Sum Up Sundays: Butterflies & Type

Ahhh! I was in such a hurry to get out of the hot art building that I ran home with out snapping a picture of my type! It's alright though, the font I chose was more out of which has enough letters rather than what will look the best.

Here are my butterflies:

I've hung them over my desk which is getting a load of use this year! I am creating & crafting along with typing & drafting.  I am sprucing up my resume & learning to write proper cover letters. One of my assignments was to research a job I'd like to apply for & turn in a cover letter as if I was applying for that job.  Well I found one at Urban Outfitters in the field I'd like to get into: Visual Display & Merchandising.  Hmmmm...I might really be applying for it come graduation (or close to).

The photo in the background there is at my friend's graduation party.  The girl in the middle is the first friend I ever made in college, I'm in the orange & yellow, & the girl on the end is our other really good friend we met our second year here.  I miss them a ton! But they are both successful graduates & have really fun jobs :)

I can't believe it's the third week of the semester! I've got to get crackin!

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