Getting Started with Candle Magic - Beginner & Advanced

One of the very first spells I did when I started exploring witchcraft, paganism, and all around woo woo things was a candle spell.  Then the next spell I did was another candle spell!  Then I got away from candle magic and focused on a few different things.  In the last year or so I haven't done too much spell work but as we move into our new house I'm ready to focus more on my practice/craft so I think I'm going to jump right back in with the simplicity of candle magic!
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I am super excited to set up my altar in a new space (we have a sun room!) and it will be more out in the open rather than tucked away in our spare room.  I hope that we can also have a family altar in the house!

Why Candle Magic?

First off, candle magic is simple & you don't need much.  You need only a candle & matches (and a candle holder but even that can be improvised), your sacred space, and your intent.  You can even add in the moon phase or day of the week to enhance your spell...but that's about it!  You can also make this out to be a full blow ritual depending on the accessories you add - crystals, oils, herbs....its up to you.

Candle magic can also be discreet.  You don't need spell candles to do this you can use your Bath & Body Works candles, a Dollar Tree candle, a birthday candle....you don't need too much fancy-pantsy-ness to get going and you don't have to be totally out of the broom closet.  Candle magic is also great if you maybe don't consider yourself a witch but want to work with sending out your intent into the universe and to work with your own power.

Supplies for Candle Magic

Like I mentioned before you only need a candle, matches, space, and your intent but you can add extra oomph to a candle spell with other objects:


Like I mentioned above you just need a candle for this!  Choose a candle in a color that corresponds to your desired intent.  Orange for creativity, Green for abundance (or money!), Blue for communication, etc.  If you don't have a candle in a certain color white will do just fine.  You can add another layer of power by visualizing the color surrounding your candle giving it power.

Essential Oils (or scented candle)

Anointing your candle with an essential oil will amplify and add to the spell.  I love this book for choosing essential oils to associate with emotions and use it a lot to choose essential oils for intention work.  You can use your pink candle and cinnamon for adding passion to your love spell or your green candle and cinnamon for adding oomph to your abundance spell.  While I don't think all spells need to have a significant amount of research involved, the more you dedicate yourself to crafting a spell the more likely it is to mean something and feel powerful to you.

Alternatively you can also choose or work with a scented candle.  Most of the time you'll find candles in the color associated with their scent - a red candle that is scented with cinnamon, for example.  You can also use candles seasonally - a springtime Bath and Body Works candle in the color green for growth and prosperity.  Then you can cleanse and set the intention to the candle and each time you burn it reflect on that intention.


There are a couple of things you can do with crystals during and after your spell work.  Again, choose crystals that associate with what you're intentions are: rose quartz for love, pyrite for abundance, carnelian for action, etc.  When in doubt go with clear quartz!  You can choose a few crystals for your spell and create a crystal grid to send you intention continuously out into the universe or choose one crystal to imbue with your intention and then carry it with you as a reminder.

Incense/cleansing herbs

To set up your sacred space and clear it & the candle to make ready for your intention you may choose to burn incense or use other cleansing herbs.  The smoke from these items can be used to cleanse the air and your magical objects from anything that has been imprinted on them.  You may also choose incense or herbs that have a magical association to your spell to add power to it.  Check out this article on 4 ways to cleanse your space.

Tarot Cards

Working with the energy of the Tarot cards is something I love to do to add a little bit more energy to anything!  Choose a card that has the energy you want to work with.  The Strength card for strength and courage, 10 of Pentacles for abundance, 2 of Cups for communication or relationship building, The Star for self care or self love, etc.  My favorite decks are listed here.

Moon Phases

You can track the moon phases and research which phase would be best to perform your spell.  This is another resource that isn't going to cost you much!  And this can lend to focused preparation to show the universe you are dedicated to this spell and that will make it much more effective.

Bits and Bobs

Alternatively to crystals you can choose a trinket or piece of jewelry to enchant to keep as a reminder as well.  I am all for visual or tactile reminders of the things I'm attempting to manifest or work towards.  You could also make a specific pendant or little ornament to pin to the inside of a jacket for protection, etc.

Casting your Spell

First off be sure you're using your candle safely!  Use a fire safe holder & don't leave your candle unattended.  Use common sense when working with a flame.

Candle Spell Basics

  1. Set up your space.  Make sure you have everything you need to work with as you won't want to leave the space until you've finished the spell.
  2. Cleanse your space with incense, cleansing herbs, or white light visualization.
  3. Cast a circle if that is what you prefer to do.  Say a prayer or invocation to set the space.  I usually envision a white light sphere encompassing me & my work space and then invite my angles, ancestors, and guides in for protection & guidance.
  4. Cleanse the candle and any other objects/tools you'll be working with.  This makes them a blank canvas for you to use in this spell and gets rid of any remnants from previous spells or any energies that may have tagged along after your purchase.
  5. If you're simply using a candle for your spell, light your candle and place it out in front of you.  Focus on your intent as you gaze into the candle. Meditate on it.  If using a white candle visualize a color association surrounding it.  Repeat a mantra or affirmation.  Visualize your intention manifesting - what does success of this spell look like? 
Gaze into the candle focusing on your intention for as long as you feel necessary.  You can also space this out over a few sessions/nights to help you visualize success over the long term.  When you're done be sure to snuff out the candle rather than blow it out.  Firstly because you'll be blowing away your intentions and secondly because you've invited the element of fire into your workings - would you be happy if when someone was done working with you they just slammed the door in your face?

If you want to make this little spell extra special with any added tools, here's how I'd go about doing that:

Advanced Candle Spells

Cleanse your space, cast your circle, invite your guides...all as before.

  1. Focus on your intention now as you dress the candle with your diluted essential oil (or as you light the candle scented in alignment with your intentions!)  If you're looking to bring something towards you anoint your candle (or rub your candle with the oil) from the wick down.  If you're looking to banish something from you anoint your candle from the bottom up to the wick.
  2. Place your candle in its holder and light it.  If you're using a Tarot Card for it's energy it might be helpful to set the candle on top of the card (just be sure to take precautions against wax!)  
  3. Focus now on the candle and meditate on your intent.  Repeat a mantra or affirmation.  Visualize your intention manifesting. 
  4. Set up your crystal grid around your candle with the candle as the center.  Meditate as you create the grid clockwise to bring things to you or counter clockwise to send things away.  If you're working with a single crystal or a trinket hold it between your hands or lay it in front of the candle and hold your hands over it.  Send all the energy of your intention into that object.  Ask that it help to be a reminder of your intention.
After you've spent a time you see sufficient performing the spell, meditating, and visualizing, snuff out the candle.  If you're spacing your spell out over a few sessions and are able to, you can leave the candle at the center of your crystal grid or replace it with a charged clear quartz tower.  If you don't plan to relight the candle over the next few days or if your candle has burned down replace the candle at the center of the grid with your charged quartz and leave the grid for a while to continue to send out your intention.

Whether you're working a basic or more advanced candle spell, be sure to close your circle or your sacred space however it aligns with your practice.  I thank my angels, ancestors, and guides for their protection and guidance and wish them well on their way.  I also thank any others that may have come around during the spell and ask that they leave this place and do no harm on their way.  

If you've used a trinket or a single crystal to focus your intention you can now put it where you'd like it to be a reminder of the spell.

What is next?

Over the next few days, weeks, and even months reflect on your spell and see where your intentions are manifesting.  It might be best to journal about this spell and how you're seeing it manifest.  Add in what actions you are taking as well.

After you feel you've spent enough time on the spell, you've seen the change, or you're just ready to do another, clean up the crystal grid or cleanse your trinket or crystal for work again.  Alternatively, you can keep your trinket or crystal empowered with your intention by charging it up with the spell again.  I think it is important as you reset your tools or your altar to thank each item for its help.  Expressing gratitude is a great way to attract the desired result of your spell.

You may also see that your spell may not completely unfold until a later date!

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Now that you've got down the basics and a little bit of the advanced ways to do candle magic it is time for you to try!  Because a magical practice is unique to everyone you may find you prefer the simplicity of using just a candle or you prefer the ritual of much more.  Anyway you practice is up to you!

What is a practice you've neglected?  What is something that is back to your roots?

xoxo, Moe