Sum Up Sundays: Happy Halloween!!

This past week, this post in fact, I was trying to decide how to decorate or carve my pumpkin.  Well I finally decided on a flower image I found online.  Then, while I was in class on Wednesday, one of my friends told me that she used here linoleum carving tool to shave off the outer orange layer to make it glow a bit.  So I stole that idea.  Here are the pictures:

all of ours together: an owl, batman, headless horseman, flower, & princess peach

We entered a costume contest on Saturday night.  We won of course. We went as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser & a star (I was the star & also taking pictures...so I am in very few of them)

Bowser costume

on our way to the next adventure.  We turned a lot of heads & one guy even came out of Moe's & applauded .

Here is Peach & Bowser Dancing.....about an hour or so before we won.

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone gets lots of treats!!

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DIY Inspiration

I really want to try to replicate these great lamps from Free People:

via here

Luckily they have a tutorial/explanation here.

I also love the idea of framing your jewelry:

via here

And aren't these lights great too?

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Fan Fridays: Frames

Recently I grabbed some frames to frame some post cards my friend grabbed me from a fair.  I grabbed them (well, bought them) from the Dollar Tree.  Unfortunately they were very plain. Fortunately, I am an artist & I think I know how to paint a frame. ;)

I realized I hadn't browsed through Apartment Therapy in a while so I looked for some cool frame ideas in their past posts.  Here are some cool things I found:

While I think I will still need the keys to my parents' house after I graduate, this is a great idea to document my journey as I move from apartment to apartment in my post graduation years.
Perhaps I'll do a rubbing of my key to my apartment this year, since I can't keep the key. I have to turn it in at the end of the year.

The leaf is sandwiched between panes of glass & rubber bands hold it together on all four sides.
This would be super cool with big panes of stained glass as the back drop. 
 Man do I have a load of stained glass after my stained glass class last year.

This is cool. If you find some of these at thrift stores thats great but AT said they got theirs from Ikea.
I imagine, though don't quote me, that those cheap-o hangers you get from department stores that hold pants could be spray painted bright colors & may look like something pretty cool.  Like I said, don't quote me, I haven't tried it.
Also, look at that yellow tray.  That could easily be a recycled frame spray painted yellow.

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I Love Dresses

There is one thing that I will always pick up where ever I go: A dress.

I love dresses & skirts & my closet is full of them.  While checking my blog updates today, I ran across this post on Smile and Wave about an etsy shop celebrating its 1000th sale.  Thats right 1000! If only I could get to 1000!

I popped over to the shop (Poor Pitiful Pearl) & found this gorgeous dress.  Too bad I am not a size small or I would buy it.  I am half tempted to buy it & make my sister wear it!

Go check out the shop & really cool blog!  Another great thing is that 10% of profits go to Casa Hogar Orphanage.  A shop with a cause!

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Visual Display Blog

So everyone knows about my love affair with Urban Outfitters & all their stores (Anthropologie & Free People) but I just found a great blog that is about the visual display of some of those stores.

via here
If you don't want a too personal blog post, I recommend skipping this next paragraph:

Recently I've been exploring the option of staying in school (sort of) after I graduate.  I was thinking about doing an artist residency or a work study program where I would continue my studies in art & learn & perfect certain techniques.  Originally, probably about 3 months ago, I wanted (and still want) to go into visual display for stores after I graduated.  I love the idea of having a steady job in a creative field, having a job that would actually mean something for my degree, & most of all having a place of my own.  I am sick of living in a dorm or campus apartment.  I want a place I can call my own & most of all, I want my own creative space.  I want this creative space so (1) I am able to have my own place to work, keep everything there, & am able to dabble in everything I am interested it & (2) Can finally live by myself, decorate how I want, & call it my own.  I told myself that I would be able to create art & explore my interests while I was working.  But now I am thinking if I got a job I'd not be able to devote time to my art & thus it would get put to the back.  I don't want to fall into a routine of work, sleep, work, sleep & end up doing so few things with my life but on the flipside I don't want the rigidity of school where I'd have to do exactly what was asked of me.  I am thinking that I will end up working then end up saying "ahhh, this isn't what I want to do! I don't have time to make!" then I'll go back to school.  I am interested in ceramics, in paper, & in crafting & want to have a space to explore it all.  I've gone to a few conferences in the ceramics & paper making field and love seeing the students who are in school continuing their work but I also love artists who have a "day job". The point of this paragraph is say that I am really stuck in a rut!  I am being pulled two ways & really equally as well!  I just stumbled upon that visual display blog & fell even more in love with the idea of getting involved in that.

Another of my favorite quotes is:

when faced with two choices, simply toss a coin.
 it works not because it settle the question for you but 
because, in that brief moment when the coin is in the air, 
you suddlenly know what you are hoping for

I'd do this...but I am not ready to know which one I am hoping for & I don't know if I'd like that as the outcome.

via here

Any way, advice would be appreciated.  What should I do?  Should I pursue both as if I could do both at the same time?

Ok, now on with the new awesome blog I found.  While stumbling around on the blogs I follow I found Ruthi Auda who, from what I gather, does visual display for an Anthropologie store.  How cool is that? This blog has renewed my hope for joining a team like this.  I love retail, I love customer service, & I love sales! I love being about to influence the buyer especially in visual display.  This is such a key part because it helps the customer see the items in his or her own home!

Please go check it out! Gather some great inspiration.

Also, I think I am getting sick! Thanks for sticking through this post even if you just looked at the pictures!

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Neat DIY Recycle Project: Tic Tac Vase

I recently found the blog Paper n Stitch.  This blog is super cute!

I fell in love with this little tutorial to turn old tic tac containers into cute vases.  I imagine there are a ton of uses for this plastic containers.  I've been on a kick of recycling some of the containers I find.

Here is the final product

Check out the tutorial here.  And don't forget to check out the blog too!

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Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Halloween Decor, Part Four

Trick or Treat! It's only less than a week away & it's funny how we prepare for this one night of mischief, mayhem, & candy!

Let's be honest, as much as I love the decor, I love the Spirit of Halloween more.  In fact, our annual family pumpkin carving is happening tonight.

Here's a picture of the first annual pumpkin carving:

one of my absolute BEST friends ever, Amanda, as we carved pumpkins in our room when we were sophomores.  She was the very first friend I made in college.

I thought I'd find some templates I may use on my pumpkin this year.  

I think it would be a great party decoration to use pumpkins to carve your address number.  That way  party goers can find your house among the other on the darkest of nights. Here's how I'd do it:

Supplies: Enough pumpkins for your address numbers, 
computer, printer & paper, marker/pen, 
pumpkin carving tools, a lawn, & some time
  1. Find a few pumpkins that seem sort of the same & fit well together.  Measure the 'carvable area' as we'll call it.  That is the biggest area on the pumpkin, where you'd normally carve a face, etc.
  2. On you computer in a word processor (I'd use Word or MS Publisher) find a font that is easy to carve.  I'd say a good san serif or a font that is thicker is better.  If it's too intricate you can't carve it & if it has to many little doo dads, you probably will break something you don't want to.
  3. Fit each number, one number per page, to the size you measured on your pumpkin.  Either print it out to test it or use the ruler guides in the program.
  4. Print out the numbers & cut out the number.  Place the number on the pumpkin & trace it. 
  5. Use your trusty tools to carve that sucker out of there! Put in some flameless battery operated candles in there & set on the porch or lawn.
  6. Do the same thing for initials.  That would be great for a wedding! 

Here are some fun templates:

look at this great faux bois pumpkin
Draw your own pattern or search faux bois in google to grab some inspiration

How about the Facebook Logo?  Speaking of Facebook, why don't you fan With Love, Crochet?

How about a floral pattern or chair from HGTV?

or use sharpies or paint to decorate your pumpkin.  These metallic sharpies look great on white pumpkins.  As seen on Paper n Stitch

Needless to say, I can not wait to carve pumpkins!!  Happy Halloween everyone!

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Hat Giveaway!

So you should definitely check out a giveaway going on over at Mama's Fantabulous Giveaways!

You know who's giving away stuff???

Isn't that great!!

Pop over for the chance to win a Caroline Green Hat like this one from With Love, Crochet:

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Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Our Decorations

I recently bought orange & purple lights from the drug store since they were on sale.  This past Saturday, while procrastinating, my room mate & I decided to bust out some more decorations.  It started off innocently.....then some things that shouldn't have been decorated were & then the decorations got decorated.

Here are the pictures:

Herbert the Halloween Hipster

1. cut a mustache shape from a piece of felt.  (all I had was orange.....)
2. put a piece of scotch tape on the back of it.
3. tape it to the nose region of your skeleton
4. find some glasses & slap 'em on.  Put tape on them if they won't stay
5. marvel at the irony :)

Pretty much, my bike is staying in that corner for a bit since it's decorated with lights.  I think the skeleton hanging there is a bit creepy...but we put him there & that's where he's staying.

Too much? :) :) :) Happy Halloween!

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Make It Mondays: Little Decoration

This week I am headed to a conference but I am hoping I can squeeze in a few little things to make/work on before I leave (or on the trip).

Last week I posted this tutorial from Free People for elbow patches on a cardigan:

I am going to make two I think.  I have an awesome yellow cardigan that doesn't quite fit right that I think I am going to embellish with the elbow patches and perhaps some embroidery on the front of my own design.  I might add it to the shop....hmm....who knows....

Secondly, I like to work on a pair of legwarmers.  I have a pair in purple (some where) but every time I make them I feel like they look weird.  I know its pretty much a tube, but somehow I just think they look weird on me.  

I love these from Lion Brand (login required, but its freee!)

But this pattern on Crochet Mama's blog seems a lot simpler & easier to tackle while I am so busy.  I need to find a way to work on my crochet with me while on campus.  I don't ever have free time, but I feel like time during a wait for class is a good use for it. But usually, because I value sleep, I get to class right on time.  Perhaps I'll hang around work for a bit (if I don't have other things to do) after I am done & work on some stuff.  Just to set aside some time.

Anything you are working on this week??

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Sum Up Sundays: Some New Jewelry

Being a super busy person, I took a break for a bit yesterday & created some jewelry.  My friend Meg is a jewelry student & though I can't cast rings & stuff, I was inspired by her bead & wire jewelery.  She showed me her collection of wire & interesting beads.  I thought I'd bust out my bead collection & see if I could do some stash busting.  Here's what happened:

The result was a couple necklaces & bracelets.  I used paper beads, crochet thread, glass beads, enameled pendants, copper tubing, gold toned charms & silver chain.  I love them all :) :) :)

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Some Loot & a Thank You, too

I mentioned this over on Cross My Hooks but recently I won a giveaway over on Jenfunique!

Here's what I won:

I was almost late for work this morning so I haven't put on any make up!

And here's the rest! Another headband, a great ring, & a green bow clip :) :)

I love it all!!! Please check out her blog & her store.  Some great stuff over there :)

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Fan Fridays: Ghost Whisperere

Recently I've fallen in love with the show Ghost Whisperer.  I think I love it because it combines my love of the paranormal & ghosts with an antique store & gorgeous clothing.  Though the episodes can be rather odd, I love Melinda Gordon's (Jennifer Love Hewitt) little antique shop in a small town called Grandview.  I would love to own a little store with antiques & handmade little bitties. Ahhhhhh....I hope one day I can make that dream a reality.

For right now, lets focus on some romantic clothing inspired by the show:

This set I fount on Polyvore is great to discribe the femininity that is Ghost Whisperer.  Here are some of my picks from Etsy:

  1. This blue & lacey slip dress from Vintage Opulence is just to die for.  Do you see that color? The shape? So beautiful!
  2. In Amour sans Anguish's shop I've fallen in love with this veiled dress.  I love the neckline.  A great use of lace & color!
  3. A crocheted shawl from Call Me Mimi is perfect in its muted tones of green & burgundy.  Antique Rose is a fitting name for this beauty.
  4. A great Cutaway Corset Jacket from Darkest Dreams is perfect to make these shapes & colors perfect for fall.  In fact, in the episodes that are more into fall & winter Melinda wears a lot of dark colors.  I love the shape & collar of this jacket.
  5. Finally, this Kimono Dress from River of Romansk has a beautiful airy feel. I love the pattern!
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Tempted Tuesday: A Late DIY

So I've mentioned my love of Free People about a gazillion times on this blog.  Almost every Wednesday, the blogging team posts a Weds-diy.  This week, I couldn't resist reposting a tutorial.

Have you seen the sweaters/jackets with the patches on the elbows? Well thats exactly the inspiration for this tutorial over on the Free People blog.

Gather these simple supplies: needle, thread, safety pins, scissors, spare fabric, an oval shape (the sticker) & your sweater. Now follow these steps and create an awesome new sweater!

here's the cardigan I am going to use & the scrap fabric I have (that I adore!)

I can't wait!

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Fan Fridays: Claire's

i mentioned earlier this week on Cross My Hooks my love for Claire's & their new style blog.  Apparently it's been around for about 2 months.  I must say I nearly peed my pants over this.  I love Claire's & I loved (still love) being a part of the team.  I know it may sound kinda of dumb but I really felt like a role model for girls that came in to the store.  I love helping them find the perfect accessory or snatching up a hot style.  But what I really loved was seeing all the accessories! I love jewelry & make up.  And I love helping others.  Perfect fit, eh?

Here's my fan faves for this Friday from Claire's:

Hairbow Headband (perfect for halloween!) @ $7.50

(perfect for campus wear!)

Now if you are looking for a new wallpaper for your desktop.  I suggest checking out icing.com.  This is the website for Icing by Claire's stores.  I love their room decor!  Check the desktop wall papers here.  I am downloading this one.

If there is one thing I love equally (if not more) than Urban it's Claire's!

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Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Halloween Decor, Part Two

Yay! It's finally October!  We just had our Oktoberfest celebration here at school & boy was it a pumped up time!

Now that it  is  October, I don't feel so weird about posting stuff about Halloween! This isn't going to be a decor post even though it's Dorm Dec Wed it is going to be a post about a few costumes. Hey, I am stretching the idea of decor as far as I can, ok?  Here's what is going down in my side of town as far as costumes go.

I am going to be Amelia Erhart for Halloween.  Here's what I plan to use from my closet:


  1. A leather jacket. I got one from Target years ago.
  2. Pair of light wash or gray jeans
  3. Scarf tied & tucked like an ascot
  4. Boots.  Mine are a bit taller than this
  5. Aviator cap.  This makes the outfit work.  Why do I have an aviator cap? I saw it at a Halloween shop & had to have it. I also have really short hair, so that works for the costume too!
My roommate is going as Princess Peach. Here's what you can find from your closet:


  1. Poofy pink skirt/tutu.  You can find them at Claire's, a Halloween shop, or a fabric store.  Make sure you wear pink shorts under it.  Some one may see into your magic castle.
  2. A pink cardigan.  Even a pink tee will work! It just might be chilly in Mario World.
  3. Cheap-o crown.  Again, check Claire's or a Halloween shop. Or perhaps your little sister (or yourself) has one.
  4. Gloves.  Cheap-o at a Halloween shop or you might have some from an old costume.  I have some from when I was a "Hollywood Starlet" one year.  What the heck that is, I am not sure.
  5. Teal/turquois earrings. Old, borrowed, or blue would work.
What are you doing for Halloween?

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Tempted Tuesdays: Tapestries

I love tapestries.  Sometimes they can be over powering (like the way I have the one in my room, I need to change it) but sometimes they can be used great! I love them hanging on walls OR draped on beds.  Lets go back to my love affair with Urban Outfitters & look at some of their great tapestries:

  1. This is the Tree of Life Tapestry.  I actually have this one awkwardly hanging on one of my walls.  I got it at a sale here at school & not at Urban, the one at Urban is pretty big! 
  2. The Perching Birds Tapestry is perfect for a bedspread
The whole point of this post is to come up with ways to use tapestries with out it looking like your college dorm.  I have to admit, I am a little ashamed of the large one hanging on my wall...but hey, I love the design.  


Make It Mondays: Number Decor

I am sure you've seen the decor that's all the rage now involving numbers.  Usually they are prints or actual cut outs of letters & numbers.

I have some extra/leftover canvas' that I haven't painted on yet.  This week I hope to get some painted.  Here are some sketches I mocked up on the computer.  I will post the template in black & white too!

I love these colors.  I am sure I will play around with the sizes but I know it will look great in our entry way!

I love the font of the 7 & 6, the 3 is a bit more girly.  We'll see how they look together when I am done.

Here are the templates: three seven six
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