Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Outstanding Organization & Do-able DIY

First off, I have to say I love stumble upon.  I can find so many unique things that I wouldn't know how to search for myself!  I was stumbling through some blogs today & found some inspiring photos of studios & organization.  Since I am very sure my studio/corner devoted to a bunch of my things will fall inside of my room in an apartment shared with my friend, organization will be key!

Here's some of the inspiring images:

original website: Nest Pretty Things
There will be lots of storage like this.  I love the brightly colored boxes

original from: Anita
And lots of things on a desk like this.  
I already know I am going to be needing some stackable drawers.  

Original from: Heather Bailey
I threw this one in because that chair is gorgeous.

I also have to say that I found these photos at Home-Designing but the links lead directly to blogs & websites, but not  the actual posts.  So I am trying to give the best credit I can.  

In the spirit of these awesome studios I've also found a great organization DIY: Storage Boxes.  I mean, full on DIY storage boxes made of sweat, tears, & cardboard.  Oh & some glue & cute paper.

photo credit: Make it and Love it

This is perfect for storing sheets in a closet buy making the dimensions a bit longer, for storing toys in a playroom, for storing electronics & cords in your den, for storing towels in your bathroom, or stick these on top of your upper cabinets to store other what not that may be in your kitchen.

take this

to this

to these!
photos from Make it & Love it

All you need is extra cardboard, hot glue & glue gun, spare fabric, & some mod podge & you have yourself some home grown storage boxes.  Definitely check out Make it and Love it's blog & the tutorial.  I'm so glad I discovered it.

Hope you're ready for New Years Festivities! Lets ring it in!

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Teen Movie Tuesday Part Dos

Like I said earlier, totally teen movie Tuesday.  Not only is Back to the Future on but Sixteen Candles is on too. Now I love me some Molly Ringwald, especially in Pretty in Pink & The Breakfast Club.  But lets talk about one thing:
How much Micheal Cera

Reminds me of

Anthony Michael Hall.

Isn't that weird? I was just watching Sixteen Candles all in my 80's groove thinking about how much I am going to love owning the two hats on sale at work that look exactly like Molly Ringwald, when it hit me like a track team (get it? tee hee).  Now Hall has a longer face than Cera, but I am pretty sure they are the same character: the awkward nerd who wants to make out with the hot girl & turns out to be pretty awesome in the end, saving the day & what not.  Like when Hall writes the paper at the end of The Breakfast Club & Cera does what ever he does to win the girl.

Wonder if there is a remake of The Breakfast Club in the works? I am still hoping that Teen Witch remake is going to happen.

Anyway, let me share with you the hat-look-alikes I found on sale at work:

this one, except with a blue band.  I think I'm going to tie other scarves around it to switch it up some.

And one sorta like this.  

I was unpacking some sale stuff & boy was I excited when I stumbled upon these lovelies.  

Well, Sixteen Candles is about ending.  It took me forever to find the right images! What is your favorite 80's movie?

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Teen Movie Tuesday

Today must be Teen Movie Tuesday.  Already I've watched She's All That & 10 Things I Hate About You.  Then while flipping through channels I found Grease!

Lets recap some of the styles of the late '90s:

Overalls, baggy button ups, baby tees, mini skirts, long skinny lycra dresses, 
spaghetti strapped tank tops, crazy pig tail updo's, preppy, prissy dresses, & all around rebelliousness.  

And lets talk about the cuties:

I was definitely a Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Heath Ledger fan rather than Freddie Prince.

How is your Tuesday going?

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Christmas & Snow

Opening the stockings Santa brought:

From left: Grandad, Dad, Gramma
That is a macramé xmas tree in the back ground.  My grandad made that.
Cool craftyness runs in the family

From left: Grandad's belly :), Rudy, Dad, Gramma, Sister, Mom, Brother
look at the stockings on the fire place.  Those are just for show, 
Santa brings our stockings up to the door in the living room where the Christmas tree is.
Don't you also love the wood paneling?

From left: Brother, Sister, Mom, Aunt & my other Aunt is hiding behind the lazy boy.
I was sitting at my grandad's computer to take the pictures of everyone opening present.

Also, the day after Christmas was a SNOW DAY!!!!
That is around a foot of snow there! I couldn't get to work, nor could my sister!
Can you believe it.  I am hoping I can get out tomorrow to go to work.  They closed loads of roads around us so I couldn't get from city to city to work.  

There is a video of the snow over at Cross My Hooks too!

Hope everyone's Xmas was delightful.  I am still stuffed!
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Merry Christmas!

I am doing a little internet browsing while waiting for Santa tonight.  I wonder where he's at right now.......

I stumbled upon this on etsy:

Check out the article on Gingerbread Houses on Etsy

in the mean time
Merry Christmas!!

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Fan Fridays: Christmas Cookies

On Wednesday I headed over to my grandparent's house with my brother & sister to make some Christmas cookies.  We used the same recipe & cookie cutters we've used for the past 23 years!  My aunt even commented that she used them when she was young. Man, those things are well loved!

Here's a picture of the cookie making:

My brother wears that crazy "sexy Santa cat suit" tee shirt every year!

Don't ask me why I am standing so weird in this picture...I think it took forever for the camera to take the picture so I just gave up on posing!

Like my apron? It's my Gramma's.  She's standing with me there.

I love making cookies!  I can't wait to eat them :)

Happy Christmas Eve!

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Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Faux Bois Fridge

So living in a rental, as we all know, doesn't have to be such a downer.  There are now things that allow us to hang what we want where ever we want with no nails, Ikea is stocked with awesome & inexpensive home accessories, & we all know how to create some awesome art to hang on the cheap.

So why shouldn't our appliances look their DIY best?  I just found this blog, Delightfully Tacky & am totally enamored.  Look at this awesome Faux Bois Fridge made using contact paper! I am totally going to try this one day!

How flipping awesome is this?  Just using contact paper! I totally saw some of this at the dollar tree the other day, I want to go back & pick up a zillion rolls!

Follow the step by step instructions here & don't forget to check out all the other amazing posts!

I think I may turn my other burner covers into faux bois memo boards....hmmmmm I smell another Make It Mondays coming on!

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Tempted Tuesdays: Get Ready for some Geek, A Style DIY Post

I haven't discussed it before, I don't believe, but I am a huge (& I mean HUGE) Harry Potter fan.  I check Harry Potter blogs just as much as I do all my other craft, decor, inspiration blogs.  I. Love. HP.

I've read every book about twice I think, I have all the movies, I had a HP towel for summer camp when it first came out 13 years ago.  When this final part is over I have to grow up & I don't think I am ready!

Well, I have totally been obsessed with the Deathly Hallows to the point of considering joining all those crazy people out there by getting it tattooed on my somewhere.  I am not quite ready for it yet...but hey, its a new year in a few weeks.

I saw this on We Heart It & fell in love! I know that We Heart It isn't the best place to be able to give credit.  But if you know where this image is from, please, please, please let me know.

We Heart It says to link it here

How cool would it be to make a shirt or sweatshirt??  I am totally going to look through some old shirts from home to see if I have any blank ones.  Use acrylic paint to paint the image on with a wide brush.  The more handmade it looks the better.

What a great last minute DIY gift idea.  I know a few Harry Potter fans who would love one of these!

I am also in love with Emma Watson's new hair.  I love short hair & I wish my sister would go back to having short hair because she looks so good with it!

I totally want to take a thrift store sweater & pair it with one of my button downs.  Love, Love, LOVE her!

Also, 4 days til Christmas! Have you decked the halls & donned your gay apparel? If not you better get to crackin'

Oh did you see the lunar eclipse?

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Make It Mondays: Crocheted Garland

Need something a little last minute for Christmas? Crochet this cut garland to use on your tree or to spruce up your packages....in 5 days you'll be giving all those gifts away.  You want them to look good right?

Pop over to Cross My Hooks for the 7th Hooray for the Holidays tutorial:

I am so not prepared for Christmas!

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Sum Up Sundays: DIY Magnetic Memo Board @ Young & Crafty

If you popped by Young & Crafty at all this week you've probably seen the magnetic memo board tutorial there.  Well here it is again, on Sum Up Sunday, just in case you missed it.

This is perfect to display your holiday cards.  In fact, that is mainly why I came up with the idea.  Use wrapping paper for a seasonal one.  The one here is for every day use to post notes & grocery lists.

Let's get started.  Here's what you will need:
Burner covers, scrapbook paper, white glue with a few tablespoons of water or decoupage medium, compass, ruler & time! (optional: small jar for glue/water mixture)

My burner covers had a neat design I wanted to stick with so I measured the diameter of an inner circle & used a compass to create a circle to that size.  I repeated this on all the covers:

Now we have circles corresponding to our burner covers. I've chosen to only use 2 covers but I cut some other paper because I wasn't sure which ones I liked together.  You can go ahead & make all 4 covers if you wish:

Break out that white glue. Either pour some glue into a bowl to add water to or if you would like to keep your mixture, use a leftover sauce jar.  Pour a fair amount of glue into your container & slowly add a bit of warm water a tablespoon at a time to thin down the glue.  The glue should become a bit more runny & less thick than the original white glue.  You want it to resemble decoupage medium:

Use this medium to adhere your paper to your burner, be careful not to make it too runny.  Your paper will bubble if it is. I applied the glue to the burner first then pressed on the paper.  Make sure to smooth it out:

if your paper does bubble, grab an old credit card or thick piece of board.
run this over the top to smooth it out.

Once it is dry, give it a once over with more of your glue mixture to seal it.  Again, use your card if you need to smooth out the bubbles.

To hang, attach a length of string to the back with hot glue or use removable hooks with a sticky back.

Now you have a finished magnetic memo board:

Notice the old thermostat that we haven't taken out of the wall.  I think it adds character.  This are perfect to display your holiday greeting cards from friends & family, in an office to remind you of important dates, or at your entry way to remind you of your grocery list.

Happy Sunday!  Christmas is almost here!


Pink Paper Packages Tied up With String...

Mailing out packages is one of my favorite things!  I am not sure if I am doing this right, but I love making things & sending them to people.  I love when people win giveaways, I love when I get orders, I just love making things from the heart.

Anyway, here's the result of the Birthday Topper Giveaway:

The one on the right is the topper I used for my cake.
The one on the left is the one wrapped up all nice to send to the giveaway winner.

I went to the post office today & got the mean clerk :(
I was super nice, since she was mean to another woman the last time I was in there, but she didn't budge on her scrooge attitude.
:( oh well.....

Here it is packaged up nice:

Just so you know, you can still purchase some awesome scarves & hats @ With Love.  They may not arrive in time for Christmas...but a gift is a gift!

Happy Holidays! You know I will be blogging up until (and probably on) Christmas lol

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It's My Birthday! Part Trois

Alright, snow delayed the family festivities but I took a picture of the cake anyway. :(  Like I said earlier.....it's hard to get us all together.  The snow here turned a bit to ice & I didn't want my grandparents driving in it.  Here's the cake:

I assure you, there is an M in real life...it looks totally photoshoped.
My skills are not that good at all!

I decided I'd also tell you how to make a tiny pennant bunting like I did. You'll need a colored plastic bag, a bit of embroidery floss or bakers twine (any string really), a needle & scissors.

Cut the top of the bag off, then cut a strip from the middle of it like this

Cut the strip in half at the seam

Begin to cut little squares/rectangles.

Cut the rectangles in to a pennant shape.  
I folded them in half & cut a triangle from the folded edge.
Use a needle to thread them on your string.
Make sure they are all facing the same way.

I am mailing out the second topper tomorrow & can't wait! This pennant bunting is not just for a little cake, you can string it in an empty frame, on your memo board (which you can catch @ Young & Crafty or wait until its over here on Sum Up Sunday), on your vanity mirror.  You can use this bunting anywhere!!

Hope you enjoy :)

Oh did you catch that the plate the cake is on is the cake plate I made my mother earlier in the summer?

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It's My Birthday! Part Deux

Well, needless to say I got super busy yesterday with loads of things I had to do so I did not update as promised.  Tonight however will be the night! I will post pictures of my cake after my little family get together tonight.  I think we are the only family where birthdays last longer than a day.  It takes a lot to get us all together!

Strawberry cake mix :)

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It's My Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! I am 23 today...whoo hooooooooooo!  If you want to get a bit sentimental you should check out my post on Cross My Hooks but if you want to celebrate with me stay here :)

I'll be updating a bit today with pictures of the cake baking, the topper making, etc.  I've had to put off my celebrations until tomorrow since my sister arrives home from college today & my brother has a concert somewhere.  We'll be all over the place today!

Happy Birthday!

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Tempted Tuesdays: A Definite Buy

Tempted Tuesdays posted a bit too late? Well forgive me, I only just stumbled upon this awesome etsy shop!

We're all about the DIY movement right? Especially when it comes to style? Well, why not support a fellow DIY-er & designer?  This shop just rocks with all its gotta have accessories.  

Just think, these are perfect for:
  • that holiday office party.
  • no office, well that holiday party your friends are throwing
  • adding a holiday flair to your work outfits (I know I need all the flair I can get working retail!)
  • that New Year's Eve party where you'll be popping champagne with the best of them
  • after the holidays when your chilly legs need warmth & a little pick me up
  • when you need some grand ol' compliments from strangers.
Do you see that? 6 great reasons to snatch up these babies!

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Need a Last Minute Gift?

Give the gift of handmade from With Love, Crochet:

Wrap Gifts in Style:

Happy Holidays from With Love!

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Outside the back door:

Happy Monday!

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