a healthier overall life style & this has lead to me better accepting my size as well!
 I try to eat lots of fruits & veggies and over all healthy meals.  I love all foods equally too & I am not a junk food person. 

I realized that I can't change my body shape - I will never be teeny tiny - but I can be healthy.
I am so proud of my size now!

What do you love about yourself? What makes you special?

We'd love for you to share! grab a button & link up!


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Sum Up Sundays: New Toy + Challenge

Hello, hello!
I don't believe I've mentioned but -

I've gotten a new toy!

My dad gave me one of his old DSLRs so now I can cross that off of my 20 before 24 list as well!
(I also got a tripod!!) 

In order to learn how to use it to share with you some outfit posts 
- which is what I've always wanted to do -
I plan on doing a photography project for the blog!

I've taken a photography class before (let's be honest, I do have an art degree) but it's been so long that I need a refresher!
This project will help out a lot with figuring out how to use the camera properly!

Right now I have no idea what in the heck I am doing...I am just pressing buttons

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Fan Fridays: New Age Moe-roccan

You like that? Not funny?
I've been loving my new job working at Pier 1 & I didn't realize how much I love that place until I started working there.

It really is a feast for the senses
things smell nice, things look nice,
there is a great cohesive color pallet going on
even between all the styles.

And it really is a customer service work out!  Hopefully I'll get the hang of it.

In order to provide you all with some original posts, I'll share some stuff I've collected over the week of browsing the internet.

Right now I am focusing on some inspiration boards for the new apartment. We have a tiny but perfect sized back yard (if that makes sense).  There is a tree with nice leaves right in the middle that gives perfect shade over the whole thing. Perfect for a little table & chairs, a grill, & some back yard decor.  There is a small patio + some grass + fence. Perfect for entertaining & for letting the dog out to go pee & not having to stand there with him.

I'd love to have our back yard styled sort of New Age Moroccan

images from here

I can't wait to host a little house warming party & to share pictures with you!

ps.  I am planning on sharing some more inspiration over the next few weeks....until I move & can start showing some better/more original content :)

Happy Saturday!

Sponsor Five Sixteenths - a little late, whoops

I totally thought I'd mentioned this already but when I went back to check, I hadn't!

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what's the catch?
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mentioning sponsor Five Sixteenths!

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Fan Fridays: Anthropologie Bedding

I am loving me some patterned bedding right now
especially in robin's egg & salmon!

source                                            source

These are gorgeous from Anthropologie!

I am so excited to be able to show you soon some of my inspiration boards for the new house.  I can't wait to get to getting when it comes to making things!

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend as well! What will you do?


Dorm Dec Wednesday: Fave Colors - Robin's Egg & Salmon

Last week I mentioned my love affair with marigold.
This week I am loving Robin's Egg & Salmon.

I also love looking around on pinterest!

I'd love to have this artsy yet shabby chic look to our apartment.

This perfectly peachy couch would brighten up any room.

I love looking around pinterest because its like a virtual closet, home, & craft room.
I always feel so inspired.

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Harry Potter Alphabet

messing about, as they say, on the internet & found this:

So great!
I've finished up my first week of work & of living in my new home.
I have a lot to get done.  I need to get back to blogging huh?

How have you been?


Make it Monday: Doodle Decor

I am always on the look out for things to make my home look like it's filled to the brim with unique artwork.  I love when I don't have to spend a dime either.

You may remember my inspiration journal project that was full of doodles & drawings.
Some of them I turned into prints & others I just re doodled & framed.

This great DIY shows you how to take patterned scrapbook paper & create a framed letter

I have an alternative idea, why not take plain colored or lightly patterned scrapbook paper & draw your own pattern on top of it?
Create your own doodled monogram!
Now you have really cool doodle paper to use in other decor projects.

Slap it on your inspiration board, hang in a wall collage, bind it in a book.
The lists goes on.

How will you use your envelope & telephone book doodles?
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Fan Fridays: New Job & Pineapples

I just got done with
no I don't work in a bakery

I've officially been in my new hometown for 24 hours.  
How awesome!
I came into town with a suitcase, pillow, & some canned goods from my old apartment
& set up camp in my friends house.

How. Awesome.
Because I work in hospitality & customer service is very important to me
I thought I might end up getting a pineapple tattoo.
maybe not..but wouldn't that be cool?

I really love pineapples
My old room mate was the one that told me that pineapples mean hospitaltiy
I painted her a picture of pineapple rings
I really like the customer service & hospitality 
grilled pineapples are the bomb
= Pineapple tattoo :)

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Story of my life....

Let's hope my job does pay me enough to get to it...
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