February Tights Challenge Week #4 - Final Link Up

I have to admit you guys...this was the HARDEST challenge I've ever done.  It was about a week & a half that I thought "ummmm...I'd really like to wear the rest of my wardrobe!" I just have so many ideas about clothes that it's hard to decide to wear tights everyday.

I also didn't think about how many skirts/dresses I had to be able to wear tights.  I'd end up recycling dresses & skirts...and I didn't like that I could wear so much more.  I caved two times but then I incorporated leggings like so many did in the flickr group.

I do want to thank everyone who added to the group, you all were so awesome!  This is the most interesting photo from the group:

from Christina of Accomplishing Motherhood

I also apologize for the lack of my own pictures being added.  I will definitely think harder about challenges in the future.  

Alright so everyone link up your tights!

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Fan Fridays: Found on Pinterest - DIY Accessories

I've recently joined pinterest & I am so in love.  I have a board called "To Make" where I put all my DIY inspiration.  I only have a few pins...but when I stumbled up on these jewelry DIY's I knew I had to pin them.

Look at this awesome bracelet:

made from hex nuts from your local hardware store
check out the tutorial here on Honestly...WTF

And this really cool rope necklace:

this necklace uses thread & bungie cord to make an awesome tribal looking necklace.
tutorial here, also from Honestly...WTF

I love tribal trends.  They always get me in the mood for Summer.
I really want to try to make some of those hex nut bracelets!
I smell friendship gifts in the making! 

What are you loving this week?
Have a great weekend!
Expect picture updates after I go to the ball this Saturday!

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Welcome to the New Blog

This might be too long of a post to get to the short of it but:

Welcome to the new Five Sixteenths!
I think I may have cured my BLADD
(see entry below)
Here's the new Five Sixteenths for hopefully a long bit of time
I just really like to redesign my blog

First off, let me say, I've totally grown so much as a blogger. When I first started blogging I used a regular 'ol blogger template.  I learned a bit of html & just posted however I felt like.  There was no consistency, no coherent color, theme, or typeface for that matter.  All the images & links were very....horrible!

I used MS paint for all my 'graphics', weird & obscure patterns that didn't make sense, & I even think papyrus made a debut in my first ever etsy button & banner.  Yikes!

Now, while I am no means a pro-blogger, I really, really love doing it & I really love being inspired by all the other blogs that I love.

Here's what I've learned:

  • Blogging is about learning.  Learning how to be yourself, make friends, & become who you want to become.
  • Your blog layout & style should reflect you and the layout/style will change.  Change is alright, just avoid BLADD (keep reading) & nothing is permanent.  There is no need trying to be another type of blogger if you aren't.
  • you should have too bad of a case of Blog Layout ADD (or as I call it BLADD).  I have to admit, I do have this but it's getting better.  I think my BLADD stems from the fact that I feel I am growing so rapidly as a blogger.  
  • Consistency is key.  Have a theme, a few colors, complimentary typefaces (I am no genius at that either), & a way to create buttons, banners, etc.  
  • You don't have to have awesome design skills, a degree in graphic design, & bazillion dollar software to make a cool looking blog.
  • You do need to have an eye for 'good design' & be willing to experiment.  I try my hand at recreating things or figuring out how something was done just for practice.  I took one graphic design class while in school & it exposed me to new things.  It was a great experience. I learned a lot about planning &  laying things out before getting started.
  • All you really need is Picnik, something like Picasa, & a place to make boxes of color (like publisher). Sometimes I make an entire button in publisher.  It's sorta kinda like, yet really not at all like, InDesign.
  • Patience is the best part & the worst part.
  • Do not negatively compare yourself to blogs you look up to.  You wouldn't have started a blog if you didn't think you had something worthy to say.  So if you feel like you don't know what to do.....contact a blogger that you look up to.  You will probably get an excited response because guess what we all started there!  I am not sure about anyone else, but I am always surprised to know people read my blogs!
  • Do positively compare yourself to bloggers you look up to.  Think about how human you are, how human they are & how by blogging & commenting you are making new friends!  
  • Be honest.  Tell your readers about yourself (not too much though, be safe kids), share your ideas & things you love.  You are making friends & people want to be your friend!  I recently admitted to caving on the Tights Challenge by wearing jeans one day.  Sometimes you just can't do it & you need to take a break.  So let your readers know that they are important by being honest with them.
  • Have fun.  No one knows the absolute total rules of blogging. I don't really think there are any except: play nice, leave sources as best you can, contact the people you source, & don't outright present an idea as your own when it's not.

So that's it.  For the month of March & for probably a while, this is the new blog layout. Happy Wednesday!

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Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Crocheted Tawashi - little dish scrubbie

So I don't usually post patterns here but since Five Sixteenths is all about life style & I posted a while back about wanting to be a little bit more sustainable, I thought I would share this.

I don't know about you, but I like to have a clean smelling sponge or rag when I go to wash dishes.  If I think the sponge has been sitting there a bit too long or even if I think it has a funny smell...I will toss it out.  At my parent's house, we always used rags or dish cloths to wash the dishes but when I went to college everyone seemed to use sponges.  And it seemed a lot easier because everyone would mix up which was the dishes rag & which was the clean the tables rag.  With sponges, the color is easier to decide which is which..or you know that the sponge is dishes & the rag is wipe down.

I've always liked to use dish rags since I am iffy about the smells.  You can just throw a dish rag in the washer with the towels & it's brand new.  Sponges just get thrown out left & right!  I've found this cute little pattern for a scrubber made from acrylic yarn on Re-Nest.

you can grab the pattern & learn a bit about it here

I also like this little guy too:

How cute would this look hanging from your towel rack?
I am so into decorating kitchen ware lately.  
I should go grab all our dish towels & embroider something on them!

Do you have any kitchen favorites? Things you could never live with out....or wish you could?

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Tempted Tuesdays: Coupon & Sneak Peak

So, remember my post here about painting on some glasses like one's seen at Anthropologie? Well over on All Thingz Related today a coupon was shared from dollar general.  It's not an exclusive  coupon...but it's still a coupon!

With the coupon you can get your total purchase of home decor, kitchen, housewares, etc for 50% off.

aren't you excited!?!?!!!?! I was.  I bought 3 packages of glasses for around 5 bucks. 5 bucks!!  

part of the inspiration

Also, I am having a giveaway in the works once Five Sixteenths reaches 100 followers so thats the little sneak peak for today. Hooray!!

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Tempted Tuesdays: Ruffles

Just something inspiring:

I am so excited for the gala event on Saturday.  My dress has some ruffles...but nothing like this.  It's also black & simple.  The best example of a little black dress.  What are you excited for this week?

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Make It Mondays: DIY Painted Glassware

I am so inspired by the painted pottery at places like Anthropologie.  My visit to a store this weekend really inspired me.  I've always loved their sense of pattern & decor.  Its classy & playful.

every item is carefully placed but looks like a well loved living area.
Shelves look like a home, clothing racks like organized closets, it's all so inspiring!

Being taken with nearly everything in the store, I started to focus on the pottery & dishware in the store. I love the summery & vintage feel.  I've recently invested in some porcelain paint pens & pottery/glass paint.  I've experimented with it on mugs but I'd really like to try it on glassware.

I'd like to try it on glass ware like this from Anthropologie:

or these vintage from etsy:

I have a book of floral motifs that I will probably use.  I have a friend's wedding coming up & I think my mother would really love some too.

Are there any projects you want to try that you've been recently inspired to figure out?  I love finding new things...now if I could only find the time!!

Happy Monday!

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Sum Up Sundays: Tights Challenge Week #3

I have to admit guys.....this challenge has been hard for me.  So hard, that on Wednesday I took a break & wore jeans.  I had to, I couldn't stand being careful not to pick them, feeling like a sausage (all constrained), & dealing with them falling down a bit every time I walked.

This is hard! But I love my tights! I have worn nearly every one of them so far.  So I think I am going to start to incorporate leggings into mine as well as I've seen some of you all in the flickr group do.

Woweee....I didn't think it would be this hard!  But it is a challenge! We've got a week & a few days to go...I know we can do it. I know I can do it!

I do also have to say that I won't be wearing tights (or hose) at the ball (I am going to call it a ball, alright?) on next Saturday.  Because I loooove my legs & want to show them off!

Alright, here's a highlight from this week:

I love this floral dress.  I pretty much wore these red tights all week.  I think I wore them about 3 times!

Let's link up!

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Fan Fridays: I Feel Like Cinderella

In two weeks I get to go to a formal black tie event at our local art gallery for the university I go to! I am so super excited!
I feel like this:

I get to go because I am on the school's certified 15 passenger bus driver list & am friends with the other person driving the bus.  She can't drive for a few of the hours on the day of the event so I get to drive!

I really want to wear a pair of these:

The party involves guests wearing black & white while mingling with themselves & living paintings!! Certain art students (& other students) auditioned to be painted up & dressed up & to stay in character all night.  So not only will I be hanging out with some friends I'll be semi talking to characters.  So Great!!!  Pop over to Cross My Hooks for an outline some paintings/photographs/etc that will come to life.

This weekend I am going to look for a dress to wear, hopefully on the cheap.  But if I had a million dollars, I'd do this:

Vintage Wedding Gown from Chiffon Lounge

Tea Length Wedding Dress from Cupids Arrow
(even though I am pretty sure this isn't suited for an evening function)
or pretty much any dress form this shop.
please, please, please click the link..you will fall in love!!

These rad shoes if I had a floor length dress
we aren't supposed to wear color so "the paintings" are the focus

I can't wait to go find a dress.  I am so excited.  woo hoo!!

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Hardy Har, Portlandia

I can't stand it, it's so funny!!

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Dorm Dec Wednesdays: DIY Bath Poof

I've realized I haven't yet posted or created anything handmade for the bathroom.  I guess I never really thought of it as a place to decorate besides storage.  (I guess I did post that vanity tray, but I really think that has been the only thing)

I really like bathroom decor. It can make even the smallest & not so cute bathroom an oasis to get away in.  Light some candles & draw a bubble bath when you are surrounded by things you find pretty & I am sure any one can relax the stress away.  In fact scented soap & bubble bath are my favorite. I recently bought this soap from Spotted Moth:

Blood Orange and Bergamot Organic Soap

I think Valentine's Day made me buy it
look at that red!
I also liked the name & imagined it would smell delicious!

While on Stumble today, I came across this great idea to turn old towels into bath poofs that look like roses!  Here's the finished product:

the front

the back

in process

These are perfect in expensive gifts & a great way to reuse towels! Pop over to Ruffles & Stuff for the complete sewing tutorial.  I'd say that even if you didn't have a sewing machine, you could hand sew these as well.

Happy Wednesday everyone.  Do you craft up things for your bathroom/guest bathroom?

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Tempted Tuesdays: Fossil Hanbags

I've just fallen in love with Fossil! I've always known about Fossil but never really checked out their website.  So if you love pretty things keep scrolling :)

Today in class I couldn't stop staring at my professor's bag.  It had a bird & birdhouse cityscape type of print on it in loads of patterns.  I loved it so much! I just found this post on Sunshine & Carousels inspired by the bag.  This prompted me to finally check out the site.

I've fallen hard:

I have to say that I am a bright color & bold pattern girl!
There is nothing better than an interesting bag to hold all your goodies!

Do you have any Fossil bags/accessories?

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Valentine's Day

Spend it watching this:

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Make it Mondays: Birdcage Veils

One of my close friends is getting married in a year & we spent this past weekend looking at headpieces, beads, & lace deciding on how she would like her headpiece.  Her main color is deep plumb & her dress is pure white. She is a very understated person in her jewelry & doesn't plan on wearing much. She is only going to wear her engagement ring & some of her grandmother's jewelry.  This simple & understated style is going through all of her wedding attire.  She's opted for a simple headpiece instead of a veil & her dress is super sleek.

To incorporate something blue into her wedding, she's decided on subtle blue beading on her headpiece.  All Saturday we looked at beads, lace, flowers, pearls, & etsy for some inspiration.  This is what I am looking at to incorporate into her headpiece:

flowers like this
tutorial on Make it Do

or these (miniature of course) 

I like the bead on this one
the beads will be the something blue

look at these assorted flowers from Cosa Verde

This blue is the color of the beads
though I think these paper flowers would be perfect as part of her headpiece!

a little bit of this going on...
since she doesn't want a full out veil, I asked her if I could incorporate
a little bit of a traditional veil with some birdcage lace (is that what it's called??)

and look at this great vintage lace. 
I don't think she'd like to see too much of this....but I have some.
we'll see what happens.
this image is from a great tutorial here about decorated bird cages
I think those birdcages would look great as wedding decor!

I am super excited to embark on this adventure with her!  I am also slowly trying to convince her to let me do some center pieces & save the date cards.  I love weddings :)

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February Tights Challenge Week #2

Currently I don't have any photos edited of my outfits this week, yikes!! But I did take pictures picnik hasn't been working for me & I don't know what the problemo is.  But get to linking up those tights!

We have a new member in the Flickr group iampeglegmeg!

thanks so much for joining us!!

EDIT: Here's me.  Picnik hasn't been working & I've been frustrated :(

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Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Creating a Space of your Own

I'd really like to be able to keep my room separate from my craft/making area but don't have room in my small apartment to do so.  Right now my room mate & I have both of our sewing machines crammed onto our dinning table under the only over head light in our apartment.  It gets cramped when she's trying to cut & I am trying to sew & vice versa.  There's no place to iron, no place to cut out patterns, etc.  We are both novice seamstresses, have two very different machines, & are doing very different things.

I recently found this adorable blog, Apple Blue where Amanda has created her own little sewing space with an old bookshelf, curtain, & type case.  So awesome!

and also take a look at her chairs:
aren't they perfect?

I definitely don't have room for this in our little apartment, but it's nice to dream.  I am hoping to have a loft bed in my new apartment & have space to create below. 

Do you have a separate space to work?  

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