This in its raw form probably has nothing to do with decorating but when I get finished with them I think it will:

In my print making class, one assignment we had to do (blogged here) was set some type & print it.  The type was to be our favorite quote & the goal was to print an edition of 21 (20 for us & 1 for our instructor).  My quote is a Samuel Becket quote.

I plan on framing a few & giving them as gifts.  They will be put on patterned scrapbook paper (probably) then framed.  I'll keep one for my self of course, but the others may get used in a collage or something, I am not sure yet.

I knew I loved this quote & what it meant but I never thought about how it exactly applied to me.  I always thought about it in theory.  Well if you check out this post on Cross My Hooks, you'll see one of the many art projects I am working on.  Well, long story short, while completing this project we were one part of the process short & thus it wasn't working correctly.  Once we remedied the problem it worked perfect.  It wasn't until that moment that I realized that the quote is true & not just in theory! We tried, we failed. We tried again. The second try wasn't perfect but it was a better failure than the first time & we progressed! Now we can pour these sheets out no problem.  Hooray!

Do you have a favorite quote??  One that you really feel is most definitely true?

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