Fan Fridays: Doggy Sweaters, A Style Post

My little Roo loves his little warm sweater for winter.

I crocheted it by measuring him (that probably took the longest) & trial and error.  I love little dog outfits.  Rudy, not so much

(Rudolf Rocket Howard.....my father says thats his full name...I don't really think they put that down on his papers)

I recently stumbled up on a blog Refashionology.com.  This blog is great! It is filled with tutorials & inspiration.  Look how cute these dogs look in their little clothes:

I want to make Roo a polo one! I think all the neighborhood girl dogs will be falling in love.  Go check out the post!

I've been super doooooper busy this week.  I am making folders for a conference, working on my senior project, & over all trying to get school, homework, & sleep figured out let alone blogging! But I think I am doing alright.

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  1. Moe, Thank you for linking to my blog post! Rudy is adorable in his sweater! He looks a lot like my Heidi, is he a Min-Pin? He would look adorable in a polo, can't wait to see that!


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