The Anatomy of a Ritual Bath in 5 Simple Steps

One of my favorite ways to connect with my inner self & grow in myself is through the use of a ritual bath.  A ritual bath can sound super intimidating especially in our world of Instagram aesthetics.  As a new mom, my ritual baths have most times turned into intentional showers during baby nap times but that doesn't make them any less meaningful. 
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A ritual, put simply, is a "ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order." (definition here).  A ritual is anything you do in a certain order and, believe it or not, creating your own ritual bath is as simple as following 5 simple steps.  These steps can be followed each time you'd like to dive deeper and connect with yourself, your purpose, and your deeper growth.  Here is how to get started:

Choose an intention

This can be anything from 'I choose to feel relaxed' to 'I choose to embrace my femininity' to 'I choose to release the burden of the day'.  You can align your intentions with what you're currently going through, with the phase of the moon, with the current zodiac sign the moon or the sun falls under, with any spell work or meditations you're currently working with.  You can even base your intention around a mantra or quote you've been drawn to.  An intention for a ritual bath  just means you choose what you're intending to mull over while your in the bath.  

Choose corresponding oils, candles, crystals

Adding in this step can help to solidify your intentions by associating your thoughts with tangible things.  Looking for self love and relaxation? Choose something like rose quartz and feminine oils like lavender, neroli, frankincense, or rose.  Looking to ground yourself? Choose smoky quartz or jasper along with a woodsy oil like cedarwood or black spruce.  Scent has a powerful memory association effect so choosing an scent to associate with your desired feeling can enhance your ability to enter that state of mind when you smell the scent later.  Don't have essential oils? Scented candles work perfectly too.  And candle colors can help you to solidify your intentions by helping you to visualize the state you'd like to be in.  Check out this post on some essential oil pairings you may like and then read this post on candle magic.  My favorite book on emotions & essential oils is called Essential Emotions and you can find it here on Amazon.  (There is even a Kindle version!)

Set the mood

Turn down the lights, turn off the distractions, and take just this time for yourself.  Take a few deep breaths to clear your mind from any interruptions.  Take a the time to focus on the present moment.  Draw your bath deliberately.  Prepare your space with reverence.  Create a scared space for yourself and your intention by respecting this area for yourself, in this time.  Run the water and as the bath fills add in some Epsom salts and your essential oils focusing on your intention. Light your candles focusing on your intention.  Grab your tea or your wine and lower yourself in for a soak.

Relax, focus, meditate

Now that you're in the tub, relax.  Meditate on your intention.  Repeat a mantra that you may have chosen or thought of as you prepared your bath.  You can also speak your intentions to the universe or speak your feelings.  Use this time to contemplate on how you'll move forward to manifest your intentions.  What can you do daily to manifest you intentions?  What can you do daily to feel the way you'd like to feel.  Relax.  Be in the present moment.

Give thanks

As you decide your bath (or shower #momlife) is ending, give thanks for this time you've allotted for yourself.  Give thanks to the universe for what you've received so far.  A simple thank you spoken out loud can suffice but it's up to you and how you feel in that moment as to what type of thanks you can give.  Take the time to clean up your space as an offer of thanks, too.  Return the crystals and oils to their cabinets, wash any cup or wine glass you've had.  Thank yourself as well by wrapping yourself in your favorite robe, or pajamas, or outfit for the day.  Giving thanks is showing respect for the process.

A ritual bath doesn't need to be too complicated.  When you're taking time to connect with yourself or with your intentions you only need to take the time to create & hold space for yourself.  Creating that space and continuing to hold that space means you're respecting yourself and your need for self care.  We often rush through a lot of things in the day - shove the toast in our mouth while we grab the coffee and head out the door.  A ritual bath is a time to do things with reverence, to be present in the hear and now, and to listen & honor ourselves.

Sometime we can get caught up in the fluff of self care.  We hear that we need bath bombs and spa days and girls nights out but what we really need is the time and the space to honor ourselves.  If you need more simple ideas for self care, check out this post with 6 more ideas for self care at home.  You can also read more about mindfulness in your daily life through these posts.

What do you do that honors your current state?  How do you prep for a nice relaxing bath?

xoxo, Moe


Boost Your Blog // 6 Places to Find Photo Props

If you've ever been super envious of those perfectly styled blog photos you see all over Pinterest, I've got the solution for you!  You don't have to spend a butt ton of money to build your library of styling props you just need a keen & creative eye.  
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First off, make sure you have a rough idea of your blog's style.  You can start by understanding and creating a style guide and creating a brand board of inspiring images over on Pinterest.  When you do this you're less likely to say 'hey that looks nice!' to something that may not fit in with your blog's (or other social media outlet) vibe.  Understanding the vision of the posts your write and the presence you want to create will help you say yes to better photo props.

I have six places I like to find my photo props, so here's my list:

Thrift Store

Right now thrift store chic is super huge as it has been for quite a while now!  You can find pieces like wooden cutting boards, baskets, & fabric for bigger background pieces but you can also find smaller accent pieces for your photos.  I like to look for colorful glassware & dishes to use in photos as well.  This is also a great place to find classic seasonal pieces that will stay relevant year after year.

Clearance Shelves

The Target clearance shelves are my jam!  Not only can you find discount seasonal items that may be relevant the next time that season comes around but you can also find really cool textiles to use as backgrounds.  Be sure to snatch up small rugs, table runners, scarves, etc that will be great to add color & texture into your photos.  You can also check the clearance shelves of Micheal's' for knick knacks, desk accents, and more.  I found quite a few variations of succulents at my local Mike's recently! 

Target Dollar Spot/Bullseye's Playground

This is another great place to get affordable seasonal decor.  While I like to pick up fall or summer or spring decor in this area to save money I also like to find smaller specific holiday things there too.  I'm not one to decorate that much for any holiday but Christmas so having an affordable Halloween prop stash is great.  Find things that can translate into multiple holidays - like silver can be for Christmas or Halloween, red can be used around Valentine's Day or Christmas, etc.  I found some fake apples in the Target Dollar Spot for the fall back in September!  So shop often & shop early!  You can also shop seasonally here to find specific color schemes to fit in with your aesthetic.  If your blog has a lot of pastel vibes shop during the spring.  If your blog has a lot of jewel tones or has a boho vibe, shop during the early fall.

Dollar Store

Another place to find affordable seasonal decor is the Dollar Store!  I've done a nice spring decor DIY featuring some of their seasonal products and this guy will last me many spring seasons to come.  You can often find some nice little accent pieces that imitate pieces found in higher end stores.  Their floral sprig collection is awesome too!  I also look back in the automotive section to find soft, fluffy polishing cloths that you can use as a faux fur background.  I use a piece of Dollar Tree foam core board with a plank style removable wallpaper vinyl as a backdrop for nearly all of my photos and YouTube videos.

Your Own Closet

In one of my first IGTV videos, I talk about using the fabrics from your own closet as backgrounds. You can style any cardigans, dresses, or fuzzy sweaters as fun accents in your background.  Beach towels would work nicely too.  Drape different fabrics different ways to create layers and textures.  Use your own bedspread for amazing flat lays, add jewelry as an accent.  You can see that I used jewelry to create some fun stock photos for you all in this post.  

Scene Creators 

Don't want to have a closet full of props to make your flat lays?  Well there is something cool out there I've recently found that can help you create amazing flat lay scenes...they are called Scene Creators!  You can find them on a ton of digital design websites - The Hungry Jpeg, Creative Market, Etsy, Design Bundles, etc - and some of them will even work with online design platforms like Canva & PicMonkey.  These guys allow you to mix & match digital elements on a background to create your flat lays.  This is perfect for a consistent theme and really great if you're more of a digital blogger.  If you don't really need to take or style you blog photos and you just need a nice, clean, on brand photo to overlay the post title, this is a great way to create consistent flat lays!  I'm playing around with this idea for that reason - I don't always need to take a photo but I don't always like the stock images I find.

Once you have your props on hand you'll be more likely to create a cohesive vibe to your blog's look.  Its also great to be able to have a pile of your own stock photography to choose from when you may not have time to shoot.  If you've got only a few shots get creative with your cropping to use the same photo more than once.  Get your design on by using this PicMonkey tutorial to create a blog image template to use over and over again.  You can also check out this Canva tutorial over on the YouTube channel on creating blog graphics.

Keeping your blog fresh can be fun, but it also can be daunting. I've created a FREE resource that can help you get back on track (or just remind you to stay on track) that shows you 5 ways to revamp your blog! This 10 page book will give you great tips on reviving old posts, automating your process, and keeping you on the right foot. You can download it by signing up for the newsletter above.

Ready to do more with your blog? Check out all the Boost Your Blog posts right here.

What is your favorite thing to photograph? Do you have a prop library?
xoxo, Moe


Daily Actions to Use Your Word of the Year

Each year for the past quite a few years I've chosen a word to work with for the 365 days of that year.  Some years have been more successful than others.  Most years I choose a word and then say 'oh shit, I guess I picked that word 360 days ago.  Yikes!' near the end of the year.  But some years I've been super intentional.  
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Words I've chosen before have been Focus, Explore, Forward, Mindful, & Authentic.  I think that Mindful (2017) and Authentic (2018) were the first words that I really, really worked with a significant portion of the year.  In 2017 I did the Ali Edwards One Little Word journal class which was very helpful to work with my word consistently.  In 2018 I created a Journaling Challenge to help myself find my word and connect with it in the beginning of the year.  I intended to repeat the challenge in 2019, changing the prompts a little for that year but I honestly can't remember if I completed it or not.  Unofficially I'm going to say my word for 2019 was GROWTH, better yet how about TRANSFORM.  I grew a whole damn human and grew myself too.  If the word of the year is about transformation, boy 2019 was a transformation.  I wasn't able to do this in 2020, but the prompts are perfect for anytime of the year!  

In this post though, I want to share with you four simple exercises to connect to your word.  You don't have to get elaborate or feel intimidated.  This is to help you take actions each day while only putting in the effort to create the actions once!  Here is how to connect with your word and work with it consistently all year.

Define it

First, define your word.  Put this at the front of your planner or on your mirror or on your fridge or in your car or at your desk.  Put the definition in multiple places.  Just be sure you put it where you'll see it everyday.  When you define your word you get close to what it actually, truly means.  This will help you to decide which aspect of the definition you want to apply to your life.  Maybe there is a meaning you didn't know existed.  Maybe the official definition is surprising to you.  When you define it you'll have a literal grasp of what the word means and then you can find out what it means to you.

Choose 3 areas to apply your word

Since you'll want to work with this word each day choose three areas of your life that you want to improve with your word.  Start with a broad area you want to improve like family or home, personal, work, or health.  Then narrow that down with three more (or fewer) focus areas for each section.  When it comes to creating your focus areas, ask yourself how your word of the year can be applied to your broad areas.  My broad sections this year are family, personal, and online.  Then I asked myself how I'd find HARMONY in these three ares.

  • Harmony with my family means spending time together as a family of three, giving more, and nurturing our partnership.  
  • Harmony in my personal life means focusing on my spirituality, moving more, and finding time for self-care.  
  • Harmony for my online presence means prioritizing creating content for my blog, my Etsy shop, and my YouTube channel.

Create daily actions

After you've narrowed down the areas of your life you'd like to improve or focus on with your word, create a list of a daily action (or a few) you can take to apply the word to your life.  For example, to spend time with my family I can plan healthy meals, eat at the dinner table, and intentionally shut out technology (phones, computer, distractions, etc).  Once you create your daily actions you'll be more likely to take the steps to implement your word rather than just choose it and be done with it.  Creating these daily actions also gives you something that you can track.  Use a habit tracker in you planner or in your phone to remind you to take these actions daily.

Reflect monthly

Once you've outlined what you'll attempt to do each day to incorporate your word into your life, be sure to set aside time each month to reflect.  Maybe you keep a journal each day of how you implemented your actions.  You could even do a monthly or weekly habit tracker.  Take time when your planning the next month in your planner or calendar to ask yourself how you'll take these daily actions in the future.  Remember, everyday is a new day and don't think a missed day or a missed week is a failure.  Resolve to do better.  Outline how you will do better.  And then do better.  The only person you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday....and it's ok if you fall behind.  Just do the next thing!  Just keep going!

Bonus: Create a Vision Board

A bonus activity to connect to your word of the year is to create a vision board.  Choose your word and define it on your board.  Then create some branches off of that word with your three areas.  Under these areas clip pictures from magazines or your Pinterest boards that represent success in these areas.  Be sure to include some images of yourself succeeding at those areas too!  When you see yourself on your board you're more likely to identify with it!  In fact I have a whole post on creating a successful vision board right here.

Connecting with your word of the year can be a make or break type of deal.  Spoilers: if you don't feel like you connect with your word, go ahead and change it!  This whole thing is about growth so if you outgrow your word or if it isn't serving you, change it!  Doing the January Journaling Jump Start can help you to find a word that you can connect with by asking you questions about your current state.  But if that state changes...feel free to change your word.  It's your life to live!

I love breaking down my word in the these manageable chunks because I'm more likely to take action if I have an outlined action to take.  Saying to myself 'I'd like to find Harmony this year' doesn't really help me to find it.  It's about creating space for your word to occupy through daily actions and behaviors.

If you want some inspiration for a vision board or working with your word this year check out my Vision Planner video over on my YouTube channel.  You can also find a ton of Word of the Year posts on the blog especially this one on Mantras.  Mantras are my favorite way to work with words each year!  I shared on Instagram my mantra for my word Harmony, you can see it here.  Read more about my vision planner here.

What is your word of 2020?  How did you discover it?

xoxo, Moe 


Make it Monday // Easy Crochet Pen Case

I've been a crafty lady for as long as I remember.  I'd used to sit at my grandma's house cutting up her McCall's magazines.  I'd color anything that sat still.  I just loved to make stuff!  I've been a crafty person longer than I've been a planner person and my favorite thing is when two of my hobbies collide - crochet & planning.
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I remember when I learned to crochet just a simple chain.  I think I learned when I was in elementary school and I felt pretty cool.  The first hat I made was bright yellow.  I'd crochet a row and then ask my grandma what to do next.  She'd tell me 'do two double crochets in every third stitch' and I'd do that around, then she'd tell me the next step.  Eventually I ended up with a bright yellow beanie!  That was in maybe middle school or my freshman year of high school.  My French class went to Canada my freshman year and I wore that hat!

A few years ago I crocheted a blanket in 10 days for one of Zach's siblings.  When I was unemployed in 2012 up here in Michigan I crocheted a butt ton of granny square blankets.  I crocheted this blanket for our first house (and we still have it!).  
I've been a planner lady for quite a while too - ever since we got a planner in high school to use!  I would decorate that little thing with magazine clippings, highlighters....you name it!  I think this post is really the first post I shared about a planner on the blog.  That post didn't even begin to match where I am now in planning.  Hell, you can even watch this video where I outright say 'I don't understand why people use stickers in their planners.'  And boy, look at me now!

Recently I've been seeing these cute little crocheted planner and pen cases!  I can't stand how adorable they are.  I definitely never thought I'd crochet anything for my planner but here we are.  Now that I have a Hobonichi Weeks I plan to crochet a pouch for it as well.  Man the possibilities have become endless!

So I'm here today to share with you the quick and dirty pen case crochet pattern - if you can even call it that!  Seriously this is super easy and it will work through your yarn stash!
supplies // scrap yarn, size I crochet hook

Are you ready for this? 
Chain 8, sc in second chain from hook and all the way across, 2 sc in last chain, do not turn.
Begin to work in the round by sc in back loop of chain across.  Do not join.
Sc in the first sc from the first row and begin to work in the round.
Sc in each sc until pouch measures 5.5 inches, end on the side of the pouch with a slip stitch, weave in ends.
This pattern is so simple I don't know if you'd even call it a pattern!  You can seriously bust your stash and gift a ton of your planner friends with little pen pouches!  Store your pens, tweezers, mildliners, highlighters...you name it.  And maybe even throw a crochet hook or two in there.

I'm just gonna whip a few of these guys up with my yarn stash!

What two hobbies of yours do you wish would collide?

xoxo, Moe


Diet Culture and my Postpartum Experience

Let's start this off with the punch line - at my 2 week postpartum check up I was down 10 pounds.  By my 4 week postpartum check up I was down 20 pounds total.  To a lot of people that sounds great, right?  Personally, I was at the lowest weight I'd been in a long, long, long while.  But being 20 pounds down wasn't cause for celebration.

I'd lost 20 pounds in a month because I flat out wasn't eating.
Hi, hello, how are you.....I've not regularly posted in quite a while because I've been very busy.  Very busy is a very big understatement.  I was growing a baby over the last year and nothing I used to do really gave me any excitement.  If you've followed this blog for a while you'll know that I don't force things if I'm not feeling it.  The blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, my planner.....none of that sounded like a fun idea so I didn't do it.  It wasn't the plan to leave all of these things high and dry...yet here we are.

So, I lost 20 pounds.

After I gave birth to Marcus I lost a lot of blood and my blood pressure dropped.  It wasn't scary in the moment to me because I do this thing now where I speak up because my doctor has made my comfortable enough to do so......so I said 'hey I feel dizzy, I think I may pass out' and then I heard my blood pressure reading being called out every few minutes as they monitored me and my doctor stitched me up.  In the days after giving birth my iron was also low.  I was also sent home with very little breastfeeding support (in my opinion), with a newborn, and a set of whacked out hormones.

Long story short when I got home I just stopped eating.

I'm not sure if I cut out eating subconsciously because there was so much going on or what but there just wasn't enough time for it.  I'm not sure if it was the ridiculous hormones, the pressure of breast feeding, the fact that my child was dehydrated, the lack of sleep, or like I said JUST PLAIN ALL OF IT.  But I literally just stopped eating.

When I start to tell my story I make a point to mention that in a month, in 4 weeks, in 28 days I lost 20 pounds.  That means I almost lost a pound a day.  When I tell this to people the first thing they say is 'OMG congrats! That's so great!'  To which I say 'No, its not.  I wasn't eating anything.'  And that doesn't seem to give them pause like it would me.  Not eating meant I wasn't getting the nutrients I needed to heal let alone the extra nutrients I needed to produce milk.  My lack of milk production lead to even more stress which compounded not eating.

If you're not familiar with the term, you're probably familiar with the definition.  NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association) defines Diet Culture saying:
  1. Diet culture conflates size and health, pathologizing some body types.  (This means that the view that fat = bad seeps into the medical field and instead of prescribing evidence based medical intervention patients are told to 'lose weight' as the cure to their ailment.  I am so thankful that my OB/GYN did not treat me this way...man I love that woman!)
  2. Diet culture encourages following external rules about what, when, and how much to eat.
  3. Diet culture suggests that people are more or less good/moral/worthy based on their body size.
  4. Diet culture creates thin privilege, which makes thinness a gatekeepr for jobs/benefits/comfort/accommodation.
  5. Diet culture suggests movement as a punishment for, or prevention of, being fat, rather than for other reasons like fun or personal goals.
  6. Diet culture views fat people as less valuable and more risk-able.
More long story short - Diet Culture means that losing 20 pounds by any means, at any time, especially after pregnancy, is a good thing.

While diet culture can affect anyone, women truly feel it the most.  Being a woman means your body open for commentary and is meant for either the enjoyment of, or disapproval by, others.  Your body is not yours.  Your body is seen so your body is expected to conform.  It's ok to be 'fat' while pregnant but afterwards, if you drop the baby weight and more - that is to be celebrated!  But what about the mental and physical health of the mother during this weight loss?

My stress, my hormones, my inability to cope with what just happened to me exacerbated by the anxiety I felt when the sun went down and while breastfeeding led me to stop eating.  I stopped eating and thus I stopped producing milk and thus it was impossible to feed my child.  The life I'd just brought into the world was jaundiced, dehydrated, hungry......and in a few short weeks it would be 'great that I'd lost 20 pounds.'

When I was 10 pounds down at my 2 week appointment I thought I was lucky.  By my 4 week appointment the second 10 pounds concerned me.  It also concerned my doctor.

When I stopped breastfeeding my hormones balanced and I have to say currently, right now, I literally feel 200% better.  And I'm not using the word 'literally' in a figurative manner here.  The way I felt from week 1 to week 5 compared to how I feel now and how I felt even 2 days after stopping breastfeeding is literal night and day.  I was 100% not myself and I didn't realize how scary that was until I started to feel me again.  I also gained my appetite back.

Why am I sharing this with you all?  Because it is important to tune into our bodies.  It is important to listen to gut feelings, to listen to our bodies, and to have the courage to tell someone (like your doctor) that you're scared.  It is also important not to get discouraged and if someone doesn't give you the support you need you continue to search for it.  I am thankful that my friends & family were with me during the first few weeks postpartum.  I think I would have given up on seeking any answers if it weren't for them. 

I'm not sure if it was the hormones that balanced after stopping breastfeeding or the fact that stopping breastfeeding meant there wasn't one more thing on my plate.....but stopping breastfeeding made me sane and allowed me to eat.  I am able to show up better for my child and for myself.  And as for my body after pregnancy?  It just grew a life and delivered a child so I don't care if my belly is a little jiggly still and my boobs hang a little lower, I care that it is still carrying me and I'm able to carry my child.

I want to share this with you all because I want at least one person out there to realize they are seen.  Our postpartum bodies do not need to get back into shape, we do not need to bounce back to what we once were.  We are jiggly and saggy because we are clay.  We are being molded into the women we are meant to be.  And that journey is not the same for everyone. I want women to know that your body just did a thing that we still don't fully understand and we are on the other side of it.

Did you know that we as homo sapiens evolved to walk up right, accommodating our huge brains, but that the plates in our scull overlap each other as we exit the birth canal in order to fit?  Did you know that the cervix stretches an enormous amount and is under enormous strain during birth but then will shrink right back to pre pregnancy size with no problem?  Did you know the elasticity the cervix tissue when not pregnant is dramatically (and I mean dramatically) reduced?  Did you know we still don't understand a lot of this?  Woman literally have life erupt from them.  You try giving birth to the universe and being the person you were before that.  It is hard to become. 

I wrote the majority of this post in the beginning of October 2019.  It is currently January 2020.  Rereading this made me happy that I'd written this down because I've already forgotten a lot of the trauma that I'd experienced immediately after Marcus's birth.  I am in such a better place right now that I even was in October 2019.  I transformed into so many women since giving birth and I can't wait to see who else I can become.  The truth is though you will discover the you that you become is the you that you were all a long.

xoxo, Moe


Best Sticker Books to Bullet Journal your Planner

If you've been following me for a while you'll know that my current favorite planning system comes form The Happy Planner.  The Happy Planner was introduced in 2015 I'm pretty sure and I've been using it since at least 2017.  I posted this unboxing/review video in November of 2015!  Can you believe it?  
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The Happy Planner has come a long way since 2015 with both their planner styles and assorted stickers.  I have no idea exactly how many sticker books they've released but it's a flipping ton! I remember when their tabs weren't laminated and we all came up with hacks to make them sturdy.  I also remember when morning, afternoon, and evening were printed on the side of the columns.  I also remember when their stickers were really glossy and thick.  The best adjustment Happy Planner made was to make their stickers thinner and on a matte paper so we could write on them better.  The planner community and planner brands have seen a glow up since 2015 (remember how crappy the Webster's Pages launch was and how crappy the planners were?  They have become a leading planner company too!)

In 2020 I am going to completely Bullet Journal my planner by using the oodles of filler paper I have and the bazillion sticker books I own.  My goal this year is to not buy any more planner supplies!  Lord knows I don't need any more stickers!  Creating your own planner layouts is super simple especially with the amount of sticker books The Happy Planner has created!  Here are the Top 4:

A Color Story Books

These books are great because the stickers are already curated for you.  These books are great for beginners too because of the curation of the stickers.  If you're not too sure about creating layouts and using different elements these books offer full decorative boxes, empty boxes for appointments, and some deco all curated together.  With these books you pick a few pages and use the elements there.
Sometimes I get overwhelmed when flipping through and entire themed sticker book like Simply Lovely because there are so many elements that can be used.  With the A Color Story books you get 4 pages of coordinating stickers so you don't have to figure out what really goes together.  You can also create one of my favorite planning trends - the sticker cluster!

Journaling Stickers

Bullet Journaling is traditionally done with just a pen.  Some use highlighters and color coding but the majority of the spread is in pen.  The Happy Planner came out with a few journaling sticker books that can help you achieve that aesthetic with out having to doodle everything!  These sets have functional habit trackers, dates & days, boxes, etc but the book also have cute doodles to spice up your planner spread.  Since they are black and white (or have a little bit of gold foiling) you can keep your spread basic or color in the elements.
I've seen planner peeps create mood trackers out of some of the elements and then color them in daily.  I use these books mainly for the days and the date stickers but I'm hoping to branch out to a pen only spread!

Brights Sticker Book

Another sticker book that offers a lot for bullet journaling is the Brights sticker book.  This one has days of the week and number stickers for dates but it also has some washi style stickers that can help divide your page and some tabs to help you break up or section off your planner.
This is one of the first books I thought of when it came to creating a bullet journal style.  Like the name of the book says, the stickers included are very bright but still pretty functional.  If you had to get one sticker book to start you off on creating your own layouts I'd say grab this one because it's got so much.

Dates & Holidays

An essential part of creating your own layouts is having numbers and months to add to your planner.  These books allow you to create some fun monthly layouts since they have the months of the year and some holiday stickers.  You could knock out all of your monthly layouts in one sitting (or a couple, it take a lot to make these damn spreads!) without worrying which stickers to use.
Plus you'll achieve a more cohesive look across your planner when you use the same type of stickers through out.  Sometimes that is important to me because I love consistency!  There are ton of dates and holidays type stickers too and if you've ever gotten (and *ahem* not used) various extension packs, those work too.

I'm so excited to use the Happy Planner stickers and filler paper to make my own planner in 2020! The Happy Planner system offers so much customization its inspiring.  You can check out my first bullet journal spread of 2020 in this video and you'll peep a quick view of my classic happy planner set up.  Be sure to subscribe to see more planner layouts this year!

Want more planner blog posts? Check them all out here.

What are your favorite sticker books to use?

xoxo, Moe