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home from work exhausted. elevated feet = hapiness. I am going review some iPhone camera apps here soon!

What have you been up to this weekend??


I think I may be switching

To just one blog.  
Why in the heck did I need two in the first place? Who knows.
I thought I would be able to keep them both separate, but it is just becoming a hassle & I want to combine art & home & lifestyle all together.

Some of my great inspirations for the big switch are
Kaleah from Honey Bee in the City

I would always tell myself, 'well, one is for crafts/art & one is for home/lifestyle/fashion'
But the truth is, all of those are part of me & it stunk to try to separate and yet combine both.
like through twitter, facebook, etsy, etc. 

I want to be one entity.  So Cross My Hooks will still stay up....but everything will now be focused on this blog.

I just think Five Sixteenths defines my style more.  I like the design I made, the aesthetic, etc.  And I want to start to blog more about me all around.  I think I will finally have time for that! 

Now I can do Make it Mondays inspired by these things:

And less about 'how is this different than Cross My Hooks?'
I can just blog about me.

After all, there really are no rules to what you can and can't blog about.
And who says I can't do what I please!

Now that I am more settled down I will also be able to blog more focused & less 
'oh hey, here's something I like'
I can actually take time to nurture the blog & to help it grow.
I can throw in things like pics from instagram of the puppy, food, & the bbfl as we go grocery shopping.

I also don't want to juggle 3 blogs with est. 1839 being a newbie and all.
I am so excited to get back to working on that too!
My three friends, Amy, Jenni & Megan have been rocking it out with me & we are moving right along.

In the next week or so, new color scheme for the blog will be in the works since the yellow is sorta hard to read.

so anyway, that may be the change that is happening in my life.
I will still do DIY's, I will still feature artists (because that is really important to me), I will still showcase work (mine & others), but it will be about my life.......not just crafts or decor.

What do you think? Have you ever decided to let a blog go & take a different direction?
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Fan Fridays: I Can Hear the Bells!

No, this isn't a post about Hairspray the musical
(though this reminds me, I need to buy some hairspray....)

This is a Wedding Inspiration post!
My best friend's wedding draws closer & as we unpack our new home 
(me, her &+1 for the groom!)
I've realized that we have two very different tastes.  

While I do love the things she picks out, I have realized that she is a very muted & earth tone, matchy-matchy type of person where as I love to mix pattern & color.
I feel our home will need to be a healthy mix of the two....I know it will look awesome in the end.

But her wedding is totally different from an idea I have for mine
(which is in no way in the making right now)
Her wedding has inspired me to look at wedding things!

Inspiration from handmade weddings, 500 Days of Summer, spring picnics, 
Summer Gardens, Vintage sheets, print & pattern, and other lovely things!

What would your perfect wedding look like?
Have you already thrown your perfect wedding?
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Dorm Dec Wednesday: Tori from The Editorial - Guest Post DIY

Today we have an awesome guest post from Tori! 
She is super cool & new to the blog world.  From the looks of her blog, she's getting this blog thing all figured out!

Check out her cool DIY below!

Hi Five Sixteenths readers! I'm Tori from “The Editorial.” I'm a writer, a shopaholic, a crafter, and a lover of all things antique, monogrammed, and simple. When I saw "Dorm Dec Wednesdays" on Moe's blog I was so excited! DIY's and decor advice for college kids- I'm so there! So I asked Moe if I could be an addition to the mix- and here it is!

I'm a freshman in college and I've just recently found my voice through blogging. My blog is a place where I write about my life, my wonderful southern gent, my faith, my crafting, and other things I find along the way.

If you're like me, it's tough going shopping without picking up a new piece to go in your jewelry collection. My weakness: earrings. After finally figuring out that I couldn't just throw all my earrings in a Brighton tin under my sink a couple of months ago, I had to figure out something else. For months I was hunting for the perfect earring holder- my find: nothing. Thus, I went to the downtown antique stores. After a little {and I mean little, like almost nothing} tweaking, behold, a jewel was born...

This holder is so simple to make, seriously, 15 minutes tops! Now, I just prop that baby up against my mirror and it works as a cute, rustic, antique decoration for my powder room, as well as an awesome earring holder.

Here's the “how to”...


Frame {Depending on your earring collection, the sizes will differ}
Fiberglass Screen {Again, size of the frame will depend on how much screen you need}
Hot Glue Gun


1. Strip the frame of all glass, pictures, and backing.
2. Flip the frame {face down} and measure the back. Cut a piece of screen to the measurements.

3. Glue the screen to the back of the frame. Make sure you pull the screen tight to each side so it will hold your earrings up sturdily. Don't forget to let each side dry before moving on!

4. Stick your earrings through the holes of the screen and enjoy!

It's amazing how much appealing your earrings will look when they are displayed on this frame holder! As you can see, I kept mine pretty simple, but these can be dressed up as much as you want. Paint or stain the frames, add a pretty fabric behind the screen, or add ribbon to the top and hang it up like a real frame! These also make awesome gifts for your girlfriends and family. Add a simple tag with a message and ta-da: you have a great {pretty $$$ saving} gift!

Thanks again to Moe for letting me guest blog on Five Sixteenths blog.


Thanks so much for this post! You rock Tori!
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Dorm Dec Wednesday: Thrift Store Paintings

I love having artwork in my home.  The work I wish I had more of is paintings.
Those old paintings that look like they've been around for ages are the ones I love.
The ones that slightly remind me of Degas - they are sort of impressionistic & sort of paint by number.

My gramma has a painting of  a little girl in a bright pink dress & hat on a green background.
It is so cute but it used to scare the crap out of me when I was little.

I'd like to hang that on my wall one day

Make your own silhouette from a picture & thrift store painting

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Dorm Dec Wednesday: Out of the Office

At my new job, I have my own little desk with my own little supplies.
I love it so much! Recently, my boss came back from a trip to Staples with some new office supplies.
Rubber bands, binder clips, paper clips...you know, the usual.

I can't wait until I get my own little 'office set up' going on in the new apartment.
We have the perfect little landing pad for bills, computers, blogging, etc.
I can't wait to put some paper clips, pens, & folders to get it super organized.

I will say, I may be a messy crafter, but my office desk it immaculate & perfectly organized!
Here's some great office supplies inspiration:

wouldn't this look cool framed?

Bright yellow Stapler from Poppin.com

What are your favorite office supplies?

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Reasons why I love to read

First let me start by saying, my favorite book series has to be Harry Potter.
Not because I am a weirdo, but because I really believe that Harry Potter shaped my life.
And, it is my favorite love story.

I would spend summer after summer reading & re-reading the books.
These books gave me an idea of adventure, of friendship, & of love.
Not mention the hope that one day I'd get a owl with a letter from Professor McGonnagal about my acceptance to Hogwarts.
These books were filled with magic, mystery, sadness, & the bravery to overcome.
I love these books because of the way they teach readers to love, to believe, & to form friendships.
I also love it because of JK Rowling's dedication to the books, to continuing the story, and to inspire the love of reading in everyone.

The point of this post is to point out something I found on one of my fave HP blogs

Hermione’s Patronus is an otter, J.K. Rowling’s favorite animal. Otters are known for their playfulness and intelligence. The otter also is in the same family as the weasel, which is the origin of the surname Weasley

Ron’s Patronus is a Jack Russel Terrier, which J.K. Rowling has said to have as a pet. Jack Russel Terriers are known for their loyalty and protectiveness, and have a lively, energetic, almost hyperactive personality. They are also particularly noted for chasing otters into deep water.

I know that not everything in life is perfect this way, but I love how these books set up a believable fate.
The suspension of reality is just enough where I can believe in magic and yet still believe that they are governed by the same coincidences & fates as we are.

I love this part especially because I find often that it is the coincidences that mean the most to us when we form relationships.  We associate coincidence with fate in our day to day lives...some of us use these things to make decisions.  We give great credit to the things we can't control.

My idea on the path of one's life was developed through Harry Potter, LOST, and many other works of fiction.  Because, when we create a world of our own, we often elaborate on the truths of reality.
It may sound weird, but it's true.  

Ron & Hermione are my favorite couple, Ginny & Harry are the next 
(although I was always routing for Harry & Luna)

Such care was taken to create these lives to identify with...I love it!

Am I totally weird?
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Sum Up Sundays: Lets Move

This week has been filled with paint colors, packing, organizing, etc in order to try to move this coming weekend. 

est. 1839 was launched on Friday & I started my new job.
Woo hoo!

I can't believe how the summer has flown by.  I have no tan, haven't been to the pool, 
it's just been so hectic!

So, I don't really have much to report on my end.  I can't wait to get back into blogging more.
I want to put up more DIY's, more of my own stuff, more, more, more!!
I want to make myself a respectable blogger!

Anyway, happy Fourth!!


Fan Fridays: Est. 1839 Blog

New & awesome blog that just got started.
By whom you ask?

By myself & a few friends of mine
called est. 1839

its about fashion, on a small budget, but 4 Longwood University Alumni

I really hope you'll pop by!!