Tempted Tuesdays: Jewelery Boxes

If it isn't evident by now I love the Urban Outfitters company.  I love Free People, I love Urban Outfitters, & I really love Anthropologie.  I think I identify with this company because my style changes depending on my mood.  Free People caters to a style that is really earthy, country, & rural (yet chic), Urban Outfitters caters to a style that is more grungy & metropolitan, finally Anthropologie caters to a more feminine, cool, & sophisticated style.

This weeks Tempted Tuesday is from the latter.  Two Anthropologie jewelery boxes that are worth the buy but are also a great inspiration to DIY:

These two boxes found here & here are gorgeous! I love the detail & the femininity of the boxes.

Here's my idea for DIY:
For the first (Blizzard' Bounty Jewelry Box) I'd love to reuse some old denim fabric from some jeans.  I'd cut them into strips about 2" wide, make a running stitch & gather up the fabric. Then, I'd recover the box, padding the top, & sew on the frilly do dads I made with the fabric.  Heck, you could even hot glue them!

For the second (Pearl Essence Jewelry Box) I'd reuse an old sequined top from the thrift store! Find a top with some funky beading & use it to recover the top.  Slip some padding under it for a little cushion, remove some of the beads from the sides where the box would close, & secure.

Both of these are so cute & would look great personalized.  Anthropologie has some wonderful stuff!!

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