Sum Up Sundays: Decorated Lamp

I meant to make this a picture tutorial.......but I forgot & took no pictures before or during.  I am sorry.

Also, I feel as if this may have been a craft fail for me.  I loved the idea & I think it came out great, but I don't think the spot for this lamp is in my living room.  It seems better suited for a kids room since its so kid-like or perhaps it just doesn't fit in with the design in my apartment.  I love the lampshade but I think I may grab another one & redo it.  Perhaps I will make my own...hmmmm

I grabbed a flower image from one of my clip art/stencil books and made it a few sizes.  I colored charcoal on the back of the flowers & traced over them with a pencil (like carbon paper) to transfer the image.  Then I outlined it in Sharpie & colored it in.  I wanted it to sort of be Dr. Seuss-y & child like...which I think it fulfilled. But now it doesn't fit in my living room.  

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  1. Wewt! I think you totally achieved your goal of Dr. Seus-y and child-like! It's adorable! And, I love the base...is it yellow...it looks yellow..and...I love yellow! hehe.

    ~ www.billiemonster.com ~

  2. Hi, Moe! Even without pictures - nice work, keep it up! I also tried to make myself a DIY decorated lamp, but it seems that I chose a too complicated one, I wanted my lamp to look modern like this one http://www.interior-deluxe.com/ve-1020-table-lamp-p13082.html and I didn't manage to do it right. Nevertheless, important is to try, even when we fail! :-)


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