Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Pillows

Keeping with the Anthropologie posts, I thought I'd feature some really awesome pillows that are great to buy but are inspiration for DIY.

I love patchwork. I have a quilt on my bed (not handmade unfortunately), I love patchwork blankets, & have asked my grandmother to hand down a quilt I've slept under nearly every time I've visited.

  1. The first, the Bella Bolster is great for an entry way chair or love seat.  I can see it on a wicker set (which I'd love to have my mothers wicker set, She keeps it though I am sure she despises it!)  Also, is wicker still in? Do people still use/buy it? 
  2. Second, the Yoruba Pillow is a great accent to the Bella Bolster. I'd pair them both on a chair in the entry way!
  3. This Fringy Fronds pillow I see on a comfy chair in the corner of a master bedroom.  Great way to add color & detail!

If you are an avid quilter I think you can tackle this! I however am not, and hope I am correct in assuming that some of these are simple quilting techniques.  I've watched a few people quilt & I find it super interesting.  I tried to sew a dress once & didn't finish.  All I have to do is hem it! Just hem it! And I gave up.  Perhaps I'll get back to it one day.

Have you quilted anything like this? Or just sewn a patchwork pillow?

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