Goal Week - Fan Fridays

Goal Week draws to a close with an installment of Fan Fridays
This Friday is all about inspiration
so here are some fun & funny quotes:

I hope you enjoyed this week over here!

Happy Weekend!
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Goal Week - Reaching the Top

Goals Week has drawn to an end, there is only one more Fan Fridays post left until it's over.
I hope you've enjoyed our guest posts & will keep your notebooks handy & your spirits high

Today's post is about reaching the top

Goals are all about accomplishment right?
Finishing, reaching, & feeling rewarded.
While finally achieving something you've wanted is a great feeling, what are you left with afterwards?
Its over, you've done it.

Now what do you do?

I think a key part of reaching the top is to keep setting goals.
Sometimes you find out that the top is just a plateau & you can push yourself further.
Other times the top is the top but you have more goals you want to achieve.

Keep these things in mind once you have reached your goal:
1 - review your original goal
2 - realize what you did to achieve your goal
3 - analyze how this can help you achieve other goals

Review your Original Goal:
What goal did you set?  Why did you set it?
This is a key part because by the end you may have changed what you were seeking.
Sometimes through the process, goals change.

Perhaps you wanted to be more creative.
You chose this goal because you wanted to see what you could make with your hands.
But as the goal progressed you realized you were really great with paper & glue 
but not so great with drawing.
Your goal, sort of, evolved.

I know that when I started my Gnome Project for my Senior Show, my original intentions were good
but I discovered what I really meant by my goal through working to finish it.

Perhaps you actually discover what you are looking for better by pursuing a goal.
This happens a lot to me!

Realize What you Did:
What did you achieve exactly? How did you do it?
Realizing & outlining exactly what you did to achieve your goal will give you a better idea of how you work.  You'll learn that you like to exercise after work rather in the morning, for example.
This way you will know how to set goals & can predict how you will achieve them.

This reflection will also allow you to discover exactly what achieving your goal meant to you.
You will see how you grew, especially if you have been documenting it.

How can this Help you Later?
Once you have discovered how you achieved these goals, now you know how will achieve goals later!
You'll discover if you are a visual person, if you need others support, 
if you like to do one sort of thing as opposed to another.

You'll also learn new skills you can apply to other goals.

If you decided to take a dance class to be more athletic & more social 
you now know that you have more control over your body & have more friends.
This body awareness may allow you to take an even harder class, 
or join a few friends for another class,
or join a few friends for a completely unrelated activity...like run a marathon!
Both your athleticism & social abilities will allow you to pursue other goals.

Here is a big question though - 
What if I didn't achieve my goal?

there are two unachieved goals:
1 - the ones you haven't yet achieved
2 - the ones you feel you can't achieve

Goals you haven't Yet Achieved:
Say you've set a goal & you've forgotten about it (like I do often) or say it gets pushed to the background because you've been focusing on bigger things.
Well, let's look at that goal.  

One of mine recently was to have made so many odd sales by March 
& to keep up the sales into the summer.
I haven't even come close to this goal!

For your goal, consider why you set it.  What were you trying to achieve?  Why did you pick that goal?
For me, I wanted more recognition as an etsy seller/crafter/artist

Consider what has happened in your life that may have already fulfilled those questions.
Perhaps you've already fulfilled those needs by focusing on something that demanded more time of you.
For me, my senior project was the biggest part of these past two semesters.
Once the show opened & people recognized me, sought me out, & loved my work,
I'd realized that I'd already got the recognition of being an artist.

Now it might not always be so black and white.
But your life may have filled in that yearning for you.
You may have stumbled upon what you needed from that goal.

This is why sometimes I think that goals don't need to be achieved as long as you've gained what you wished to gain from it.
(no cheating though! Don't try to fool yourself if you haven't learned!)

Goals you Feel you Can't Achieve:
So you've set this goal & you feel you just can not do it.

You wanted to get a new job or eat healthy or join a new club.
you can't find a job or you can't seem to find the time to exercise 
or you don't like the club you've joined.

Do not fret! You can achieve these goals!
Break them down a little more, take it one step at a time.
Can you extend your deadline?
Are you procrastinating?
What can you alter to achieve it?

Make a schedule that fits around the schedule you already have.
can you shave 10 min off of something to take a walk?
can you add to your to do list to eat an apple?
can you take an afternoon off a week to job search?
can you smile & bear it or must you quit the club you hate?
can you make it better?

If you feel you can't do these things, evaluate if the goal is important to you enough.
If It’s Important, You’ll Find A Way. If It Isn’t, You’ll Find An Excuse
Not to be harsh, but the above statement is true.

If your goal isn't important to you, forget about it for now.
Take the time to focus on what is important to you instead!
don't dwell on the things that just aren't!

All in all, you know (& I know) you can accomplish the things you set your mind to.
Be cool, be confident, & for the love of Pete, just be yourself!
Don't set goals that set you up to fail, set goals that will enhance your life!

I hope you've enjoyed these posts & I really, really hope you've found some inspiration!

Take a second glance through & click on the links to get some more Goal inspiration
if you didn't go through the first time

Happy Friday!

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Goal Week - Keep on Track & Stay Organized

What an awesome post about keeping positive from Megan of Freckled Italian.
I swear, that chick is amazing!
She just keeps on trucking along.

Now that we have a notebook, have been thinking of S.M.A.R.T. goals, & are totally inspired 
we can learn to keep on track & keep organized.

Keeping on Track:

If you've set S.M.A.R.T. goals, you are already a step ahead.
You now have something timely & attainable, 
so keeping on the straight & narrow is made that much easier.

Keeping on track is the hardest part for me.  I will write them down but if I never see it again, I won't think of it.  I am an out of sight, out of mind person...on the worst level!

There are 3 things important to staying on track:
1 - keep it visible
2 - tell people
3 - make it fun

Make a Christmas Planner (or one for any other month)

Keep it visible:
Keeping your goals in your face will help you evaluate & complete them.  Putting them in your day planner or carrying your journal around with you will help you remember.
You will also feel more active in achieving your goals.

Tell people:
I have always been the type of person to do the opposite of what people say I should do. 
I hate answering to other people for things so personal as goals.

But, telling other people will help you feel encouraged to complete it.
Also, if you've created a visual journal & wish to share them like I do,
you'll feel more inspired to complete it so you can (hopefully) inspire others!

Make it fun:
Make the task of checking it off something unique & fun.  
Draw a flower instead of using a check mark.
Make it a thermometer you must color in as you fulfill you goals daily.
This will also make for a neat visual as the days progress.

Stay Organized:

Keeping your goals organized is important if you have many & if you are busy.
Putting your goals from your journal into you day planner as well keeps them better organized by date.
But if you are like me, you like to group things by commonality.
This is the reason why I have many, many notebooks.

For example, my blog book that deals with some of my blog related 20 before 24 goals
is divided into sections & flagged, flagged, flagged.
Dividing (or even color coding) goals keeps them straight.
You also won't lose sight of them as quickly.

When it comes to blog goals, you have to be super organized so you don't get days/posts/people mixed up.  This is great if you have a lot of different personal goals.
Say you want to eat healthy, get a new job, & improve your blog.
You'll probably have a lot of goals for each.  So to keep them straight, divide them up.
Then you can flip through the specific ones whenever you want

I find either gridded or plain paper journals are better for this.  You can make tables & check marks & divisions easier.

As Goal week is almost over,
I hope both of these important have helped you put your goal writing ideas into motion.
There is definitely more to a goal that just having it!

How do you divide your goals?
Do you have a section for just to-do lists?
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Goal Week - Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Let's get Visual

Keep your goals in sight
with these great goal oriented decor pieces

sold item from
check out the rest of her inspirational shop!

Frame your favorite quote like I did
with a letterpress printed quote card.

Make a DIY magnetic memo board

How do you keep your goals in reach?
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Goal Week - Megan Flynn: Somewhere Over that Rainbow

Happy Wednesday!
Now that we have our notebooks ready & we know what a goal is & how to write them
it's time to be inspired to reach them.

Here is Megan from Freckled Italian telling us to be positive & stay strong!

When Moe asked me to do a guest post for Goal Week, I first thought, well what do I know about goals? So then I really started thinking, and I decided that I actually do know something about goals. First of all, I used to be an athlete. Second, I am almost a year out of college, halfway through a Master's program and working at a job that is not in my field of study. I have nothing but goals.

I really think that if you can believe something, then you can make it happen. As a competitive swimmer and runner in high school, I used to spend time just daydreaming about winning races and getting a specific time in each of my events. But you learn very quickly that positive thinking will only get you so far on a cross-country course. I think that my experience with sports really paved the way for the manner in which I make and achieve goals for everything else.

This is what I know:

1. Think positively.
You have to believe deeply that you can accomplish whatever it is that you set out to do. You deserve success, and you can be successful! Don't get caught up in tiny details or doubt. You can do anything you set your mind to!

2. Start making moves.
Dreams and ambiguous thoughts aren't going to get you very far on their own. To make your goal a reality you need to start taking steps that will put you on your way. Team up with a friend, start eating healthily, write the first page of that novel. You won't get anywhere if you don't start somewhere.

3. Don't get discouraged.
Go back to #1. Daydream a bit and remind yourself that you're capable of accomplishing your goal.

4. Track your progress.
Make lists. Keep track of how far you've come and how much further you have to go.

5. Celebrate your successes along the way.
I try to have a giveaway or a special post on my blog every time I reach a readership goal. Take yourself out to dinner. Eat some chocolate. Watch that movie you've been putting off. Do a couple twirls around your bedroom. Be happy when you make progress! You're on your way.

6. Keep at it.
Self explanatory. Don't give up.

I think that if you can keep a positive attitude and stay motivated, you can reach all your goals, whether they are health, career, relationship or whatever-related. Work hard and never stop believing. You've got this!

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.
--Henry Ford

What a great post! I do have one question.  How did she know the Wizard of Oz is my 
FAVORITE movie?!?!?!
This is a great post leading into keeping on track.

See you all tomorrow!
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Goal Week - Setting Goals

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's post by Amy from A is for Ampersand.
Now that you have a journal to keep all your goals in, we can get started with setting them!

Now that we have a place to set them let's talk about how to set them.
For those goals that are important or require more planning, I use a simple guide to write. 

High school was the first time I was exposed to planning & setting goals.
I believe it was part of reading the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
which is exactly like the effective people version but has a cooler cover!

None the less, I learned this great strategy to write goals

S - specific
M - measurable
A - attainable
R - realistic
T - timely

I am not quite sure where the 
original source for these are from
so if you know, please tell me!

This is how I think about goals when I start to set them.  I really like the S in Smart.
From experience, being specific is the most important part.
You can't just say 'I'm going to eat healthier'
You have to be specific: 'I will eat 3 fruits & 3 veggies a day'

The M in Smart is the next part.  You have to be able to measure or grade your progress.
'Over the next two months I will eat 3 fruits & 3 veggies a day'
Now this you can measure.
If you are visual person, writing this down is not the primary way you will remember to do this

Draw up a cute chart & post it on the fridge
Outline it in your journal
Make a check box for it on the side of your day planner
Track it on the side of your blog

Here is my visual goal setting from my 20 before 24 journal:

A goal has to be within your reach. That's the A in Smart - attainable
It also has to be realistic, the R in Smart.
You have to be able to reach it by means you are capable of & with in the measurable time frame.
Which brings us to T in Smart - timely.
I think this is significant because it makes you breakdown your goals into smaller chunks.
So if you have that overall goal of eating healthier,
you can break it down into smaller goals like:

'Over the next two months I will eat 3 fruits & 3 veggies each day'

'Over the next two months, I will pack my lunch 2x a week'

Over the next two months, I will walk the dog 15 minutes longer 2x a week'

Now it's not so scary!

I know that loads of people are familiar with this goal setting strategy
but I like to use it visually to see the progress
instead of just putting it down on paper, you've got to draw it out!

On Thursday, we'll talk about organizing goals & staying on track

What strategies do you use to set goals? 
How do you keep track of yours?
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Goal Week - Tempted Tuesdays: NOTebook

These aren't just ordinary notebooks!

this set about a 365 journal project
is very inspiring
it includes some goals & aspirations

a great assembled notebook for filling

Ideas book from a fave shop

Goal Setting Links:
(a short & sweet 'let's do it' post)

Stay tuned tomorrow for another guest post!

How do you like your notebooks??
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Goal Week - Amy Morby: DIY Inspiration Journal

As a part of Goal Week, I have our first guest poster, Amy.
Here is a really fun goal oriented DIY

Well, hey there! Amy from A is for Ampersand here, and I'm just tickled to be guest posting here on Moe's lovely blog.

When I saw Moe's 20 before 24 project, I just knew I had to be a part. Goal setting is huge part of my life, and I might be a little embarrassed to admit how much I love making lists. It's a compulsion, really. I make lists for everything from goals for my work day to what to craft this weekend. I find that without writing things down my mind just races out of control until I wind up in a state of overwhelmed apathy with no desire to do anything but eat Sea Salt and Black Pepper chips on my couch. Yes, this happens. And often.

Anyway, if you are looking for a fun way to incorporate list making/goal setting into your life, try keeping an inspiration journal--a notebook jam packed with pretty pictures of inspiring things, quotes, and ideas. I've found that keeping my to-do lists alongside of things that inspire me keeps me motivated and excited about things to come instead of dreading them.

While you can use any old notebook for an inspiration journal, I like to use homemade fabric-covered journals. They're incredibly easy to make and turn out just lovely!
(Also, I’m sure there’s a bajillion tuts out there about making fabric journals, so if you know of a better way, that’s great! This way is super fast and something I just concocted in 15 mins, so feel free to make yours ten times more awesome than these!)

You’ll need the following supplies:

  • A nice little journal
  • Spray adhesive (I got mine at Michaels for like…$5?)
  • Fabric (I used vintage sheets. Supa cheap!)

1. Lay your journal on the fabric and cut around it, leaving 1/2″ or so. You’re just going to cut this edge off at the end, so it doesn’t matter how much/little room you leave.

2. Spray the fabric with the spray adhesive and lay that journal all up in it. Press around all the edges to get things nice and stuck and then fold it over! You want to hurry and fold it so you can make sure all the wrinkles are out.

3. Once that baby is dry, just trim off the excess. If you want, you can make your fabric long enough so that you can fold it over the edges nicely. I, however, was feeling lazy, so I just went with a raw edge.

4. There is no 4! You’re done! You might want to throw some fray check on there if you’ve got it on hand, but raw edges aint no thang for this project. Now just fill your pretty journal up with all things lovely to uplift you and keep you motivated!

Here's a little sneak peek into my current inspiration journal.


So go forth and goal set in your pretty new inspiration journals! I promise your list making will take on a whole new meaning when meshed with things that inspire and motivate you. Have fun!

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