October Blog Goals

Last month I posted my September Blog Goals & for the most part stuck to them! I am so proud of myself!  This October I hoping to continue on with some September goals (like tagging, linking within posts, commenting, etc) but to add a few more.

Open Hostess & Home section of With Love Crochet :: I am hope to launch about mid October with some aprons, hot pads, painted wooden bowls, decorated ceramics, & other nice necessities.  I have a few works in progress & will probably spend a lot of this weekend working on a few things.  (Mainly aprons, I only have one done!)

Do a Hostess & Home Giveaway :: A short little giveaway featuring products from my Hostess & Home section.  Perhaps a great little half apron.

Add more sections of my new home :: I am loving parts of our home decor & want to share those with you.  Pretty much we need to decide if we are going to be here for another year or not.  Right now it's not looking good since the dryer doesn't work (with no luck of fixing it for the past 3 months) & that the roof leaked during hurricane Irene (which hasn't been fixed yet either).

Get back into sponsoring :: I am always on the fence with this.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  Button swapping is the way I like to do it! Money gets too complicated.

Take steps toward a business :: As part of my 20 before 24 goals, I want to move more towards a business.  I am afraid it may get too complicated & perhaps just want to keep it as a hobby for a little while longer.  the extra money is really great to go towards my student loans!

Keep up with 20 Before 24 :: I've done a lot actually, but just haven't had time to go through & cross it out! I've taken a class, started vintage/thrifted collections, etc.  But haven't had a chance to photograph!

What are you doing this October?

Fan Fridays // Weekend Goals & Doo Dads

I can not believe it's Friday already.  I can't believe it's the end of September either.  Lately, I've been doing the thing I did in college where I sleep until the absolute last minute then I get up, run around, & then out the door to work.  It's not fun.  I miss getting up early & hanging out with my roomie before she leaves.  Since her husband (I live with a married couple....maybe I'll tell the story later) got switched to the later shift right now, she tends to do the same thing.  So the only time we see each other in the morning is when we are trading spaces in the bathroom while brushing teeth.  Then its a quick goodbye & we are off to our respective jobs while he stays home with the puppy until he goes into work.  So this next week I am setting myself a bedtime! Lame!

Also, this weekend I want to get a few things kicked out for the Hostess & Home section of With Love Crochet.  Mainly I will be working on some aprons with my trusty old sewing machine! I hope to get about 4 in the shop next week so I'll be working on 3 this weekend since I have one already made.  I made three over the course of last semester; one for me, one for a friend, & one for the shop.  One in the shop will probably be a full apron while the other 3 are half aprons.  Those & so much cuter!

Anyway, here's what I am loving this week:
This high fashion apron!

These cool place mats! Who woulda thunk?

These great chandeliers.  Ever since my room mate got married I've had wedding fever.
Maybe it's just wedding decor fever?

My new leather shoes from Itlay that I thrifted for $4.
This is probably something I didn't really need since they are a 39.5 & from my personal trip to Italy, I know I have King Kong feet & need a 40.  I am going to suck it up though because I love them!
Hopefully my feet won't turn blue & then fall off.

So I think tonight maybe me getting the craft room a bit more set up.  There are still boxes everywhere, but I think I am going to move some stuff into my actual room because of this.  A little negativity: I am so frustrated because I want a place to work but since our apartment is having like too many troubles to mention, we probably aren't going to be there longer than a year.  We still don't have a dryer so I think I am going to do loads tonight & just hang them around to dry.  First world problems, I know. 

What are you loving this week?  
Any goals for the weekend?

October Blog Goals will be up this afternoon!


Dorm Dec Wednesday :: Raising the Bar

A part of a home I've always wanted is a bar.  I always thought it was really classy (or really trashy, depending) when I saw either on TV or in real life homes with bars.  It just seemed really neat to be able to offer a guest something to drink right from your living room! I especially fell in love with little bar carts. Those are more feminine than the little cabinet we have now but I figured with a boy room mate there are somethings that Katie & I should make more manly.  So when he sits down with Jack & Coke he doesn't feel like he has to raise his pinky!!

This cabinet is actually something his mother made with her own two hands.  It originally held a fish tank before he moved east.  It fits perfect in the corner by the couch & has a large cabinet for liquor bottles and margarita/wine/champagne glasses & a top compartment for shot glasses, coasters, & other barware type glasses.

I picked some of the really nice bottles of liquor & a few glasses to put on the top of the cabinet along with a bamboo cutting board so that glasses won't get set on the wood.  I chose this instead of coasters because it would be easy to move coasters around & there might not always be one when someone needs it.  This way the cutting board stays there all the time.  There is no reason to move it so it will be always there to set a glass on.  It will also hold at least three cups so if many people need a place to set a drink that is an option.  Currently there is a pint glass & a coffee cup on it!

To give a bit more of a feminine look (I mean really, 2 women & 1 man live here...something has to be pretty) I got a glass plate/tray thing to go under the bottles & glasses I liked.  I wanted to create a cute little vignette if you will.  I chose the coolest looking bottles & two of their wedding gift glasses to make it look fancy!  I guess I could have taken the stickers off, right?

This is one of my favorite parts of our home.  Next is the fireplace with flameless candles & the mantle. Perhaps that will be featured in the next Dorm Dec Wednesday post.

What is your fave part of your home?
Have you done something decor chic lately?


Tempted Tuesday // Let's Talk Fall - Wrap Up

Click here for all the Let's Talk Fall goodness in past posts

The first day of fall was on Friday & you know I donned a great fall inspired outfit.  I can not wait for layers to be needed.  This is my fave time of year!

Scarves, cardigans, boots, clogs, tights, socks, hats, large bags, & pretty much everything about fall makes me fall (lol) in love.  I hope that this fall is filled with lovely camping trips, beautiful bonfires, candle lit pumpkins, apple pie, coffee treats, crunchy leaves, & comfy clothes.

In preparation for fall I've been busting out all of my fall essentials including something I didn't share on the other Let's Talk Fall posts: the color Olive.  This color always reminds me of fall.  Olive on bags, tights, shoes, etc just brings a bit of left over summer warmth to an outfit.  Staying away from too dark of color during fall is really important to my style. Here are two bags (among many) that I love during the fall:

Where I Got Them
Thrifted with DIY chain :: Icing by Claire's ages ago
View more of my bag collection over on est. 1839
Here is a Let's Talk Fall wrap up for you:
Let's Talk Fall Recap

I can't wait to translate all of these looks into fall fashion!

What are some fall staples in your wardrobe? 
What are you trying that is new this season?
Do you have a piece you wear over & over again?
Let me know!


Make it Monday // DIY Fabric Spine Notebook

The other day I decided to buy a notebook from Big Lots in order to try to keep track of bloggy ideas.  I want to be better at being consistant & keeping track of my ideas.

When I bought this notebook I thought the design was cool but I really didn't like the spiral spine.  I realized that I have a whole bunch of little bitties of fabric that would be perfect for something like this.  So I broke out the needle & thread (and the E6000) & went to work.

notebook :: fabric :: embroidery thread :: E6000 (or hot glue gun) :: scissors
measuring tape :: needle 
Step 1 :: Measure around the spine of the book & the length (add about an inch or so allowance)
Step 2 :: Cut! Mine was about 6 x 9 inches
Step 3 :: fold over the edges a bit & sew.  Make sure you keep checking that it will be long enough & wide enough to fit!
Step 4 :: Sew around until you are done.  Tie a knot!
Step 5 :: Mark where the edge of the fabric will go on either side.
Step 6 :: Glue! Put a line of E6000 on the fabric & lay across the marks.  
Step 7 :: Let the front side dry & repeat on the other side.  You might have to stretch it a little bit.

Ta-Dah! You're done!

Now write away to you heart's content!  

Some goals for today:
Photograph & list some new things in the shop
Get some more posts going for this week.

What are your goals for this week?
How do you keep track?


Sum Up Sunday // Blogger Meet

Yesterday I met the sweetest girl ever.  Her name is Megan (of Freckled Italian) & she rocks.  Also, I have no pictures of this because we just had so much fun.

Megan & I talked about the perfect blog formula, our lives, how fun blogging is, how we both sometimes feel like we don't know what we are doing, cha-weenies & their cuteness, etc.  It was a great dinner.  I meant to tell her I loved her boots! But it got lost while I was stuffing my face!

perhaps these boots Megan? Check out how she found some awesome stuff in this post

Being able to put a blog to a face is so great.  I was totally nervous but it was great because we already had so much to talk about since we read each other's blogs! In fact when we sat down & she said they called the police last night, I blurted out 'I know, I read that this morning!'  How weird is it to have a friend yet you've never met them?

I didn't know how to explain it to people, 'it's like I know her but haven't met her.....it's not weird at all' I'd say as they looked suspiciously at me.

I'd meet another blogger again! Who wants to hang out? :)

Other notable happenings:
visited my sister :: room mate Chinese food outing
Cody put his bone on my knee :: And got a new hat
Ceramics class overalls :: Gnome Love

It was a great freaking week!

How was yours?


Fan Fridays // First Day of Fall

I am so stoked for the first day of Fall! This means cardigans, blazers, jeans, & tights are creeping their way back into wardrobes.  This also means that Halloween & Thanksgiving are right around the corner (which ultimately means Xmas is on it's way too!).  Its time for pumpkin patches, cozy porch swings, campfires, coffee with friends, football, food, & warmth.

Here are some things I am loving about fall:

What do you love?
Any plans this weekend?


A Moment From my Sister

This was on my Facebook wall today:

these were on my feet again today:

It's nice to know my sister reads my blog & dislikes my clogs. :)

Sponsor Time // Button Swap Style

It's that time again & I've been horrible at it before.....but I am opening up for sponsors! And much like the last time it's free!

You wanna know what the catch is? It's button swap style.

So if you are interested in having a button over there on the side bar, send me an email fivesixteenthsblog@gmail.com!

More info here

On another note, tonight some of my friends from college are making a treck down here to go shopping & to hang out with me! We are going to get some delish mexican food & have a grande ol' time!

What are you up to today?


What I Wore 9.21.2011

Today at the office was filled with pulses of busy & not so busy.  At one point I had a desk full of fifty things (it was more like 3) then nothing.

Have I mentioned before I love my job? Have I also mentioned before that I am an office manager? I feel like I am playing office all day.  Which is fun until it gets stressful.  But I get to work & have fun & not worry about too many things related to it over the weekend.  Which leaves loads of time to work on le shop.

Speaking of le shop, With Love Crochet has some great items for fall! Great necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hats for your man, & all around cool goodies.  Why don't you pop on over?

Anyway here is what I wore today:
dress :: Khol's clearance ($18)
Shirt (under the dress) :: JCP clearance
Cardigan :: TJ Maxx
Tights :: Icing Clearance (bought them yesterday! $7)
Ring :: JCP Clearance & gift from Mom from Consignment Shop
Watch :: Target ($12)

I don't pay full price for anything any more.  Well, when it comes to clothes and such.  I feel there is no point.  I think I may have a new goal of only buying one full price thing a month, if any (now when I say this, I mean if something is like $10 as full price. Because, well, c'mon!).  Not that I go shopping at retail places every month but if I do end up doing so, I am going to try to only buy from the clearance.

I wore this same exact dress yesterday with a different frilly shirt under it & different cardigan.  Too much? Perhaps, but I freaking love it! I didn't think I would see any of the same people today but our director came in...I dunno if he noticed it was the same.  whoops!

I am so psyched for the fall.  I can't wait for the first official day this week.  I really feel like these clogs are going to be a staple.  Do you think they are too outrageous?

I am totally & eternally in love with them!  Perhaps I've been watching too much Felicity.  Who knows.

Tonight I have to go home & get the house ready for Kitchen Band.  A local group of friends of ours who sit around in each other's kitchens/living rooms & play instruments.  I am learning to play the guitar for the second time.  Music & I don't really get along.  The first kitchen band I went to I played the tambourine. Talented right?

Have you ever been so enamored with an outfit you wore it twice in a row?
Has anyone ever caught you?


Tempted Tuesday // Let's Talk Fall - Clog Mania

Last Let's Talk Fall post since fall is right around the corner!

Fall means the weather is getting colder, cardigans are getting thicker, jackets are slowly creeping into wardrobes, tights are covering bare legs, & feet are getting chilly.  For that past few years, fall to me meant seeing the leaves change on campus & finally donning socks!

I may be the only person in the world this happens to but around this early fall time, my feet can't decide if they are chilly or hot.  I can't stand it when my feet are hot & really concentrate on them if they are.  I get so distracted.  Clogs are the perfect solution to this because I can slip my feet in & out of them at the moments when my feet decide to freak out.

I am not sure if clogs are really 'in' right now but I sure do love them for fall weather.  I got a great platform pair from Arizona (above) at the thrift store the other day.  Platforms are not my first choice of shoes as I am already about 300 feet tall, but I thought they were interesting, in my size, & around $4.  How do you pass that up? I ventured to wear them to work today & I have to say that I can't believe I never did this before!  These have to be the best fall purchase I've made in a while.  I can't wait to see what these puppies look like with tights.

My first encounter with clogs: My mother grew up in the 70's & looking through her old photos I wish I were as tiny as she is because she had some style.  She had perfectly coiffed hair & a wonderful 70's vibe.  She also had a great pair of blue (suede-ish maybe) clogs.  She saved these all through high school, college, marriage & kids and one day she let me wear them.  They were a size 7 or so.  Guess what size shoe I wear? 9 - 10. Guess what great I was in when I wore these shoes? 5th.  Guess how sad I am that I have King Kong feet? a lot.  Anyway, I wore those clogs like they were going out of style.  They were sort of stiff, so I got a huge blister...but I loved them.  I wish I could still squeeze my King Kong feet in them.  But my new little pair rocks.
Here's some fall clog inspiration:

clog mania

Do you love any particular style of shoe for fall?


Sum Up Sunday // Week in Review

This week I did a load of stuff! I took my first ceramics class at the rec center, I participated in Kitchen Band & started playing the guitar, I recruited four students at work, & got a bonus.  The ceramics class is a wheel throwing class of which I despised in college.  The one class I did take I could chose between wheel & hand building once we learned the basics. You know I chose handbuilding!  Kitchen Band is a group of people that sit around & strum on instruments while eating good food, laughing, & teaching.  Pretty much I just played like 3 chords the whole time.  We played for about 2 or so hours.  This next week we are hosting it at our house!  I probably won't get in any practice....but I don't think it matters.  As long as I play the right chords at the right time.

This week the puppy decided to sleep on top of my legs, the weather was cool enough to break out the fall gear, my wardrobe is getting up to about 50% thrifted items, and I made some lovely muffins.

How was your week? Anything exciting happen? Are you excited for fall?


Fan Fridays // Thrifty Times

Yesterday I realized that I am doing better off that I thought I would with this whole on my own thing.  I (fingers crossed) will end this month with a little bit to put towards my savings.  I made myself very, very proud!  All this time I've tried to skimp & save while still doing what I'd like to do & I've been able to do it.  I hope to call September the month that started it all since this past summer was super weird moving between jobs & homes. I am by no means up for buying a house or a car.....but for now I am stable!

So for this Fan Friday I wanted to share with you some thrifty-ness from my neck of the woods & some from around the interwebz:

This week I've worn a thrifted piece nearly every day.  This makes me so happy! I love being able to wear my thrifted outfits & still look cute.  If you haven't noticed by now, my style is all about modest lengths.  I like my skirts to be slightly longer than mid-thigh but often find myself wearing skirts that go mid calf.  I also opt for sleeves....usually a cardigan.  That is why I LOVE the fall! I can layer without sweating!  I am finding a load of fall inspiration & just started to discover some great dresses at thrift stores.  Usually I only buy skirts & cardigans from Thrift stores.  Shirts, pants, etc rarely fit me.  I have been known to pick up the occasional shoe too!

Here is what I wore today:

The next thing I am loving is a little thrift store crafty-ness.  I found this great inspirational DIY on pinterest & thought 'holy thrift shop, I can do that!'  I love the old world charm:

Check out some other great tutorials on the blog as well.  Instant heart!

I've also been thinking about adding some scarf necklaces to the good ol' etsy shop but every time I find a scarf I fall in love & don't ever want to give it up.  The same with the scarf I am wearing in today's outfit.  I lova lova it & I originally went looking for scarves for the shop! Any way, here is some scarf necklace inspiration:

She has loads of anthro-knock offs.  I love all the tutorials!
The scarves I want to add will be a cross between the scarf necklace DIY I did for est. 1839 & a chain necklace with a clasp.  I also want to add some excitement with charms, etc.  But I just have to learn to give up some scarves I buy!


Etsy Update // the Weekender

Five Sixteenths has great news! With Love Crochet is now open for business!  I am so excited to introduce the Weekender!

The weekender lives for the days she can wear big cardigans & curl up on the back porch.  The weekender feels like dreaming durring her nine to five work week.  The weekender packs her bags on Thursday because she leaves for a trip right after work on Friday.  The weekender is a free spirit, lives for the autumn leaves, & loves layers.
 This style is perfect for fall.  Each piece can be layered with existing pieces or paired with in the shop.  Perfect to mix & match with your vintage (or new) favorites.

How will you wear this style?