Top Spiritual Practices the Modern Babe Should Get Behind

Over the last few years I've taken it upon myself to develop a spiritual practice.  It's been a priority of mine to dive deeper into my authenticity and outline exactly what I believe & why I believe it.  In fact, I used to not like the term spiritual or spirituality because it leaned too close to religious for my liking.  But as I've grown through a few things in the last year or so I've realized that personal development and spirituality have become almost synonymous for me.  My personal development has been enhanced by my understanding of many woo woo things.

Today I want to share with you three spiritual practices that the modern, self reflective babe should get behind, but I've also got something else to add:
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First things first - the idea of spirituality, witchcraft, crystals, yoga, chakras, herbs, etc is nothing new.  In fact a lot of the things we're doing belonged to people long before we got here, long before we discovered them, and long before we decided they were something to make money from.  So, while you're walking down your own spiritual path be sure that you're not taking other's practices as your own.  A lot of these things do not belong to us.  There is the quick assumption in the new age community that we are entitled to everything when in fact a lot of the practices we are embracing as our own come from groups of people punished for their beliefs, denied their ancestral heritage, and now monopolized on because it is 'cool'Witchcraft is cool is not the vibe we're going for here.  Honest personal development, education, reverence, and activism need to be a part of your spiritual path as well. Similar things we openly practice because they are hip now have been annihilated by colonialism. forced assimilation, and generations of practicing in the dark with sacred ritual dying with the last individual of a certain group. You can read a bit more on my thoughts here in my post titled Cultural Appropriation in my Communities.

With that being said, I still think if you're approaching these few things I list below with honesty, authenticity, reverence, and an open mind your life will be changed.  You can embrace mindfulness and enhance your overall wellness by practicing these things & focusing on your personal development.  So, let's get into it....

Diffusing Essential Oils

Essential oils have the power to enhance our overall well being through the way not only scent interacts with our limbic system, but also how their chemical properties can affect our surroundings.  Scent is one of our most powerful senses and working with essential oils can allow us to enhance our emotional balance.  DoTERRA has a whole Emotional Aromatherapy line to start with but I started with the Balance blend to help me feel grounded and focused during meditation.  

Certain essential oils can help us bring in emotions we'd like to feel & counteract emotions we don't want to feel.  Developing this connection can help us to feel more emotionally balanced as we move through our days.  Read more about creating your own diffuser blends in this post.

Reading Tarot for Personal Guidance

My relationship with the Tarot is that the cards are a mirror.  Reading Tarot, for me, doesn't involve any psychic abilities....it is merely a tool to reflect back to me what I may already know and dive deeper into the solutions.  Reading Tarot for yourself can be a way to understand yourself, situations, and your actions regarding those situations.  I think the Tarot and other oracle or affirmation cards (here are some of my favorite decks) can reveal to us what we may not consciously know or confront us with the things we do know but that we have chosen to ignore.

I talk here about how to combine tarot, oracle, and affirmation cards in a reading to get a well rounded message.  You can download a free set of affirmation cards here!

Meditating with Crystals

Just like essential oils certain crystals have certain attributes that can help us with our well being.  Choosing a crystal (much like choosing and essential oil) that fits the emotions you'd like to bring in or the emotions you'd like to counteract can enhance our meditation.  There are also certain crystal journeying meditations that I love to do to explore not only the depths of my mind & imagination but to tap into the meaning of the crystal.  Angel aura quartz is one of the most fascinating crystals for me to meditate with!

This is another way to develop not only your intuition but your visual and emotional libraries.  You'll know which crystals and attributes you connect with and which ones that may be too much for you.  Carnelian is a crystal that I can't connect with in a way that is positive.  It makes me fiery, feisty, and angry....not what I'm going for in my daily life!

If you're a modern babe who'd like to learn more about herself & her spiritually, these three things can really get you started on the right track.  Personal development is something only you can be responsible for so make sure you're doing it responsibly by honoring where certain acts, practices, and rituals come from.

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How do you honor yourself & your practices?  In what way do you connect with your spirituality?

xoxo, Moe


Holiday Gift Guide for the Woo Woo Woman

Personal and spiritual development has been an important part of my life this year.  Connecting in with my authentic self comes from a devotion to myself that I've found through various woo woo items & practices.  So today let's do an amazing little gift guide on the perfect gifts for the Woo Woo Woman in your life, shall we?
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I can't wait to share this with you because I love the thought of women cheering on other women to be the best they can be.  Through sharing my personal development journey I have discovered so many awesome women and watched them grow!  Join all the fun over in the Live & Create Facebook group where we talk woo woo and work life creating a space for planner people, mindful makers, and lunar lovers to come together in support of each other. All I want in life is for others to realize they too can do it....whatever the it is!  Every accomplishment - big or small - that puts us on a path towards betterment is worth celebrating.  Ok... on to the guide

Tools for Introspection

One of the greatest ways to connect with yourself is through reflection.  Various tarot & oracle decks can help the querent with a little bit of self reflection.  I've got a whole guide to reading tarot here but you can also find some of my favorite tarot decks in this postI've also been loving the Journal Deck, featured above, as an added journal prompt for my self reflection.  There is even a new edition called the Goddess Deck that I want to get my hands on!
Starting Friday 11/23 until Monday 11/26  you can save 25% on the Journal Deck & site wide!  (no code needed!)

Woo Woo Storage

Every woo woo woman needs a place to keep her sacred instruments.  In this post on creating altars in shared spaces I talk a little bit about how creating a sacred space when you share a space with others can be difficult.  If your woo woo woman isn't able to go all out with her altar a little storage box may be just the answer.  I have one similar to this (pictured) but you may be able to find a box that more aligns with here beliefs or vibe better hereThese boxes can be great for keeping tarot or oracle cards as well.  Why not add in a few spell candles, essential oils, or the like so she can get the most out of it!

Quality Correspondences

In my personal spiritual path I use essential oils as a means of personal growth.  Different oils can have different correspondences - for example Lavender is the Oil of Communication & Calm, Rose is the Oil of Divine Love - and when working with these guys, quality is key.  Some of our woo woo sisters may use dried herbs in their practices while others may use incenseGive the gift of quality essential oils with the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils available from doTERRA Throw in some unscented incense sticks & a diffuser so that she can get all those positive intentions going for the new year!  Grab this book to so she can remember each emotional association.

A Place to Keep it All

An amazing way to organize all those woo woo thoughts is in a journal.  While I have a hard time keeping a consistent journal - I have commitment issues and I need a lot of structure! - I love the format of the traveler's notebook.  These guys feature small, bound inserts that make creating different sections in the journal super easy.  Plus there are ton of inserts available out there and you can even make your own easily!  Webster's Pages is my favorite brand because they are so affordable and because of the variety of colors.  This walnut one is gorgeous!

The journey towards self reflection is a great one where the only person you have to be better than is the person you were yesterday.  All of these tools can help you or the woo woo woman you love on her journey.  Feel free to grab the free Intro to the Tarot ebook below (it will be right in your inbox!) and print out a guide for you and your bestie.  Throw it in with your gift and she'll love it!

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Connecting with our intuition allows us to feel strength & confidence.  I can't wait to see what you give your friends this holiday season!

What woo woo gift would your recommend?  What gift would you like to receive?

xoxo, Moe

ps.  Don't forget to snatch up the Journal Deck here to fill up that traveler's notebook!


Boost your Blog // 6 Productive Things to do When You're Stuck

I took off the month of October to focus on enjoying life and being married...so when I tried to get back to the grind of blogging and creating other content I had a bit of a struggle.  Thought I've created a content calendar outline (click here if you want to read about my OG blog planner!) and that's helped me get back in my routine, sometimes I still feel a little stuck.  
this post contains affiliate links, please read my full disclosure here.
When I feel this way there are a few things I like to do to get my full mojo back.  I work with existing content I've created and I interact with content that I love hoping to spark inspiration within myself!  Sometimes I just need a little push.  So I hope that these 6 tips help you to get back into your groove:

Choose a hashtag. Like, Comment, Repeat

Whenever I want to find new creators to interact with I choose a hashtag that I use frequently and flip through some of the images under that hashtag on Instagram.  When I'm scrolling through I will like and comment - genuine comments not just the heart emoji! - and follow who I find inspiring.  I'll save some of their content to my inspiration folders & try to pin what I can.  That way I'm paying it forward for them!  Then I choose another hashtag and repeat!  Check out this post on how to authentically gain Instagram followers.

This helps me because I'm getting inspired and because some of the people I interact with pop over to my feed to give my content some love.  Sometimes I get a follow as well! But the goal is to interact and drive traffic to my content.

Automate Something

There is always something that can be automated - right now I'm contemplating automating my Instagram posting.  Automating something means you're taking the hassle out of a task that can now leave you time for something else.  One of the few things I've automated are pushing Instagram posts to my Facebook page, publishing blog posts & YouTube videos over to my Facebook page, and batch scheduling series posts for the Live & Create Facebook group.  I've also created automated emails through MailChimp that go out when you subscribe to certain lists. 

This helps me because I don't have to worry about a few mundane tasks that I always put off.  The biggest task I put off is batch posting to the Live & Create group so to be able to sit down and schedule posts right within Facebook saves me money and allows me to focus on other things that need to be done!  (Track you social media posting with these free printable stickers!)

Create Something Outside of your Online Space

If you're not finding inspiration with in your online space break out of it!  I have a few hobbies offline but even if I find myself wanting to make something just for me, I do it.  I haven't filmed a Plan with Me in ages because I just want to sit down with my planner, my tea, and Ancient Aliens in the background while I have some me time.  And that is ok!  Take a class over at a craft store or community center if you need a little push to get started.

This helps me because I connect back in with my creative self with out the pressure of perfection.  I don't need to take pictures, I don't need to share, I can just be myself.  When we create for ourselves we can focus on our true creativity.

Pin Content to Group Boards

Group Pinterest boards are a great way to get your content noticed by other bloggers & creators.  By finding & joining these boards you're able to get your content in front of other people interested in your niche.  You'll pin your content there, then you'll pin content from the group board to your boards.  Other members will do the same and their followers will see your content.  This is why creating Pinterest friendly images is important!  Consider creating multiple images as well!  You can watch an easy to follow tutorial on using Canva to create your blog images over on the YouTube channel and find an easy way to use PicMonkey for branding here.

This helps me because, again, I'm immersing myself in inspiration.  I'm sharing my content but I'm also finding content to share.  This is a great way to find things to share in your Facebook groups too! Plus I may find an article like this that sparks something in me!

Beef up an Old Blog Post

We all have some old blog posts that can use new graphics, monetization, updated links, restructuring, or new info so choose 5 posts and beef them up!  Add in a call to action, create a graphic to pin, add in some affiliate links/ads and then turn around and promote that blog post!  Repin it, share in on social media, send it out in a relevant newsletter, etc.  Do just a little to drive traffic to older but super awesome posts.

This helps me because I don't have to write a brand new post, I only have to beef one up.  I may also find inspiration to write a follow up post or create a series of posts related to that one.  I can also monetize something that I'm linking to in other posts to hopefully reap those benefits.

Research Hashtags

And let's go back to the hashtag - I have a love-hate relationship with hashtags.  They are great because they help people find your content but they are annoying because they are often misused and I don't know what to do with them!  I use the Preview app to find my hashtags but I'll also flip through Instagram to brainstorm more hashtags to use.  I also write down hashtags for the products I promote - brand hashtags (like the Happy Planner), any challenge hashtags that are currently relevant, any app hashtags (I use A Color Story, A Design Kit, & InstaSize), etc - so that I can show up in those searches.  

This helps me because I'm making sure I'm optimizing my reach.  I want to make sure I'm using relevant hashtags and not just vague words that get likes.  We're looking for engagement here!

These six things help me get me back in the right head space to keep creating content!  I'm in a bit of a rut/struggle now so I've been going through a few of these things to get me re-inspired.  I've written a free ebook on how to get back your blogging mojo and if you're feeling a bit stuck, I hope you'll download it below!

Be sure to check out the past Boost Your Blog articles here and keep a look out on this playlist over on my YouTube channel.  I hope to make more design videos for bloggers!  Ready to get some creative inspiration?  Join the Live & Create facebook group for mindful living, creative planning, and personal development tips.

What do you do to get inspired when you're in a rut?

xoxo, Moe