Make it Monday // DIY Planner Dashboard with Rhonna Designs App

I can't stop the planner DIY's guys and I won't stop.  #cantstopwontstop if you will.  At a planner meet up on Thursday we did a dashboard swap and I had the clever idea to use the Rhonna Designs App to design some fun dashboards to trade.  Rhonna Designs is one of my favorite apps for overlays and I've talked about the app before here, here, & here.  I thought it was high time to give this app it's own little post.  This DIY is so easy I made a butt ton of these designs on my lunch break and printed them when I got home!
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supplies // Rhonna Designs App, Print to Size App, printer, laminator, laminating sheets, paper, paper trimmer or scissors, hole punch
First, download the Rhonna Designs app.  You may also want to download the Rhonna Designs Suite as well since you'll save a few pennies and have two more awesome apps to work with.  Open the app and select the picture pile in the lower left hand corner of the bottom row of options.  From the next screen, choose a background - this is where having the other apps helps, you can get more backgrounds.  The background can be one from the app or a photo you may already have on your camera roll.
Once the background is chosen, there are options for sizing.  Use your finger to swipe all the way to the left to find the planner sizes.  For this project, I chose the A5 size.  For my dashboard in the photo at the top of the post I also used A5, just sized it bigger in the Print to Size app (mentioned below) and trimmed it down.
After selecting the size dashboard to create, select the starburst icon in the upper left hand corner to add the overlays.  This app offers a ton of free overlays, but I find the cutest ones are a part of the exclusive packs designed by bloggers and digital artists.  You can preview different packs before you purchase them as well.  For the most part 3 overlay pack are .99 cents, a pretty affordable price for the amount of overlays you'll get.  My favorite pack currently are Shine Quotes, Weekday Warrior Icons, and Bright Quotes.
Choose the overlay pack you'd like to work with, then pick the overlay from the slider on the bottom of the screen.  Use the red knob at the lower right edge of the design to change the size.  Use your finger to move the overlay across the page.  There are a ton of color options as well - including foiled and glitter textures.  To add another overlay, tap the plus icon at the upper left hand corner and select the next (or the same) overlay pack.  To add text, select done, tap the T icon at the upper left, and add the text.  Once the design is completed - add as many overlays or as much text as you like - tap done, and then tap the three lines at the upper right hand corner.  Tap share from the bottom of the column, select hi-res when prompted, and save to your camera roll.  Create as many dashboards as you'd like!
To print these guys directly from your phone, download the Print to Size app (be sure to read up on how to connect your wireless printer, my phone picked it up automatically).  Open the app and from the screen tap the + icon at the center of the bottom menu.  Select the image from your camera roll to add it to the canvas.  Use the lower right hand blue knob to size the image the proper size (or bigger if you need to) for your planner dashboard.  Since this is true A5 size, the image should be sized to 5.8 x 8.3 inches.  Tap the printer icon on the bottom menu bar, find your printer, then print on your desired paper.

Once the image is printed, laminate the image according to the settings on your laminator (I use this one by Purple Cow) and use the paper trimmer to trim it to size.  Punch holes where needed and insert into your planner!


If you'd like to get the images I made to print for your planner find them at the link above.  Remember, these images are for personal use only.  Do not sell the design or the finished product.  Do not make and disseminate these in mass quantities.  Do not give this file away - please link to this blog post.  Thanks for playing nice!

xoxo, Moe

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