Where to Find Me

With all the hub-ub of GFC going away for non-blogger hosted blogs (I know, tardy to the party, since it goes away tomorrow!) I thought I'd share where else you can find me.  I am hosted on blogger so you shouldn't have to worry too much about losing my daily dose of blog-tastic posts.  Here is a giant list of where you can find me & Five Sixteenths in bright (eye burning) green.  Sorry, I really loved the color though!  I hope you're eyes don't melt too much.  Don't go all Raiders of the Lost Ark on me.....
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Leave your respective links in the comments & I'll check you out!

Happy Wednessday!


11 Random Things

I saw this little meme floating around the blogisphere & secretly hoped I got tagged.  I love doing these little things and lo & behold, I am up in Target when my phone alerts me that I have a new mention on twitter.  It was my new blog friend Kristin taggin me in the very meme I was day dreaming of! Hooray!! Go on over & check out her 11 random things, she's an awesome, awesome blogger.

So here we go:

  1. Post these rules
  2. Post 11 random things about yourself
  3. Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you
  4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag
  5. Go to their blog (or Facebook or Twitter) and tell them they’ve been tagged

My 11 things:
  1. My shoe size ranges from 9 - 10.  I always have a hard time finding shoes online because I am scared they won't fit.  Sometimes it's a 9, sometimes 9.5, sometimes a 10.  I am not sure if this is an everyone problem or just me.
  2. I started blogging in about 2006 or so.  I had a blog called Just Playing Hooking as a freshman in college.  It wasn't cool.  Not at all.
  3. MySpace is where I learned about HTML.  I'd spend hours designing the bangin'-est page ever.
  4. I love drag queens.  RuPaul's Drag Race is the bomb & I'd go to the annual drag show at my University.  I follow 4 of my fave queens on twitter, two of them follow me (#almostfamous lol)
  5. Shoes & Nail Polish are my weakness.  I have too many of both.
  6. I am horrible with directions.  I get turned around in my own house.
  7. Monday night, I helped Zach fix a computer (he's a techy guy like that).  I didn't tell him, but I felt really proud. (He needed me because my hands are smaller not because I am skilled)
  8. College was a 5 year plan for me & I had 4 majors.  Art won out & I worked my butt off to fit 4 years into 3.  It was the best time of my life.
  9. I make a mean Grilled Cheese Sandwich.
  10. Each year for the past few years I've tried to grow my hair out.  I end up cutting it all off....I am attempting to resist cutting it now!
  11. I work at a school that licenses Massage Therapists & Estheticians.  Which means sometimes I get free massages & facials.  It ain't bad.

And now for the questions that Miss Kristin asked of me:
1. What is your birthday? My birthday is 10 days before Christmas & the day after my Mother's.  It's December 15th.  My mom was in labor her whole birthday (Dec 14th) just so I could be born on my own at 1am.
2. Do you have pets? I don't personally have pets...but my parent's have a little dog named Rudy (so he's kinda my puppy brother) & my room mate has a dog named Cody (So I'm kind of his puppy aunt).  I'd like one of my own so bad!
3. What is your favorite tv show? Right now it's a toss up between RuPaul's Drag Race & New Girl.  I watch them both all the time.
4. What city and state do you live in? I am from the East Coast baby! Virginia is the state I call home.
5. What is your favorite blog to read? Oh man, this is so hard!! I love Little Chief Honeybee the most but there are plenty I look up to.  A new one is Little Tiny Pieces.
6. Beach or Mountains? Surf or Ski? Definitely the beach.  I love the water & sun but I really hate sand. I can't imagine living some place where there isn't a lake or some sort of body of water.  I am a fish!
7. Mac or PC? I am a Mac person.  My boyfriend is a PC person.  We make it work just fine :)
8. What's your favorite thing to drink? (alcoholic or non) Non-alcoholic is Sweet Tea & coffee, equally.  Man on man I love it! Alcoholic has to be Champagne & I much prefer the cheap stuff!
9. What is your career or job? By day I am an office manager at a school for Massage Therapists & Estheticians (see number 11 above).  By night I am a free lance designer, jewelry maker, ceramicist, crocheter, illustrator, & etsy shop owner.
10. What is your favorite food? OH my, I don't even know where to begin with this.  Ummmm.....Zach makes a banging bacon wrapped steak. Oh wait, I love Brussels Sprouts!
11. What is grosses you out? the sound your nails make when running them over like textured holographic trading cards, the sound that commercial about grinding your teeth makes, & sponges used to wash the dishes.  I am a dish sponge nazi...I really only like to use them like once....they get all stinky & I hate it.  I am a dish rag person.  YUCK!!

My 11 questions for the ladies I tag:
1. What did you want to be when you were little?
2. How & why did you start blogging?
3. Coke or Pepsi?
4. Who has influenced you the most in your life?
5. What is your idea of a perfect Saturday?
6. What would be the perfect date?
7. How do you take your tea or coffee?
8. What is the thing you are most proud of in your life or at this moment?
9. What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
10. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
11. What does a usual day look like for you?

I tag Maryam, Kam, Colleen, Lindsay, & Leona (and any one else who wants to play!!)

Share 11 facts about yourself with me.  I'd love to get to know you better!!!


Sum up Sunday // A Typical Weekend

Weekends are the best time of the week.  The week is over, no work for two days (three in my case), I get to sleep in, wear PJs all day, eat a yummy breakfast, & work on what I love.  One of my ultimate favorite parts of the weekend is breakfast.  Breakfast is probably the best meal of all of the meals.

Zach & I alternate between what we eat for breakfast: sometimes it's just cereal, sometimes it's pancakes, sometimes we fend for ourselves, but most of the time breakfast involves some sort of eggs & bacon.  This morning was no exception.

Since Zach cooks most of the dinners in the relationship, I try to cook most of the breakfasts (since, really, how can you screw up eggs!?!).  I haven't bought bacon in a while but found this sort of pre-cooked, sliced ham that I usually fry up in it's place.  It tastes great & you can throw it on an english muffin with your eggs & have a little ham-egg-muffin sandwich thing.  I love it because it gets the greatest tasting little  glaze on it.

Zach likes his eggs scrambled & super burnt so I usually make his first to get the pan nice and hot for my 'hockey puck' eggs.  I like my eggs hard in the center or scrambled (but not burnt) with some strawberry jam. Yum!

This morning I opted for some yummy Lemon Blueberry Crisp Cereal that was on clearance at Target.  I've also started a love affair with almonds so threw some of that in too.  The photo above is pre-milk because I didn't want it to get all soggy!!  I am really enjoying discovering adult cereal as I like to call it.  Cereal that isn't sugar frosted & satisfies my sophisticated tastes. (yeah right)

I consider weekend breakfasts with Zach to be another mini date.  We get to sit together & I really enjoy that time to just sit & relax.  Neither of us have work or anything serious to worry about during that time so we just sit & eat....maybe watch a Stargate episode (or two).

So here are some great Mini-Date Easy Breakfast Ideas I like to throw together:
- The Classic - eggs & bacon (or ham slices)
- The Handfull - english muffin, toasted with scrambled (or hockey puck) eggs, bacon/ham. Side of strawberries (our fave fruit!)
- Take the Cake - a big ol stack of thin pancakes (think nearly crepe thinness)
- Cereal Offender - choose either the kind you enjoyed when you were a child or a yummy adult cereal like the Archer Farms brand from Target.

So what is your favorite part of the weekend?  Does it involve food?


Fan Fridays // Keep on Keeping on

Friday is for favorites & this Friday I am sharing a few new things (like my new endeavor), but mainly some things I've loved for quite some time (Hippos mostly, but also Rocky Horror!)

There are plenty of things I am loving this week, mainly the things I love are the new lovely ladies I've met through helping them install their customized pre-made themes they picked out from the shop!  I am so excited to have learned so much from them as well as help them spiffy up their blogs.

The first was City Dwellin' & she chose the Layer Me Softly Template:

And the second was Midwesternita who chose to upgrade her color palette for the Melon Baller Theme:

It was so much fun to work with each of them as we back & forthed through email.  I learned a lot working with them & I hope they learned a bit too!  I have one more blog in the works that hopefully will be fully launched here oh so soon!

Other things I am loving this week:

This way too cool linocut planner DIY from Two Happy Hearts
I am so in love with linocuts.  I need to break out the linoleum blocks!

This shop The Good Machinery has some great painted animals!
Last Friday I posted for the first time about cool little animals.
You know I need the hippo one...

Here's another Hippo print I found three seconds ago from Wild Life Prints.
I really do love hippos

This ring...my love for geodes & geode looking things continues

And this cool iPhone case
this is one of those times that I don't have the original source :(

I seriously can't believe it's Friday.  This week seemed to fly by! Even though I've been in pain this whole week (still in pain right now) I've been very productive. 

On Sunday, Zach & I are going to see my Alma Matter's production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show & I can not wait!!  I remember being in high school & going to see it with my friend at midnight down town.  When I asked my parents if I could go (it was on a Thursday) they immediately said no.  On of my friends sat down & wrote a persuasive letter to my parents, came over to my house, & handed it to them.  The were both shocked at her determination to have me go.  It was like a sitcom: My parents were both reading the letter at the same time.  When they finished, they looked up at each other & then up at us.  Sara stood there confidently & I was like 'Oh no, here comes the embarrassment!"  To my excitement & horror they said yes.  It was one of the best freaking nights of my life.  So much fun!  This will be the first time in ages that I've seen it live.  I can not wait!

I am also excited to send out my first Newsletter (!!!) at the end of this week.  Hooray!!  If you'd like a little slice of Five Sixteenths (with some special offers!) click here to sign up!

Are you loving any old faves this week?


Boost Your Blog // Using Your Color Palettes

Last week we learned how to use a really cool site called Colour Lovers to make some neat color palettes.  If you didn't see that post, check it here.  Making color palettes is a fun past time, but a while ago I realized I just had a load of palettes that I wasn't doing any thing with!  

If you played around on the site, you may have realized that you can create patterns using your color palettes, but I like the look of those little paint strips & wanted to use the color palette itself for something.  This got me thinking about blog improvement.

We all know that headers are super important on our blogs.  It's the first thing readers see when the come to your site & a good one can really make a simple blog layout pop.  You don't have to have fancy software to make a really cool blog, you just need to train your eye.  Blogger provides some really great customizing options & you can have a professional looking blog in no time! (There will be a really good post on this oh so soon!)

So to make a really cool & fun blog header, open your palette & click Your Screen to download the .png of your palette:

Open it up in the editor of your choice (I have Photoshop Elements) & crop it how you wish.  You can even use MS paint on your computer to edit it....you don't have to be fancy:

Add your text (you can get free fonts from places like DaFont, etc. I always like to read the license to make sure I can use it).  After I added the text, I cropped this one down some more:

Experiment with tall banners, small banners, wide banners, etc.  See what you like.  Add shapes & textures if you're fancy or keep it simple.  Even crop it down to a square for your blog button!

Making a few will also help you decide which color palette you'd like to use on your blog if you have a some you haven't really decided on.  This will give you a jumping off point for customizing your blog through blogger.

You can even make a seamless pattern & use it create a blog banner, too:

So start playing around on Colour Lovers & find some colors you'd like to adopt as your favorite!

What would you do with your color palettes?


Tempted Tuesday // Geode Love

I've recently been really into the look of geodes.  I love the rough cut look but the real thing can be expensive!!!  I've found an alternative in the awesome & affordable chain accessory stores in the mall.

You may know that I used to work for Claire's while in college.  It was the best place to work & I am still hoping to be employed there again sometime soon!  A while ago I found a brown geode necklace & ring on sale & snatched them up.  The ring had a stretchy band, so I don't wear it quite as much because I really prefer metal adjustable bands.  But the necklace is great for creating a natural, earthy look.  The ring was probably originally around $6 & the necklace around $12....but I scored them at 50-75% off.

Let me make an aside right quick: I hardly ever pay full price for things unless I think the full price is fair & reasonable for the item.  For example, the rings listed below I paid or would pay full price for because I think that it's a pretty reasonable price.  I would have rather bought them on sale since I know Claire's/Icing always have great sales.  Any sterling silver jewelry I buy is nearly always buy one get one free or buy one get one half off.  Sales are your friend as well as thrift stores.  The majority of my wardrobe was bought on sale.

Rings // Icing & Charming Charlie's
Dresses //Spotted Moth & Topshot
Other outfit details on Polyvore, see full set here
The perfect natural inspired outfits for play & for work.

On another note, I had to call in sick to to work today because my back is still killing me! I hate missing work, I am such a worry wart.  One, I feel like nothing will get done or something will happen & they won't be able to get by with out me & two, I feel guilty for feeling bad.  I try to convince myself it's not as bad as it is but then I end up feeling worse if I force myself.  So I guess it's one more day in bed for me.

Do you love geodes? What are you transitioning into Spring?


Make it Monday // Faux Enamel Ring

So I am all stuck in bed with an Icy Hot Patch on my back drinking Iced Tea (see this post) working on blog templates, updating the shop, & watching Bio.

I really was excited to get to making something yesterday & this morning for Make It Monday.....but since I hurt my back yesterday, I haven't been able to move!

In the studio yesterday, I started to wedge clay with a little twinge in my back.  I dismissed it because I've always had a little bit of back pain.  I plopped my clay down on the bat & began to center it.  All was well until I sat up.  OUCH!! I was nearly blinded by pain.  Whoops!  So I laid on the floor for 2 hours while Katie made a few things.  It hurts less than yesterday but I still can't move around.

Any way, I decided to finish up the photos for this awesome DIY today & post it: A DIY faux enamel ring.

Enameling has its roots in ancient history in decorating everything from stoneware, metal objects, & jewelry.  The basic enameling process includes adding glass powder to a metal surface & heating the piece until the glass melts.  This process adheres the glass to the metal creating a decorative piece.

I've been really inspired by Art Nouveaux enamel ware & decided to try to imitate the look of enamel with nail polish.  Nail polish?!?! Well, it is also called nail enamel.  What could it hurt.  When I saw a great brushed gold ring on sale for about $3 at Icing, I scooped it up and saved it for this DIY!

While at the craft store I also saw these ring blanks with deep wells perfect to hold the nail polish since it would have to fill up a space too get the right effect.  

You'll need:
ring blanks with deep wells or a textured ring or other jewelry
nail polish (I used some dollar store polishes! But Icing No Chip polish -if you want to spare it- would be a great alternative)
a level place to store the rings as they dry (my nail polish bottles were the right size to slip the rings onto)

The easiest rings first:
Uncap the polish & set the brush where it won't drip on something nice! pour a little of you polish into the center of the ring & rotate.  Be sure not to over fill! The rotation will help distribute the polish evenly & you can always add more if need be.

Line them up to let them dry & make sure to keep them level.  Let dry for a long time! You'll need at least 24 hours to let them dry.  You might be able to speed it up with a fan.  The longer you wait the better.  You don't want to accidentally create a texture on the ring by pressing something into it!

You could add another level of interest by using a glitter polish or even try the nail polish you made from the earlier DIY.  Since the polish came from the dollar tree, it won't be wasting a precious color!

I found the LA Colors Art Deco polishes at the Dollar Store & found out they have a really thin brush perfect for nail art & precision perfect for painting the textured feather ring.  The texture on this ring came to life with the color on it & really emulates the Art Nouveau look I was going for.

You can spruce up thrift store brooches & rings, jewelry you've gotten on sale & aren't too attached to.

Also, Happy President's Day! :)

What crazy things have you done with nail polish???


Sum Up Sunday // 3rd Week in February

I was about to start off this post along the lines of 'I've nothing really great to report here for this week' & then just post some random things.  You know, it'd be a post of just filler things with a photo.  Just a post say I posted.  But then I realized, a lot happened this week:

On about Monday of this past week, I listed my first customizable pre-made blog template & a non-customizable/generic version of the same template.  On the 16th of this past week I sold the customizable version.  I spent the next two days assembling the customizable parts & putting together a licensing & instructions file.  I was super excited to embark on this new little project of mine.  

So I guess this post is the unofficial announcement of the blog design section of the esty shop.  If you want a full update on the workings & the new things I'll offer in the blog design department (both free & otherwise) sign up for the newsletter! I wasn't expecting to sell a design so fast & was just testing the waters before I announced what I'd been working on.
His & Her's breakfast before a day of antiquing.  We didn't find anything awesome :(
On another note, I've been wondering about pictures on the blog.  I know that super edited 'instagram-y' like pictures are a general no-no, but I've seen some blogs I really admire have some sort of vintage effect on their photos.  This adds to the over all feel of the blog & I guess plays a long with their design.  These types of photos fit in well & add to the image of the blog.  I just for the life of me don't have the time or patience to take super fantastic photos of my everyday life.  If I did, then I'd have nothing to blog about because I'd be editing photos & not doing anything.  As a responsible blogger, I should be focusing on how the pictures portray the overall feel of the blog...but sometimes I really like the vintage effects on photos, if they aren't over done.  I dunno, it's all up in there air on this front.  I just try to make sure you all don't have a page full of overly instagramed pictures to look at.

Also, remember when I was bitching about picnik closing & having to learn photoshop? Well, I think I am doing just fine.  However, I did find a few programs you may want to check out thanks to Kam over at Campfire Chic & I found this one through the photo app on my phone.

I also did a midnight redesign (that I'm still working on) for the blog.  To which, Zach asked me to come to bed & didn't understand that you can't just simply leave a blog redesign hanging!

This week was a very productive week.  I have pottery here in about 2 hours & I can't wait to get started on that front too.  I hope to have some end products I can share with you all here soon.  I was a little bit rusty a last session but this session I've got it going on.  I've also been going to open studio meaning I am now churning out 2x as many things as if I were going once a week.  

Also, don't forget to enter the awesome giveaway over at Pulp Sushi for a $20 shop credit a long with a whole flipping slew of awesome things from other bloggers & shop owners!


Collections // Shoes

Collections play a huge part not only in my idea of identity (see my artist statement & the post about my senior project for more info).  I am a collector at heart & can't remember the last time I didn't have multiples of something.  There are a few things I actively collect (rings from the places I've been, shoes, craft supplies....) but there are a few things that just seem to accumulate.  Like shoes.  I love shoes! I don't think I collect them, but I sure do have a lot of them!

I love shoes & love to show them off.  There are a few that I go to more often than others, but all of these are the ones that I'd consider my fave.

These 11 pairs are my go to shoes for many occasions & some I just plain 'ol love because they are cute!

(one) my DIY Mocassins! Originally $10 from Target, I DIY'ed some color block mocs with neon green paint.  These are super comfy for everyday wear.

(two) Red thrifted flats first mentioned here.  This I wear when I've no shoes in particular to wear to work, my go-to dress up shoes.  They are bright & just my style.  They are a bit beat up because I wear them all time! My room mate suggested touching them up with a bit of acrylic paint.

(three) These thrifted shoes were 3 or 4 bucks & I bought them at the same time I bought number 8.  I have a brown pair & they are slightly too small.  I might try to see if i can stretch them out.  I've heard if you put ziplock bags of water in them & freeze them, they stretch a bit.....we'll see.

(four) Thrifted Italian made shoes, again a bit to small.  I love these because they are just cute!

(five) Clearance summer sandals from Khol's.  $10, I think.  Can't wait to wear them in the spring!

(six) Target shoes for $10 that I saw a week later at TJ Maxx for $23! what?  So glad I snagged them up.  I wore them a lot this summer.  To Katie's rehearsal dinner actually!  A little worse for wear in this photo.

(seven) Target moc booties from ages ago! They have a little hole in them so I can't wear them in the rain but I've had them for probably 2 years.

(eight) my favorite clogs! Thrifted for $3 I wear these all the time.  Especially with my new flare jeans! They are so comfy & make me so tall! I'd wear them everyday if I could :)

(nine) Khol's clearance from the summer.  The floral pattern just got me! Another go to dress up shoe for my office wear

(ten) Thrifted 'Wallabe' type shoe.  Great for camping & keeping warm.  I accidentally dropped a bit of bleach on one shoe while helping my grandparents close their pool but I touched them up with a sharpie.  Sweet deal!

(eleven) My TJ Maxx boots.  I wear these far too often.  Snagging those up was so great.  My fave!

I have so many more shoes but these are the ones I like to show off. 

What kinds of collections do you have? Share your shoes with me!


I majored in Crafts

I have a BFA in Crafts.  I am not lying, under this I studied jewelry making, stained glass, wood working, & ceramics.  I chose to concentrate in ceramics.  So, the long & short of it is I have a BFA in ceramics.  Our art department was very small leading to only one ceramics professor, one jewelry & stained glass professor, & one wood working professor who also taught graphic design.  Meaning there wasn't enough faculty to make all of those their own department.  Graphic design students had 3 professors, Crafts had 3 (sharing one with graphic design), Print & Paper had 2, and Art History had 1 + an adjunct, Photography had 2 (one shared with graphic design).  We were tiny.  Which made for a well rounded artist.

Being an art major was the best decision of my life.  I got to explore being creative, finding my voice, and most importantly I got to create.  Every day I was surrounded by ridiculously awesome print makers, graphic designers, paper makers, etc.  It was amazing.  I haven't even begun to learn the things I wanted to learn once I graduated.  It was like falling into the rabbit hole. 

I am excited to be taking a ceramics class at the community center where I live.  In college I focused on hand building & sucked at wheel throwing.  At one point, I believe I did throw (against a wall) a piece of clay.  (Don't tell any one.)

My parents' hated that I changed my major. At first I changed it to graphic design, because I wanted to do something creative that could pay the bills.  Then I sat in front of a computer all class with nothing tangible at the end & decided that I'd learned enough about Illustrator & it was time to get to making.  Changing my major to focus on ceramics meant I wanted to do something creative & I'd learn to pay the bills.  

Right now, I am not actively making & selling ceramic works because I feel I am not as qualified as I'd like to be, especially in the throwing department.  I have a new found love for thrown pottery & am excited to be able to develop my skills. I am getting there.  Hopefully with in the next few months I'll be taking another grand leap of faith & start to offer some pottery up to the masses.

The point of this post is to prove to you that I'm not making it up!  I now offer my Senior Show in May of 2011

So there you have it.  I made garden gnomes that look like gang members.  I made them to be funny.  I made them to explore the deeper issue of how we confront societal issues& how we are more similar to our fellow man than we are different.

View my artist website, statement, & other works here.

Fan Fridays // Stole my Heart

This week hasn't been much of anything. I've been blogging like a normal person meaning that I haven't been blogging nearly as much as I like.  I've decided to take part in a new endeavor that I am still working on (kinks, knots, image hosting, etc) So if you want to stay up to date with that project subscribe to the newsletter cuz I'll be making an announcement in March!

This was Zach's first week off from leaving his job.  He's had some vacation time saved so he's still getting paid.....but only for another month or so. (He never took any leave, so it's all saved up!)  He's getting paid to job hunt & to sleep in, but mostly to job hunt.  We're planning a trip to go see his family & friends for sometime this spring, too.  I really want to try my hand at making a video of it all....because I weird, etc.

This Friday I am loving a lot of things besides the fact that my boyfriend isn't complaining about his job any more:

This awesome Slipper DIY from Amy.
I need to recycle some sweaters! I  might end up making a whole load as little gifts.  Her Self Love Revolution this month has really got me inspired to try new things & love myself more.  For real ladies, let's do this!

These two great dresses & that striped top are getting me geared for Spring!!

This awesome Goal List from Cornflower Blue Studio
I am always in search of goal related things even though I am oh so horrible at keeping them!  This is great for blog planning too!

These awesomely awesome DIY candle holders for your next birthday cake!
from This is Glamorous
I can see me now having an awesomely tiered cake! For some reason it reminds me of Marie Antoinette.  OH lawd, my birthday isn't until December!

The heart trend I am seeing around every corner! Some of these images are DIY's!!
(one) (two) (three) (four)

//Non-Link related things://

I love that nearly every girl I know personally on Pinterest has a wedding board & actively pins to it even though we both know that marriage isn't even in sight, but planning it is oh so fun.

McDonald's Iced Coffees in the morning are the best

Receiving an awesome new-to-me shirt from Maryam! So cute, thanks for getting rid of it! lol

Having a boyfriend, who now with out a job, is available for the esthetics students at work to practice on for man facials, man eyebrow waxing, etc.

What are you loving this week?