Waking up is Hard to Do // 3 Ways I Prepare for the Day

Waking up is hard to do, especially waking up around 4:45am each morning to be at work at 7:00am.  Why wake up that early?  I don't like to rush.  (I mentioned no rushing in this post.)  I like to take my time.  But the battle with my snooze alarm has been a life long struggle.  I love sleep. LOVE IT.  If I wasn't so dedicated to doing things, sleep would win out & they'd probably make a TLC show out of my life of sleep.  Sleeping in on the weekends has always been a guilty pleasure of mine but getting up early & going to bed early during the week means I'm up by 7am on Saturday & Sunday.

click here for the full size to download & print

During the week my get up early time includes an hour of wake up & do stuff time and a half hour of put my face on time.  That hour is reserved for unwinding, sipping coffee, staring at the morning sky, packing up orders, etc.  I love that little hour of prepare for the day time & even though sometimes my snooze alarm wins out, I still try to wake up on the right foot.

Three ways I prepare for the day:

Sip Coffee in the Kitchen - Sometimes I turn on the coffee maker, run back to the bedroom, turn on the tv, find something to watch, run back & brew the coffee, then settle back in bed.  Sometimes that makes me sleepier.  So I'll make my coffee & enjoy it in the kitchen or at the dinning room table.  This little contemplation time just gives me a little me time when it comes to starting the day.  I can think about the day or think about my coffee.....just some me time.  I love me time!  

Read the News - I don't know if this was some grown-up secret, reading the news, but I find it a great way to start the day.  I don't really go through the news paper but rather the news on Google.  I like reading science articles, health articles, & articles on discoveries and advancements.  It makes me feel like I'm waking up to an awesome world of discovery.  I avoid things that may make me angry - politics or articles on crime.  I'll read those on my lunch break!  It's just nice to see what's going on in the world I'll be apart of today.  Plus I'll feel really smart if I get to share what I read or join in on a conversation about it!

Snuggle Time - How lucky I am to have a guy that sometimes gets admin days to stay home & work on his finance report, time sheets, emails, conference calls, & loose ends.  Sometimes he gets up early to head off somewhere & sometimes he leaves after me.  This means that sometimes I can snag a little more snuggle time.  Since we're both adjusting to both having a work schedule that wears us out.  So just a little more snuggling does wonders for the both of us.

Mornings are slowly becoming my favorite & waking up early during the week means I wake up early on the weekends.  While I'm sad my guilty pleasure of sleeping to an unreasonable hour is being interrupted, I guess it feels good to be working again!  A great little hour of me time in the morning really prepares me for the day.

How do you get ready to face the day?  What are your wake up secrets?

xoxo, Moe

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Trend Tuesday // Very Nearly Day Glow

I am so stoked for spring.  Is it crazy weird that I'm still loving the neon trend?  I am loving the toned down look of this year less lime green & more mint, if you will....but everything has this great day glow feel.  Hello 80's.  I love it. Can't get enough!  The thing I love about fashion is using trendy pieces in your own style.  I think I tend to gravitate more towards a tribal, bohemian vibe especially in the summer - though I think I've recently gone away from it.  I love bangles piled on my arms, flowy tops, long side bags, etc.  Just love it!  So when I was putting this outfit together on Polyvore I was both surprised & not surprised that my look took on a  bohemian-ish vibe.
I think my love of bold colors came from my decision to own every color of the Mabeyline Vivid's Collection.  Seriously....I love bold & bright now!  I am going through my closet & picking out new pieces that are bright corals, mandarine oranges, and teal/mints.  I just love it!  I'm pretty sure that these colors are popular now - mints/teals, corals, & oranges - because everyone reads my blog & I've been loving these colors since January....but I'm not too upset that no one's given me credit yet.

I do think Kelly Kipowski called & she wants her shorts back but I'm pretty sure Lisa Turtle would be proud of this outfit.  I'm excited to take bolder steps in my fashion choices this Spring.  My goal is to feel good in every outfit this Spring.  To really find new pieces, if need be, that fit me great & aren't just so, so.  And to wear all the colors of my Vivid's Collection!  I've already found my favorites & when I pick out a color in the morning I tend to choose those & skip over ones that may be really awesome.  I just think that today is not the day to wear that one....when it so could be!

I also plan on bringing back outfit posts to the blog.  The cold has been my excuse but now that the days are longer & I have a reason to get dressed....I should start getting in front of the camera more.  So look for those in the future!  You'll also see a lot of day glow!

What are you looking forward to this Spring?  Are you already having warmer weather or is it still pretty chilly where you are?

xoxo, Moe

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Make it Monday // The $65 Crochet Blanket

You guys, we're nearly done with the living room!  I'm excited!  We're now down to a room by room finishing stage.  There is still a lot to do but there's a lot that has been done.  I seriously can't believe how this house used to look & as I sit on our couch down here where a garage bay used to be, I am so proud of us.  Sheesh, we did a lot!  Since we're on our way to finishing the living room - nearly everything is done...we just have to agree on art for the walls, finish filling the shelves in the movie/game space, organize the living room side of our huge bookshelf, & pick out some side tables.  It's like so close!!

The most recent addition to the room, besides the catch all planter box tray from last week, is this blanket I finished crocheting this past weekend.  I say finished last weekend because It's usable...but I think I want to add a fringe!

Zach requested a huge blanket that we could both snuggle under when we start watching our next tv series.  Since the blanket in our bedroom is made from regular acrylic yarn I thought I'd try something more luxurious for the living room since it would be on show more.  I love really fuzzy, really warm, boutique-y blankets that look crazy expensive & often are.  I decided to work with Lion Brand Homespun in Spice, Meadow, & Pearls.  These three colors are the main colors in our living room, along with dark browns in the couch & the furniture.

I picked up a few skeins of these Lion Brand colors at JoAnnes when they had a sale going on, I believe they were $4.70-ish down from $6-ish.  I got through them & needed more.  I popped by the yarn section of Meijer & found that they were only $4.99 - but Meijer didn't have the sage green color.  All in all this blanket took 13 skeins of yarn - making this blanket cost me $65.  I don't think I would have found a blanket this big for that price.  I mean this thing is huge! But still, $65 is a lot for a blanket!  Especially one made by hand!
The weight of this blanket is great too, it's wonderful to snuggle under.  I used a J hook & a modified V-stitch through out the entire blanket.  I make a lot of my blankets with this modified V-stich because it's quick...and I have no attention span!  Here's the basic pattern:

Chain an odd number in the length you'd like, including a ch 3 at the end for turning.  

1 dc in fifth chain from hook, ch 1, 

(here's the modified part) *yo, insert hook into same ch, yo, draw yarn through loop, yo, draw yarn through first 2 loops on hook, yo, skip one ch, insert hook into next ch, yo, draw yarn through loop, yo, draw through first 2 loops on hook, yo, draw through all three loops on hook. ch 1*

Repeat from * to * until last ch 1, double crochet in same stitch as last modified decrease, skip one ch, dc in last ch.

ch 3, turn.

Now you'll do this stitch pattern in the ch 1 spaces of the modified V's below:

dc in first ch 1 space, ch 1.

*yo, insert hook into same ch 1 space, yo, draw yarn through loop, yo, draw yarn through first 2 loops on hook, yo, insert hook into next ch 1 space, yo, draw yarn through loop, yo, draw through first 2 loops on hook, yo, draw through all three loops on hook. ch 1*

Repeat from * to * until you do the last ch 1 on the current row, double crochet in same ch 1 space as last modified decrease, dc in the top of the ch 3 from previous row.

Repeat this way until you've reached the length you want.

here's an example of decreasing & here's an example of a v stitch pattern.  And below is an example of a modified V-stich symbol I came up with based off of the symbols for double crochet & chain as seen in crochet diagrams:
I hope that makes sense! But this type of stitch works up really, really fast.  It creates a cool texture in any sort of fabric you create.  A lot of my scarves are made with this stitch too.  It's super versatile!  I'm not sure if this stitch has been done before or has been better explained but I hope that the explanation above makes a little bit of sense!
We've been loving using this blanket as winter is still hanging on.  It looks lovely on display when it's not in use too!!

I can't wait to show you more of our house as it comes together! We've got so many projects in the works.  In fact, shortly after taking these photos we picked up prettier floor lamps!

Have you ever taken on a project that ended up costing your more than you'd hoped?  Did it still turn out lovely in the end?

xoxo, Moe

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Spring Wishlist

I can't believe Spring is here.  It doesn't really feel like Spring...in fact it's damn cold outside!  I can't wait for warmer weather.  I hate going out in the cold every morning to start my car.  I just want to curl up under the covers & stay there.  It also sucks having to get up around 4:45 each morning to be at work at 7am.  I like to have a little unwinding, relax, wake-up time before work.  I don't like rushing around trying to get ready & running, like a whirlwind, out of the door.  I like to take things slow.

In honor of wishing for warm weather here's my (small) Spring wishlist:

spring wishlist

one - I'm looking forward to a lot of pastels with contrasting accents.  These sleeveless tops have me drooling.

two - Boat shoes & Moccasins are what I live in during the Summer.  Who are we kidding, 9 times out of 10 I choose slip on shoes in any sort of weather.  If only all footwear were that easy.

three - I'm looking forward to a fun collection of sunglasses this Spring & Summer.  I'm loving retro with a pop of color & those neon ones above took my breath away.

four - Can't wait to grab a yummy iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  It's my favorite iced coffee & perfect for warm days!

Lately work has been taking a crazy toll on me.  I feel like I can't get anything done!  I'm loving the down time after work - just sitting around on the couch, unwinding from the day.  But I miss my old routine.  I miss creating things.  I miss the time I had.  But I love having a steady paycheck.  When I was looking for work I was afraid I'd get stuck in a job I hated (I'll share more with you on that later) but I'm glad I like my job.  I don't feel like I'm working for the man.  I actually feel that I'm doing something productive, a part of a team, and actually seeing things be done.  Rather than grinding the same gears each day it's fast paced & see what I do unfold.  I'm doing something that has a purpose.  It makes me happy to be earning a living like this.  Am I sad I'm not self employed? yes.  Do I want that in the future? Hell yes!  Am I happy where I'm at now? Oh yeah.

I'm loving this new adventure & I really can't wait to see where it takes me!!  I know this wishlist was small...but really I just want warmer weather! Seriously!

What's on your wishlist for Spring? I'd love to know!

xoxo, Moe 

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Make it Monday // Planter Box & Catch-All DIY with Handmade Charlotte

I've been dying over numeric decor lately.  You may remember this post where I shared some inspiration & mentioned picking up a cardboard 5, 1, and a 6 for my office space.  Well, I still can't get numbers out of my head!  When I was picked to participate in the Folk Art & Handmade Charlotte Stencils and Paints campaign through Blueprint Social, I was delighted to receive a set of cardboard stencils with none other than a set of number stencils!  The best part is that they were all on one page & all different sizes.  Talk about super easy mis-matched chic.  This stencil pack had some more stencils - chevrons, polka dots, letters, hexagons, etc - but the numbers had me at hello.
Since moving in, we've been working on a lot of big projects.  It was nice to sit down to work on something small.  After debating what to make to showcase this cool stencil, I decided to revamp an old tray into a windowsill planter box & catchall for our entry way.  We come in the side door of the house & with no where to put keys and mail, this large tray has solved both our problems.
SUPPLIES: Handmade Charlotte Stencils (by Plaid & Folk Art), small pouncer, two shads of paint in contrasting colors (I used a cream & bright orange red), paint tray or paper plate, large tray or box. optional - sandpaper & sealant.
step one - Sand your surface if it's glossy so the paint will cover better, you don't necessarily have to do this, but it will help with the longevity of the piece..  Apply two coats of your base paint with a wide brush.  Allow to dry an hour between each coat.
step two - place your stencil down & tape it to your work space.  A lot of the other stencils in this set are repeating patterns, so you will need to to reposition your stencil to create the repeating effect.  Taping those stencils may not be the best idea unless you don't need to reposition it on your project.  The numbers were on one large sheet, so repositioning isn't necessary.
step three - use your pouncer to pounce on the second color of paint.   When loading your pouncer be sure to pounce off excess paint so as not to flood the area causing it to bleed under the stencil.  Another way to avoid bleeding is to make sure you are holding your pouncer completely vertical, at a 90 degree angle to the surface you're stenciling.
These stencils are made of cardboard & as they get wet from the paint they start to warp & pull up from the surface you're working on (as seen in the picture above).  Take care to hold down the edges & work quickly but accurately.  If you make sure to use as little paint as possible it is likely you'll get more than one use out of the stencils.  The only disadvantage to these stencils is that they are paper.  I imagine if you were working over a larger area your stencil would become warped.  However, after letting the number stencil dry it more or less went back to it's original shape.

step four - paint your contrasting edge.  

step five - apply sealant if you choose to keep your work in wonderful, lasting condition.
I love the look of the stencil.  I wasn't too sure I would but it looks really rustic & vintage....perfect for our aesthetic!  Using the pouncer & ensuring a vertical angle to the surface spread the paint evenly yet let there be a little blur at the edge of the numbers that gave it a rustic look.  Sometimes when you find these distressed home pieces they look a little too perfect. The nature of this stencil made it look truly aged.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this becomes more distressed with use!

You can follow PLAID on Plaid on Twitter , Plaid on Facebook , & Follow Plaid on Pinterest for some more awesome inspiration!

xoxo, Moe

Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a sponsored campaign with Plaid and The Blueprint Social. All opinions in this post are my own.

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Long Time, No Blog

Well guys, I've now tackled my 2nd week full time.  I'm exhausted but I'm stable.  But I've let this blog slip.  At the end of the day I just don't know what to write.  I don't know what to tell you, I don't know what to share...but I've given it two weeks & there's no way I'm sacrificing this blog to full time work.  So this post is my resolve to get back into my routine.  To get back to sharing awesome content with you all.
purchase this print (along with so many awesome other ones!) from ReStyle on Etsy
Today I'm going to spend a good chunk of time designing things for the stationery shop, reworking the Five One Six shop, researching craft fairs to participate in this summer, & watching Medium on Hulu.  This blog has always been a way for me to document my life & I need to keep at it.

I'm going to crack down on my calendar, I'm gonna get back to what I love, I'm going to keep at what I want to do: be me, create things, & share my life.

So here's to a productive weekend!  What will you accomplish today?

xoxo, Moe

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Currently // First Week Full Time

Currently, I'm working on balancing my new job, my old job, my life, & my hobbies.  I have to say it feels good to be bringing in a steady pay check.  I'm sad I don't get to work on what I want all day but I'm excited that I get to do things for others, interact with them, & grow professionally.  It's funny how I feel now that I've gone back to work after working on self employment.  This little self-employment stint was amazing....but I'm glad to be back with a steady pay check.  I totally have self employment in my future.  I know what I need to do, know my expenses, know what to work for.  While I've got this full time gig, I'm working on keeping this blog, the shops, etc up & running.  Change is always good.
Currently, I'm wondering why the heck it's snowing all the time.  It's hard to drive in the snow! Especially when you're not sure where you're going & when it's early in the morning.  I hope the snow fades away & spring comes very soon.

Currently, we've been working on the house more.  Putting things away, putting things together, etc.  We've gotten a lot done but there are still boxes & stuff to get put away.  We got a lot done in the living room this weekend.  In fact, I'm sitting on the couch, watching TV right now!  It feels so good to be out of our bedroom!!!  We've put up bookshelves for the movies, games, & console accessories.  It's coming along.
Currently, I'm trying to get in the habit of making my lunches all on Sunday.  Today I picked up more celery, some yogurt, salad stuff, & sandwich stuff.  I have to get up super early to be at work by 7am so I think sleeping in a little is going to happen.  I'd rather have a lunch ready than walk out the door with nothing in hand.
Currently, we're out of sugar.  I'm not sure what's going to go in my coffee tomorrow!! My job really demands coffee drinking & red bull chugging.....it's really fast paced!  One of my coworkers handed me a red bull around noon & I couldn't even stop to open it until 2pm.  Can you believe it? I think it's fun to be in that kind of environment.  I really like my job because I am a part of a team.  There is a lot of recognition, a lot of energy, & a lot of demand.  The best part is I actually see what I do get done, if that makes sense.  I work for a shipping company.  So the information I put in the computer will get scheduled, picked up, & delivered.  I'll interact with the driver & our team will move something across country or even a few miles in a day.  It's pretty cool.
New wedging table/work table.  I'll be sharing it with Zach too, but we covered it all in canvas!
Currently, I have my feet tucked under Zach's legs while we sit on the couch.  He's doing homework & we're finally able to enjoy more of our house.  Curtains are hung, things are displayed, & this week I think I'll put a few more things together/away.  I might start putting our camera collection out.  I've also got to get the clothes out of the dryer that are now probably full of wrinkles again.  Oh, and today the mirror fell off the back of the bedroom door scaring the bejesus out of Zach & I on the couch!

Currently I'd like to find more TV shows to watch on Hulu/Netflix.  I've exhausted all the Doctor Who episodes (again), started watching Medium, & am hoping there will be more episodes of Fresh Meat.  That new Vikings show on History channel is on Hulu.  I'm looking for more History channel/Discover channel type shows to watch.

Currently, I'm happy.  I like riding life's ups & downs.  Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's alright, sometimes it's amazing.  I think it's a wonderful thing to experience.....life.

This is just a bit of what I've been up to this week.  I've been going to bed around 9pm but next week I expect to be able to work on things more.  I'd love to work on a custom design for you! I just renewed some blog designs in the shop.

I hope life is treating you well.  Thanks for following this journey of mine, you all are so awesome to stop by everyday!

xoxo, Moe

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So Fresh & So Clean // More from my Sweet Heart Vox Box

I'm so in love with my Sweet Heart Vox Box from Influenster.  Nearly all of the products really applied to my life right now (catch the intro video here), how spot on was that?  After trying out all of the products for a week or so I have to say I amend what I say in the video: I will most definitely buy the Olay Fresh Effects Shine Shine Go Away Cleanser again & will probably get the Secret Clinical Strength Stress Sweat Deodorant too!  And I'd recommend them to you too!

This review was sort of weird to do.  This box involved working something new into my routine.....I love my products so setting them aside for this was really hard.  I also thought it was only fair to give these products a good, fair try and now I have to say, these are the products I go to each morning.  It's so amazing that just the simple offer to try something new can make you fall in love!  
When I first started using the Olay Fresh Effects {Va-Va-Vivid!} Powered Contour Cleansing System, I thought it might not be good to use everyday because of the brush.  I thought it might be too much exfoliation & might dry my skin out too much.  I've never had luck with these shine free/oil free cleansers.  I used them, but they still left my face oily at the end of the day.  I tried it once in the evening & once in the morning over a few days.  I looooovvveed the way it made my skin feel.  I feel so fresh, it feels so soft, & it really is shine free all day!  I've wanted one of these little brushes for a while but what I love about this is that the bristles are long but aren't harsh.  They are all made of rubber so they glide over your skin for a good clean.  I als love that it fits a long the creases of your nose.  Round brushes tend not to fit around in there!  My skin feels just wonderful, I can definitely see that my pores are clearer and at the end of the day, there is still no shine.  I am amazed at how my make up stays on through the day.

I talked a little bit about the stress of finding a new job in this post & want to let you know that my job is awesome!  I think I nearly have to go to the Secret Clinical Stress Sweat Deodorant everyday because my new job is so fast paced!  I love it but it can get a little stressful.  All day answering calls, yelling to others that the line is for them, learning the things, running around, extreme multi tasking...it's a lot!  I'm so excited for this job & excited that in the morning, my underarms are covered.  I think the thing that draws me to this deodorant too is the fresh scent.  When I first saw Clinical I thought it was going to be very steril like - no scent & went on really wet.  But it's really nice - especially in this horrible, cold winter - and I can tell it's there by the end of the day.
I ran out of my own texturizing spray sometime last year & was too lazy to pick up some more - especially as expensive as the salon brand was.  Getting the Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Spray was a great surprise.  The best part for me is the scent, but I was a little saddened as it didn't seem to dirty my hair up in the right way to hold a curl.  I might have to do some more experimenting, but my usually awesome curls fell very flat the first day of work! So sad, I'd also sprayed in some dry shampoo, so that could have affected it.  Using it on wet hair as I was blowdrying added a lot of texture & a volume.  I just love the feeling of beach hair - living close to huge fresh water lakes is nothing compared to a salty, sandy beach!  When I wear my hair straight - which, let's be honest is probably going to be often because I have to get up early now & I love sleep! - it really adds texture & dimension.  The little bit of fullness is great.  When I need a quick style to straight hair, I pull this out.

Getting back into a morning routine has been hard & it's only been four days.  I'm glad I can do things  I want now with out the worry of stability & as much as I loved working on my brand, I'm happy with the stability that a full time job holds.  I can't wait to get into a groove & keep things growing! I'm working on a few blog designs currently, working on updating the shop(s), & just working on enjoying my hobbies.  Starting off with such a fun morning routine that actually works has me ready to face the day & everything the day holds.

xoxo, Moe

**I was given these products to try out through Influenster.  These opportunities are fun because I get to try new things that I may not buy myself.  (I'm always up for something new!)  I only support products I love & everything expressed above is 100% me**

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Pardon the Silence

That makes me a little scared because I've been watching too much Doctor Who.  But pardon the silence as I adjust to my new schedule: full time work!  My job is very, very exciting!  It's something totally new, but something I'm totally excited to keep at.  Yay!!  So pardon me while I figure out the best way to squeeze back into blogging.

It's always hard when you start a new schedule but I have you all to push me back in line.  Don't worry, I'll be back with awesomeness by the end of the week :)

Oh, and guess what? It's totally office casual there - I can wear jeans!  All the chic-ness of working at Claires (well we couldn't wear jeans) & all the wonderfulness of an office job.  So excited.  My schedule, when it's all said & done, will be 7am - 4pm.  I'm excited about that too!  I don't wanna wake up earlier.....but I do wanna get off earlier :)  Leaves more time for blogging!

Happy Tuesday!

xoxo, Moe

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How I Beat the Interview Blues // A Little Secret (Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response)

So I've been introduced to this site called Influenster.  It's pretty cool & I seriously need to devote more time to it!  The break down is this: you post about what you know, give reviews, unlock badges, & apply for these things called Vox Boxes.  Every so often Influenster will offer you a chance to be a recipient of a Vox Box.  You fill out a survey to be considered for selection.  And I got picked!  You can see my little intro video here. This is the first part of a few little reviews on the products I was sent.  This box couldn't have been more perfect for me!  So, onto the post:

* * * *
I've been talking a little bit lately about my quest to find a full time job.  Most notedly, my post on Tuesday of reasons why you should hire someone with a creative degree in to your company.  I must admit, I'm a little bit rusty on the interview process.  What is your greatest weakness? I mean come on!  How fair of a question is that!?!?! Another one I don't care for is What are your salary requirements? I also don't like when that question is followed by just so we can make sure we're on the same page.  Well, tell me what page you're on so I can at least know if I'm walking into a trap!

After applying & applying (and applying, applying, applying) I've finally gotten a few calls back.  Only to be confronted with the daunting idea of an interview.  What is my greatest weakness? What are my salary requirements? It's best not to go unprepared - mentally & physically - into an interview.  When I got these calls the butterflies immediately hit me & the stress kicked in.  Here's how I try to beat the interview blues:

Know what they mean when they ask you those questions - I'm serious.  If you haven't already done so do a quick search of interview questions & etiquette.  Figure out what they are really trying to glean from your answer when they want to know your greatest weakness.  You'll have a better idea of what they may ask & a better idea of what you might say.  Of course, go into the interview as yourself, but doing this research will help you better communicate your best self.  Communication is always a plus.

Get a good night's sleep & start the morning off right - Usually I like to see if I can schedule mid-morning interviews.  I like to get up & get them over with!  Going to bed at a decent hour & waking up with enough time is always a stress reliever.  If you can't follow my lead, then just make sure you're rested.  Don't rush around trying to get to your interview.  It will only make the nerves worse!  I like to wake up, unwind, get a few things done, get ready, & go.  Fitting it into my natural routine makes it seem less like a daunting task.

Don't Sweat it - It's inevitable that you'll worry about this interview.  It's inevitable that you'll be nervous.  Those tips up there knock off half the battle but the other half is going in there confident.  I can't think of a better way to feel confident that when I know I look & smell good.  Nervousness = sweat and that can give you away.  Here's my Secret: Secret Clinical Strength.  After getting this little box to try out & being totally skeptical of it's stress response ability, I thought I'd give it a shot.  Deodorant is deodorant right? Well the serene citrus scent I had made me feel fresh, calmed me down, & made me feel ready to walk into any interview.  The scent isn't overpowering - no one can sniff you a mile away - & it keeps you fresh in these tough interview times.

Here's some more longwinded & sorta sappy advice for the road:
When it comes down to it whether you get the job or you don't get the job, the hardest part is knowing you are enough.  Yes, we need financial stability. Yes, we need to feel successful  Yes, we need to provide.  But in this time where interviews are few & far between, where you never see a face & only submit a resume, where it seems as if it's a dangerous game of chance, you are enough.  Count your blessings, think of what you have, consider how you've gotten where you are.  Seriously, at the end of it all...when I don't hear back, when I apply but never get a call, when I know my resume is being parsed by some company generated software I think of all the accomplishments in my life.  I think of all the laughs I've had, all the times I've made others laugh.  All the smiles, all the moments of happiness, & I know that I am enough.  The stress is knowing whether or not your interviewer can see what you bring to the table.  So be confident in yourself, know you are enough!

xoxo, Moe

ps.  Here are some great articles on stress relief sponsored by Secret.

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Fan Friday #91

Friday is here, again.  I'm excited for the weekend!  Still some unpacking but hopefully some relaxing.  The March Newsletter is going to go out next week & if you haven't subscribed, click here!!  Five Sixteenths is also looking for a feature sponsor to be included in the newsletter. So check the advertise page for info.

This lovely postcard DIY over on Well, It's Ok.  Zach has these little postcard sized print things we found when unpacking books for the bookshelf.  We were talking about framing them & I love this little idea!

This post over on Lara Casey blog really blew my mind.  I love the message & all the tips.  Office hours are important to me & it's one of the first things I did.  Setting up office hours helps you designate time & not feel tossed around.  This article rocks.

I love this vase DIY from Mad in Crafts.  It's super chic!  Love the spring colors.  I can't wait to start some spring DIY's!

I can't wait to set up a little sewing nook & start sewing again.  I think I have too many hobbies!  But this little pin cushion DIY over on Dream A Little Bigger has me thinking of ides.  I'd love to make a hanging one!

Link Love
++ This post on Thriftary about email etiquette.  Please do all of these things ++

++ The pretty colors in this Home Life post over on Little Big Blog.  The purples make me smile! ++

++ With setting up my desk I've set up a little shipping station & printed labels, business cards, & thank you notes.  So any purchases from 516VINTAGE & the Five One Six shop will finally have a lovely little look! ++

++ I'm looking forward to stocking the Five One Six store more, I think I've sort of amended my idea on where I want to take Five One Six.  Can't wait for adventures! ++

++ I love these mail clip organizers.  We've got a good little system going on but I can't decide if we need to move the binder downstairs or keep it upstairs.  Guess we'll see! ++

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

xoxo, Moe

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