Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Countdown to my Birthday, Part Two

So as you may know, Dorm Dec Wednesdays has being transformed into party planning posts for the next few weeks.  I am going to feature my color scheme, some recipes for fondant & some cake topper things I want to make.  Second installment is about cake toppers!

And as I mentioned earlier, I am going to do a giveaway of a second, pretty much identical, topper & cake stand to one lucky reader! make sure you check out the link for a great tutorial on a colored cake stand.  I love it.

Here comes the giveaway part!

Giveaway rules:
cuz you gotta have 'em
  1. Become a follower of Five Sixteenths & Cross My Hooks, comment on this post when you have & if you already are(1 entry)
  2. Vote for your favorite color scheme & topper in a comment on this post (1 entry)
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  4. Blog, Facebook, or Tweet about it, comment back here when you have (1 entry/mention)
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  6. Voting/commenting ends Friday December 10th @ 12am EST
That is 7 entries! Holy Cow!  Make sure you leave a comment for each of these back here on this post.
Any one can enter, US & abroad (unless entering giveaways like these aren't allowed where you live)

Ok, on to the toppers:

I love the monogrammed cake toppers I've seen for weddings & plan on translating that into a birthday one.  Perhaps I'll put purple glitter on it!

Here's some inspiration:

I love the crystals glued on.  Like I said, I'd do it in purple :)

oooooooh..what if I make cupcakes?
I love their DIY wedding contest from a while ago.  Gives me some ideas for my graduation announcements.  Check out a marbling tutorial here
I suggest bookmarking this page & referring to it often! Such great ideas!

also from Ruffled
What if I made a little cake to put on top of my cake! So cute!

What if I used a doily some how??

How about bunting? I love the ribbon too.

Ok, thats too many ideas, eh?  I'll let you know what I've decided on next week when I post some fondant recipes.

Remember to vote on your favorite & follow the links under rules for more entries!  

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Tempted Tuesdays: DIY Stocking

So Anthropolgie has these amazing stockings that I recently saw on Skunkboy Creatures's blog.

If you know how to knit this would be so perfect! I can also see a crocheted version in a whole bunch of scrap yarn (which I totally have!)

I've only ever crocheted 3 stockings in my life.  My ex-boyfriend & I traded gifts in them one xmas & then I made (a pitiful) one for my dog.  This has given me inspiration to make another one for my little pup. I hope I get it done in time for xmas!

I've also seen stockings made from a wool thrift store sweater.  Here's the idea from Crafting A Green World.  Use a crazy "Cosby" sweater or recycle that Ugly Sweater Party pullover you bought into a cool little stocking.

I am so tempted to buy these, but I know I can DIY!

What Christmas decor have you been tempted to buy but have DIY-ed instead?

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Make It Mondays: DIY Bangles

I have posted so much about bangles on this blog.  This week I am going to tackle making a few bangles from beads, string, wire, & crochet.

Here is some more bangle inspiration from three of my fave stores:

this one from Anthropologie would be fun to make on memory wire.
It would be easy to stack a few up your arm, they'll never lose shape! I think it would look great either solid or with multi colored beads.

This from Free People is stretchy.
I love the look of multiple bracelets, can you tell?

And this Best Friends Since ID bracelet from Urban screams gift to me.  
I need one for the first friend I ever met in college & another for a very dear friend I met shortly after.
I love them both to death!

I swear, if I don't buy it from Urban now I will definitely get this down the line from another engraving place.

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Sum Up Sundays: Thanksgiving Feast

Now that I am fully stuffed with turkey, leftovers, & the chili my mother made for dinner tonight, its time to get back to work!  I've got a lot to do to finish up for school in the next two weeks & I've got a lot of work to do on this blog & on etsy.

This post is a sum up post right? Well this past weekend, after I'd finished stuffing my face, I went to a few of my favorite little second hand & consignment shops where my grandmother lives.

First, we took a trip to Two P's in a Pod.  This is a little vintage & handmade consignment shop just down from where we are staying.

I bought three little floral plates that I plan on turning into small cake plates.  I probably won't use them for cakes but instead plan on using them as display for craft shows or storage on my craft table. ("But Moe, you don't have a craft table," you say.  Well I will when I graduate & move. More on that a little later).

Second, we took a trip to a small place downtown.  This street is just down from were my mother grew up so after we visited her old house we went into Urban Gypsy.

I saw Urban Gypsy as we were driving by & knew I had to go in because of the paper chain front window displays.  So holiday chic, right?  Well even though I didn't buy anything I fell in love.  It is a small boutique that offers some eco-friendly clothing options & unique, trendy styles.  I loved their assortment of clothes & crocheted scarves, headbands, & bags.  I love me some fashion & crochet inspiration!

We also stopped by a second hand consignment shop called New To Me where I picked up an onyx ring like my mother's for Christmas.  Can you tell I love things that other people love & things that were once important to others?

Third, I recently received a table runner/pillow cover something, something that my great grandmother made.  My grandmother was going through a few of her things looking to pass down some odds & ends & my mother asked me if I wanted it.  It has embroidered flowers on either end and looks as if it was a table runner.   My grandmother said that my great grandmother used to use it over the pillows or over the end of the bed.  Since I would probably ruin it if I used it that way, I've decided it would look great draped on the wall over my bed when I move into my new apartment.  (Again mentioning the new apartment.....I'll get to that much, much later)

Finally while on Turkey vacation, I've been working on a blog love page for a few of my favorite blogs. I follow a lot & love every one to death, but I know there are definitely a few that I just can't stop returning to.  I've added a few buttons but I will be adding a load more as soon as I have the time.

I think it might be time for another slice of pie, sorry for the wordy post today.  Enjoy your Sunday!

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I Want to Make These!

Again, browsing one of my absolute favorite blogs today I found this super cool image of some bracelets:

The blog post from Free People was about their home office.  I love these posts because they are so inspiring!  I have some beads that look exactly like these & am definitely going to try to make these when I get back from Thanksgiving.  the one in the center looks like its just a wire looped at one end, beaded, then bent around something round, & looped back together from the other end.  If so, then this is a super easy bangle idea!  If I succeed, I'll share a tutorial with you.  

I have internet connection right now because I am at my parents house but when I travel to my grandmother's I am pretty sure I won't have it at all. So there will be lots of crocheting/knitting to get my yarn stash down considerably.  

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!  Don't forget to stop by With Love, Crochet for gifts for the holidays!

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Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Countdown to my Birthday! Part One

Today marks 3 weeks (exactly) until my birthday.  Now, traditionally I am not home for my birthday as exams seem to always fall that week. BUT this year, I will be home!  I love celebrating birthdays.  I love my birthday because it is one day after my mom's birthday.  I find that kind of weird & only ever met one other person who has that same thing in common.

Also, on this day, I get to celebrate it however I want.  (yay!) I am such a control freak & plan all of the celebrations in my life, that making my cake every year doesn't bother me.  In fact I am sure if I didn't make a big deal of it no one else would.  Usually I make a 4 layer cake, alternating strawberry & lemon, with purple icing, sprinkles & other ridiculous decorations on it.

This year, I am going to take it super seriously! Ok, I lie, I am not going to take it that seriously.  But I am going to feature a color scheme, some recipes for fondant & some cake topper things I want to make.  Just to keep a record & spice things up.

The great part is I would love for you my wonderful followers to help me out!  I appreciate you all sooooo much  & am so thankful I've found other bloggers who love the same things I do.  You all rock!  I am also going to do a giveaway of a second topper I make that matches mine.  So if you follow these posts all the way through, you'll have a say in what goes into the whole shebang!

This first installment is about deciding on colors!  My favorite color is purple but I am open to new schemes that suite me.  Here are a few colors I am thinking about:




I used Color Scheme Designer. It's pretty cool but I think something else might have worked better

Of course the icing will be a paler color (I think, since I think I can make that sort of color) but the other colors would go into the sprinkles, etc, & the topper!

Taking it to serious? I want to have a pretty cool looking cake & perhaps I want to start party planning. :)

Please leave a comment about your favorite! Make sure you don't miss next week's installment about cake toppers & remember to enter the giveaway  next week during Dorm Dec Wednesday!

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Crochet Decor

I don't often talk about crocheting over here on Five Sixteenths but I realized that I have a really cool crochet blanket that I made over a snowed in weekend we had last semester.  I love this blanket.  Its tiny but it's just right!

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Make It Mondays: DIY Garland Idea & Gift for my Sister

The holidays are coming 'round & over at Cross My Hooks, I've been working on a series about a Handmade Holiday.  This week, I made some crochet gift tags:

As I was making these little circles I realized they'd look so great as a garland! I was browsing through the internet & found a string of lights made into a garland by adding elements to the lights. I thought that was a great idea! Here's what I have now:

It's just a little prototype.  I am going to make a few more circles & use them for decoration when I go home to my parents for Thanksgiving.

By the way, who is excited for food & family in 4 days? I know I am!

Alright, I know I probably shouldn't blog about a gift I am giving my sister right? Well, I am quite sure she doesn't read my blog (it's not cool, you know....boy does she not have any idea about cool, huh?).  I think I may be safe.  When I do give her gifts however I like to give her really good hints. 

Last year for her birthday I gave her a vintage suitcase set.  She loved them! I told her she would & everyday for about a month she asked me what it was.  I gave her really great hints:
It is blue.
When you go, it goes with you.
When you go, you leave it & it meets you there.
and things like the. 

Needless to say she never got the hints but it all made since when she opened the present :)  So, for Christmas this year I have decided to make her some coasters.  I saw this great tutorial over on A Pumpkin & A Princess for making glittery Christmas coasters for presents.  

You may remember my post about a Chemistry Inspired bedroom for my sister.  It is from this I draw my inspiration! Last year I made her a little ornament that looked like a square from the periodic table.....she informed me that the element I made up (Shelbidium) could not possibly have the characteristics I had given it.  I chose the name because it sounds like her name (a bit) & gave it an atomic number of her birthday & atomic weight of some other number I can't remember.

Long story short, I am making her element coasters! I don't know if they should spell out her name or something else.  

Phew! That was a long post.  Happy Monday :)

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Free Holiday Printable Card

Oh, man....it's almost time to send out holiday cards.  I am excited but sheeze how time flies?!?!

I have made a cute little printable holiday card for you to send out to your loved ones this holiday season.  You can also include it as a gift tag or stocking stuffer.  Perfect for a little gift card too!

Ok, here it is:

click the image to enlarge

The theme for my holiday this year is all about handmade.  Which is why I love the hand drawn part of this card.  So cute!
Wouldn't it look great if your kids colored it? What the heck, go a head and grab a crayon too.

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Fan Fridays: Whats in My Bag?

I've realized lately that I've been getting loads of compliments on my bag/satchel/purse while on campus & in the art building.  I didn't realize that my bag was so interesting!  I've had it for ever! It was literally something like $4.97 at Target about four years ago.  It was the last one & I snatched it up.

Nearly everyday for the past few weeks I've heard "I love your satchel!" trailing behind me as I pass someone while rushing to class.  I think The Hangover brought that word back into existence.

Anyway, the point of this post is my love for this bag & bags this size.  They are perfect!

  1. Has 2 large front & back pockets & one large main pocket. The 2 pockets are perfect for sketchbooks, pencil cases, papers, small notebooks etc.  They also keep all the loose things separated from the big pocket.  If I keep the big pocket clear I can fit my thermos & a mug & a water bottle.  Usually its just the thermos since I can fill that with water too.  I can fit some other art supplies & what not in the big pocket too.  Usually though it's reserved for books/VHS/DVDs I have to return to the library for work.  This pocket is great when it rains.
  2. Two front pockets: one perfect for my ID, credit card, drivers license, pen, & right now linoleum cutter. One for my iPod, phone, headphones
  3. One inner zipper pocket for loose change, pencils, doo-dads, keys
  4. Two little holster things inside the big pocket: supposed to be for phone but I use it for my ID & such when I travel somewhere since they really will fall out of the front pocket if I am not careful.
  1. Because I am lazy, my ID & the like can fall out of the two front pockets
  2. not big enough for full sized documents so full papers stick out of the back pocket & get wet (like my presentation notes) in the rain.
So, pretty much I love this purse!

Here's what's in my bag 95% of the time:

Spiraling clockwise from top: Rapidash pokemon pencil case (yes, I still have this), gum & various forms of ID, two mood rings cuz I collect them, little robot, house & locker keys, eye drops, a pair of scissors, newest issue of the university news paper, little book on bookbinding stitches, note cards for my presentation, with love, crochet idea/sketchbook/goals/record-thing, a small book about paper, phone, paint chips for color references for my senior project, mailing receipt & some business cards of artists I've met, iPod & pen I helped design for work.  My thermos in the top picture is also in there.  I found it at the thrift store & cleaned it up nice.

*****EDIT: My thermos fell & the inside insulation shattered! I have no idea how it jumped from the middle of my bed to the floor! I need a new one now!*****

My sketchbook was left on my table in the ceramics room :(

I highly recommend a purse like this.  I have a smaller one that fits enough things that I use for like shopping etc so I don't have all these things falling out of my purse that I don't need.

What is your favorite bag? Do you have one that fits everything you need?

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Dorm Dec Wednesday: I can Hear the Jingle Bells!

I can not wait for the Christmas season.  I love it, love it, love it.

I don't mind when stores put out their holiday decorations right after Halloween.  For me it symbolizes the start of the Holiday transition.  I guess my favorite part of the year is from about October 15th until January 2nd.  I love the transitions of the seasons & the transition of people into a spirit of giving.  Oh, heck, I like to sing carols & I love things that sparkle too.

I was browsing through Urban Outfitters today & while I am all about a vintage Christmas, these ornaments couldn't hurt:

these mushroom ornaments are so cute!

& these gnomes! 

How great would these look on a tree?  I can not wait to start decorating.  My grandmother has already said she's set up the tree, her little snow village, & brought out the stockings.  My grandmother is one tough chick, she'll get down & dirty to make sure her house is cozy enough for Santa to come sit a spell.  She out does herself, but she just wants to make it something we want to come home to & remember from our childhood.

Believe me, because of this, I never want the holidays to end.  I'll have to take time this year to appreciate it :)

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Tempted Tuesdays: DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Bow

If you also follow Cross My Hooks, you'll know that I've been doing a little Handmade Holiday series where feature a video tutorial every week.  Each tutorial is a simple & DIY gift idea for the holidays.  This past week I made a cute little bow to wrap around a holiday present (or just a present in general!)

This tutorial features my new Hand Spun Tissue Paper Cord in my shop

Here is the video:

You can use rafia, yarn, twine, hemp, anything looks pretty cool!  I am going to use this technique to make some garland for my little silver tree & for new years :)

Happy Week Before Turkeyday :)
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Hooray for Handmade

Etsy is hosting a holiday bootcamp this holiday season.  I am definitely taking part in it, even though I jumped in a bit late.  I've already taken the pledge! Read about it here.

I am slowly adding some more & more cool things to my shop!  I just added some really cool pins/buttons/brooches/boutonnieres!  Woo hoo!

I made these because I was inspired by the idea of a vintage & handmade wedding.  Aren't these perfect for an indie wedding? I definitely think so.  They would look perfect pinned on your man & grooms men during & after the wedding.  Also, since I am sure the groomsmen will never wear a floral brooch again encourage them to pass them onto their sisters, wives, girlfriends, mothers, etc.  Perfect reuse of these little gems. 
These brooches are also perfect for holiday gatherings & dinner parties.  They'd look great not only on your man but pinned onto your party dress or little cardigan.  Have a headband or winter hat that needs a little something? Great way to add a handmade touch to your warm weather clothes.

Don't forget to celebrate a handmade holiday this year & pop by With Love, Crochet.

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Can You Believe It?

I just realized I never created an "I've been featured" button for Five Sixteenths OR Cross My Hooks! What is my problem!

Well, I've made one:

So if you've ever been featured, please grab one!  This little guy is going to sit on my side bar along with my blog button!

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DIY Inspiration for a Saturday

This weekend (well, Friday & Saturday) was spent browsing through the Etsy forums & through some of my blogs link parties to find some new & exciting inspiration.  I stumbled upon this blog Maize Hutton & instantly fell in love!

There are tons & tons of style & DIY inspiration posts here.  I am so inspired just looking at the front page!

The first thing I stumbled upon was this idea for yarn covered bangles.  A great way to use up some scraps!

Second was a super great gift presentation idea for a scarf:

This spool idea is so great! I would never wear the scarf...ok, yeah I would, but I'd put it right back on that spool when I was done!

And finally, when I thought things couldn't get better, there is a tutorial for a snazzy camera strap for him or for her:

So wonderful eh?

So please stop by Maize Hutton & grab some great inspiration.  Perfect inspiration for holiday gifts.  Which I need to really get started on.....I fear it may be too late!

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Fan Fridays: Pretty In Pink

My oh my, I never realized my love for Molly Ringwald's characters until I re-watched Pretty in Pink.  I'd seen parts of it before, & she has always been my go to gal in The Breakfast Club & Sixteen Candles, but when Pretty in Pink was on tv this past week I fell in love again.

I loved her style!  I am not quite sure if I could pull off any of the really cool things she was wearing but I can dream.  I loved her asymmetrical earrings the most.  Her eccentric style is so awesome.

I stumbled up on a site with a great synopsis/critique of the film. Parts of it are so funny:
It’s a strong, if corny, sequence, that captures the inevitable moment for a teenager when just how unfair life can be first shocks us.
- ferdyonfilms.com
 Isn't that quote so true?

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Etsy Update: Handmade Holiday

Celebrate a handmade holiday this year with With Love, Crochet.

There are some cute hats, jewelry, & art in my shop.  I'd love it if one of my items sat under your tree for the holidays!

Here's the newest item:

This stuff is super neat & super strong!  Next week on Cross My Hooks Hooray for a Handmade Holiday video tutorial series you can learn how to use this as a gift bow!

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Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Some Cool, Recycled Items for your Home

Since I am trying to use up a lot of my craft supplies & other things around my house, I am looking for some home decor projects that involve recycling.

I have also been on a YouTube kick lately to find these projects.  Here are some videos I find super inspiring:

This is a really neat video showing how to make a vase from magazine strips.  I really want to make this from Uncommon goods:

Then this stool uses whole magazines for the base! So crazy:

I am definitely going to try to make that tray.  What the heck will I do with it once it's made?

I'd also like to try this from Craft:

But mix it with this tutorial:

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Someone's Trash is Another's Treasure Tuesday

Today I took a trip to my favorite little junk shop looking for a thermos.  I found a thermos that I was able to clean up well & it fits neatly in my little bag too!

I also picked up a hilarious mug for my room mate:

yes, I am aware it says grandpa....

We have a thing with mustaches.  You may remember this post with our Halloween decorations.  Our skeleton, Herbert the Halloween Hipster was decked out is his own little orange mustache:

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Tempted Tuesdays: Cardigans

I love cardigans like I love cool weather! I have so many of them that each hardly gets equal love from me.  I found this really cool tutorial for a short sleeved cardigan or vest on YouTube.  The tutorial is really simple to follow & you probably have something in your closet that will work for it.

So give it a watch & then make your own:

all you need is a long & wide scarf.  Check out TJ Maxx or your closet for one you can use! 
I love this little tutorial!

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New Stuff in the Shop!

I've added some new earrings, a new brooch, & some appliques!  Please stop by :)

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Make it Mondays: Ornament Cut Outs

I love Christmas! I love all the lights & ornaments.  I especially love the vintage ornaments on my grandmothers tree.

I decided to create some little ornament stencils:

I hand drew the ornaments on old yellow note cards I had & cut them out.  I found it was easier to draw one half of them, fold the paper, then cut them out.  I have 7 of them total. I think they would look great as a little garland if I trace them on different colored papers.  It would look perfect on my little silver tree!

I might also cut some out & arrange in a frame, I like the way they look in that picture.

Happy Monday!

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Fan Fridays: I Need a Thermos

So since I am pulling long days in the studio working on my senior project & always find I leave my large coffee mugs there I've decided I need a thermos.  I drink a lot of coffee in the morning which is totally bad for me! But,  I don't want a regular old thermos, I'd love to have a vintage one! I am afraid of shopping in thrift shops for them since I am not sure where they've been or really how to clean them.  But I may just go a see how they look, if I can find one, & if I can clean it up nice!

Since the thrift store is a bit away & I don't have a car, I've turned to Etsy (of course) for some inspiration.  Here are some of my faves:

this one from the Vintage Tree House
I looooove Dunkin' Donuts coffee this is so perfect!

this red plaid one from Reindustria is super neat!
I love the pattern, it's very fall-y

I love the pattern on these.  And here's the plus: it's a whole set!
There is a mens lunch box & bag 
along with these two cute containers.
I want!

This wood paneled one from Closet Photo.
I love the wood design.  This one would make me feel constructive!

I hope I have one soon! Right now I am using one of my room mate's water bottles to transport my hot gallons of coffee to campus.

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Dorm Dec Wednesdays: I've Been Framed!

I love the idea of 'instant art'.  Pretty much anything can become something to decorate your home.  A great website to check out is The Graphics Fairy.  This blog offers a load of vintage images & a few that are deemed 'instant art'.  Print them out on whatever paper you like, then frame them! Resize the images to fit the frame or the room, too!

Ok, back to frames.  Here's the frame (again) that I picked up from the Dollar Tree:

Isn't it great? It's pretty ornate & very shabby chic.  I love the gold accents. Framed is a piece of my Dard Hunter Keepsake with a back ground of scrapbook paper. Scrapbook paper also makes some great instant art & a great way to mat your pictures.  I framed a load of the keepsakes.

Here is a very inappropriate gnome matted with scrapbook paper:

He has a brother but I couldn't get a good picture.  This picture is horrible! These hang in the entry way to my room.

Children's art can be some great art too.  This is a picture my brother painted in grade school:

It adds a bit of whimsy to the decor.  I can't remember if I showed you all this before....

Speaking of framing scrap book paper, try silhouettes like this:

I used 12x12 scrapbook paper and an album cover frame to create this cool wall hanging.  I just searched animal silhouettes in google.  Try it with letters to monogram a child's room or nursery.  That would also be great for weddings or other parties!

Make it seasonal too! Frame an orange pumpkin made from patterned scrapbook paper in front of a black matte or patterned background or a patterned green tree on a red back ground.  Use a small frame to add it to your seasonal vignettes.

Can you tell I love frames? Happy Framing!

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Hoo Are You? #21

I love answering these weekly questions from Night Owl Crafting!  Go participate in the party here:


This weeks questions:

1. What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?
Well, you know, I don't know.  I've never broken a bone, or chipped a tooth, or even had stitches!
I did take a really nasty fall a few years ago on campus.  All of a sudden the ground wasn't under my feet any more & then all of a sudden, it was under my knees!
It was so gross! I think I left skin on the concrete!  I couldn't stand in one place too long, because my knees were so swollen but I did get out of the "mile run" final in my gym class!

2. What would you name your next child or if you don't have any your first child?
I used to want a lot of kids! Then, quite recently, I realized I really didn't want any! Now I think I might end up having them. Can you tell I am very, very young? I have so many things I want to do in my life, I can't even think about having a boyfriend right now! 
But I have always loved the names Emma Jean (not Imogene, yuck!) & Ken for girls.  I think it would be super unique to be named Ken if you were a girl. Plus it's my dad's name.
I guess for boys I've always liked James & Nicholas.

3. If you could add one feature to your car, what would you choose?
First, I'd choose air conditioning. Second, a radio that works!

4. If you named your house (or car or computer) what would you name it?
I feel like my computer would be named Beth, don't ask me why!

5. What is your dream occupation?
My dream occupation would be working on a visual design team for Free People stores & still able to create art & craft on the side.  I'd also probably be a free lance Home Decorator/Party Planner.
Think I can juggle all that?

Well now, phew, I answered them all!

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