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I have been loving using stock photos in some of my blog posts when I just don't have a reason to take a picture myself.  Stock photos are especially helpful when I have a block of text that really needs an image to draw you in or to pin to Pinterest.  I usually grab one from Unsplash on my phone, run it through Phonto to overlay the text, and then email it to myself (of course you could use something like Google Drive or DropBox) in order to upload it to my blog from my computer.  Stock images are very helpful in a pinch!
After this post on the blogging style guide, I was inspired to try to make some stock photos of my own.  I set up my lighting (two clamp lights and daylight bulbs from Wal-Mart - more on my lighting in this video) and took some photos!  Feel free to use the images below how ever you would like - on your blog or on Instagram - but a link back to this post or a tag on Instagram (@fivesixteenths)  would be wonderful!  
To open and save the images - click on the image you'd like to save, use the spy glass that hovers over the image on the new page to increase the image to it's original size, right click, and save to your desktop.

I know I'm always looking for stock photos relating to planning and to creative endeavors so that is why I chose these elements to photograph.  Please let me know if you use any of these images - and stay tuned for a post with tips for using stock images on your blog!

xoxo, Moe


  1. these a great quality photos and the colors really pop!

    Check out my blog!http://lourdeslifebuzz.blogspot.com/

  2. Great images, Moe!! I will use it for my site. They are even better than the images I load from http://www.cannypic.com/. I use this site when I need some vector images.


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