Make it Monday // DIY Diffuser Necklace + Inspirational Blends

A long while ago I shared this DIY on how to make an inspirational charm bracelet.  I came up on some of the supplies again and thought about another jewelry DIY that these tassels would be good for.  A DIY essential oil diffuser necklace (or bracelet!).
Easy DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace
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Essential oils have become a key part of my daily life.  I use them to ground myself & to open myself during meditation.....and, more practically, to clear my sinuses and open my chest when I'm sick.  You may think they are little bit out there, especially if you see some of your friends trying to peddle the oils to you, but believe me if they give you nothing but a nice aroma its worth it.  I use my Origami Owl diffuser necklace nearly everyday.  But I know that sometimes DIY is life so here's an easy way to bring essential oils with you day to day.
DIY Diffuser Necklace Supplies
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supplies :: small craft tassels (here or here), necklace chain, pliers, inspirational jewelry tags/findings (similar), quartz charms (similar), lobster clasps, o-rings, essential oil, optional - small storage bags + sharpie
Properly Open a Jump Ring Jewelry Making
Start by opening an o-ring (another demo in this tutorial) and adding a lobster clasp & a craft tassel on to it. Close the o-ring.  Repeat for all the colors of the craft tassels you'd like to use.  It is important to use one tassel per type of essential oil so that you get the most pure scent.  You can create oil blends, of course, but mixing too many oils on one tassel may not give the desired aromatic effect.
DIY Diffuser Necklace Charms
Next, create the inspirational charms by opening an o-ring and adding a lobster clasp and charm.  If you have a few tags/sayings make a few charms.  You can use these as mantras when wearing your diffuser jewelry to further enhance your relationship with the scents you're using.  Adding the clips makes it easier to change out the tassels and mantras daily.
Add Essential Oils to Diffuser Necklace
To wear your necklace - add a few drops of your favorite oils or oil blends to the tassels.  The oil will make the tassel a little bit darker, some blends may discolor the tassel as well.  To attempt to avoid this, spread the tassel open and add a few drops to the inner area.  Let dry for a few minutes then choose a mantra and clip to your necklace chain.  Letting the oils dry on the tassel will ensure that there's not transfer to clothes.  If you have extremely sensitive skin, please be careful - either test the oil to see if you will have a reaction or wear the necklace so that there is a layer of clothing between your skin and the tassel.
DIY Diffuser Necklace
Working with essential oils has really made my days so much better.  I usually wear the Balance blend from Doterra everyday because that is what I meditate with usually (because it is very grounding and I don't have to make decisions!).  But different scents can give you different effects.  There are some standard ideas on what various oils & oil blends do - like lavender is relaxing - but I think it's important to try different blends to see what you resonate with.  Maybe lavender doesn't really relax you...and that's OK!  There are different blends for everyone.  I save a ton of blends I want to try to my Essential Oils Pinterest board.
Essential Oil Reflecting Blend

Reflecting Blend

Doterra Balance & Frankincense
mantra: The quieter I become, the more I hear.  Everything I need is within me.
Essential Oil Refreshing Blend

Refreshing Blend

Doterra Vetiver & Lime
mantra: I am thriving.  I am growing. I am brand new.
Essential Oil Relaxing Blend

Relaxing Blend

Doterra Breathe & Lavender
mantra: I release anxiety. I feel peace in this moment.

Be sure to designate one tassel to each blend or scent.  Though the scent will fade, to get the best results only use one oil or oil blend per tassel.  To sort and store the used tassels (and to differentiate the used from the unused tassels) place them in small plastic storage baggies.  Use a permanent marker to write the name of the scent on the baggie, then store them with your other jewelry.
Essential Oil Necklace
Being able to diffuse essential oils with you wherever you go will increase your connection to the feeling you get when using them. Since scent is a powerful sense and we associate memories with scent, being able to smell the same scent that made you feel relaxed, refreshed, or grounded will enhance that effect.  If you'd like to know more about Dottera essential oils, let me know!

How do you use essential oils in your everyday life?

xoxo, Moe

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