5 Happy Planner Extras for Productivity

I've been knocking things off my to do lists left and right recently and I think its because I've been using my planner to the best of my ability!  This has to do with a a couple of things, I think - one of which being all of the productivity extras from the Happy Planner to make the whole thing work for you.  As you know, I use the Mini Happy Planner exclusively and I am so happy that there are a ton of extras for this size!
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Three Parts to Productive Planning

When it comes to the actual doing of the stuff there are a few important points that need to fall into place in order to mark these things off of our to do list.  It isn't just enough to make the list, we've got to organize, prioritize, and make plan to execute.

Organization - organizing your tasks, due dates, and appointments means you'll know exactly where each item lies so that you can find it quickly & easily when needed.

Prioritization - prioritizing you tasks and events means that what needs to get done first, happens first.  Then you can push other things to the back burner or reevaluate when something else might need to be done.

Project Planning - this sort of has to do with execution.  If you outline what needs to be done, you'll be able to execute things in a timely manner rather than stumble over tasks.

The Happy Planner line has quite a few things to help us get through all three of these to make sure we're reaching our goals!

Planner Extras for Productivity

My Mini Happy Planner is a conglomeration of quite a few add-ons & extension packs, which is great because the whole system is disc bound!  I can add and remove pages as needed to create a functional system that works in my best interest.  Not to mention there are a ton of functional sticker packs out there that make organization, prioritization, and execution colorful as well.

These are new to my arsenal and I haven't quite mastered them yet as I prefer the project stickers found in some of the sticker books.  However, these guys can be great for long term or multi-step projects that need a little bit more attention.  By creating an actionable time line, you'll be better able to execute tasks to complete your project or reach your goal.
These inserts feature a colorful page with sections for sketching & brainstorming, planning action steps, and assigning due dates.  Since these guys are the same design back & front, I like to add in another page of graph paper for extra notes.  I wish the back was dot or grid paper!  That would make my day!

The Mini Monthly Extension pack I use for social media planning mimics the style of the limited edition Trend Setter planner.  This 6 month extension has an undated monthly view, a sort of monthly tasks view, daily to do pages, then two blank lined pages at the back.  
I've customized the task view with some letter stickers from the Happy Planner sticker books and other alphas.  This helps me break down all the checklists in to specific areas organizing my content into groups.  This insert also lets me prioritize a top three for the month so I'm on track!

Personally I haven't found a use for the daily to do pages as they don't seem to fit in with how I use my planner.  But I am thinking about using them to plan my Instagram posts.  The blank lined pages at the back I am thinking about pairing with the project pages!

These guys are great to break down your busy daily schedule but they can also be used as an extra dashboard if needed.  Featuring an hour by hour breakdown starting at 6am, you'll be able to organize your day efficiently.  
Areas for prioritization include a daily focus & two checklist sections.  One of the checklists says Do This Later which can help to get tasks out of your brain but not necessarily scheduled right away.  The back of these inserts features a brain dump section that is great for notes during the day or outlining bigger tasks.

Productivity Stickerbooks

Currently there are two productivity stickerbooks from the Happy Planner and I love both of them!  The original sticker book features project planning & goal setting stickers allowing you to outline projects & priorities.  The second sticker book focuses more on habits, time management, and organization.

Both work well in the mini or classic size planner and are perfect to add to the graph filler paper to create your own inserts.  The original Productivity book does come in a mini size, though I find those to be a little too wide and not as aesthetically pleasing as the stickers designed for the classic planner.
This is something brand new to my Mini Happy Planner and its not even designed for it!  These Focus Half sheets are designed to fit the Classic Size planner but a little trim keeps all the important bits and it fits right in the mini.  The front page is great for a targeted goal list for the week, outlining the top five must do tasks.
The best part about these is that the back is graph paper - perfect for all my notes.  It can also be used as an extra project planning section or to outline the steps of future tasks.  I was  using this as a wellness tracker/insert but that didn't seem to work out too great for me. I'm thinking of making it a brain dump sheet to put all that tasks that float through my brain but that don't need action just yet.

Housing everything all in one place is made so much easier by these different add ons, extension packs, and the disc bound system of the Happy Planner line. Some of the extras I mentioned can be found in a cool little bundle here on Amazon (yay for Prime shippng!) but you can save the most when you shop Happy Planner stuff over on Blitsy.

The only way to use a planner is to find a system that helps you rather than hinders you.  I like to write a lot out - I am a multi step person - so having specific areas that can help me organize, plan, and execute means that I'm working on my goals successfully!

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If you'd like to read more about productivity, check out these posts on the blog.  You can also join the Five Sixteenths | Live Creative Facebook group where we talk about creative planning, inspired productivity, personal development and intuitive goal setting!  Click here to join!

What are your favorite planner extras for productivity?  How do you use your planner effectively?

xoxo, Moe


Why You Need a Morning & Evening Routine

Do you feel boxed in and limited when it comes to setting a routine?  Do you feel like a child again being told what to do when you're a responsible adult whose been paying her own bills and running her own life and hasn't fallen off a cliff yet?  Do you think you don't need a morning or evening routine?

Yeah I didn't either.  But I've got more questions for you -

Are you thinking about your goals more than you are acting on them?  Are you feeling stressed at work or after work or on the weekends knowing that there are looming deadlines but you're too tired to act on them?  Are you hitting the snooze multiple times?  Have you given up on doing somethings that you used to love because either you don't have the time or you wish you could but you just don't want to? 

You may need a routine, honey.
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Now I'm not in the routine of calling people honey but I am here to tell you that you 100% need to set up some sort of morning & evening routine to make sure you're not answering yes to all of those questions in that third paragraph.  Morning and evening routines have changed my life - I feel less stressed, I feel more on top of things, I have a little bit more discipline.....over all I don't feel like a stressed out couch potato coasting through life on lunch time naps navigating laundry mountains & piles of dishes.  The things I want done are getting done and the things that can take a back burner are there, no longer stressing me out.

At the beginning of this year, I shared this post asking the question What does your best self look like?  My best self has showed up for me as long as I've showed up for her.  Creating a morning & evening routine help me to be my best self because it gives me discipline, makes me prepared for the day, and over all reduces the load I'm carrying daily.  

Reasons you need routine in your day:

Set Yourself Up For Success

If you create a routine that fits your life - I'm not here to tell you what to do, I'm just here to help - you'll find you don't have to make unnecessary decisions through the day.  In the morning, the first thing I see as I take Sweetie out to go potty is the kitchen sink.  If it is full of dirty dishes I immediately think 'dang I should put those guys in the dishwasher'.  So now I'm thinking about a chore I need to do and I've shifted my focus from the current day to what I should have done last night.  Then I'll have to make the decision as to whether I'll put the dishes in the dishwasher.  If I had set myself up for success the night before.....I wouldn't be at this crossroads!  We all have something like that which annoys us yet we don't really want to do in that moment and this distracts us from what we need to get done now.  

Part of setting yourself up for success means knowing yourself.  You know your annoyances - like dirty dishes in the sink in the morning - better than anyone so getting those out of the way will keep you on track for your goals.  By setting a specific time to do annoying tasks that we know need to get done lowers procrastination, lowers stress, and prepares us for the day or night ahead.  If you're extremely unmotivated (ahem, me) read this post on three things to do to kick your butt into gear.  Number one though - if it takes two dang minutes to complete....do it now.

Routine Leaves Room for Mindfulness

So we've given up unnecessary decisions and are now doing things with intention & discipline.  This leaves room for us to be mindful.  We're no longer worrying about what to do next because we've set up a routine, we know when the next task will happen, so now it is time to honor ourselves by being present during the tasks. 

First lets talk about mindfulness vs mindlessness.  If you've ever accidentally poured orange juice into your cereal instead of milk or put a box of crackers in the fridge instead of the cabinet, those are examples of mindlessness.  We aren't focusing completely on the task at hand.  Our minds are wandering or counting off the number of tasks we have to do that day.  Instead of being fully present we're hanging out on the edge of what is next - completing each task only to get to the next one, the next one, and so on.

Mindfulness leaves room for meditation, for honoring ourselves, for delineating what is a priority.  When we're fully present in the moment we can realize when something is no longer serving us in our routine.  Perhaps you're not finding joy in the time you've designated to drink your coffee and read.  What might serve you better?  Routine leaves space for mindfulness and mindfulness leaves space for creativity.  Maybe you need to switch up what you're reading or where you're reading.  Maybe you want to move your meditation from sitting on a pillow to sitting on your front porch.  Mindfulness can help us enjoy tasks rather than feel annoying obligation.

A Sense of Security & Preparedness

Because we've reduced stress and are now working towards the things we want to get done in a day, routine can give us the sense of security and preparedness that can rid us of those butterflies we often feel during the day.  If I'm up at the time I need to be up then I can get everything I find important done then I'm already in a 'get going' mindset and I'm more prepared for the actions I need to take at work.  Routine gives us discipline.

I used to think it was the yoga or the meditation that helped me feel more in control at work.  It wasn't just that - it was the mindfulness, the preparedness, the security I felt aligning myself with my goals for the day.  In the evening, my 30 minute clean, dinner making, and hour of blog work means I have delineated time and have a clearer mind when I settle in for family time and then sleep.  I'm not worried, I feel secure, and I feel prepared.  

Room for Self Care

Routines should be personal - we all have different goals, so waking up and immediately exercising may not fit your goal or lifestyle.  I'm not here to tell you what you should do morning and night, I'm just here to tell you that you should figure something out.  We all live different lives with different goals.  Different things serve each of us differently.  By creating a personalized routine, you're honoring yourself and leaving room for you own self care.

I will say maybe you need to make Wednesday nights candle-lit-glass-of-wine-diffuse-all-the-lavender bath nights or Saturday mornings walk-in-the-neighborhood-alone-with-my-coffee-and-leggings mornings because once you have a routine you'll find space for your favorite things.  You'll find the space, the time, and the need to take care of yourself - even if it is just a reward for putting those dishes away.  Through personalization you can find what makes you feel better, feel productive, feel aligned when done morning or night or weekly.

How to Set Up Your Routine

The app I use to manage my day is called Our Home.  This app is really designed for families to assign chores to family members and then each member can amass points towards a reward - but I just like it because it sends me push notifications.  I don't want an alarm I have to turn off I want a simple notification so I know 'hey it's time to make dinner'.  This app keeps me on track - since I'm horrible with habit trackers.  

To get started, I outlined what I thought my perfect day would look like down to the minute:

5:00 am - wake up, yoga clothes,
5:05 am - wash face/brush teeth
5:10 am - empty dishwasher/load dishwasher if needed
5:20 am - dog out
5:30 am - yoga, meditate, journal
5:50 am - make coffee, grab lunch stuff
6:00 am - quick blog/social media work or make up
6:20 am - get dressed
6:27 am - leave for work

5:00 pm - 30 minute clean
5:30 pm - make dinner
5:45 pm - throw in a load of laundry/fold if I can
6:00 pm - eat dinner
7:00 pm - work/family time
8:00 pm - dinner clean up
8:30 pm - shower/skincare/night time self care
9:00 pm - in bed (my mom said 9 pm was a good bed time and I've been following that ever since!)

Then I entered the routine in the app telling it to send a notification to me when that task needed to be done.  When I realized I could fit something else in or I needed to do one thing before another thing, I adjusted the routine.  When something stopped serving me, I adjusted the routine.  I don't stick to it all the time but it gives me a sense of security & preparedness and 100% reduced the stress load I carried.
You can try using hourly planner inserts (or like these in the shop) or creating your own customized dashboard like I did to remind me daily.  These physical reminders can also keep us inspired - we're gonna see them everyday so that then we can live them.  We keep a lot in our brains so it is great to have both a physical and digital reminder of the path we're looking to keep.

The bottom line is that they allow us to get more done in our day.  I would even say an evening routine is where you should start your focus so that you set your self up for success in the morning.  If you plan your evening, get everything done and on track for good sleep and for a prepared morning.....then your morning routine will go off with out a hitch!

Want more routine & productivity inspiration?  Join the Five Sixteenths | Live Creatively Facebook group here & check out more productivity posts on the blog here.

What does your routine look like?  How have you set yourself up for success?

xoxo, Moe


5 Supplies you (Kinda) Need to Start Memory Planning

Have you jumped on the memory planning trend?  If you have, you've probably seen there are a zillion ways to do so!  Just like with everything in the planner community there are a ton of people that want to tell you the right and the wrong way to use your planner.  Well I'm here to tell you the only right way is to actually use it!  Memory planning can help us keep our memories close with out being intimidated by scrap booking.
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Tons of people memory plan in personal size planners, in A5 size planners, in Mini Happy Planners, in Classic or Big size Happy Planners.  Some people use Erin Condren planners, some people use recollections planners, and some people even use Traveler's Notebooks.  I equate how you plan to how you take your coffee - it doesn't matter because it's personal to you!

However, I do identify that there is something I call planner anxiety.  We feel pressured or intimidated because we're maybe over stimulated with ideas.  We don't want to touch the pages because we don't want to mess up this beautiful book!  I have faced this and I feel that it is a valid fear or struggle to have.  As creative people we're often subject to judgement and we don't want to hear the criticism...even when it is just from ourselves. 

Well I'm here to tell you the only five supplies you need to get started and give you some examples of things you may want to include in your little memory keeping kit.  


There are a few planners designed for memory planning but let me give you a tip - any planner can be used for memory planning!  In previous years I've used a vertical Erin Condren planner but this year I'm attempting to use a Classic Size Happy Planner that is horizontal.  I tried using the Happy Memory Keeping Planner but since that is 8.5 x 11, I found it to be way too big for me.  There's even now a horizontal Carpe Diem spiral bound planner that I thought of using this year, so any planner can be used as a memory planner....if you try hard enough!
It is really going to depend on you & your preferences for the size, I can't tell you how to live your life!  But I can show you the differences in sizes & how different A5 planners look.  Check out the video below to see the best planner to use for an uncoiled Erin Condren planner.


You'll need some memories to put in your memory planner.  Most likely you'll be putting pictures on the pages (or in some pocket pages) as you go.  I've compared the ways I print photos in this post, but here's a little rundown - you can either print the photos yourself or have them printed for you.

Print at Home Options
Obviously you can use your home printer and print on photo paper using either your computer or an app like Print to Size for iPhone.  Or you can get a smaller, more portable one like the Polaroid Zip, HP Sprocket, or LG Pocket Printer.  A sort of mid-size photo printer is the Cannon Selphy.  This one happens to by my favorite as it prints the best quality photos and is quasi portable.  Recently though I've been using my Zip as it is a lot more portable than my Selphy! 
Print & Ship Options
I'm sure you've used something like the Walgreens 1 hour photo to print your images for you so you can scrapbook or Memory Plan.  But I don't really like going out to get them, you know?  So I use a free app (yes, it is free) to print my photos and have them delivered to my doorstep.  It is called Free Prints.  You get 85 4x6 prints each month delivered to your door just for the cost of shipping!  So if you like to do some memory keeping all in one go you can totally order a batch from the previous month, no printing or running around involved.


There are several sticker sets out there designed specifically for memory keeping.  The Happy Planner has a line of stickers just for memory planning but you can also use any stickers, washi tape, and decor that you'd like to use.  Journaling cards can even be a nice touch to your planner pages.  Washi tape & stamps can also make a really cool memory spread.
I like to mix it up between stickers designed for the Classic & Big sized happy planners.  Since sometimes I use my memory planner as more of a journal and I like smaller sized pictures, I'll opt to use the Classic sized books.  If I'm doing a more photo-centric spread, I may use the Big sized or Memory Planning stickers.

You're also not limited to a certain sticker book or style if you're using different sized inserts - if you're using an A5 planner it might be fun to use oversized stickers.  This process is for you!


I think the best type of pens to use for memory planning are those that have a felt tip.  I personally like the U Brands pens because of how find the tip is & because they are much easier for me to hold.  I am one of those people that believes her handwriting is affected by a certain pen!  Another popular brand of felt tipped pens is the PaperMate Flair pen.  Then there's the Le Pen felt tip pens.  All of these guys come in a ton of different colors so they are perfect if you like to color code or just get more creative in your planner.
You may also want to consider something like the Tombow brush tipped pens if you're attempting to learn to hand letter.  Though there are a ton of videos on YouTube on how to do faux hand lettering too!

Pocket Pages

Another thing that's been introduced to the world of planing for many different planners are pocket pages!  If you're going to be adding in photos that aren't on the actual planner page, these pocket scrapbooking pages are the best.  The Happy Planner has them sized for the Mini, the Classic, and the Big/Memory Planner.  This is great because you don't have to worry about punching a plastic pocket page!  The way these are sold, however, means you'll get multiple page layouts in each pack so if you fall in love with one style you'll have to buy a full pack just to get that specific one.  So a coupon is always nice!
Webster's Pages has come out with pocket pages for the A5 & Personal size.  The best part is they aren't just for their specific planners!  These pocket pages will fit any standard 6 ring binder!  You can also buy them in different design packs - so if you like let's say Design C you can buy just a pack of Design C pocket pages.

If you're using something like an uncoiled & hole punched Erin Condren planner the standard 6x8 pocket pages will work great!  They come with 2 holes already so you'll just need to punch 4 more and they will line up with your 6 ring A5 binder.  I have a whole video here on finding the best A5 planner for an uncoiled Erin Condren Life Planner!

Of course there's a whole ton more you can add that you'll find helpful but hopefully this inspires you to get started!  You can find some printable stickers here on the blog to get you started.  (Be sure to tag me on Instagram when you use them!)

Memory planning opens up a whole new world of getting creative.  I love that planning can mean so much to different people and I love that we all get to express ourselves the way we feel most inspired to do so.

If you want to check out some more posts on memory planning you can find all my posts on memory planning here.

How do you memory keep?  What inspires you to get creative?

xoxo, Moe


Three Ways to Build your Essential Oil Collection with Doterra

Using essential oils has become a daily routine in my life.  I carry a little bag around with me to work, I keep some in the bathroom, I keep some on my desk, and I have roller bottles out the wazoo.  I just can't get enough!  I use these oils for cleaning, for skincare, and for emotional balance.  I use them to freshen the air, to relax sore muscles, to uplift my mood.  I use them because the are effective & because they smell nice.  I use them because they work.
As a Wellness Advocate for Doterra, if you purchase through any of these links I will make a commission.

The oils I use are from doTERRA and I personally believe that these are the best oils out there for quality, purity, & potency because they come from around the world.  DoTERRA has formed amazing relationships with local farmers where certain plants are indigenous which means we're getting healthy and happy energies when we're sourcing from these plants.  Not only are the plants growing where they thrive the best, but communities are thriving too.  I love that the co-impact sourcing not only means I'm getting oil from a happy plant but I'm helping to build happy communities all around the world

DoTERRA also puts their oils through a battery of tests - 7 to be exact - to ensure that they are bottling the best oilsThese tests ensure there are no additives, no heavy metals, and nothing weird packed into the bottleCertified Pure Therapeutic Grade or CPTG means that the oils doTERRA offers are of the highest standard - no funny business here!

Build Your Collection Three Ways

So how can you grow your essential oil collection with quality oils?  There are a few ways to get started using doTERRA essential oils that will save you the most money:

Enrollment kit

If you purchase an enrollment kit you'll already be ahead of the game.  You'll get a collection of oils, supplements, and other products depending on the kit you choose plus you'll get an amazing welcome pack from doTERRA all about using the oils safely.  If you choose an enrollment kit, you'll have a collection right there to start with and you're wholesale membership fee will be waived.  There is no monthly order requirement but you'll be able to save 25% on all future orders for one year.
Each oil from DoTERRA has at least 10 uses (most have a ton more) so you'll be able to mix, match, & pair oils for all types of uses.  The most popular kits are the Home Essentials kit and the Family Essentials + beadlets kit.  These come with the top 10 oils in either 15ml or 5ml bottles.  You'll be able to start diffusing, to create your own cleaning supplies, to boost your mood, & to improve physical wellness right away!  This is like an instant collection to dive you right into the world of essential oils.  (Scroll to the bottom to see how to join & save!)

Wholesale Customer + Custom Order

If there isn't an enrollment kit that suits your needs you can join as a wholesale member ($35 membership fee) and then create you own custom order to get started with only the oils you're interested in.  This means you can start down a custom path with just the oils you want.

One great way to get started is to purchase household cleaning supplies.  Throw in the On Guard Cleaner Concentrate, the On Guard Laundry Detergent, the Beginners Trio with Lavender, Peppermint, & Lemon then add a bottle of Purify and you'll have a DIY cleaning kit for your whole house!

Another way to create a custom order is with your emotional needs in mind.  Create a custom order with the Spa Kit + Travel Kit or even the Emotional Aromatherapy Touch kit.  You'll be able to focus on emotional wellness with out all the other fluff.

Creating a custom order means you're only purchasing what you want.  You can even just add single oils...no pressure here!  Plus you'll save 25% on your next orders for that year.  Again, there's no pressure to place a monthly order! (Scroll to the bottom to see how to join & save!)

LRP monthly order

The final way to grow your DoTERRA collection is through an LRP order.  Enrollment in the Loyalty Reward Program means that you will place a monthly order - but you get to choose for what and for how much - and that you'll amass points to use towards free oils.  You can enroll in the LRP program any time when you're a wholesale customer or wellness advocate.  You can also cancel at any time.

The best part about this monthly order is that you can purchase only the things you need.  Over time you can get up to 30% back in points depending on how long you've been enrolled.  An order of 50PV gets you the points and an order of at least 1PV allows you to keep those points.  So there is no pressure to place the same order every month!  If you'd like to start slow & purchase a few oils, then the next month purchase only one, you're totally free to do that!  YOU get to determine your price point.  Its like a customized subscription service!

This is one of the best ways to experience all DoTERRA has to offer on your budget.  Plus you'll be earning points you can use later towards free product.  And any month you want the Free Product of the Month just place a 125PV order!

Grab the Free Ebook!

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Experiencing quality essential oils doesn't have to be out-of-budget expensive and it can be as customizable as you'd like.  Each of these options saves you money in the long run giving you the opportunity to build your collection easily, efficiently, and affordably!  Since you only need a few drops for effectiveness, building your collection slowly will pay off.  Patience is a virtue!

How to Join

  1. Click here to visit my doTERRA website. Select Join & Save in the upper part of the screen. 
  2. Enter your country on the next page & select continue
  3. Fill out your information & choose whether you'd like to be a Wholesale Customer or a Wellness Advocate. You should also see 4042730 as the referral information. Click continue.
  4. Select your starter kit.
  5. Choose any other products you'd like to add
  6. Review your order, enter your shipping & payment information. Select Process Order
  7. Email me at moe.howard@fivesixteenthsblog.com to let me know you've ordered! I'll get your exclusive team freebies ready to ship & add you to the Feel the Inhale team group. Plus we can schedule your one on one consultation to go over your wellness goals!
  8. Get ready to fall in love with oily goodness!
If you'd like to learn more about enrollment shoot me a message and if you're ready to get started click here & scroll down to follow the instructions!

xoxo, Moe


Current Favorite Oracle & Tarot Decks

When it comes to self development & spirituality, I can't recommend using oracle and/or tarot cards enough.  Paired with some quiet time, mediation, and just self care in general, these decks can be a powerful way to connect with our higher selves so that we can understand who we are and move forward with a more positive outlook.  For me, tarot & oracle cards aren't something that can predict the future.  Personally, I believe that those who use cards in that way have another (totally separate) gift and the cards are a physical way of representing it.  But no matter what you believe, using tarot & oracle cards should be a vital part of your spiritual practice or self development journey!
this post contains affiliate links, please read my full disclosure here.
I first started using tarot cards in March of 2018.  I found them to be a great tool for guidance & for inspiration.  These cards can help us with mantras, give guidance on choices, and most often they can spell out what we already know...but are maybe too naive or too reluctant to see.  

Types of Decks

There are quite a few decks that I turn too and I often will use more than one deck in a reading.  I love oracle cards just as much as tarot cards and I find pairing the two means I'll get a more interesting and sometimes more inspiring message.  There are three types of decks that I use:
  1. Tarot deck - your traditional 78 card tarot deck.  I usually use a Rider-Waite-Smith inspired deck as the imagery is easier to read for me.
  2. Oracle deck - These range in their style but they are normally considered anything that is not a traditional tarot deck.  There can be angel decks, moon phase decks, ascended masters decks, crystal decks, etc.
  3. Affirmation deck - I'm not sure if this is a subcategory of cards, but this is what I like to call decks that have text centered around a mantra or affirmation.  So the face of the card will have text making the meaning very clear.

My Current Favorite Decks

The After Tarot

type of deck : tarot

The After Tarot is really the only tarot deck I use now.  I do have the Miss Cleo Tarot deck - surprisingly good I have to say - but The After Tarot has imagery that makes the cards much easier to understand.  The whole premise of this deck is to show what happens just after the traditional image in a Rider-Waite-Smith deck.
The imagery is still consistent with a RWS deck but takes it that step further and for me that makes the cards easier to understand.  The message is about action or reaction and gives a deeper meaning to the traditional images.

There is an expanded book that accompanies this deck, however I find it quite useless!! I prefer to build the meanings/interpretations on this deck from a traditional RWS perspective so it may be helpful to have a little white book from a traditional deck.

Spirit de la Lune

type of deck: oracle

The Spirit de la Lune deck was one of the first oracle style decks I purchased.  Since I really wanted to connect more into the moon and learn more about the phases, this deck stood out to me. This deck has 56 cards including moon phases, full moondalas, and zodiac moondalas (a moondalal is just the circular illustrated artwork on multiple cards).  Each card has printed words - the zodiac, the moon phase, the full moon, and the one-word meaning of the card - though I do not consider this an affirmation deck.
This deck is perfect for working with action as well as the moon phases can tell us what we may need to incorporate into our lives, which is why I think it is the perfect oracle deck.  The guidebook is full of information as well.  Not only do you get detailed info on each card, but there are spreads, crystal suggestions, and self care actions as well.  If you're even looking to learn about the moon the guidebook is full of information.

Connected Chakras

type of deck: affirmation

This deck is a deck I designed in 2017 that started as a throat chakra project.  I'd only intended to make a set of cards for the throat chakra and then the whole deck came together.  This is an affirmation deck as it is intended to give or inspire mantras for meditation.  I created this deck when I didn't really feel into my own power and I wanted to tap into my chakras to get aligned.
With 42 cards in this deck, the Connected Chakras deck features are six affirmations for each of the seven chakras.  There is no guidebook for this deck, but two cards provide info on how to use it.  This deck is intended to be a supplementary deck to your collection though it can be used alone.

My favorite way to use this deck is to pull a card with a tarot card and another oracle card.  I find that the Connected Chakras deck and the After Tarot work wonderful together.  The Connected Chakras deck will either be my mantra for the week/day/etc or add to a mantra I feel coming through that is supported by the other cards in the reading.

Universe has your Back 

type of deck: affirmation

This deck I wasn't too fond of at first.  But when I use this deck in conjunction with other decks (like the Connected Chakras deck) I feel like I get a more complete reading.  This is another deck that either provides me with or builds an affirmation for me.
The Universe has you Back deck features watercolor artwork is also very interesting and speaks to my creative side.  I love the hand written look of the text as well.  It just really speaks to my creativity.

Again, there is no guidebook with this deck though there is a supporting self development book by Gabby Bernstein by the same name.

My Quality Time Self Care Activity Deck

type of deck: oracle

Another creative deck, the My Quality Time Self Care Activity Deck from DeJa Drewit is one that I love to use weekly.  This can show me what I might want to do in order to focus on self care for the week.  Paired with other decks - especially an affirmation deck - I can begin to see where I might need to focus.
This deck is hand drawn with watercolor accents. The illustrations are ethereal, inspiring, and realistic....they all focus on you.  I am always so inspired by this deck.

Sacred Wild Soul

type of deck: affirmation

One of the first affirmation decks I purchased was from the Sacred Wild Soul website.  There are actually two decks that I'm lumping into this one category - the Sacred Soul Searching deck and the Sacred Wild Soul deck - and both are amazing.  They are the same size so you can combine the two decks if you want.
The imagery of this deck is watercolor illustrations combined with photographs.  Each card features a word or phrase along with an explanation, action, or question.  This is another deck that helps to build affirmations for my week or day.  The care and attention to detail make this deck one of my absolute favorites!

These are the decks I turn to the most.  I usually do a combination of a few decks in a reading because I feel drawn to them all.  Even using just one of these decks is super powerful & inspiring.  If you want to learn more about reading tarot, check out this post for a free Tarot Study Guide.  You can also read more tarot related posts here.

xoxo, Moe


App Review // Photo Video Collage (PVC) Pro

If you've been around the block or two with this whole blogging thing you'll know that things change all the time.  I mean we had the Instagram algorithm switch, adpocalypses over on YouTube, and the switch (quite a while ago) to vertical images on blogs because Pinterest favored them.  So what is new now?
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Well it may not be new, new.....but video is taking over.  We've got video on Instagram (read more about what to post when you've got nothing to post here) and on Facebook.  And the verdict is video is better because it engages us longer.  Who doesn't scroll through the next video on Facebook or tap on the videos on the explore page of Instagram?

I was contacted by the makers of Photomarks, Bits & Coffee, to review a cool collage app that combines photo & video to create square content to share on your Instagram, Faceook, or other social media feeds.  Let's talk about this cool app.

What is it?

Photo Video Collage or PVC pro is an  collage app that allows you to "Create beautiful and engaging photo & video collages with your memories and favorite music, built for sharing on Instagram, and Facebook!  PhotoVideoCollage brings collages to a whole new level. Not only can you add photos but also entire videos and mix the soundtracks with your favorite iTunes song!"
Information taken from the app store here.

This app takes collage much farther by combining photo, video, text, and sound to create unique content optimized for sharing.  The price of this app is $1.99 USD so it's pretty reasonable but there is a free version here, too!

What it does

PVC pro gives you the ability to create quality videos for your social feeds with just a few taps.  Choose a layout, tap a box, add a photo or video.  It is that simple.  You can create branded content by using images created in a text overlay app - my favorite is Phonto but PhotoMarks is made by the same creator as PVC Pro - or use your own styled images.
Drag & drop to rearrange the elements of the layout and add music from iTunes.  If you have copyright free music, this would work perfect to share & monetize.  You can add a text title as well.

There are 70+ square layouts, background colors & texture overlays, the ability to export a new video to Instagram, Facebook, email, or your camera roll. 
This app is another great powerhouse tool to make content while you're out & about!

How it helps you

As an on the go blogger, I do most of my content creation on the go and on my phone.  I film not only YouTube videos but short & sweet videos for my various feeds.  The optimal video is also square or - I can't believe we've come to this - vertical.  I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying it's happening.
This app can help you create interesting and optimized videos - especially if you have multiple things to share.  One way I use this app is to add a vertical video into the collage plus two other graphics with supplemental information.  I find these fit better into your Facebook page or groups but are not that aesthetically pleasing when used on your Instagram feed.  But you can always pop these into your stories.

Overall, I think this app is very useful.  I've created a few videos with this app (check one here on the 516 Facebook Page) and have to say I will keep it around!  I do wish that there was an option to go horizontal or vertical.  A vertical layout would be fun to use in your stories.  I think this app is great as a companion app in your blogging arsenal. 

Download PVC pro today to get your video making on!  Want more amazing apps to try? Read more app reviews here.

What apps do you use in your blogging arsenal? 

xoxo, Moe


Three Ways to Use a Full Box in Your Mini Happy Planner

If you haven't figured it out by now, the Mini Happy Planner is my favorite planner EVER.  I am seriously contemplating purchasing another one that starts in July just because I can.  Speaking of which, have you see the new stuff that is on the Michael's website?  Apparently it's supposed to be available the end of May?  I. Am. Stoked.  I was hoping to link it here for you all....but I can not seem to find it!!
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I love that there are so many stickers, accessories, and creative possibilities with this planner line.  Probably the number one reason I love planning is because I get to be creative.  I get to turn a blank page into something beautiful to look at for a week....and then I get to do it again!

The Happy Planner line has had their sticker books designed for the classic size planner out in circulation for quite a while.  It has only been in the last year, I think, that they've released them for the Mini Happy Planner.  This means the majority of my sticker books aren't designed for the planner I use.  But I'm here to tell you that is 100% A-OK!  We're gonna talk about 3 creative ways to use a full box sticker in your Mini Happy Planner

Background for a Checklist or Quote

Since these boxes fill up a good chunk of space in on the spread, using them as a background for something else is a fun way to optimize space.  I usually stack and layer stickers all over my planner spreads.

Geometric Accent

Cutting up the full boxes and using them to layer with fun geometric shape adds interest to your page.  This can be a fun way to decorate if you want to leave a little more white space in your spread.

Sticker Cluster

This is one of my favorite things to do in my planner!  I have a whole post here about the sticker cluster.  You can usually find these clusters on the lower right hand corner of my spreads as I like to cover up the little square in the notes box.

60off Happy Planners
My favorite place to save moolah on the Happy Planner Sticker books is BlitsyThis amazing site offers a ton of discounts on planning supplies from various brands and other craft supplies.  Not to mention their sale & clearance pages have even more discounted items!  Be sure to join here because I know you're going to love this site!!

Like I said, getting creative is my favorite part of planning. I just love to express myself & look at how fun the spreads are all week.

How do you use full boxes in your planner?

xoxo, Moe