Make Up Tutorial // All Over Summer Glow

So this is my first ever make up video & I have been so excited to share it with you all!  I mentioned this past week that I love Wet n Wild so if you've been wondering how I use the Shimmer Palettes from the brand here is a tutorial to show you how.  I've already filmed another video in which I am much less stiff.....so I think I'm getting the hang of this talking to yourself sort of thing.

If you're looking for an all over bronzy look for summer featuring all drugstore products, watch below:
Again, so sorry for the stiffness!  I'm posting a first impressions video of Wet n Wild's CoverAll foundation later in the week!  Let me know if you want to see anything else.

Happy Saturday!

xoxo, Moe

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Brand Favorites // Wet n Wild Cosmetics

One of my favorite brands from the Drugstore is Wet n Wild.  I love nearly all of their products!  Wet n Wild is so affordable it's one of the go to brands to try something new.  I'm an advocate of buying cosmetics on sale - places like Walgreens & CVS often have bogo sales and places like Target, Meijer, & Walmart are cheaper - but Wet n Wild prices are already very, very affordable.  
This is part of my collection of Wet n Wild - these are my favorites!  Wet n Wild has 4 blushes but I only have two.  I can't, for the life of me, find the other two! When I find one of them it's the last one & it's usually all crushed up & powdery.  But these colors in Pearlescent Pink & Mellow Mauve are really pretty & both natural looking.

Mellow Mauve is a rich pink-wine color that is buildable from a sheer flush to a deeper color.  It is matte & deep - there's no glitter & highly pigmented!  A little will go a long way so be sure to tap off your brush (don't be so heavy handed!)  For me it comes off more of a true wine color but I've seen it on others where is more peachy.  I'm on the search for a peachy blush but this isn't it for me.  Pearlescent pink has a little bit of shimmer but I find it wears off & a really sheer true pink color.  If you want a lighter flushed color Pearlescent pink is it.  The other shades available are Heather Silk & Berry Shimmer - can't wait til I get my hands on them!
There's a newer collection by Fergie for Wet n Wild called the Center Stage Collection.  This collection features these Shimmer Palettes (the bigger marbleized guys there at the top).  There are three colors - Carnival in Rio, Rose Golden Goddess, & Rose Champagne Glow.  The two featured here are Rose Champagne Glow & Rose Gold Goddess.  

I use the Rose Champagne nearly everyday as a highlight on my cheek bones & really lucked out that my palette has a great big part with only the light pink color.  Sometimes I use that as a highlight on my brow bone.  Rose Champagne Glow is really sheer & a pinky-white highlight.  The other two shades on the other had are really shimmer bronzers.  I'm a bit intimidated by Carnival in Rio which I think might be better for darker skin tones but I really want to try a bronzy look with Rose Golden Goddess.  The swatches are just gorgeous!
Not part of the Fergie Collection are these Color Icon Trios & these 8 pan Color Icon Palettes.  There are beautiful shades that go together to create bright or neutral looks.  I am all about a neutral eye and my favorite trios are Walking on Eggshells, Sweet as Candy, & Silent treatment.  My favorite palette is the neutral one in Comfort Zone.  I can't wait for the release of more trios in July! They are going to be brighter shades but I still can't wait!

To make the shadow last longer I use the eyelid primer from the Fergie collection.  I've never tried an eyeshadow primer before but this one seems to do the trick!  My shadow lasts aallll day.  No lie!  Like I said Wet n Wild is so affordable - I'm avoiding the word cheap, because it's such good quality - that if you want to try something you should go for it.

So there you have it! All my favorite products from Wet n Wild.  Whenever I pass by the display I just have to check it out to see if I want to pick up anything else.  With prices from $0.99 to $5.99 + bogo sales, it's just perfect!

Do you have a favorite drugstore brand? How do you feel about Wet n Wild?

xoxo, Moe

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5 Things I Never Want To Do

I saw this post over on Habitual Homebody & since Alycia always has posts I can relate to - seriously, it's like she knows my life! - I thought I'd give my 6 things I never want to do:

Perform CPR - Alycia included this in her list too.  I did have a CPR certificate in High School - I think it was a requirement - but I have no idea what to do anymore.  I'm so terrified of getting stuck in that sort of emergency situation.  I couldn't live with myself if I could have, but didn't, do anything.  I also am terrified of any sort of group emergency situation.  Like end of the world sort of emergency situation.  Like, you know, there's a group and someone has to take charge for us all to survive - extreme example is LOST.  I'm such a take charge person - whenever there is a group thing I'm always like I'm always in charge, I'm going to sit back let someone else do it. Then they suck (lol) so I take charge.  So I guess I never want to be that person but I might end up being that person if this situation every came!

Lose an Appendage - I don't know what I'd do if I lost an arm....my hands are sooooo important to me.  I've been terrified to even break my arm (I've never broken a bone - knock on wood!)

Have to sell all my belongings - This is rather selfish but when I was trying to move up to Zach someone suggested to sell some of my stuff to pay for it.  That's fine, but I worked hard for all the things that I have...including my piece of crap car.  I don't mind the occasional yard sale & hell I even have a whole load of shit I need to donate to the thrift store.  But I'm not going to sell my bed or my car or any furniture, etc.  It's mine...it was a gift or I bought it. No sir.  I work hard for my things.

Lose my eyesight - I'd sacrifice my hearing before my sight or my appendages.  I couldn't imaging not seeing colors or not seeing inspiration.

Lose another loved one in a traumatizing way - Like be in a car accident with them & I survive.  Or get a call that someone has died with no warning.  This is how it happened with my Grandfather but I feel a bit different about this because he knew I loved him, etc and I tried to talk to my grandparents a lot.  But I've had dreams where my mom has died, dreams where my brother has died, and dreams where my sister has died.  All suddenly with no explanation - just suddenly they are dead.  I worry so much with Zach driving around all the time that he will get in an accident.  When I don't hear from him I get worried, when he's had a long day (think like 18 hour days!) and is driving home from some crazy far place, I worry.  I just am a worry wart!

So there you have it.  I think I'm going to do a few more of these like meme posts because I need to get to know me again through blogging....so this will help me (and you) get to know me better.  Does that make sense!?!?!

What are 5 things you don't ever want to do?

xox, Moe

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Trend Tuesday // Skirting the Issue

A lot of the skirts in my closet have come from the thrift store.  They are often around .99cents & perfectly patterned which makes them great additions to my wardrobe but there's been something I've been avoiding doing lately and that is chopping them all short.  My favorite skirts to pick up are mid-calf or longer because I really like the look.  But it's getting to be warmer here & I'm thinking of shortening up the majority of the skirts in my closet.  The problem is I'm too afraid I won't like it!  I have one skirt particularly in mind when I say this: a bright orange one I've had for ages that falls perfectly at the calves.  I used to wear it a lot but I don't find myself wearing it at all now.  I really want to cut it shorter but I'm really scared I won't like it!  I mean, it is just a dollar or so skirt that I've had since at least 2009 but what if I chop it & hate it? What if?
Let me show you what I'm talking about.  It would be like taking this & this above to this & this below
I'm liking the shorter skirts for summer (still keeping them a bit longer for work) but I also like the long look, too.  If they all get cut short, there's more room for tights in the winter months....but the long, bohemian-y look still really strikes me...but I don't wear the long skirts hardly any.  What am I to do?

How do you feel about it? Should I cut & hem them all up or leave them alone?  Do you like shorter skirts or longer skirts? Which get more wear in your closet?

xoxo, Moe

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Make it Monday // The Best DIY Beach Tote EVER

I can't take credit for this DIY (or GIY as she calls it).  I found this A M A Z E B A L L S no-sew duct tape & fabric tote DIY on youtube.  I've been watching a load of beauty youtube videos right now & in the side bar this litte gem popped up.  While watching this I was like 'yeah, this isn't going to work' but at the end she does a strength test....and I really want to make one!

She mentions using this for school, for laundry, & just as a regular little tote.  But this would be G-R-E-A-T for the BEACH!  So take a peak & I hope you make one.  This is really on my to-do list:

xoxo, Moe

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Sum Up Sunday #70

Life according to instagram and other bits and bobs from the past week:
Zach found cherries grown near where he parks his car.  Right by our little shed.
I've been enjoying our porch & the brew over ice Keurig K-cups.  The southern sweet tea makes a pretty good cup & the donut shop iced coffee makes a yummy caffeinated summer beverage!
I've been experimenting with different make up looks lately & am thinking about posting on YouTube some make up reviews, tutorials, favorites, etc.  I like vlogging even though I feel awkward.  I've filmed like 3 videos but haven't posted any of them.
I got brave & cut my own bangs.  I think I did a good job

I also signed up for Birch Box & Ipsy Bag this week.  I thought it'd be nice to get a little surprise in my mail box each month.  I also opened up a new bank account since Wells Fargo is screwing me over.  Charging me to use my money is not helping me financially....so I can't wait to withdrawal all my cash & put it in my new account at the credit union.

Happy Sunday!

xoxo, Moe

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Boost Your Blog // Create Photo Collages

Well hello Boost Your Blog post...where have you been?  I've been thinking about all the bloggers out there who are getting ready to start showing their Summer Wishlists, are looking to showcase their summer photos, & just plain looking to create those awesome photo collage posts.  I have to admit, for the most part I use these techniques to create quick photo collages when I want to bust out a good post in a reasonable amount of time.  I've only created about 10 total collages in Photoshop, to me there's just no need with these options!

PicMonkey - This free online photo editor (much like the now extinct Picnik) is an awesome place to create collages.  You can sign up for the premium version if you want access to more options but the free version, I think, is just fine.  You will find that the free version doesn't give you access to some of the collage options. But I've got you covered: Choose a collage option then drag your photo to where you want it.  You can insert new boxes to hold your photos by just hovering between photos.  A little box will pop up & just put your photo there, look below:
If you see the crown, that means it's a royal feature & you have to pay for the feature.
Picmonkey also has an option to overlay text & shapes so you can point to things, explain things, create picture tuorials, etc.

Polyvore - This site is great to create wishlist collages & much like Pinterest where you can add a Pin It button to your browser you can add a Clip to Polyvore button to your browser to add things to your collection.  You have to sign up for an account to clip and to create & save your collages but it's worth it because you can save the collages to edit later.  Clipping from your browser means you can add exactly what you want - maybe it's something you already have you need to link, etc.  You can also blog your collage when you publish it right through Polyvore (you can tweet & share it on Facebook too) or copy the code to post into your blog.  I have a full tutorial on using Polyvore for collages and adding text & other elements here.

Picasa - Picasa is a program by Google that you download & install on your computer...I'm sure you've heard of it!  It's great for organizing your photos too & a really simple way to have all your blog photos in front of you.  Seriously guys you don't have to have fancy stuff to be a good blogger, it's true.  You also have access to Creative Kit which is a part of Google+ (this has a lot of the features that Picnic had but now it's on your desktop.)  They have collage options like Picmonkey - just straight up square photo collages - but Picasa also has an option to create a collage in the style of Polyvore, it's called a picture pile:
This is the beginning of the collage for this post!

You can also overlay text to your collages & you're not limited to the fonts they provide like with Polyvore & Picmonkey.  You can install fonts on your computer & use those too!  So you can really get a custom look for your blog collages.  I use Picasa mainly for the Picture Pile option because you have very little control over the Mosaic & Grid options.  Unlike Picmonkey you can't drag the photos to create a custom grid & you can't expand the boxes to fit your photos.  It's annoying!

So there you go! Three awesome options to create really simple, really professional looking collages for your blog.  No fancy pants stuff required!

How do you create collages for your blog? Any other free programs you have to suggest? I'd love to know!

xoxo, Moe

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Wednesday Decor // Basket Case

For some reason I've been loving the look of baskets in every room.  To me it adds a bit of an eclectic, natural feel, a bit of zen, & adds some texture as a decor element.  I am thinking of purchasing the same baskets I have organizing my art stuff on my side of the big bookshelf for the bookshelves flanking the entertainment center as added storage for games, cords, controllers, etc.  I also have baskets (that are falling apart they are so old!) in our bathroom upstairs & Zach actually got a mirror/medicine cabinet for the bathroom downstairs that has basket slots & baskets.  We've also got a basket under the coffee table for random laptops, iPads, magazines, etc.  That's a lot of baskets!

Here's some of my basket inspiration:
We've got just a gray, Sterilite storage tub for our recycling.  I think it would be cool to have something to put the tub in that looks a bit prettier & is less unsightly.  I really don't like seeing it sitting in the dining room!  Our dining room is right off the kitchen so it's not that weird that it's in there!

The texture of these baskets is my favorite.  In the upstairs bathroom the baskets have that sort of texture.  It's sort of hap-hazard & more casual.  Not so stand out-perfect basket & I really like it.

We don't have a big laundry room but we do have shelves above the washer & dryer.  Right now junk is just piled up there in a semi organized fashion - swiffer stuff, extra paper towels, light bulbs, clorox wipes, towels, sheets, etc - but baskets would keep things from falling on me!  And it would just look nice right?

Right now I have my purses hanging on shower hooks in the back of our closet - a great idea I might add.  There are so many uses for the shower hook!  But I'm loving this idea using a basket to organize/store maybe most used clutches/bags/wallets/etc.  Our bedroom is super small & I never thought about the fact that when you live with someone & share the same room with someone where does all your crap go?  I mentioned on twitter that I'm really excited to finally use a bedroom as a bedroom and not a craft room/blog room/etc room that I feel my bedroom has been my entire life!  Now there are other rooms for that.  But back to the basket - I think this would be cute under my vanity or maybe replacing the yarn basket (!!) under my night stand.

Show me some of your home inspiration!  I'd love to see it!

xoxo, Moe

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Trend Tuesday // Peachy Keene, Coral Dream

Today I have a color crush post for you!  I'm in love with peachy-coral colors right now...even into the pink side of things.  I'm just digging it!
peachy keene, coral dream
L'Oreal Nail Polish in Versailles Romance - This is the prettiest pinky peach color with a little bit of a gold shimmer.  It's a really natural looking color & not that noticeable if you're wary of bright nail polishes.  It's just natural, pretty, & warm.  Great for summer!

Peachy Keene Sunnies - I just got my eyes examined & am stoked to renew my contact prescription & also get new everyday glasses!  I think this orangey color would look great with a tan

Collection B Colorblock Shoulder Bag - Over Memorial Day, I did like most Americans do & shopped...online.  I like to save up giftcards that I get for holidays like birthdays & Christmas so when I'm feeling down & need some retail therapy I've got something to blow.  Saving them & hiding from myself gives me a little treat when I pick them up 6 months later!  So I picked up this fun & bright color blocked bag from Khols. It is super cool & bright for spring/summer! (bonus: It's still on sale!)

Perfectly Peach Blush - I'm on the hunt for a perfect peach blush.  So far no luck.  I feel like a peach color could be the perfect natural looking blush with out being to pinky & too flushed looking.  I want to look glowy & not hot!  I'm still keeping my eye out!

Pretty Pullover - Am I the only one that loves a great sweater in the Summer time?  I always look to one because you never know when that Summer night may turn cool.  Cuddling up on the porch, watching fire works, camping, drive ins, you never know!

Keene Kicks - Classic Summer wear is of course some converse.  Love these bright peach low tops...makes me want to take a stroll!

What's you're color crush for Spring/Summer?

xoxo, Moe

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Reasons Why I Love This Man

So, if you don't like mushy posts you might want to step away from the computer for this post or go visit some of the links in the sidebar because it's about to get mushy, mushy.

As you know, Zach & I recently moved in together.  We more than moved in together really...I packed up my things & moved up north to him.  We moved into a little yellow house that needed rennovating & now we're working on making it a home.  I don't think I give this man as much credit as he deserves for being such an awesome part of my life.  Being fiercely independent it was hard for me during this transition time, but now I've got a job & we even started our own business venture together: 516VINTAGE!  He is a wonderful guy, he makes my world go round, & I couldn't imagine life without him.  

The big thing is, I can't believe that in less than a year I went from just meeting him to leaving my home & moving up north.  We met October 8th 2011 & closed on the house October 4th 2012.  Can you believe that? It's one of those things where when you know, you know.  In that entire year, I went through so many emotions - and am still going through so many emotions, life I mean what can you do about it?  I guess it's one of those things where you don't believe it til you see it.  I am pretty sure I love him more right now than I did a month ago....we've done so many things together that I'd never imagined being able to do, let alone with someone else.  You know what I mean?  We're building a home together & it's weird.

But enough of the super mushy gushy stuff....here's just regular mushy gushy

When we were both sick at the beginning of the year, he made 3 gallons of soup for the both of us.  I don't really know if it was 3 gallons, but it was a lot of soup.  Zach loves soup and he ate most of it.  But he made sure I had enough to get me better while he was gone the next week for work.

He says "Good job Babe, you're doing great" when I get frustrated working on the house. The bad part of this is I am a complainer, I really am.  I am trying to get better at it cuz no one likes to hear it all the time so when I get frustrated or start to complain he does this to encourage me.  Sometimes I don't need it but it's always sweet.

He may not think it's the best idea but he wants me to be happy & being happy is working on my creative dream.  He bought me a kiln, bought me a wheel, hunts for vintage items with me, let's me crochet during movies.  He invests in me a lot.  I mean a lot, when I don't deserve it, when I'm not the best, just when I'm not investing in myself or in us or in him.  I can't count the times he's come up with wonderful suggestions for the blog, for the shops, etc.  For everything.

He's just there.  I'm having a really tough personal life time right now....and I'm loosing my head.  But Zach is there & I love it.  When I don't know what to do, he's there.  When I annoy him, he's there.  When I need him, he's there.

I've never been in a relationship like this before: it's weird, scary, & stable.  I think the main reason why it's weird is because it's real.  I don't know if you can relate to this but it's not highschool - we're both adults, we both want it to work, we both are dedicated, etc.  I've realized that in order for this to work & the reason why it's been working is because we both want it.  We both know we have to make it last.  I dunno...does that make sense? Is that weird?  There's nothing more than this, in good times & in bad, this is it.

Annnyyyywwwaaayyyy........I don't think Zach gets a lot of credit for being a part of my life.  So I just wanted to put it out there.

xoxo, Moe

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