Make it Monday // Chalkboard Painted Wooden Dish

I think I'm obsessed with this chalkboard paint!  Last week I shared a recycled Birchbox box DIY using the chalkboard paint to create a fun, functional storage box.  This week I'm sharing how to make a cool chalkboard storage dish for your jewelry, keys, change, etc!  This is an affordable DIY too because the dishes are wooden dishes from the thrift store.  I've had these dishes for ages not knowing what to do with them but knowing I wanted to paint them.  I just could never commit to a color but once I fell in love with chalkboard paint it was a match made in DIY heaven.
Supplies: chalkboard paint (I used this one), wooden dishes (I found these at the thrift store, seriously you can find them by the dozen!), sandpaper, paint brushes, 24hours+ in time
First you'll need to step outside & do a little sanding.  It doesn't matter if your sandpaper is new or if you pulled it from a used sheet in the garage (that's what I did) you just need something with a little grit to take off that top layer of varnish on your wooden bowl.
After you've done that you'll want to rinse & dry your bowl or wipe it off with a damp paper towel to get all the dust particles off the surface.  Using your brush paint an even layer of chalkboard paint all over your bowl.  I did this in two steps: painted the inside first & let it dry for a bit.  Then flipped it over & painted the bottom.
The bottle recommends two coats, but you may need more (I found I did).  Make sure you wait an hour between each coat.  Once you have an even coated surface wait for 24 hours before conditioning your surface.  The paint needs this time to cure. Once you've waited 24 hours take a piece of chalk & condition your surface by rubbing the chalk (on it's side) all over the painted bowl.  Wipe it off & you're ready to start labeling!
Now this dish lives in the planter box/catch all tray at the entry way.  There's also a second, divided bowl, that I've written his & hers on!  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.

Anything else that can be covered in chalkboard paint? I want to know!

xoxo, Moe

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Sum Up Sunday #73

This weekend went by super fast but we got a lot of things done.  I'm actually excited to sort of just sit & enjoy Sunday.  I've got a crochet project to work on, a good cup of coffee, & a cuddly dog.  I also have another plant I need to put in a pot - pretty much I can only keep alive those really vine-y plants (I don't remember what they are called!) - but now I'll have two plants in the tray/catch all/planter box by the window.  Speaking of cuddly puppy, let's take a look at him through this week:
Yesterday I got my craft on & make a really pretty fall wreath for our door.  I went into Hobby Lobby to look at their selection of spray paint & came out with supplies to make a wreath.  All of their fall stuff was 40% off & when I looked at their wreaths, which were also 40% off, I still didn't want to pay $75 for one!  So I grabbed up all the fall things I liked then sat on the floor at home & made one - for around $30.  I think it came out really nicely.  Instead of using all individual springs of leaves I bought a giant garland like thing, maybe you call them like swags? Do you know what I'm talking about?  So anyway, I finished that.
Then we sanded & painted some mirrors for the living room.  But we left them over night to dry outside & it started raining.  I didn't even check the weather report....so I need to take a look at them & see if they are ruined!  Oh well, if we have to start over we will.

Finally, to sum up the projects for Saturday I melted down an old candle to make a new one out of a vessel I threw in one of my first pottery classes.  It's sort of conical shaped but not really good for anything - too deep to be a catch all bowl, too wide to hold pens - it's just sort of there.  So I didn't want to waste the wax of this candle (there was so much left over!) so I melted it down, grabbed a wick from a tapered candle from the thrift store & now I have another candle.  I like this vessel so much I think I'll just keep making my own candles in it.  It came out kind of poorly because I didn't do it properly & I didn't wait for all the wax to melt and the pretty purple & yellow wax melted together to create this sort of murky brown color - but anyway, it's a candle!!

So a lot of things got done this weekend - along with cleaning the bathroom, our room, the living room, & the office area.  Laundry is still left but it will get done!

xoxo, Moe

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What's in my Queue? // Recent Netflix Faves

I don't know if you know but we don't have cable.  I've personally been without cable for about 2 years - since graduating from college.  And when Zach & I moved to Indiana we both agreed there was really no need for cable between Netflix & Hulu.  If you're thinking of giving up cable or thinking of signing up for one (or for both, that's what I recommend) let me tell you how we use it: generally Netflix is for movies & Hulu is for TV shows.  Now, Netflix does have a lot of old seasons of shows and I recommend sitting & binge watching a few shows because it's good for the soul.  But if you want to catch a lot of the new seasons of things or you're really into network shows Hulu is your best bet.  Honestly at around $20 bucks a month total for both, I'm down.  (disclaimer - I'm not being paid to say this I'm just letting you into a little part of my sad, sad TV watching life)

So anyway, the point of this post is to share with you some fave movies/tv shows I've been watching over the past few weeks.  All of these I'm obsessed with!
This show I discovered through my old roomie Katie.  It plays into all my X Files & paranormal love.  At first it was completely unbelievable.  There wasn't enough suspension of reality for me.  But if JJ Abrams is involved, I'll give it a few episodes.  I think it gets better (and weirder) towards the end of the first season.  I didn't even know the show was still on until I saw new episodes were added to Netflix the other day!  My favorite characters are the Observers.  
Super 8
Speaking of JJ Abrams, this is an amazing movie written & directed by JJ Abrams.  I love the crazy plot & if I hadn't have said 'yeah, I guess we can watch that' I would have never fallen in love.  From the little description on Netflix it seems like nothing extraordinary - but if you're into JJ Abrams & LOST, I think you'll love it.  I think it's neat that the main characters are a group of middle schoolers making a movie.  Spoilers - it's sort of Signs meets LOST meets Coming of Age Movie (like the Goonies on serious steroids!) - have I intrigued you yet?  Watch it!
We actually finished watching this one a while ago - only one season on Netflix.  I don't even remember hearing about this show existing but it's really great.  A small town sheriff solves crimes all while haunted by a terrible/weird past that we only get glimpses of.  I think my favorite part of the show is that we don't really get to know the main character - we think we know him but then something else comes to light.  If you like small town crime dramas with a twist, this is for you.  You can blow through the season in no time.
Pompeii: The Last Day
This one is also one we finished a while ago as well but I still think about it every now & then.  It's actually a really interesting documentary on the last day of the city of Pompeii.  They talk about new things you may not know & share a new discovery - two groups of bodies in an underground cellar who's bones are preserved.  There's even one skeleton dubbed the green lady.  If you're into documentaries & getting your knowledge one this one is for you.

Zach & I love finding new, interesting shows, movies, & documentaries.  Sometimes you can get lost in the amount of options available on Netflix!

What are some of your most recently watched shows?  Gimme suggestions!

xoxo, Moe

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Colgate SlimSoft Brush Review // Influenster VoxBox

I recently got in the mail a fun VoxBox from Influenster.  It was a new toothbrush!  Now, when I heard I was eligible for this VoxBox I was like 'um, aren't all toothbrushes sort of the same?'  But when I got it in the mail I was pleasantly surprised!  Here's my review of this great toothbrush, and don't mind the heaving breathing in the background - Emrys & I just finished playing fetch.
So, if you're a medium bristle lover like me you might be pleasantly surprised with this little toothbrush.  I really like the way it cleans my teeth.  They feel fresh from the dentist everyday now!

xoxo, Moe

**I was sent this product for review from Influesnter, however all opinions (as always) are my own.  For more on my disclosure policy click here.**

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Trend Tuesday // Elf Limited Edition Venomous Villains Palettes

One of my favorite parts of the day is my lunch break.  Why?  Because often to just get out of the office I head over to Walgreens & CVS for a quick walk around.  I love this because I can keep an eye out for all things new at the drugstore.  (I also get to scope out the sales all the time.)  I've been dying to get into all the Limited Edition things brands come out with & one thing I was super excited about were the Venomous Villains palettes to be released by elf!  I saw the ones from last year on a blog somewhere then one day on instagram I saw something about them being back!  These are different from last year & in fact a whole bunch of different brands have jumped on the band wagon - there are lashes, make up bags, & hair ties in addition to these palettes.  Elf even has a 12 pack of nail polish to go with the palettes as well!  Today I want to share with you the two palettes I have: the Evil Queen & Cruella De Vil.
I was drawn to these two palettes because of the seemingly neutral nature of both.  Even though I love bright colored eyeshadow I never wear it.  So I thought these would be a better choice for me.  Who doesn't need a zillion neutral eyeshadows, right?
Each palette includes a the same liquid eye liner, mascara, pencil liner, brush, and eyelid primer.  The eye shadow palette & lip color included are palette exclusive, meaning the colors aren't duplicated.  So thats the only downside to buying more than one - you get doubles of 5 things.  But all of these things from elf are pretty great.  I'm pretty sure the eye lid primer is the one everyone raves about (personally I don't have it to compare!)
Cruella De Vil Palette
Evil Queen Palette
Each palette also features a saying across the acetate protective sleeve.  The Evil Queen palette says mirror, mirror on the wall and the Cruella De Vil palette says It's a beautiful thing, darling.  Then on both the left & right flaps are instructions for a night & a day look.  I think the best thing about the palette is that everything is removable.  I tend to stay away from palettes that include things like liners & glosses because I'll take the accessories out but the eyeshadows are stuck in there.  It just look so unappealing to use that way.  Not to mention it's bulky to travel with.  So, for me, the fact that everything is removable is pretty awesome.
Cruella Night Look Flap
Cruella Day Look Flap
Evil Queen Day Look Flap
Evil Queen Night Look Flap
There are also eyeshadow shade names unlike other elf palettes.  The downside is the names are only in the bulky packaging.  If you remove the eyeshadow palette from the box you loose the names of the shadows.  But on the back of the shadow palette is the name of the collection it came from!  So if you stick it back in the box you'll know which is which.

As for swatches, these shadows are pretty nice.  I think there are a few duplicates but for six shades that go together its' really awesome.  I was drawn to the Cruella palette first - even though she still scares the bejesus out of me - because it was all neutral.  In this palette Cruelty & Eccentric seem to be almost the same shade - I'm not sure if the difference is big enough to really count!  The dark matte brown, Stolen, isn't as pigmented as I'd have liked either, but it's not a badly pigmented shade.  They all seem to be good colors and each has it's place in a look.  There seem to be four shimmery shades - Puppy Love, Fur, Cruelty & Eccentric - one highlight, semi matte shade - Maniac - and one matte shade - Stolen.
I also picked up the Evil Queen palette because it seemed to also have a great array of neutral shades.   This palette though has two shimmer shades - Jealousy, & Majesty - a matte with glitter shade - Dark Magic - two matte shades - Witch & Vanity - and one highlight, semi-matte shade - Huntsman.  Between the two I have, Huntsman & Maniac seem to be about the same.  In this specific palette there didn't seem to be an overlap in shades at all.  The most interesting shade in this palette is Dark Magic.  It's a deep, pretty much black purple (though it's coming off like a brown in the palette image) with purple flecks of glitter that seem to shake off to make the shade matte when you're done applying it.  The other shades just seem to be shimmery but this one definitely has distinct glitter pieces.
As for lip colors, these really aren't anything to be excited about.  While they are ok, they aren't the best.  They are pretty sticky, don't seem to be too hydrating, & seem to be there just for novelty.  The orange-y shade in the Cruella palette seems impractical..the color just isn't appealing to me.  The applicator is a small doe foot, too small for me personally.  I've swatched them above, but they're nothing to write home about.
The other bits in the package seem to be standard things from the Elf Essentials line.  I looked it up, the liquid eyeliner, the mascara, pencil liner & the brush seem to be from the essentials line.  The eye primer could be from the mineral (at $3) or the essential (at $1) line but I'm guessing it's probably from the essential line.  The price for each palette is $9.99 so that means - if I'm figuring it up right:

mascara - $1
brush - $1
liquid liner - $1
primer - $1 
pencil liner - $1
lip color - $1
eye shadow palette - $4 
of course the palette could be $3 & that extra buck goes for the cool packaging!

As for price, I don't think you're getting cheated on anything.  The products seem to fall in line with the prices from the website & the quality you'd expect from the price.  Pretty much what I'm saying is that you're not paying for packaging, you're paying for product!

I think these palettes are fun, a great price, & have great colors for everyday use but really are perfect for Fall!  I also think the products are good enough to pick up just because the packaging is fun & nice.  You can find these palettes in store at Walgreens only.  Don't be afraid to pick up the other brands who've partnered for this line!

Do you pick up limited edition things like these palettes?  Do you have the ones from last year?

xoxo, Moe

**ps, I bought these palettes myself & the opinions are my own.  Just letting you know!**

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Make it Monday // Recycled Birchbox Box #2 - Chalkboard Storage Box

Last week I showed you how I recycled an empty Birchbox box into a distressed storage box.  This week I wanted to share with you another fun idea using chalkboard paint on the box!  Again, this is a storage box but this one is more than pretty - it's practical!  You can write right on the box exactly what's in it! Super easy to see what you have if inside!
Supplies: chalkboard paint (this is what I used), paintbrush, 24hours+ in time

I've never used chalkboard paint before but I think I'm in love!  I want to paint everything in chalkboard paint now.  But you do need a lot of time for this project since the paint has to cure for 24 hours & you have to wait an hour between coats.  For such a small project, that's a lot of time!
This DIY is also super simple - paint the lid of your box (or both the lid & the bottom if you wish) in an even coat of the chalkboard paint.  Set it aside & wait an hour before applying the next coat.  Now wait 24 hours for the chalkboard paint to cure.  That's plenty of time to gather all the other things you want to paint in chalkboard paint!  (I didn't realize you could still read the Birchbox logo until after I'd finished conditioning the lid!)

After it's cured for 24 hours, find a piece of chalk & condition your chalkboard surface by rubbing the chalk all over the chalkboard surface.  Wipe it off & you're good to go!  So neat right?  Spoilers - next week's Make it Monday uses chalkboard paint too!!

This matches my bedroom decor much better than the white & teal box from last week.  I still don't know where to put it!

What are you going to cover in chalkboard paint next?

xoxo, Moe

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Meet Emrys

So we have this new guy who's temporarily expanded our little two person family.  His name is Emrys.  He's got four legs & a lot of fur.
He likes fetch & naps after fetch.  He's also photogenic unlike another dog I know named Frank.  We're currently keeping Zach's parent's dog Emmy for a little while.  I sure do love the sound of his little feet tapping on the tile & the hardwood.  But I don't quite love when he finds poop to roll in.

xoxo, Moe

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Wednesday Decor // Jewelry & Night Stand Organization

Our bedroom is unbelievably small.  It's very, very small and I have a growing make up collection so there's shrinking room on my vanity for my jewelry.  A lot of my nightstand was being used as space for junk - both drawers were junk drawers!  So I decided to sit down, clean them out, and put them to good use - to organize my jewelry.
The first thing I moved over a while ago was this three tiered jewelry stand I picked up at Joanne's (I believe).  It's a soft velvet texture and is great for both bracelets and necklaces.  If the necklace is too long, I doubled it up & wrapped it around two of the tiers.  I don't really wear jewelry much - answering the phones and being very active at my job really limits the jewelry I wear!  But it's nice to have it all on display when I need it.  I actually have more bangles but I am notorious for taking them off & putting them in my purse.  So I'm pretty sure the remainder of them are in a bag somewhere.

Since I don't really wear too much jewelry I've been getting into watches.  For some reason they just seem a bit more classy & practical to wear for work.  I've been collecting a few but needed a way to store them.  Luckily I snatched up these divider things on sale at Meijer!  I'm sure you could find them in the closet section of a place like Meijer or Target, or even on Amazon.  (Hey! Here's a link for them on Amazon!)  The sections are great for earrings, watches, bracelets, etc.  Love them!  As you can see there's plenty of room for more since I picked up two of the dividers.  Oh, and the divider things comes out - so if I ever want to use it as just a plain tray, that's an option.
Then I just stuck a box on the side with hair ties, my ear plugs, & my chap stick.  A brush because I have long hair now, I have to brush it (gosh, so annoying lol).  Under the brush is a stylus for my iPad.  Then I have a few journals - my blog book, a Vera Bradley patterned one, & my Gnome Gnotebook.  On top of the night stand are some lotions & my alarm clock stand (from Modcloth here).  The lamp is something I've had for ages & it used to be white - then I painted it yellow - then I painted it black.  I forgot to mention that there is a night stand on each side of the bed in the same style.  I picked these up from Big Lots & almost totally missed on getting a second for Zach.  He had his own but I didn't really like the mix-matched feel.  His is now the nightstand for the spare room.  I had to snatch up the floor model of mine for him.  Phew!
The bottom drawer (not pictured!) just holds some more bits - bluetooth keyboard for my iPad, matches for our candles, a few empty Birchbox boxes for storage.  I've vowed all the junk will reside in this drawer only!  Also, in the first picture, you can probably see some yarn & half finished crochet projects in a basket under the night stand.  Yeah, that just sort of lives there I don't even know what projects are in it!  But I also keep a box of spare crochet hooks in the bottom drawer as well.

How do you organize your night stand? Where does your jewelry live?

xoxo, Moe

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Trend Tuesday // My Holy Grail Make Up Products

I've been trying to figure out ways of sharing some of my make up favorites on the blog with out turning this into a beauty blog.  Since Five Sixteenths reflects the things I'm interested in I didn't want to change it all up just because I'm into something new but I do want to incorporate it!  Yesterday I shared a simple make up look which made me think of the things I just love from my collection - so I thought I'd do a top list of all time sort of post of my fave beauty picks since I don't just collect one cosmetic thing - like blushes, or eyeshadows, or highlights - I seriously love it all!!  I guess you could say this list is my Holy Grail product list.

holy grail

I made this little collage of my top products.  You'll see, for example, I don't have a Holy Grail lip product or a Holy Grail blush & that I have one thing in there that is a bit crazy for make up.  But I promise all of these things are awesome!

Stay Matte Powder - this keeps me matte all day & has been included in any beauty/make up post I've ever posted here on the blog!

Benefit's Stay Don't Stray - this is a great eyeshadow primer.  I love the consistency. I have a small sample bottle with a doe foot applicator so I love how that applies.  It's not sticky either.  Some eye primers can be sticky making weird clumps on your lid.

Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation - this foundation is great for oily skin.  I don't even think I'd really have to set it, but I do because I'm a nervous nelly when it comes to that!

Monistat Chaffing Gel  - a better primer post is in the works, but I use this as a primer.  Nothing else, will never use anything else.  I love it.  I think it's great for oily skin - I don't use a moisturizer (of course I do the Oil Cleansing Method, so my skin is a bit more hydrated after that anyway.  I haven't used a moisturizer in ages) and this chaffing gel gives me a bit of moisture.  I think it's more of a bit of balance rather than moisture.  It keeps my make up on longer though, love it.

Real Techniques & elf Brushes - I have a whole video/post dedicated to my fave brushes but these are my holy grail right here.  I am a huge fan of the small stipple brush from elf.  And seriously, the most versatile brush you can own is a stipple brush.

elf 32 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette - I mentioned this in the Neutral Eyes post I did a while back & finally picked it up.  I am so happy I did.  Any sort of neutral look you want to create, you can with this palette.  I've already found my favorite shades so I guess I should break away from them before I use them all up.  The pigmentation of this palette, the versatility, the ration of matte to shimmer, all of it is perfect.  Seriously, pick it up!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex - My everyday mascara routine includes the use of CoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion as a base & then this Lycra Flex over top.  I feel like the combo gives a great falsies feel to my natural lashes but the Lycra Flex on it's own is amazing.  Picked this up on whim & love it!

elf Blush in Gotta Glow - this blush isn't a blush at all, it's the most beautiful pearly highlight.  While I find that other powder highlights have sort of a shimmer effect - more particles of glitter rather than light reflecting awesomeness - this highlight gives you a great natural, beautiful pearl like highlight.  It's not too shimmery, you can't pick out the highlighting particles and I love it.  It is a bit powdery but tapping off your brush gives you the perfect application.

Wet n Wild Center Stage collection Shimmer Palettes - these palettes come in three shades.  Two are more bronzy & this one, Rose Champagne Glow, is a pink one.  These aren't marketed as highlights I don't think but Rose Champagne Glow is my favorite.  It is a bit more shimmery than the Gotta Glow highlight but I like it for different reasons.  I honestly find myself switching naturally between the two so its my second Holy Grail highlight.

Benefit's Hoola Bronzer - before this little gem fell into my life I was using NYC sunny & the blush/bronze duo in St Lucia from elf but this guy is my new favorite.  I love it because this bronzer isn't orange or too deep for me.  It's just sent from heaven & perfect.

These products are always on my vanity & more often than not I reach for these to create my everyday look!

What are your Holy Grail products? Or do you like to switch it up?

xoxo, Moe

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Make it Monday // Recycled Birchbox Box #1 - Distressed Storage Box

I've been subscribed to Birchbox for about 4 months now (I think!) and I can't bear to throw away those beautiful, sturdy, kraft paper colored boxes.  They are great for storing things - make up, crochet stuff, etc.  I use them as big dividers in my junk drawer in my night stand & stored some make up in them but they are just so plain.  I thought of two awesome ideas to recycle them! The first one this week uses paint & sandpaper to create a pretty distressed box you'll feel proud to display!
Supplies: acrylic paint, brush, palette, sandpaper, cardboard Birchbox box (or any other cardboard box).
I used two shades of acrylic paint to make a two toned box & the sandpaper I just grabbed from the garage.  It doesn't matter if it's new or used, you just need something with some grit to it.
This DIY couldn't be simpler:  Paint your box (2 coats is best) & let it dry.  Once it's dry, take your sandpaper & distress it!  Sand the obvious places like the corners/edges but if you're looking to take the glossy sheen off the paint you've used take the sandpaper lightly over the entire box.  This gives it a subtle distressed look & makes it look not so new.
If you have a bunch of these boxes you can make a matching set or paint a few in the same style to create an eclectic mix.  You could also paint your favorite quote on the top!
These boxes are just great to store all the little bits & bobs that you can collect!  I think they are perfect for extra makeup that you aren't using.

How do you recycle your subscription boxes?

xoxo, Moe

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