Make It Mondays: Decorative Plates

Sorry there wasn't a Make It Monday last week, I don't think I could have handled it!  This week I am going to try to make a decorative plate I've seen in a few decor craft books.  Using modge podge images are glued to the back of a clear glass plate & it's sealed.  You really can't use it to eat off of but its pretty cool to look at. I'd love to decorate some & put them in my shop.  I have a framed picture above my bed with the silhouette of a giraffe's head in patterned paper that I would love to translate into a plate!  A whole series with animal silhouettes would be cute.

Here's an example from Julie's Adorabowls on etsy!

Isn't it great? Click the link for more of her fun creations! She has bowls, plates & some really adorable jewelery!

Are you going to make anything new this week?

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