Trend Tuesday // 5 at Home Spa Day Necessities with Montagne Jeunesse

If there's one thing I miss about my old job, it's the spontaneous spa days that could pop up at any moment.  I'd say it was pretty sweet working at a place that trained aestheticians - facials, spa wraps, etc any time they needed someone to practice on?  I'll take it!  I loved working there because I picked up a thing or two about skin care - not enough to consider myself an expert - but enough to enjoy my own spa days a bit better.  Here' how I have a spa day for myself in 5 simple ways:
A Mini Facial - Most recently I've been loving the Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa fabric masques (specifically the Red Earth Clay Spa masque).  I think they are super neat because they are just a fabric sheet masque you lay on your face so there's no need for brushes or to dirty up your hands too much.  I also like to include a nice, pampering cleansing method when it comes to masks.  I make sure my face is clean so I cleanse with a gentle cleanser & then apply the mask.  From what I've read around here (here being the great internet) it seems that cinnamon is great for acne - it increases blood flow while also drying out oils & break outs - and cinnamon is one of the ingredients in the first masque I tried from Motagne Jeunesse.  I think the increase in blood flow is true because letting this Red Earth Clay Spa masque sit on my face felt invigorating.  After I've let the masque sit for as long as it's supposed to, I remove it by the directions or with a warm cloth.  A warm cloth or towel opens up the pores on you face, something I love.  Make sure you use a toner after this to restore the PH balance of your skin.  I love using witch hazel because it's natural & gentle.  Then finish with a gentle moisturizer.

Relaxing Bath - Filling a relaxing bath with either bubbles or a scented salt can make all the difference.  The warmth of the water just brings me to a different world!  Especially if there are a few candles around.  I love using different, yet complimentary products to create a relaxin environment.  If I've got a bath salt or other product in the water I often use a lightly scented bar soap to massage my arms, legs, and neck with.  Currently my favorite is a sample from Temple Spa that Zach brought back from a hotel for me.  Ooooh, it's so luxurious!

Fresh Fruit Snack - If you're looking for a light, refreshing, & cooling snack fresh berries are the way to go.  I love the fresh crispness of blueberries and raspberries.  Straight from the fridge adds a cooling sweetness to the warmth of the water.  Again, taking you to another place!

Take a Nap - I'm not a reader-in-the-tub type of person when it comes to my spa days.  I want to be immersed in the warmth of the room & of the water so often I'll close my eyes and enjoy the sounds of the music I have playing.  Be careful when napping in the tub for obvious reasons!  I'm not a deep sleeper when it comes to these naps, just a relaxing cat nap.

Comfy Place to Retire to - After I get out of the tub, I make sure I have my fluffy robe near me & that the bed has been prepared for me to relax more in.  Sometimes that involved turning on the heated blanket to keep the bed a bit warm for me.  Dim the lights, bring in a few lotions, massage my hands (loving this hand cream I got in a Birchbox one month!), maybe do a manicure, anything to just keep the relaxing vibe going.  

Wow, now I just want to get up & relax in the tub!  I love taking time to pamper myself & getting a fabric masque from Montagne Jeunesse in my Violet VoxBox courtesy of Influenster really made me take the time to take care of myself!  If you want more fun pampering ideas check out my MJ at Home Spa Day pin board here & definitely follow Montagne Jeunesse on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest

How do you pamper yourself?  Have you added anything new to your pampering routine?

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**I was provided with a single Red Earth Clay Spa Masque from Montagne Jeunesse from Influesnter for review.  All opinions are my own & I really like this product.  I went out & bought a few more!  Read my full disclosure policy here.


Influesnter #VioletVoxBox Review

With my travels last week & my just plain laziness I'm catching up on my review posts for the Violet Vox Box from Influenster so there are going to be quite a few review posts & posts featuring products from the box this week.  So I hope you'll enjoy a few of my thoughts & don't mind the bombardment of it this week.  I love participating in Influenster campaigns & usually just do the single required task of checking in my box.  Rarely do I do all the challenges associated with the campaign but this time I thought I'd give it a try.  I'd hoped to space them out a bit more so it didn't seem like I'm shoving things in your face - I'm all for honesty.
I recently found a love of reviewing things & just sharing my two cents on products.  Whether I've received it from a place a like Influenster or purchased myself.  And actually, from this box, I've purchased two of the items I received already!  So I'll never tell you guys something is amazing when it's not & I'll never write a good review just to get a badge from Influesnter.  It's not honest & it's not fun.  So in this post I'm just going to do a little overview of the products from my Violet Vox Box - if you want to see the unboxing video click here!

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo (won't buy it)
Now the greatest thing about this box is that it came just in time for holiday travels - seriously this box couldn't have come at a better time!  My favorite item for travel was this small size of Dry Shampoo from Not Your Mother's.  While I thought this product was awesome for travel - it's not my favorite product.  First with the pros - I loved that it didn't leave a white cast unlike other dry shampoos, it also made my hair look like hair.  I was pleased that it didn't look like I sprayed dry shampoo in my hair & just looked like style hair.  The cons - it smells weird & it was brought to my attention that the second ingredient in the dry shampoo is propane.  Why? No idea.  But it's a lesson learned about reading ingredients - I never would have read it if it weren't for a picture pointing it out.  There's no propane in my favorite Tresseme Dry Shampoo (though, I'm not 100% sure about the ingredients in that either).  So I'm torn.  The size was great for travel but why is there propane in my dry shampoo?  Someone help me out here.

Montage Jeunesse Red Earth Clay Spa Fabric Masque (already bought it)
Tomorrow there will be a big Spa Day post featuring the Montage Jeunesse Fabric Masques.  These are super cool because you don't have to get too messy since it's just a fabric soaked in the masque.  You lay it gently on your face, let it dry, peel it away, finish cleansing & your done.  I got one infused with cinnamon & pomegranate which was very invigorating!  There are quite a few different fabric masques so it's perfect for many different skin types, problems, & needs.  This is one of the products I've actually purchased after receiving these.  They are pretty affordable & I found mine at Walmart.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish (recommended it, might buy it)
I received a really nice glittery polish great for the holidays!  This was my go to manicure for the holiday last week since it comes off as pure silver glitter on your nails.  The color I got looks like it's a bit blue but the glitter is silver & you can hardly tell the blue when you apply it.  I wish I'd gotten a solid color though because I can't tell you the lasting power since this was just a clear polish.  I did top my manicure with a clear top coat like always just in case.  While I was in Virginia for the holidays my sister picked up a shade to try & was pretty satisfied with it as well.  Influesnter is great for finding new favorite products!

Cranberry SoyJoy Bar (already bought it)
This is a yummy treat!  I've also picked up another one of these since it was so delish the first time.  They are more cakey & more dense than I expected them to be.  More of a hold over until your next meal snack than a light snack.  Perfect for breakfast though with another piece of fruit - that's how I enjoy them!  I have only tried the cranberry flavor because it was so holiday-ish I just couldn't help it!

Goody Atheltique Headband (won't buy it)
This is just a standard headband for me.  It is reversible & the material is quick drying - so it's great if your sweating your butt off!  Right now it helps me keep my hair out of my face when I'm putting on my make up - yep, intended purpose I know.  I'm not a headband fan as they tend to slip off of my head no matter how grippy they claim to be.  I like the fabric though & this one stays tight a bit longer but it still falls off my head.  If I were to be working out or being active with this headband on I'd get frustrated quickly if I had to keep putting it back on.  I'd much rather clip my hair back that use a headband.

So there you have it, a little review of the products in my Violet Vox Box.  Influenster is a fun way to share your opinions & get free stuff!  It's also been pretty fun to earn the badges for this campaign & for the next one I promise I'll space them out more!  It was an after thought to even try to complete the tasks.  If you're interested in Influenster - sign up here!

xoxo, Moe

**I was sent these products courtesy of Influenster.  All opinions are my own.  For more info on my disclosure policy, please click here.

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Boost Your Blog // Three Ways to Interact with Others Online

The best thing about the blogging world - well about the internet in general - is that there are so many people out there, you are bound to find someone you can connect with.  I love commenting on blogs, flipping through Instagram, & tagging on twitter to see who I can find that might just be pretty neat to talk to.  I have to say I'm not too shy when it comes to online chatting but in real life sometimes I can be a wallflower.  The other day I was posting an Instagram picture of my new Violet Vox Box & did all those hashtags you do to get your photo to show up when people search & decided to actually click on the hashtag to see what came up.  I ended up liking & commenting on a few pictures because I found someone who has something in common with me!  Weird, right?  So that little connection made me think about how you can actually connect with people online & not in a weird way, you know?
This is under the Boost Your Blog title because if you have a blog it's probably linked to all your social profiles.  So in addition to talking to other awesome people, linking your blog to these profiles means others will probably pop by.  Now, I'm all for honesty - so no posts like 'hey, I blog - check it out - link'.  Please don't do that.  Be genuine & actually care about what you're commenting and liking.  You'd want others to do the same for you!  Alright, on with the blog post:

Search Hashtags -  On Instagram & Twitter (you know) you can hashtag your thoughts with any number of things.  It would be super funny to just search things like #sorrynotsorry - I'm sure you'd turn up a bunch of crazy stuff.  But, if you want to narrow it down search a specific hashtag you're interested in.  If you're a part of something like Influenster or Birchbox, use their monthly hashtag to connect with others.  After all, hashtags are meant to create a category to be searched & looked through.  Try anything you wish, honestly.  Sometimes when I'm looking for make up inspiration I'll search related hashtags just to see whats out there.

Sidebar Blog Sponsors - Something I'm sure you do anyway, but you can always fall down the blogging rabbit hole when you click through sidebars.  Click a sponsor button on a blog, give that link a little look, then click on something in their sidebar.  It is endless (nearly).  Also it's a fun game of 6 degrees of separation sometimes.  Also getting involved in link parties or button swaps can totally get you meeting new people in no time.

YouTube - I have to say this is something I've been trying to get into but honestly I think that commenting on YouTube videos is a bit scary.  Mainly because there are a lot of big name YouTubers out there & I'm intimidated!  I also have to admit its easy not to comment on a video.  I'm way more likely to comment on a blog that a video but on the rare chance that I see something I like, I have to comment.  Just a little way to share a connection, you know - that's what I'm all about.

So that's how I try to connect with people online.  It's just fun to talk to someone you don't know & share some common ground with a stranger.  And if you're nervous about commenting - just remember these bloggers/instagramers/twitter users/youtubers have put themselves out there publicly on forums that allow for commenting!  So odds are you're not going to seem weird for commenting, you know!

How do you interact with others online?  Have you made any online friends?

xoxo, Moe


Get Ready With Me // December Ipsy Bag

Happy holidays!  I've got an easy, subtle smokey eye look for you today - just in time for Christmas dinner.  So if you don't know what to do tonight give this look a try.  I love the subtle smokey eye & the other wise subtle make up.  It looks great for the holidays or for everyday wear.  In fact I'll be recreating this look in about 5 hours for dinner at my grandparents.  
I used all the products from December's Ipsy bag for this look.  I really love the Be a Bombshell One Stick - cream blush really doesn't work for my skin but this is great.  I also love the nail polish because the color and formula are perfect.  I'm more of a neutrals girl, but getting the Pop Beauty trio in Smokin Hot made me try a smokey eye for the first time.  I didn't try to go too deep for fear of the dark colors & I think it came out nice.  If this look sounds lovely - take a peak below!
Hope you have a happy holiday & if you're looking to add some affordable beauty products to your life each month sign up for Ipsy here!  Only $10 a month + free shipping = all over it!

Thanks for watching!

xoxo, Moe

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My Current Thoughts on Being Employed

I feel like I'm about to be a huge hypocrite, and I hope you'll forgive me.  I think I like being employed.  And by employed I mean employed by someone else.  As you know I've been wanting to live a handmade dream for a while.  But the other day I was reading through some of the struggles of others I know who've taken the self employed leap & was breathing a sigh of relief realizing that I don't really have to worry about income now that I am, well, employed.  Now, that doesn't mean that I'm not excited to try to do more independent things - there's going to be a lot of refocusing for Five Sixteenths in 2014 (maybe I can keep up momentum? Who knows.)

But I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on being employed after trying so hard to be self-employed.  The struggles were real, the experience was amazing, and I totally miss feeling like I'm being successful for myself - but do you ever feel like you're just not cut out for things?  At the start I was psyched about working for myself.  In the middle I still felt like I was making it.  And right before I found my job I just felt desperate.  

I do wish my job was more creative & demanding of me in a way I felt successful.  I feel like I can complete what I'm tasked to do but it's not from the heart.  I do feel like sometimes I'm just working for the weekend & hardly fit in anything I'd like to accomplish any more.  A lot of the Five Sixteenths ventures sort of sank & faded away as 2013 went on.  Things I loved I no longer do because I don't want to have to please others.  I took away custom work for blogs because it stressed me out & it wasn't enjoyable anymore when you have to fit it into 4 hours after work - a long with all the other shiz you have to do - instead of 8 hours a day.  We're also going to try to sell out our stock & shut down the 516VINTAGE site because I just can't manage it.  It took a turn I wasn't proud of & I'm sad.  That was a fun venture that I think would have been profitable, had I not found a job.  Additionally this blog just because something I didn't recognize.  It was just there, getting filled with words and not so much filled with my heart.  That hit me hard.

I even thought at one point of shutting the whole thing down.  But I really do love blogging.  I couldn't imagine not having this outlet.  I mean it's a way for me to share my life with others & more importantly, document it for myself.  I love sharing DIY's because I think they are a neat read & inovative, but I also want to look back & see what I was into as I go through life. Seeing where I lived, who I was, what I wanted is really inspiring for me.  And I think if you've grown with me or if you've just started reading (and you've popped through old posts) you can see how much this blog has grown - which should be encouraging for anyone wanting to start a blog.  I just love blogging, ok!

But back to the Five Sixteenths ventures - I've actually found selling on Zazzle to be the most rewarding.  Why? Because I design & you fill in.  It's passive.  I can pour my heart into something that I like and if you want to you can customize it & buy it.  Don't get me wrong, I loved designing blogs & working with others to get exactly what they wanted (in fact the blog The Weekend File is my proudest accomplishment!) but I just couldn't do it after being asked to perform all day long.  You know what I mean?  I still love designing & trying my hand at things so designing & selling stationery (and other goodies) on Zazzle is amazing for me.  Zazzle just added a whole new slew of things to customize & sell so that will be a big focus in 2014.  It's pretty much passive - and when other sites haven't been selling (the designs, vintage, & stuff in the Five One Six shop) Zazzle has been giving me at least 3 sales a month.  Now, that's not a lot of money but when I'm not doing anything & am still making sales - that says a lot to me.  I don't know if that's good or bad, but at the point I am at right now, I like it.  I haven't made a new design in at least, I wanna say 6 months but I've been making sales.  Sometimes a lot sometimes a little.  But I can design & not have to worry about it not working or not being what someone likes.  I can have fun & I like that.

As for the Five One Six shop.  I'm so going to keep that open.  As with blogging I can't imagine not selling my handmade items somewhere.  I just think that if someone likes something they'll pick it up and I just want to share it with you all.  Additionally, I spent a lot of time customizing the Five One Six storenvy storefront.  I mean like 2 weeks of all day coding at Starbucks last year - I was impressed with myself.

So what does all this really have to do with being employed?  Well, I can refocus my passions into something that will work for the time of my life right now.  Being employed meant change - and while I feel like I'm good at accepting change, I'm not very good at recovering from it.  It takes me a long while to get back up.  But being employed for me right now means little financial worry.  I feel better at being able to pay my bills, save, go shopping, and mainly be a productive part of the this team I'm a part of - the Zach & I team.  And let me say he's so supportive.  I'm pretty sure I could say I want to go to the moon and he'd support me.  But I just felt like I wasn't giving my half of the work or really 100% of what I knew I could devote to our team.  So if nothing more, being employed means I can now give 100% to the team I am a part of & that makes me happy.  Saving & enjoying life - on the weekends - means a lot to me now.  I may not be rolling it dough or doing anything that pulls me in a creative direction but I'm saving & living.  I feel like I'm somewhere between calm & satisfied.  Maybe I'm just appreciative because I'm not really satisfied.

I hope this little bit makes sense and you don't think I'm a hypocrite for working so hard then seemingly giving up.  Maybe its out there for me in the future but right now I can't handle it, and I think that's ok.

Have you ever encountered something like this? Wanting something so bad & working so hard then feeling as if you're not able to do it?

xoxo, Moe

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Make Up Remover Mayhem // Meijer, Big Lots, Olay, AcneFree

Catchy title right?  Well, the last review was Battle of the Balms so I had to come up with something catchy again.  Today I'm going to share with you some of the make up remover wipes I've tried out and, again, save the best for last.

Olay Fresh Effects Line S'Wipe Out Refreshing Make-Up Removal Cloths
You may remember my rave review of the Shine Shine Go Away Cleanser & then my not so rave review of the Long Live Moisture Satin Finish Lotion.  Well this one falls right in the middle.  These wipes are great for refreshing after you've been active - like at the gym or working in the yard - and for anytime you feel like you need to freshen up.  They aren't that great for removing your make up.  I realized this after using them for a bit to remove my make up & then going to a wedding where we moved the tables around in the heat.  After we got done, I wiped my face & neck down with this & instantly felt clean.  A refreshing clean I didn't feel when I'd used it to take off my make up.  I guess I just felt like it didn't measure up to what I like about make up remover wipes.

From what I remember the wipes were of average wipe thickness (great unit of measure right?) and they were pretty moist.  They didn't dry out in their packaging either.  I don't think I'll ever repurchase these again either.

Meijer Brand Make Up Remover Wipes (Compared to Neutrogena Brand)
These are a pretty affordable make up remover wipe.  Like the title says, these are a generic, store brand of wipes supposed to be compared to the Neutrogena brand.  These wipes took off my make up well , were moist, & were of average wipe thickness.  I felt that these got my make up off well & left my face feeling clean.  While I normally do cleanse my face after removing my make up, these left my face feeling clean enough not to cleanse immediately after.  They also are sensitive enough not to irritate your eyes when removing eye make up & mascara.

If it weren't for the favorite ones I've recently found, these would get repurchased.  They are great for a generic brand, though I've never tried the Neutrogena ones.

AcneFree Fight & Cleanse Cloths
I recently found these on sale at Walgreens & thought I'd pick them up just to see how they worked.  They are average wipe thickness & moist enough but they seem to have a lather to them.  They feel soapy, if you get what I mean.  For some reason I'm scared to use these to remove my make up because I don't want the products to mix & then cause a crazy reaction on my skin.  Nor have I used these around my eyes for fear of crazy burning.  But I do use these in the morning when I'm to lazy to actually wash my face (which is like every morning recently).

I feel like these do a great job at getting my skin ready for the day & fighting any break outs.  I tend to do my break out fighting around that time of the month because amazingly (thankfully, too) it's the only time of the month I break out.  I also try to do my oil cleansing as often as I can!

Big Lot's Make Up Wipes
These are my new Holy Grail make up remover wipes.  Seriously!  They are found at Big Lot's (the only place I've seen them) and are only $2 for 60 wipes.  Honestly the best deal of all of these.  The wipes are a bit thinner than regular wipes but still very moist.  Sometimes I find I have to use two to get all of my make up off but if you use two a day that's still the equivalent of 30 wipes for $2.  Amazing deal.  I need to actually go see if I can find more of these & stock up.  I'm scared they might go away!  The $2 option has a pop top closure along with a sticky closure over the opening.  I leave the sticky closure on the opening and close the pop top so they don't dry out.  You do get 60 so thats a lot of opening & closing that could dry out your wipes.

My favorite part of these is that they smell like cucumber.  They also have aloe & other ingredients that makes my skin feel clean and just healthy.  I love using these in the morning when I'm too lazy as well.  Also, they are so cheap you can totally keep a package on your vanity to clean off hands, eyes, brushes, etc.   Love it!

So Make Up Remover Mayhem is over, what do you think? Do you like these little reviews?  I'm loving trying different products & finding what I love.  It's nice to feel like you're making a difference in your skin.  I'm so thankful that my skin is finally behaving - I'm 90% sure it's because of the brand/type of birth control I'm on because I'm clear all except for one week of the month.  Yay!

What are your favorite make up wipes? What brands have you tried?

xoxo, Moe

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Current Nail Care Routine + Current Holiday Manicure

A long time ago, like two summers ago, I was super into nail polish.  I also was taking the Nail Tech class at the career college I worked for - so I got a little bit of nail knowledge there too.  Currently it's like the arctic tundra up here - meaning there is snow everywhere & it's super cold.  My skin can not handle it!  Namely my hands are dry and chapped all the time.  Skin just flakes off & it's gross.  So I thought I'd put together a little Nail Care Kit that I can keep in my night stand or grab & travel with.  I will be heading down south to visit my family in the next week (yay Christmas!) so I definitely need a little kit to travel with.  So here's what I'm loving to keep my hands soft & nails beautified this winter:
I put this little kit together, like I said, so it's easy to grab & run with.  Normally I keep it in my night stand (a new addition from the what's in my nightstand post here) so I can remember to do moisturize & take care of my hands before bed.  Before this I kept a random bottle of lotion but that seemed not to be enough, adding the cuticle oil has really helped with hangnails & the tender skin around my cuticles.  I feel like that gets super dry as well.  This little kit has everything I need for quick moisture & maintenance all wrapped up in an old Ipsy make up bag - I knew those things would come in handy for something!
The first product here is the Tocca Cleopatra Grapefruit + Cucumber Hand Cream.  This stuff smells divine!  I'm really loving the cucumber scent right now, it's never been a favorite before but I'm suddenly all about it.  I got this in a Birchbox one month & instanly fell in love.  It's hydrating & non-greasy.  I love that it absorbs very easily & I can open doorknobs after putting it on.  Cuticle oil has suddenly fallen back into something I use regularly as well since my skin is dry & flakey.  I also work with paper all day long - touching it every two seconds - so that dries out my finger tips.  I don't if the two are neccessarily related, but I think they are.  So cuticle oil has saved my tender skin from the pain of hangnails.  I feel like the deep moisture of the cuticle oil is amazing.  The current one in my kit is something I got as a part of another nail kit a while (like a long while) ago - it is Swisa Beauty Sensation Dead Sea Cuticle Treatment.
Another lotion in my little kit is something Zach grabbed for me from a hotel he stayed in.  In fact every time he comes upon these TempleSpa packs he snags them.  They also have a calming fabric mist that smells so relaxing - I love to spray it on the bedding when I can't sleep.  So heavenly & relaxing.  This lotion is the TempleSpa Peace Be Still Calming Face & Body Balm.  There isn't a scent description on the tube anywhere  & honestly I can't pin point it, but the smell is so relaxing.  It's a deeper scent & I love it before going to bed.  I've never used it on my face though, I'm scared I will break out!  Then of course for any maintenance that may need to be done I have a small nail clipper & a small box of TweezerMan nail files that I also got in a Birchbox one month.

After all my hard work to get my hands & cuticles refreshed and moisturized it's time for a holiday manicure.  Of course I turned to a classic red & a bit of glitter.
I used my favorite base & top coat from Icing - the Do It All Topcoat - that sadly they are discontinuing.  Honestly, I don't know if you'll even be able to find it.  I picked up the last two on clearance last time I was in an Icing.  So sad.  I then used the Nicka K polish I received in Ipsy bag this month.  I topped my ring finger off with a bit of a glitter polish from Sally Hansen I received, complimentary, in the Violet Vox Box from Influenster.  I like this Triple Shine polish mainly because even thought the glitter is in a blue tinted base it really comes off as pure silver glitter.  Great for sparkly holiday-ness just around the corner!

What are your nail care must haves? How do you battle the cold weather?

xoxo, Moe

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November 2013 Ipsy Review

So it's been settled, my Ipsy subscription is my favorite subscription ever.  I love my bags each month & I am so excited for December's!  I think November did it for me though - just some amazing products.  Made me realize how much I looooove this subscription.

Here's what I got in November
Em Michelle Phan Lash Gallery Mascara
This was definitely not my favorite product.  If you didn't know, volumizing mascaras are what I'm all about.  The wand on this one was weird - long & curved and not what I'm used to or what I prefer.  It does have built in micro-fibers* that are supposed to lengthen.  But this just wasn't for me.  You should see the yucky face I'm making right now.

Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Hot Damn
This was a favorite! Finally a lip crayon in this bag that isn't hot pink!  The last lip crayon I got was from Pop Beauty & I much prefer this nice, deep red color to baby pink.  The texture is nice, it lasts pretty long, & it's easy to wear since it's in this crayon form.  Much easier to apply on the go, I feel.

Nailtini Straight Up Color Nail Laquer in Caviar Cocktail
Loved this as well! In fact I did a whole post on cocktail inspired nail polishes because of this one.  I've gotten Nailtini polishes before & to me there's nothing too special from polish to polish.  If it doesn't chip in the first two days, I think it's good.

Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched
This was a great product as well even though the shade doesn't show up too well on my skin.  I'm going to use this more of a highlight/flush of natural color product.  If I'm ever feeling like I don't want to wear too much, this product comes in handy.  I think that it's a great representation of the brand as well.  The packaging in nice - sort of rubbery, reminds me of Nars packaging.  The texture is great as well.  I'm excited to try more from Pixie.

Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in Amethyst
I love Starlooks pencils because of Ipsy.  This one is a beautiful silvery lavender shade, great for holiday silver eye looks.  I'm thinking of doing a look like that too so stick around, you never know when I might throw that in.  These eye pencils glide on like no ones business & the staying power is amazing.  I always turn to my black one for tight lining.

GlamGlow Youthmud Tinlexfoliate Treatment
This one was cool & also weird.  I don't know if it was supposed to have little weird bits that reminded me of seaweed, but mine did.  I'm pretty sure I like the tingling & the exfoliating of the product and it makes my skin feel nice & rejuvenated.  A nice mask sample.

I really do have to say that November sealed the deal for me & getting my December bag made me so excited!  I think I might actually try to do an Ipsy look with the products for my YouTube channel!  If you're interested in signing up for Ipsy, you can do so here!

xoxo, Moe

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Small Holiday 2013 Gift Guide

Well, I'm on the Gift Guide Train this year & there is still a little bit more time to get your gifts squared away for this year's holidays.  Personally, I can't wait to go home - that's the only real gift I want this year, to head home for the holidays.  But if you're looking to give or get a little more than that, take a peak below:

Yarn and Fabric from Craftsy
If you're giving the DIY sewing or craft kit from this post this Christmas, throw in some wonderful yarn and/or fabric from Craftsy!  Guess what?  They are on sale!  Yarn is up to 80% off & fabric is up to 65% off from 12/13-12/16.  Snag a class as a gift as well!  Be sure to order by 12/16 though (sale open to US residents only)

Modcloth Gifts for Him or for Her
Check out the Modcloth Gift Guide for all things awesome this holiday season.  If you know someone who's into unique things, Modcloth is the one stop shop for clothes, trinkets, accessories, & home decor.  Don't forget to check out the shipping deadlines here.

Etsy is a great handmade market place & even better, you can give Etsy gift cards good a thousands of Etsy shops!  The recipient can spend the gift card on any handmade or vintage item he or she chooses!

Ipsy has to be my favorite subscription box.  Why do I like it more than Birchbox? Well first, you get full size products or at lease deluxe samples (no foil packets) every time.  For $10 a month with free shipping in the US, you can't beat that!  So if you know a beauty lover, sign up here.

Vintage or Thrifted Gift
Mentioned a few gifts in this post & I still stand behind them.  I love the idea of giving something hand assembled.  You've taken the time to really curate something for someone in a way you know they'll love.  If you know a thrifter they'll love you for it!

Happy Holidays!

xoxo, Moe

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December Wishlist

December is here! This is the opening for every wish list post I do, but really everything flies by!  This December I'm excited to travel home for the holidays, so thats a big one on my wish list!
December Wishlist

Traveling home for the holidays // Holiday cookie & food eating // Coastal Scents Revealed Palette but it's sold out! // Physicians Formula Mineral Correction Concealer // New Glasses from Zenni Optical

I found out about this Revealed palette on YouTube from Emily of Beauty Broadcast & instantly went to the website only to find out it's sold out!  I'm on the email list for when it returns though (and I hope it does!)  I love neutral colors, lord knows I don't need any more.  I also saw the Physicians Formula concealers on YouTube (don't remember where) and want to give them a try.  I can't find them in my drugstores though. Where, oh where are you?

I'm hoping there are cookies made or we'll make cookies when I'm home as well.  I'm also excited for all the holiday foods that come along with December.  I've already made some cookies & they were yummy.  I'm also looking for new glasses.  These may or may not have already been ordered!  I love the clear frames (the color on the website says blue though, I hope they don't look funny on me!)  The frames I've have forever are finally wearing out & I just want something new.  I have yet to make an appointment for contacts so I thought new glasses would be good.

What are you wishing for this December?

xoxo, Moe

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Influenster Violet Vox Box Unboxing

Hooray! I got another Vox Box from Influenster!  I love reviewing products on Influenster because it qualifies me for these complimentary boxes of awesomeness.  I've found some of my favorite things from these boxes & this one is no exception - found a pretty cool face mask in this one!  If you want to see me looking like a luchador or like I'm wearing a ham on my face, watch the video below:

If you're interested in Influenster, I encourage you to sign up & if you want to see some tips for writing product reviews, check that post here.

xoxo, Moe

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Battle of the Balms // Revlon, Sally Hansen, & Jordana Lip Balm Crayons

I've bought into the Balm Stain craze & as you'll see in this post I've collected way too many.  I've been collecting these over the past few months and try to grab them when there is a sale.  I did however go crazy with the Revlon Matte & Laquer Balms because I knew I wanted them and didn't want them to sell out so as soon as I saw them in October I grabbed them (luckily at buy 1, get 1 50% off).  Then the Sally Hansen balms were (and still are) on 75% clearance at CVS, so go snatch those up!  They are something like $1.25 or $1.75 each - are you kidding?  This post is going to be a review of these three brands & four types of balms with a focus on my five favorite colors for the fall/winter:

Sally Hansen Colorlast Tint + Moisture Balms
Um....soooo...yeah....I bought all of them.  For %75 off though its like 4 for the price of 1 so, there's that.  Now I realize that this post is just going to make me look like a crazy lip balm hoarder because really, when will I use all of these up?  But anyway, on to the lip balms.  First I really like these!  They are more balm than color though & rather glossy.  For being in this crayon shape I really like the way they hydrate my lips & the glossiness isn't sticky.  You can build up the color but they are still on the sheer side of color.  If you're looking for a crayon style lipstick, these aren't it.  Obviously I have 10 colors and they range from nudes to pinks to darker mauves.  The color on the tube isn't necessarily the color of the product.  For example I thought the deeper red/mauve one would be really deep but it sort of pulls a bit brown.  This is perfect to wear over you lips after you've lined them & filled them in with your liner if you're looking for a richer look.  They also look great just to give you a hint of color & shine.   The smell on these is kind of weird - they almost smell like a sweet cookie or like a pastry.  I don't quite like it. These balms are my new favorite to give color & to hydrate - replacing the Jordana ones I used to use!

My favorite color is the deeper shade I mentioned in Blackberry Honey (pictured below).  It's a deep, yet sheer mauve/brown.  In the swatch you can see that the color on the tube, the color of the product, and the color on your skin are totally different.  If these hadn't been on sale I think I would have been very disappointed in the color pay off of this one.  The nudes are more true to what you'd expect.  Other colors I love are Spirited Spice, a really nice nude pink that is a my-lips-but-better shade, Get Mauve'n, a nice deeper nude color, & Nude N'Natural, a seriously sheer glossy nude color with just a hint of pink.
Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stains
These used to blow my mind for the price, until I found the Sally Hansen balms (so seriously, pick them up on clearance at CVS!)  These are hydrating, but not all the same texture/finish.  They are all pretty glossy but some of them have glitter in them - like Nude Chic (second from the left) - and some of them are close to the color on the tube - like Rock n Rouge (first on the left).  These are rather glossy & just like the Sally Hansen balms, are great everyday moisture tints.  They give you shine with out the stickiness.  I think that the darker colors like Rock n Rouge & Cranberry Crush live up to the stain claims.  These also give you bit of color & a lot of moisture but they aren't crayon lipsticks so they are great for throwing in your purse.  These are the most affordable balm crayons at the drugstore (but Wet n Wild is coming out with their own crayon balms that I think might rival these, you all know how awesome & affordable Wet n Wild is!).  This was also my first dive into Jordana products.  I don't think that these are the greatest representation of the quality of the brand because I'm very much more impressed with their lip liners!  Oh, and these smell sweet like a hard candy, like a jolly rancher or something.

My favorite fall/winter color is Cranberry Crush.  It really does stain & leave your lips with a hint of purply goodness after it wears down.  These are also easy to apply with out a mirror (or in your rearview mirror after lunch like I do).  You can also see the comparison between the Sally Hansen balm in Blackberry Honey.  My other favorite colors are the nude pink color Honey Love & the red color Rock n Rouge.
 Revlon Matte & Laquer Balms
Let's start with the Laquer Balms first though.  The laquer balms are very shiny, yet long lasting.  They too don't all have the same formula.  I believe they all have a little bit of glitter in them but in some of the colors it's more apparent.  As they wear down it just looks like you have silver glitter on your lips!  I'd also suggest skipping the nude colors.  The ones I grabbed are Ingenue & Coy.  They pull really brown & remind me of the time I thought it was cool to wear copper lipstick in middle school.  No.  Of course there are a lot in the collection & I only have four colors so I don't know if I can assume which ones are the best.  I feel like these all look different on different skin tones & some look better than others.  I just know for my skin tone those two nudes are not right at all!  The color on the tube & the color on your lips are all really close in this line, though the color of the actual product doesn't really match the tube.  Does that make sense?  Also they have a minty smell, I prefer this smell over the candy sweetness of the other two.  These are also more like lipsticks than the other balms but could be used for a less polished look as well.  Sometimes lipstick just look too put together, so if you're looking for a casual balm (lol) this still works.

My favorite color of the four laquers is definitely the deeper red color.  The picture below shows the tube & product a bit darker & plumier than it is in real life but the color of the swatch (the bottoms swatch on my hand) is pretty true to color.  You can also see the shininess of all the shiny balms in that photo.
Saving my favorite for last - the Revlon Matte Balms!  If you are looking for a crayon style lipstick that lasts/stains this is it!  These matte balms are rich & creamy and feel like a lipstick.  They also don't dry your lips out, such a win.   The colors are deep, match the product & the tube, and wear down rather nicely.  Unlike the laquer balms & the glitter inside these wear down to a nice stain.  I think these are the easiest, rich lip colors and can be a go to for an easy winter look.  Of course you can wear these all year.  For me, the nude color I have doesn't look good on me either.  But I've seen the bright orange color look great on someone with red hair - there are so many colors you're bound to find one that suits you well. 

My favorites for fall are Sultry (on top) and Standout (on bottom).  They are just perfect for the season!  I love the pluminess of Sultry, and I think it's a unique color.  There's also a great red called Striking that is perfect for rocking the red lip!
Do you think I'm crazy now?  I probably am.  I am so late to the crayon balm/balm stain craze though I did get some in my Birchbox a for a few months.  They were in colors I didn't like thought - bright, baby pink is not for me.  But this past Ipsy bag I got a Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Hot Damn & love that too!  I literally said out loud 'finally, a lip crayon in something other than baby pink!' even though Ipsy & Birchbox have nothing to do with each other!

What are your favorite lip colors for fall/winter?

xoxo, Moe

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Make it Monday // 4 Vintage & Second Hand DIY Gifts

I think the best gifts are handmade - or in this case, hand assembled.  Giving vintage (or even just thrifted) finds can be a little bit more personal & can sometimes save you a bit of money!  We've been collecting vintage for a while so we've got a lot of things hanging around our house & in 516VINTAGE stock.  (ps. stay tuned for a 516VINTAGE update, there's going to be a lot of refocusing in the coming year & maybe a huge instagram sale with our remaining stock.) But if you're in to poking around garage sales, heading to your local flea market, or popping into your favorite thrift store on Saturday mornings these are some gifts to look out for:
Instant Bar
This is one of my favorite manly gifts!  You can totally do a glammed up version as well with different colored glasses & trays.  This might take a little bit of looking, but if you're a thrifter I'm sure you won't mind!  Find a sliver tray, shaker, pair of glasses, ice bucket, & a decanter - or pick just a few of these to assemble how you wish.  
Assorted Kitchen Storage Jars
We became addicted to gathering different glass storage jars for our kitchen about a year ago.  For ages we just picked everyone up we saw (some for the shop, some for us).  I'm not sure if we're done but we do currently have three of them we store pasta in.  Since you can often find one or two matching jars at thrift stores, etc creating an assortment of your own is really nice.
Craft Case or Sewing Kit
If you can find a sewing box that is awesome but you could also use a train case to assemble your little collection of craft supplies.  If you're lucky you can find a sewing kit already stocked (one of my favorit finds ever!).  But you can also browse the craft section of your thrift store - if you find one, I think a lot of them have little sections like this - for sewing patterns, notions, buttons, and other bits & bobs.  Throw in some nice shears from your fabric store, maybe even a gift card, & there you go!
Instant Mug Collection
Zach loves collecting crazy mugs & our mug rack is full of an assortment of thrifted mugs.  If you keep your eye out long enough your can find a collection of four, five, six, or ten (or twenty, who cares!) mugs.  These instant collections are great if you know someone who wants to start collecting & want to help them along or just encourage them.  Who doesn't want a cabinet of fun mugs?  Even do a his & hers collection!

Giving vintage & second hand isn't tacky at all.  To me it says one of a kind and that you care enough to seek something out for someone.  You might find something that was totally common 20 years ago but is totally unique today!

What are you giving for the holidays?

xoxo, Moe

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Beauty Review // Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Line

I've been wanting to get into doing reviews of products for a little while now.  It seems (as it should be) that will a little bit of income you're able to try different things so I've been able to try different beauty products lately & have really been loving it.  You can see my little dive into reviews & beauty related things on my YouTube channel here - but I'm bringing it to the blog as well & you can check out my favorite volumizing mascaras list here.  Anyway, I've been using this Moroccan Infusion line from Suave for a quite a while & have to say I'm in love!  I found a set of shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, & styling oil at Walgreens for $10.  I don't have the original packaging, but here's what they all look like.
I can't believe I love this line because for someone who has an oily scalp, shine is not really what I'm going for.  As a dedicated Pantene user I usually just go for shampoos that have the words Classic or Original in them.  This is the first time I've gone away from Pantene in a long, long time!   I have been interested in trying hair mask that hydrates because the ends of my hair are ridiculously damaged.  From the pulling from brushing & the breakage from tying my hair in a ponytail all the time my hair must hate me.  I've also been interested in seeing what this Moroccan Oil can really do. 

This line claims that the products will give brilliant shine & long lasting conditioning benefits along with a luxurious fragrance.*  And I have to say they are right!  First the scent, especially of the shampoo is amazing.  I've never smelled any Moroccan oil type products before so I don't have anything to compare this too but it just smell so relaxing.  Luxurious is the right word for this ridiculously affordable shampoo.  (I just checked on Walmart's website & the 12fl oz shampoo is $2.88 & the 24 fl oz is $4.88 - what?!?!!?)

When I repurchase this - and I definitely will - I think I will opt for buying the hair mask instead of the conditioner.  I think in my New, Used, & Empties video from October I mentioned that I didn't really know if there was a difference between the conditioner & the hair mask.  After using each for a while I really prefer the hair mask since it's thicker.  It also seems to detangle better - when I throw my hair in a ponytail over the course of a day or two, there's no running a comb through it.  This line really keeps my hair feeling hydrated & less prone to tangling.
I think the key to the tangle-free result is using the styling oil both after shampooing & on dry hair.  Of course, I don't follow directions & put about 4-5 drops on my hand rather than 2-3.  I've noticed that when I used the styling oil when I'm wearing my hair straight I can run my fingers through my hair all day long.  There are no knots or tangles.  It's amazing.  The styling oil tames fly-aways & really keeps your damaged/broken/split ends looking healthy.  I even commented to Zach & made him feel how soft my hair was after using it the first time.  

Since my scalp is oily I only use the styling oil & the conditioner/hair mask on the ends of my hair.  I usually put the conditioner or mask on before I was my face - I use my CVS brand cleansing power brush so I take my time cleansing my face.  I leave the conditioner/mask on for about a minute or two.  This process really made me realize that using the mask had more benefits to my hair than using the conditioner.

Overall I'm extremely impressed with this line.  I've been using the Shine Shampoo & Conditioner but the line also has a Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner.  I did just dye my hair though and haven't noticed that it stripped my color at all even just using the Shine Shampoo/Conditioner.  For the price of this line, you really can't beat it.  If you're looking to dive into some Moroccan Oil inspired hair products, I'd recommend these even if you have oily hair.  The only problem is I can't decide if I'm going to buy the items individually or see if I can snatch up another holiday box!

What hair care items or line have you been using & loving recently?

xoxo, Moe

*all claims taken from the Suave Professionals website under the Moroccan Infusion line found here

This review is not sponsored, I bought this line with my own money & only share things I truly love - purchased by myself or sent to me.  You can view my disclosure policy here.

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Trend Tuesday // Top 10 Beauty Products Under $10

It's official, I'm bringing my love for beauty products to the blog!  I already started my YouTube channel that I'm hoping will be more of a lifestyle channel rather than just focus on beauty.  I'm also going to be doing a big refocus of my life/this blog in the coming year.  Things are changing, as they should, and I just want to refocus.  Anyway - today's post is on my Top 10 Beauty Products Under $10.  This post is going to include items that are $5-$10 because I'm going to do a Top 5 Under $5 post that will be everything under $5.  Boy am I excited!  So here we go:

Hope you enjoyed this little video & look forward to the Top 5 Under $5 video coming soon!

xoxo, Moe

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