Starting a Listing Journal

One thing I've really, really wanted to start and complete is a creative journal.  I've tried to create art journals in the past and I've also participated in the 30 Days of Lists challenges...but I've never committed and completed a project like this.  I never felt I was able to and recently I think I've figured out why - I didn't start out with intention.  Prior to now, I've sort of just said 'I want to do this' and I've done it.  But for some projects....this isn't the best approach.
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A creative journal filled with ephemera, decor, and just a place to paste things I like would seem like a project where when the inspiration takes you..you go with it.  But for me it never worked out.  Finally I had the idea that I need to plan out what I was going to do.  To give myself resources to pull from, and to have an intention when it came to working on this project.
So I put together some ephemera, some journaling cards, and some paper scraps into on of my vintage train cases so that I would have everything I would need in one spot.  This has helped so much with my planning - having one thing with all the things so I  know where the things are - so I thought it would translate well into this project.  I love that I can just crack open my case and play, then pack it all away.
Eventually I will do a video about the supplies in my train case but for now the images above sort of sum it it.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that.  It has been fun to work on this project and I can't wait to share with you some of my lists and pages on Instagram!  I am journaling in a mini notebook I made using the MAMBI Happy Planner Punch and I've slipped the back cover into a Traveler's Notebook from Webster's Pages.  I love this set up because I don't have to commit to a bound notebook but I can have the feel of a Traveler's Notebook. 

If you would like to follow along as well (or you're just looking for fun listing prompts) I've put together a PDF and a Silhouette file so that you can list along with me.  Download them both at the link above.  Remember, all printables on the blog are for personal use only.  Please do not sell the design or the printed images, or distribute them in mass quantities.  If you would like to share this with your friends or pin to a Pinterest board, please pin this blog post and not the digital file.  Thanks for playing nice!

Hope you'll follow along!

xoxo, Moe


Free Planner Stickers // Cricut Ready Coffee Cups

Hello everyone!! I've been feeling a bit blah lately when it comes to blogging.  Part of it is because I've been busy in my life outside of blogging and YouTube (but you can always keep up with me on Instagram).  In fact, this coming Monday I have a root canal appointment.  Yikes!!! And to tell you the truth I'm a lot bit nervous!  I've only had one cavity filled before when I was younger....but somehow my tooth got angry at me.  I also think I'm developing another cavity.  I know that is so gross.....and I don't understand because I brush religiously and I even floss!! So I don't know what is going on....
this post contains affiliate links, please read my full disclosure here.

But that isn't what this post is about.  This post is about how I'm going to start making Cricut friendly planner stickers.  I love my Cricut Explore for paper crafting but it isn't my favorite for sticker making.  In Cricut Design Space you can't create an offset, the print area is very small (from a PC), and you can't control the bleed.  This has led me to use another program called Inkscape to design stickers to cut with my Cricut Explore and now I can use my machine to is max for planner accessories!  I've finally become a little bit more proficient in this program so I'm going to start offering some free printable stickers designed exclusively for the Cricut Explore.  These will be PNG files that require little clean up in Cricut Design Space.


I've added a line of branding text that you can erase for easy cutting with your Cricut Explore, but remember that all of the printables here on the blog are for personal use only.  If you're down for a free download, click the link above.  If you have a Silhouette and would like to use these stickers you totally can - you'll just need to use the trace feature to add cut lines.  I have a video tutorial on using a PNG with you Silhouette software here - just follow the part after creating the image in Inkscape, and you'll be good.

**I've updated the download to have a PDF file included as well**

If you want some more Cricut Explore tips check out my channel playlist here and more posts on the blog here.

This is the first post of many, but if you're looking for more Cricut friendly stickers, click here.

Happy Friday!!

xoxo, Moe


Make it Monday // DIY Shaped Paper Clips

I am suddenly all about that paper clip life.  And if you're into collecting any and all planning supplies, you'll know that there is absolutely no way you can afford to buy every shaped paper clip you see.  No way, you'd be totally broke.
 So I sat down to see if I could make a few of my own and wanted to share some tips and a how-to so you could attempt to make your own!

Supplies :: 16 or 18 gauge crafting wire, rounded needle nose pliers, wire cutters, flat needle nose pliers, pencil, sketchbook, reference images

First, look up some shaped paper clip images.  I did a Google Image search for shaped paper clips to get some inspiration.  A lot of paper clip shapes you'll find will be very intricate and very small.  I found it very hard to make average size papers clips - mine turned out huge! - but I'm sure with more practice the shapes can be scaled down.
 From your inspiration images, begin to sketch out the shapes.  It helps to visualize the wire as a line with a start and end point.  This should help you sketch out your ideas and work them into wire if you keep this in mind.  Rather than trying to visualize the clip as a whole, visualize the turns and bends as if it were a line on a page.  The sketching portion helps with this.
 Next, pull off a good length of wire.  You can keep it attached to the spool or coil or trim it - just make sure you trim enough off.  If you think you have enough....pull off a little more.

Begin to shape your wire using the pliers.  Keep the visualization of the wire as a line and reference your sketches.  Work similar to the way you drew your inspiration sketches.....this is one continuous line.
 Trial and error is a big thing here.  You may find that some shapes are harder than others so try starting at different ends or adapting your shape to something you're capable of doing.
 Once you've finished your shape, trim the excess wire and keep creating more!  I found that a variety of colors of wire kept this project interesting and less frustrating if I could change up what I was looking at every so often.

Depending on the stiffness of your wire, these clips may not be the best for actually clipping paper.....they may lend themselves better to being embellishments. 

Hope this little project was inspiring and helpful for your planner decorating needs!!

Do you have a planner accessory addiction?  What is an accessory you can't live with out?

xoxo, Moe


App Review // Hipstamatic - Best Analog Camera App for Summer

I've go an oldie but a goodie type of app to recommend to you today - Hipstamatic.  This is an app I mentioned last in 2012 but originally mentioned in 2011 when I got my iPhone 4!  I'm coming back to it today because it is a fun app for taking summer photos.  I  initially want to share with you the disposable camera app made by the same company but I believe that has become unsupported by now.  I opened it and it kept crashing!  Hipstamatic can give you that disposable camera feel with out the actual camera.  
Since I hadn't used this app since about 2012 I was pleasantly surprised to open it and find some awesome things that I didn't remember existing way back when I had an iPhone 4!!

What it is
Make your photos as beautiful as your life and become part of the world’s most creative community, exclusively on iPhone. Sorry, not sorry, Android users.
taken from the iPhone App Store here.
What it does
I love this app!!  First off there is a Pro Mode (unlike the original where you had to use it's toy camera like view finder) where the photo takes up the majority of the screen.  This does take the fun out of the toy camera aspect but if you're into better composing your shots, this helps a lot.  With this Pro Mode you can control shutter speed, manual focus, ISO, white balance, etc.  This is great for capturing the perfect shot.
If your down for more of a disposable camera feel, turn on the shuffle feature to have the app shuffle through all available lenses, filters, and films to create a instant photo with a disposable feel.  The thing I loved about that disposable app is that you din't know what you had until you 'developed' your camera.  With Hipstamatic you don't see a live version of the filter that will be applied - only when the print is developed (or sent to your camera roll) does it show you the effect.  The shuffle feature is great for getting some fun, random shots.
Additionally, Hipstamatic saves the original shot so that if you don't like the filter applied you are able to change it later!  This is great for those that like just a little bit of control over the shots they take.  And you're not stuck to the 1:1 ratio - you can shoot in any ration you'd like...even 16:9 for a YouTube thumbnail

This app is super fun!

Why it helps you
If you're down for having an analog touch to your summer - this app is perfect for you!  It is no fuss - no overlaying of filters, picking the perfect one, deciding on the right effect - just point, shoot, go.  This takes the editing out of shooting as you go.  The photo below was a happy accident...and I love it.  
The camera quality on our phones now is amazing.  I have an iPhone 6s and love the quality of video and of photos.  The versatility of this app can really help you take the perfect summer shot and share with your followers!  If you're a blogger or Instagramer this is a perfect way to share some old fashioned fun online.

Check out some other apps with an analog look that I love - Lo-Mob (last updated in 2013, so compatibility issues may come up), & 8mm video (last updated in 2014, so there may be compatibility issues).  And read more iPhoneography posts here (be sure to go farther back to find these apps mentioned).

Any fun analog apps to recommend?  Any others that are your faves?

xoxo, Moe


Make it Monday // DIY Stamped Habit Tracker

This has been a few planner DIY posts in a row - but currently I'm on vacation and this is the only back up I have!! I've been loving being creative with my stamps!  And if you haven't seen the new Studio G stamps in the dollar section of Michael's you need to get there super quick and snatch em up!  This is a great way to use stamps in your planner with out having to pull them out each week to plan.  I love the idea of a mass stamping session then using them all up.

Supplies// Studio G stamps (or these from Studio l2e work great too), Avery 8167 (or equivalent) labels, paper trimmer, alcohol markers, planner stencil (learn to make one here), assorted other stamps, acrylic block, stamp ink
Use the paper trimmer to cut the labels apart and trim to 1.5 inches.  As the labels are they are a bit too big (comparison above) to fit in your Erin Condren planner.  These may be the perfect size for other planners so if you chose not to cut them that is ok as well.  These labels have a few black lines at the edge of the page.  If you line those up and trim that section off it is easier to trim each column to 1.5 inches.
Next color the column with your alcohol markers.  These markers are great because they create one solid color across the column instead of showing a darker overlap where you may overlap the color.  These markers actually came from TJ Maxx so there were more affordable.

The Studio G stamps have a set of letters for the days of the week that are perfect for this DIY. Align the stamps on the acrylic block, ink it up, and stamp at the bottom of each sticker.  Continue for all columns.
Use the planner stencil (or another rectangle stamp) to add the box to write your habit in...or use another stamp from your collection to create your own habits.  I love my Marion Smith stamps for a social media tracker (unfortunately I don't think these are available any more).

Now you can have the look of stamps with out having to pull them out every week!

Have a happy 4th everyone!