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Going into 2020 I want to share more of my chosen spiritual path here on the blog.  This place has always been a space for me to share what I'm doing and has evolved with me in the 10+ years I've been blogging....so let's jump in with another post!  Today we're gonna talk about my Book of Shadows, my Happy Grimoire!
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What the heck is a Happy Grimoire?  Well the Happy Planner has come out with quite a few woo woo type sticker books and collections (I don't blame them this stuff is super popular right now!) and that is the majority of what I've been using to set up this journal.  A Happy Grimoire is a Book of Shadows (or Grimoire) made with/from Happy Planner Products!  So let's go over the sections I'm working on right now and then we'll talk supplies

Grimoire Sections

Wheel of the Year

This is one of my favorite sections.  I love using the Happy Planner seasonal sticker books to create these pages.  Since there are a ton of these sticker books (and now the new Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring books) there are a ton of new stickers I can't wait to use.
This section cover the 8 modern pagan sabbats or holidays that happen through the year.  Ones you may be familiar with are are the Summer and Winter Solstices, the Autumn and Spring Equinoxes, & Halloween.  You may also be familiar with May Day/Beltane or Candlemas/Imbolc.  This section outlines the meaning of each holiday, when it occurs, what to do to celebrate, and any correspondences.  So far I have a few videos on making these pages in my Grimoire With Me playlist on YouTube

Spell Work

Any good grimoire is going to document any spell work you've been doing.  This section also includes any mantras or meditations I've been repeating or working with.  It's kind of like a prayer journal as I'll also reflect on spells, intentions, ore meditations.  Decorating this section reminds me of recipe planning too!
Right now I have my ritual set up/prep outlined there with invocations, etc.  I plan to also draw out an altar to use on the go (how fun will that be!!) and include any other prayers, affirmations, and invocations that I come across.

I ended up creating some headers for each page using the Belove font from DaFont.com.  This is nice because I stink at hand lettering!  I used my Happy Planner page templates over on Etsy to create a sticker page I can stick right into my planner.

General Information

This is sort of a catch all section.  Right now I have info on Goddesses, the planets, and crystals.  But I plan to break out things from this section as I gather similar information.  So right now Hera is the only Goddess in this section but as a I accumulate more information and create more pages I'll probably break this into its own section.  I also have astrology info in there, but again I'll probably break this one out as I gather more info.

Faith Planner

The biggest part of my Happy Grimoire is my faith planner.  I am currently using the Stargazer planner from the Happy Planner Girl line released in 2019.  I grabbed this planner up at the beginning of March when they all went on clearance and finally decided on the perfect way to use it!  You can check out my faith set up in this video but I'll share how I have it set up too.
I turned it into sort of an 'undated' planner by gluing the monthly view pages together and just using the other pages in the planner.  I use the first monthly dashboard to outline goals and plans for the month.  I love the intentions section on top of the right hand page.  This has helped me to outline what I want to focus on each month.  At the end of the month I go back to work on the reflection section.
The daily to do list pages are for daily gratitude.  I ended up just dating each section and writing out gratitude instead of a checklist.  At the end of the month there is a gridded section that I use to brainstorm stuff for the next month.

And finally the two blank notes pages at the end of the month are for my Full and New Moon intentions, ritual, and info.  I love that there are two pages right where I need them in this planner!! I used to use this planner for New Moon/Full Moon stuff and tarot work but I don't think it's made any more.  The monthly layout works perfect for my faith planning right now.  You can read more about setting intentions with the moon phases in this blog post here!


Sticker Books 

I've pretty much dedicated using the Stargazer, Dream Seeker, and Free Spirit books to this planner/grimoire.  When it comes to the faith planner these three sticker books fit the design of the planner.  It's hard to use Squad Goals, for example, because of the swooshes on the planner pages.
For the Wheel of the year pages and other other general pages I do tend to use holiday sticker books where I know I'll find some correspondences.  The new seasonal books from 2019 are great for this!  The original Farm House book is great for Imbolc, the Dream Seeker book is great for Belatne, and a lot of the holiday books can have other correspondences for the other Sabbats.

Filler Paper

I did purchase a lot of accessories in the Stargazer line but I am also just using any filler paper that I like!  Grabbing up all the Happy Notes is a great way to build up your filler paper stash.  I really do like to use the lined pages as I'm doing a lot of writing and need to write straight but the grid or graph pages offer a way to add more info because the line spaces are smaller.

Pens & Markers

To write in this book I'm using my favorite pen - the Frixion Ball Slim.  I would love to use a nice marker but I'm too afraid I'll make a mistake and using a Frixion pen means I can erase.  I've not had any of the ink in any of my planners I've used these pens in disappear....yet!
When I need a marker to write I've been using the highlighters from the Happy Planner that came out with their faith line.  When I want to highlight I'm using Mildliners I like the thin, chiseled tip on the Happy Planner markers/highlighters for writing since I'm no good at hand lettering.  It changes my handwriting just enough to be fun and doesn't frustrate me.

I am loving working in this book.  I have tried to keep a Book of Shadows or a Grimoire before but the format didn't work for me.  I had it all at first in a traveler's notebook, which while so beautiful looking, didn't allow me to add pages where I wanted them.  I wanted something prettier than just a binder and I couldn't stand the idea of just a plain three ring binder!  The Classic Happy planner is the perfect page size for this.

Be sure to follow my playlist over on YouTube where I show you how I use my Happy Grimoire.  There are already a few videos on a few different pages!

Do you keep a book of shadows? Do you keep a book of prayers or affirmations?  How do you study your faith?

xoxo, Moe

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