Fan Fridays: Lace

You'd think a doily post would be on my craft blog Cross My Hooks, but I love when craft crosses with art & crosses with decor.  These doilies are unique.  They aren't your gramma's ordinary doilies.

  1. This great heart shaped plate is from Hideminy on etsy.  I love the detail! This is a perfect bathroom/vanity accent.
  2. This great doily is actually porcelain! Can you believe it?? Check out Forest Clearing to pick up a few.  Make sure to read the shop info, you'll find out the secret to these adorable doilies!
  3. What a great place to jot down your secrets, aspirations, or inspirational quotes.  Fill this journal with anything you wish! From Read Write Books
  4. Finally, this clock would look great on any wall! I love the doily detail! Check out Lure Arts on etsy.

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  1. oh wow...awesome! I'll never look at a granny doily the same way again! hehe

    ~ www.billiemonster.com ~


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