Fan Friday #70

It is the last day of August! Are you kidding me?  Zach & I are going to have a relaxing weekend at home for Labor Day.  I want to play with a few more of the fireworks so maybe we'll set off a few or even just mess around with sparklers.  We also have these colored smoke ones that I'd like to see in the daylight!

So, onto the things I'm loving this week:
Kinsey of Sincerely, Kinsey did this awesome Anthropologie rug knock off. Peep the tutorial here.  This is such a great Dorm DIY! I'd love to figure out a way to add the fringe!

This fall look.  Are you kidding? I can't wait for layers & boots & leggings.  Man.  Can't wait!

These pretty cool book ends that can totally be DIY'd.  Zach & I actually talked about painting a few dino figurines to look porcelain with another tutorial I found.  I love the idea of building little collections & I hope that this is something Zach & I will agree on continuing in the future!  I was inspired by this collection too.

Link Love
++I joined in the Blog Trends chat this past week & found some really cool photoshop actions through Brittany of My Daily Randomness (I also like her blog design!) who said she loved these actions.  This week's topic was on photos (better ones, sourcing, watermarking, etc).  It was pretty cool!  I hope I can remember to join next week!++

++Cool handmade baskets from Find Your Happy.  I just love the neon & natural feel.  I totally want a few of these large ones for storage!  Remember the craft room inspiration board? Totally subbing those baskets for these!++

++This cool & easy way to make a Twitter background with Colour Lovers.  I looove that website!++

I've been thinking about adding more blog designs to the shop & by more I mean better.  I think at the end of the year some of the older ones are going to retire & better ones are gonna enter.  As I make the switch over to storenvy, when things sell out they won't be renewed.  I am going to move some blog designs over to the new storefront but a lot of the new things will be added to etsy too.  I've decided to keep etsy as a design shop only.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Self Employed or Unemployed? First Month Thoughts

The question I struggle with everyday: Am I Self employed or Unemployed?

I mentioned yesterday how keeping a schedule & treating my days as work days has put me in front of my goals & not just working towards them.  It's been an exciting month but it's also been a roller coaster ride.

Each day I wake up excited to set to work on the things I want to do & in this past month I've gotten more done than I ever could have.  I am convinced that I've done more this month than in what I could do in 3 months before.  Specifically, I've worked on a variety of products but I (we - Zach & I) decided to start up a vintage shop of which I inventoried what we had, discussed with Zach our aesthetic, came up with a logo, shot, edited, & posted photos, wrote out descriptions of our 20+ current items, set a launch date, & started advertising.  Are you kidding me? I've done more for that single part of the business than I'd ever though I could do.  I've been more organized with this than any other part of my life!  

Additionally, in about a week & a half I created a custom Storenvy storefront - the base is there, but there is still a bit I need to tweak & do think that I should hold off until the first of the year when I get it the way I really want.  This month I've finished up my ebook and written countless guest posts promoting it & about newsletter tricks.  I've written countless other guest posts promoting the Five Sixteenths blog.  I've spent all day crocheting away making cool things for my shop, re-shooting my ceramic work, listing, evaluating, etc.  At the end of the day I've put in 8 hours + of work.

The reason I ask myself am I self employed or unemployed is because the return I'm seeing is only how proud I am of myself & not in monetary value.  Right now I am focusing on a base from which to leap from while still trying to pull in some dough.  I've been lucky in the past (and right now too) in that I can run my blog & my shop off of the sales I've made...but I considered that a successful business for probably about 6 months.  That was when I had a job that could fund my making habit, my loans, my rent payment, etc.  This month I have made sales & my small goal of about a sale a week has almost held up (3 sales out of 5 weeks...good but not great!) but I still feel it's not enough.

I know starting small is the key & little milestones are worth celebrating.  Believe me, I celebrate little things everyday because everyday I surprise myself!  Six years ago when I joined etsy I thought it was going to be this instant success.  I was a freshman in college & a tiny baby.  But in six years I've come a looooooong, long way to discover that it's a lot of work!

I've always been a hard worker.  When I've needed something I've worked for it.  When I wanted a job, I got a job.  I don't sit around & complain about why things aren't coming my way, I go out and make it happen....but I still haven't figured out the right kind of hard work to make money off of my dream.

Having a lot of new ventures lining up in September means there are things coming that I haven't experienced before.  Will people want the eBook? Will people find our vintage collections interesting?  I don't know!

So everyday I wonder am I self employed or unemployed.  I wonder if I should get a part time job to at least have a steady source of income.  But then I feel like I'll be making no money at my part time job AND no money through my dream job because I'll only be able to focus on it half the time.  But then if I get a full time job I'll be back to only working on my dream when I have time & having this month to focus on my dream has be so helpful, fun, exciting, amazing!  So, like every post recently....I am torn.  As September comes near & moving into the house becomes a reality.....I just don't know what to do.  I want to have a steady source of income & do the responsible thing and part of me wishes I'd have been more monetarily successful this month to give me just a little hope that I might be able to do this on my own.

The best part of this month has been having my weekends back.  Before, I used after work, weekends, days off, & anytime I could squeeze in working on my dream.  Which is fine, when you're single.  When I met Zach, things changed.  Suddenly I wanted to spend time with Zach but found I also wanted to continue to work towards my dream.  It was more than a want though, I needed to to both of these things....not out of obligation but out of an extreme desire to be with who I love & do what I love.  These two things seemed to fight for attention & at first I didn't know it.  I wouldn't pay attention to Zach or I'd be working away while we watched TV instead of just being with him.  I'd count down the minutes until a movie or show was over so I could get back to work, work, work.  I assumed & still assume that this will be a necessary evil when I have a real job.  To me, its this huge mess of unfairness towards Zach & unfairness towards my dream.  I never did a good job balancing the two & when I go back to a real job it will be a constant source of stress for me that I wish I was better at balancing.

But, this month I've been able to go to 'work' every day while Zach is at work & when he comes home I can put things down.  I've got the weekends back & we can go to the zoo, go to the lake, hang out, go camping, etc because I'm not thinking about the work I need to do.  It's been great! But I  feel I am not being responsible by wanting to pursue something that may or may not make me the money I need to be a part of a responsible couple.  (I hope that makes sense.)

But then I think why is money the most important thing?....I want to be happy. To me happiness = success......but now I'd like to see a little bit of pay off for my happiness.  I am proud of myself, I have met my goals for this month, I've done things I never even dreamed of (coded that storenvy store!) and most importantly I feel like I can balance my dream & my life.  But still it doesn't really mean anything when it boils down to the fact that I can't pay for things.  Saving up & then knowing your savings will get smaller before it gets bigger is hard and I really don't like it.

I just want to say that I am not writing this so that you feel sorry for me or for a pity party, or to say I can't do it, for words of encouragement, etc....I am writing it to be honest.  These are the feelings I am struggling with this first month of unemployed, self employment.  I like to keep this blog as sort of a journal too so that this time next year I can look back & see where I've come.  I am also very thankful for the support of my family, of Zach, & of Zach's family for letting us layover here for a little while.

I guess I need to wait a little bit longer to see how September goes.

On a lighter note....can you believe August is over!?!?!? Where did the time go! I've already lost my tan!  But Zach has Labor Day off....any ideas on what we should do? Now that I have weekends free?  Oh, and I am excited to start working on a super minimal blog design for a friend.  I am in love with minimalism.....but can't seem to do it for myself!!!

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4 Ways to Make a Pit Stop a Home // Life's Little Layover

So Zach & I have been in this little pit stop we call Michigan for about a month, actually I am pretty sure it was a month ago today we pulled up into his parent's driveway.  Wow, time flies!  Any way...I wanted to share with you 4 things that have really helped me out in this little layover.

With all of Zach's things still in a POD & all of my things carefully stacked in the garage, there hasn't been much of making a home.  Since I am a homebody type person & love nesting it's been really weird using someone else's dishes & sitting on someone else's couch.  But we've made the best of it in all ways possible.  The lovely view & wonderful hospitality of his parents have more than made up for it.  Here are the 4 things that have made the one bedroom apartment with an old futon seem more like home:

Starbucks Via // Of course I'd put coffee first.  I love coffee & I love good coffee.  While sometimes I do opt for a Starbucks run in order to get a shot of caffeine & high speed internet, having good coffee at home was proving difficult as Zach's coffee pot is packed in a storage unit & only God knows where my has gone.  In swoops Starbucks Via, Italian Roast specifically.  It's the best instant coffee out there.  A small packet in a hot cup of water with cream & sugar has saved my mornings.  Really, I can't get through the day with out coffee.  It's the truth.  Starting the day off coffee in hand reminds me of home 

Schedule // I am a scheduler & with out one, my daily battle with my love of sleep over takes me.  I will stay in bed until noon if I don't have things to do.  Having a schedule & things that need to get done during the day has helped me a lot.  Just like getting up & going to a real job would interrupt my never ending battle with my love of sleep, so too does having a personal schedule.  Not to mention it's kept me on track & even put me ahead of the things I want to accomplish.  Oh yeah, I may not be making bank...but self employment has put me in front of my goals & not just working towards them!

Dinner Together // Zach & I ate together before, of course but part of it was waiting for the other to drive to the other's house and then decide what sort of groceries we had that we could throw something together.  Actively planning our meals, sharing cooking duties, & sitting down to eat together have really made it seem like home.  Even though I am not a good cook, this one means a lot.
dinner together

Creating Space to Create // I can't sit still.  I can't. I have to always be making, doing, creating something.  Having a space to create is very hard in a tiny apartment.  And accepting that yarn is going to be everywhere & there's nothing I can do about it is hard.  Creating a space in this tiny apartment gets frustrating.  I absolutely dispise having to move things to do other things & that's what I am doing nearly every time I need to make something, take a picture of something, etc.  It gets discouraging.  I know this is something I faced a long, long time ago when I first moved to Williamsburg.  Since I was sort of stuck between places I didn't have a space that was my own.  I've realized that if I want to create, I have to take charge & do it.  If it's a mess....it's a mess, but I can't sit around & wait.

Have you ever had an extended stay? How did you make it more like home?

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Feature Sponsor Interview // Diana from Livy Love Desings

Can you believe August is nearly over? I totally can't! I've still got a load of things to do!  But today I want to introduce you to Diana of Livy Love Designs.  She's got a beautiful blog & shop, so I hope you'll pop by!

1. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging like everyone does when I got married.  It started out as a family blog and then progressed into a design/DIY/family blog.  I started my shop right after I had my daughter in mid 2010.  I started to design artwork for her nursery and realized I could do this for other people.  

2. What is your favorite part about blogging & the blogging community? 
My favorite part is the people I meet.  I have met some of my closest and best friends through blogging and I know I wouldn't have with out that.  

3. What is the hardest part about blogging/being an indie biz owner? 
The hardest part is the competition for me.  I will be honest, sometimes I feel like I might not be the best and I need to step up my game but thats only because I usually am comparing myself.  I need to knock that off and keep on keeping on!

5. What is your favorite print in your shop?  
My favorite print would have to be any of the hand drawn ones because I put so much effort into them.  Lots of Control + Z and messing around with colors.  So what you see most likely came a LONG way!

6. Give us the best blogging/business advice you've ever received? 
Don't compare your weakness's to someones strengths.  Just because you haven't had a new follower in a few weeks or great sales in your shop DOES NOT mean you are bad blogger/shop owner.  You need to get the word out on your shop/blog and that will get more activity!

7. Give us the best advice on life you've ever received? 
Be true to who you are.  No one likes someone who fakes it because we all can tell.  Just be yourself!

8. What is your favorite fruit?  

9. What is your favorite color to wear? 

Please check out Diana's lovely shop & blog.  You can also keep up with her daily musings on Twitter!

I just love her designs & can't wait to hang my state print in our kitchen when we get the new house! I love the print so much.  

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Five Sixteenths has rearranged sponsorship starting in the month of May.  If you are interested in being a feature sponsor, please peep the sponsorship page here & shoot me an email!  Next Feature Spot is available for October! 


Make it Monday // Back to School DIY Round Up

The end of August & the beginning of September always means back to school for me.  I love collecting the perfect pens, notebooks, backpack, clothes, etc to start the year off right.  I also loved coming up with crazy awesome things to DIY to impress my friends in the new year.  The younger Moe prided herself on being seen as the most creative & totally came in second for the Most Artistic superlative in high school.  Can't believe I missed that!

To get you started for back to school, I thought I'd share with you a Back to School round up of DIY projects from the Five Sixteenths archives:

Floral Shorts DIY that can easily be used to spruce up last year's jeans // Floral Backpack + other wardrobe DIYs // Spruce up a thrift store purse to fit your current style // Make a Faux Enamel ring to match your favorite outfit // Color Block Moc DIY to spruce up last year's moccasins // DIY Nail Polish for your pretty fingers

Fabric Spine Notebook DIY perfect for a spiral bound notebook or planner //  DIY Woodgrain Laptop Decals from contact paper // Mini Notebook Contact Paper DIY for a memo book or planner

Easy Magnetic Memo Board //  Satellite Wall Art DIY if you're headed to school a far ways from home // Abstract Wall Art DIY // Chevron Wall Art DIY // Summer Memories Instax DIY

Even though I am over a year out of school, I still feel like I should be packing up & changing when August comes around.  I hope that you can try out some of these DIY's as you head back to school this fall.  I wish you the best year!

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Sum Up Sunday #62

This week I spent visiting my aunt while she was in Indiana for work.  When I got back in town Zach suggested we take a little camping trip down by the pond.  Zach set up a little campfire, I helped set up the tent, we cooked some bratwurst, & enjoyed the stars.  I had a rough time sleeping on the ground but this is what we woke up to:
Then we decided to head to the zoo.  I love the zoo, it's one of my favorite placed to go.  The John Ball Zoo had a lot of different habitats than the Norfolk Zoo.  They had an Aquarium! Oh, and a lot of reptiles!  Reptiles & amphibians are my favorite to learn about.  I never get tired of walking through the habitats in the Norfolk zoo & we used to go a lot: for school, with family, etc.  I still love it!  At the John Ball Zoo, I saw a Rattle Snake for the first time. Oh, and those really pretty yet poisonous frogs, too!  I feel like a child, I love the zoo so much!
The also released Monarch Butterflies on the hour.  We didn't stay to see them but there sure were a lot of them flying around.  They were very pretty.
Overall it was a good relaxing week.  Now to get cracking on more things like the ebook, shop, etc.  Can't wait to get this all squared away.  Oh, and it seems the house is coming a long quite nicely.  Can't wait for that too!!

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Fan Friday #69 // In a Crochet Daze

First I wanna say that I was caught red handed yesterday trying to suggest a neutral color palette in our bedroom to Zach.  As soon as I started saying something about it he said 'why, so you can put pink everywhere?'  Immediately I knew he'd read yesterday's post.  Can't get anything past that guy!! :)

If there is one thing I've learned about myself after being alive 24 years, its that I can't sit still.  I always have to be making something.  Since I've been back in Michigan, I've been crocheting away like the good old days.  Keeping my hands busy is something I have to do.  Ever since I was little I always had to be making something...it just kept my mind & my hands occupied.  I can't just sit & watch TV, I can hardly sit still enough to read a book, I have to be making.  So now that I have my hook in hand again I've been thinking about tackling some bigger projects: blankets & throws.  Not only do I want some nifty ones for our new home (back to the bedroom color palette!) but I also want to make some for the shop.  I've been loving just making & making & making....

one two three four

modern patchwork - Making a zillion tiny granny squares is something I like to do to use up scrap yarn.  Since I also get bored if I use one color for too long, switching it up always helps me finish a project.  This modern, cross like patchwork blanket is super great.  I love the color palette & it can really spice up a room.

apartment living - Speaking of spicing up a room, if you live in an apartment (like I've been accustomed to) adding a colorful crochet throw can bring color into your room.  You can't paint the walls & you can't put holes in 'em either so bringing color into your apartment this way ensures you'll get your deposit back.  It's also great for dorms, you're supplied furniture but the way you dress it can give you a personal look!

modern granny - This is what I am working on now.  I fell in love with that picture & the blue colored yarn.  Not only does the blue accent go well over that bright orange but the open weave gives you a more modern, casual look.  I am hoping that I can convince Zach to do a neutral bedding & then add a pop of color with the throw.  Since he likes dark colors I am thinking about a gray bedspread, white/lighter grey sheets, black accent pillow cases, black crochet throw, & then a pop of color.  We'll see!

combining stitches - Not only is this granny square blanket joined together seemingly seamlessly, it looks as if the first few rows are double crochet & the last row is a treble crochet.  This creates a great visual texture & that mustard color gets me every time! Once the individual squares area ll together adding a blanket stitch instead of a crocheted edging finishes it off in a unique way!

Link Love
++ this tutorial for making a crocheted basket it super awesome.  I never would have thought to make a basket that way.  I was thinking about using macrame cord to make a crocheted table runner or placemats.  What do you think?++

++You should definitely check out that patchwork pattern up close to see the edging detail!++

++This blanket is knit but I love the joining idea: two large halves joined by a stitch.  I'd make that stitch like a neon color!++

Happy Friday y'all! What do you have planned for this weekend?

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Style Something Pretty in Pink

I've posted before about how Zach & I take home decorating seriously.  It's kind of funny that I've found someone so polar opposite of me when it comes to that kind of stuff.  Aren't boys not supposed to care?? Anyway, after we've gone through a lot of Pinterest boards & sort of come to a conclusion and I feel much better.

I've been loving the neutral palette with a pop of color & when I headed over to Pinterest for some inspiration, I wasn't disappointed:
one two three four
I do want to bring a bit of femininity into the house though & am favoring the color pink right now.  I was trying to think of ways that I could share my pink obsession with others, reflect it in my home, & add it to my wardrobe:

Pretty in Pink

For a Friend - Share your color love with out being too invasive in their own style with a candle or other sort of home decor item like that.  It's not to invasive & you're getting your color crush out there!

For your Home - If you're like me & you have a man to worry about, picking a color crush that goes great with a neutral is a must.  By throwing these pink pillows in ombre shades with gray you'll add a punch of color to your otherwise drab neutral palette.  If your guy even cares, that is!  Coral tones may be a good step into pink if you feel others in your household may not be into the pink.

For You - Show your pink pride on you hand with a bright ring or nail polish.  I mentioned in the Style Something Blue post, that a good way to incorporate a color you are crazy about into your wardrobe is through nail polish or a ring.  This way it's subtle but lets you test out how the color plays with your wardrobe, skin tone, etc.  You'll get used to seeing how the color looks on you & you'll feel comfortable in a bright pink blouse!

This advice works for more colors than just pink! If you're into adding a pop of color into your life, try these tips with any color under the sun.  The trick to including bright colors or colors outside of your comfort zone is to do it in moderation.  Throw in a hint here & there until you get used to the color.  You won't overwhelm yourself or drop a lot of dough on something you may grow to hate!

How do you take a step outside your comfort zone with color?

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Etsy vs Storenvy // What do you Think?

So I've been talking a lot this week about the switch I am ultimately going to make from etsy to storenvy after the holidays.  I've spend a crazy amount of time working on the storenvy storefront, customizing, etc & have actually taken the big step in adding items to the shop.  The shop isn't live yet & that is where you come in:

Should I switch to storenvy now (before the holidays) or switch when I've planned to (after the holidays)?

Here's what I've been thinking, the pros & cons if you will:

- already a part of a growing handmade market place
- have been on etsy for years (people know where to find 516)
- already have a group of people that have favorited things
- popular place others search for handmade items & I'll show up in those searches
- already paid a butt load in listing fees + I am adding things for the holiday season
- don't really have to do too much promoting, etsy sort of does it (kind of)

- overtime, those fees add up (oh yeah they do)
- .etsy.com domain is more recognizable than .storenvy.com domain
- not customizable
- not even sure if this marketplace is helping me make sales
- seems to be doing better for blog designs than other things (jewelry & crocheted things)

- FREE (listing, no expiration, etc)
- ultimate customization
- chance to build a better, cohesive look
- fits in with the 516 brand
- can have multiple categories & put things in multiple categories - more organized
- grown up step for 516

- switching may be bad for holiday sales as I am moving, how will others know?
- do people search storenvy like they search etsy?
- how will I show up in google searches? Google is hardly ever in my stats on etsy anyway!
- would have to do more independent advertising

So I want to know from you: Do you think it's a smart move to just switch now (or soon) or should I hang on for a bit until after the holidays?

I also have more things I'd like to list on etsy for the holidays, but I'm not sure if it's worth it! gah, this is hard!

I do have a few more bugs to figure out that I may be able to figure out before September since I'd probably switch over then.  I've also gotten some wonderful tips from yesterdays post that I can't wait to incorporate in the future!  

For me, all things are pointing to waiting....especially if I am relying on these holiday sales.  But if you were in my position...

What would you do?

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Trend Tuesday // I Like Your Style

With the launch of the 516VINTAGE shop here in the next coming weeks (read the story here), I feel like I am struggling to get by with my other endeavors....the Five Sixteenths shop mainly.  I have a load of cool items, lovely handmade things....and no sales (well, some sales).  I've struggled with consistency, photo quality, etc.  I think, to sum it up, I struggle with a look.  For the vintage shop, I think we've got a look down & it was pretty simple: 516VINTAGE is about curating collections through story telling so, when taking pictures, I tried to tell a story.  Staging the photos was so fun & making little vignettes that put the items in a place made sense.  For the blog, I've got a pretty branded look - it's well designed yet playful & I really like how it looks over all and how it compliments my content.  But for Five Sixteenths shop......I struggle with coming up with a cohesive shop look.
Sneak Peek at the look of 516VINTAGE

Current look of Five Sixteenths
This is where my trips to the mall come in: I am constantly looking for color & design inspiration and while I soak it up, I don't seem to squeeze much of it out.  I am half writing this post because I love finding inspiration & half writing it so I'll remember and maybe do something about it.  Here's some shop love inspiration from around the web:

found via For the Makers on instagram
I am in love with this fall display from Anthropologie.  The earthy tones, deep pumpkins & purples makes me remember why I love fall so much! I think (and this was pointed out to me in art school) that I have a hard time because I try not to do what I'm inclined to do - I think it's stupid so I don't do it!  I think taking the shop's overall feel back to an earthy look would be wonderful.  Those big handmade flowers look lovely too.  Anthropologie & Free People inspire the heck outta me!  In fact, here's another one:

via Bleubird on Instagram
The sense of home & collection in Anthropologie is amazing! Love it!

I also want to seamlessly blend the blog design elements in the shop with the real, tangible things.  For this I look to the Red Velvet shop for some help.  I don't know how they do it but blending web & real life so effortlessly is something I admire!
via the Mandy Lynne blog
the Red Velvet Shop online
I've actually been taking the Dream Job E-Course offered through Red Velvet & have a better apreciation for the way their online shop looks now.  It's clean & simple and can grow with them.  This is something I really, really want to finally settle on!  I've actually tried to gear my logos/headers/etc towards this look of simple. Again inspired by the Red Velvet shop + Anthropologie's shop.  Sophisticated boho chic...i guess.

I am also digging the online sites like LibbyStory with painted elements & arty brush strokes.  Keeping with the arty-ness of the blog, that is what I want to translate into the Five Sixteenths shop:
LibbyStory Website

Another shop I dig online & in stores is Francesca's.  Again with the boho chic-ness.  Just an overall house, home, clothing, accessories, etc store where everything comes together in a seamless fashion.  I know that photos are half of it but I just can't get that consistency!

Francesca's Collections website
With going through the Dream Job E-Course & following the A Beautiful Mess blog every day I've gotten excited about a lot of things.  I really can't wait for Elsie to share more about her color story process because that just looks so fun & a great way to start thinking about colors.  I really need to focus on the style of the shop & hope that I can figure something out here soon.  I just have to remember to go my way & not lead into something else!!

Have any tips for branding or keeping things cohesive? let me know!

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Shop Five Sixteenths // Two Ways to Find 516 Goodies

Since I've been in Michigan I've been working hard on spreading around the Five Sixteenths brand as well as focusing on developing a solid online store front.  Honestly, I never thought I'd be trying to do as much as I have been doing right now!  But I wanted to let you know where you can find Five Sixteenths goodies currently & in the future.

Right now the main store front is on Etsy.  Five Sixteenths on Etsy includes knitwear, pottery, & design.  I am working towards launching a fully custom store front to bring the brand into a more cohesive look between the blog & the shop.  516 is a lifestyle brand: a creative blend of art & life.  Soon to be across the front page of the new shop is the following description:
516 is a brand that provides you with things to wear, things to use, & things to do.  Lovely, unique jewelry & knitwear, handmade stoneware pottery, simple design, & creative classes are the essences of the Five Sixteenths shop.

Stemming from my inability to sit still & need to be working on something at all times, I decided to throw in some creative online & PDF based creative classes to be completed at your own pace.  The first of these eCourses is the Blogging 101 eBook to be launched in September.  Sign up for the newsletter to get access to a super secret Chapter 0 to see what all the fuss is about!

For now, you can shop on Etsy but I'll be moving to this new storefront after the holidays.  I'd love it if you help clear out stock for me (wink, wink).  You can use the code FALL12 for 15% off your knitwear purchase too!

The second place you can find Five Sixteenths goodies is on Society6.  If you follow me on Pinterest you'll see I have a board labeled Hello Monday.  This board is where I pin inspirational quotes that I take a peak at when I'm feeling down...or on Mondays!  I found out about Society6 a long while ago but didn't decide to start it up until we took our trip to the Coast Guard Festival.  

Wanting to design some inspirational prints & posters for my studio I thought about what I could do with them besides have them sit on my computer after I have them printed.  So I decided to share them with you on Society6.  I love a little pick me up & a pretty poster.  I used to cover my mirror in sticky notes with inspirational quotes handwritten across them to get me through tough times.  A pretty poster for my wall is much better than that now!

Now for a sneak peak into the new storefront like I promised yesterday, somethings are gonna change but this is the gist of it:
I've been playing around with the code in Storenvy & it's taken me all week but I finally have it down & I am so excited.  I want to move from etsy super soon....but am not sure if I should.  I've already paid all the fees, etc.

So there you have it, two ways to shop Five Sixteenths goodies.  In September there will a third way with the launch of the 516VINTAGE shop! Check out more about that here.

Where can I find you at? Do you have an etsy shop?

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Sum Up Sunday #61

Well this is a late one here guys....I sat down to write this post at about 1pm & it's now nearly 7pm.  What was I doing? Customizing my Storenvy storefront! I've succeeded in making it look like a real shop, y'all.  Like a real one!  I am so excited & may end up moving things over to storenvy before I've planned.  I've already paid so many etsy fees because I've been listing & listing & listing....but this new front just look so personal.  It has taken me nearly all week to do but I feel so proud!  You'll get a sneak peak shortly, promise.  Here's what the week looked like:

I was lucky enough to have Zach home all week so we cooked together each night.  We have been trying to catch the sales at the local grocery store every Sunday & last week we caught some good ones.  Lemons weren't on sale but they were like .79 cents so I grabbed up 4.  One was reserved for Lemon Chicken and the others I snacked on.  I love cutting up lemons & eating them.  So sour & so yummmy!

Today, we caught a crazy awesome 10 for $10 sale where you could mix & match any 10 items for the deal.  I only fancy-cook (or cook as regular people call it) when Zach is here because it's such a hassle to do by yourself.  With two people clean up, cutting, & cooking is much easier.  So there will be limited fancy-ness this week.

Friday night was date night & we went to such a delicious chinese food place.  It. Was. SO. GOOD. Best I've ever had!  I enjoy when Zach is home over the weekends & I've never really had weekends where I just do nothing.  Usually weekends are full of working on shop things...by Friday I am done & just want quality time!  Trying to work on the shop(s), blog, etc over the week has really created a work week for me.  I love that I am able to do what I love but I am still not seeing the return I'd like.  Struggling to figure out more things I can do is something I am going to work towards here before the end of August.  I'd really like to make this work! Like...so much! (obviously!)

Driving to Starbucks the other day, out of our little bit of nowhere, I was taken by surprise to see how lovely the skies in Michigan are.  I mean, look at those clouds.  Then when we were driving back from the house inspection I made the remark to Zach that Michigan is pretty much all sky.  I feel like where I was in VA there were lots of trees or buildings or something...but here you can see everything from everywhere.  It's nice.  I guess it's just where we are -city vs. country- but it is beautiful.

Yesterday we had the home inspection & as if the process isn't hard enough....we were disappointed again.  We've got some things that need to be worked out, and not on our end.

Then we stopped a a fireworks store & picked up some crazy fireworks.  I've never shot off fireworks before so shooting them over the pond in the backyard seemed like a fun idea...little did I know it would be terrifying!  Those. Things. Go. BOOOM!!  I think I shouted every time because each time it startled me! We had a campfire, s'mores, & lit off about 12 or so fireworks.  Pretty nifty.

Well, I have to say that this week was super productive & I'm proud.  I'll be hold up at my new fave Starbucks tomorrow enjoying a coffee & a muffin.  I like doing that because it starts off my work week & I have to get up for something.  Last week I was at Starbucks 2 (maybe 3) times.  I don't want to overstay my welcome though...do people really go there everyday??

Hope your week was wonderful...I am going to do some planning for this week & enjoy some time at home.  I also did so many chores today: dishes, grocery shopping, vacuum, laundry, fold the laundry.  Productive.

Happy Sunday evening!

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