Wedding Plans Part 2

Here comes the bride! 
My room mate wanted to make her own garter - one to throw & one to keep - so we headed down to Joann's Fabric & picked up some lace, blue ribbon, and little charms.

Then when we got home, Katie had a huge surprise.
Her grandmothers old sewing machine!!!


After a few experiments, we got it all together!

It was a fun time! We also made the wrist elastics for the corsages. Woo Hoo!!
Wedding Plans! 
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Tea & Coffee

I really, really love tea & coffee.
like, REALLY REALLY love it.

Since I've started my new job, I have to get up at the same time every morning so its nice to have a caffeinated drink to sip on while getting ready or driving to work.

I've been looking for new tea & coffee recipes and even found this great collection of making your own Starbucks drinks at home....to bad I can't find it any more! :(

Here are some more ideas

I also love collecting mugs and I can't wait to put my collection with my room mate's collection.

Have you seen Victoria's mug collection at Be One of a Kind?
I love them all! 
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Dorm Dec Wednesday: Engagement Party Inspiration Board

Recently my room mate got engaged.  Hoooooorrraaayyyy!!!!!!!
I have been asked to be the maid of honor & boy am I excited.
Since the wedding date is going to approach fast - less that 3 months actually - I am planning an engagement party.
a FIESTA! engagement party at our new place!
We have the perfect sized back yard for this & I can't wait
this isn't going to be your everyday fiesta though....it's a hip fiesta :)

-Backyard Engagement Fiesta-

one: reds, blues, oranges, yellows - perfect fiesta colors

two & three: margaritas like there's no tomorrow - pitchers & glasses
bride & groom-to-be cactus margarita glasses
a carafe filled with margs on the rocks
guests will drink from salt rimmed mason jars 
(I'll be emptying a lot of sauce jars in the next few months!)

four: tablescape inspiration -
Sewn together streamers, streamers on serving ware

five: my new fiestaware inspired dishes will be mini serving trays on our

six: wicker baskets for napkins, cutlery, chips, etc 
+ handmade party favors 

- More Inspiration -

- handmade paper wall medallions for the fence
- festive citronella candles & lanterns
- airplane bottles of tequila favors for guests

- Budget -
money I'd gladly spend for my best friend!

Are you throwing any get togethers this summer?
Do you have any tips for a new maid of honor?

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More from my Camera

So when I've had time I've been messing around with my camera 
to learn how to use it better.
The other day I was trying to take inside shots & they all came out orange and horrible.
So I started messing around with some buttons.
I should have known this, but I didn't - changing the ISO helps as well as changing what the lighting is.
So, after I set my ISO to 1600 I started playing with the light settings
I went from, sunny, shade, cloudy, tungsten, florescent, etc. & boy that was a help!

As you can see, it changes a lot.
I am so glad I am getting the hang of this :)

Have you been trying to teach yourself something?
How did you learn to use your camera?
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Things to add to my Thrift List

So, we've finally settled on a place to live, I have the prospect of a new job,
 & I can't wait for things to just smooth out
(please send positive job thoughts my way today!)

I've been thinking of some new things to add to my thrift list since we might go out thrifting today:

- large mirror

I really want a big one to lean to the wall on top of my dresser.

- alarm clock

- rake head

Isn't this the greatest?? I know a junk shop back at school that had everything related to old tools like this. I really hope I can find an awesome little shop in my new town!
I still haven't found a great thrift shop yet....but it's my quest!

- storage baskets

You know, cuz you can never store enough things!

- assorted tins

I really want a little place on my dresser with a tray & some candles, right in front of the mirror.
It will look so cute, right? 

I just can't wait to be settled.
What are you looking to thrift?
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Wedding Plans Part 1

So I came home the other day to a coffee table riddled with boutonnieres & corsages.
My room mate was busy making things for her wedding:

Then the next day we started making the her bouquet & my bouquet
- yay maid of honor title!! - 

The corsages are the sweetest things!
Our bouquets are gorgeous!
We are using her mornings off to the fullest extent!

I am so glad this is a handmade wedding.  So great!

Now I have to get started on my other friend's Head piece! 
woo hoo weddings!!!

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Bottle Collections

I have always loved collecting - it's true - and I especially love bottle collections.
You may remember this post where I mentioned
an old room mate who's aunt collected bottles she found on the beach.
Some of the clear ones, over time, turned lavender.
So beautiful.

I bought a bottle of sparkling water the other day just because I love sparkling water
Then I realized that the bottle was really cool looking.
So here is the first bottle in my bottle collection. 
I probably want about 4 or 5 more to add to it. 
I am hoping they aren't all green, I just want some interesting shapes.

Here are some collections I love

What have you been up to lately? 
I've been trying to keep up with all my blog projects but so far its been so bad!
I've been busy with apartment hunting, job hunting, and just plain 'ol work.
I can't wait to settle down.
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