Hooray for the Holidays // Print your Holiday Cards with Minted

Last weekend Zach and I packed it up and headed to his parents' house in Michigan to take photos for our first ever official holiday card.  We've been talking about do a card off and on for like the entire time we've been together...but it always seems to be too much work, so we just don't do it.
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This year though, Zach was gung-ho so I thought I'd better ride that wave while I have it!  We set up a tripod (on a chair!) and found a gorgeous spot in his parents' backyard under this beautiful pair of trees whose leaves were bright yellow.  I used my iPhone (you all know I use my iPhone for everything) to take the pictures and my Apple Watch as the shutter release.  Three quick poses & about 50 + shots later, we were done in about 45 minutes.  I was so surprised!  The phone + watch combination made it super easy to shoot.  I didn't have to set a timer, run over, click, run back to see if we got the shot.  I could compose the shot right on the face of my Apple Watch, tap to adjust the focus and brightness, then use the 3 second timer to shoot a burst of about 10 photos at a time.  Easy, peasy.

Now....all I have to do is decide on the card!

I love Minted because of the uniqueness of their card collections.  Of course they don't just do cards - see more posts about Minted's offering here - but that's what we're focusing on today.  They have HUNDREDS of card styles with great colorful touches and the most popular trends.  Choose a die cut shape for a fun touch, hand lettering if you're creative, or tartan if you're down for traditional.

I think I'm deciding on these three cards, the last one even features gold foil! :

You can choose from a Holiday theme or get specific with religious touches, traditional Christmas or Hanukkah, or even send a Thanksgiving card.  Whatever happiness you're wishing your friends and family this year Minted has you covered.  

And don't forget you can enjoy up to 15% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on holiday cards

Do you send holiday cards?  What style do you like the most?

xoxo, Moe