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It has been a long, long while since I have offered a free printable sticker kit on the blog.  I mean...a loooonnnggg while!  I used to post a sticker sheet nearly every Friday because I loved making them so much.  The last Free Sticker Friday post is from by birthday in 2017!  I've been making stickers for myself and for Patreon for a while but I thought I'd share this guy over here just for you all.
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Way back in the way back, you may remember, I did the no-white-space EC style planning.  I had an Erin Condren planner & I had inserts that mimicked the EC layout.  I did both my regular, everyday planning and my memory planning in this EC style.  My everyday planning really took on the no-white-space look while my memory planning had a little more white space showing.  Check out how I set up a Memory Planning spread here (that was way back in 2016!).

Then I went into memory planning in my horizontal Happy PlannerThat was fun because I did like to journal and found the layout inspiring for memory keeping.  I fell off the memory keeping wagon for real in about 2018 right before our wedding.  This post goes over how to print your photos at hom for memory keeping.
After getting pregnant with Marcus I wasn't feeling planning of any sort so I totally stopped all of it!  Now that he's here I wish, wish, WISH I was feeling it because it would have been very nice to have a document of all the things that happened & that I was feeling before and after his birth.  But we can't really go back in time, so we just gotta start now.

Since being in Quarantine, I've gotten inspired by the ECLP planning style again. I've been watching a lot of my OG YouTube planner channels - think like Scribble Prints Co - and getting back into that style of planning.  Since I've kept my Happy Planner starting in January and I've been documenting Marcus with a ton of pictures on my google photo account, I've been able to do some memory planning or rewind spreads in my new memory planner.
This kit is very pink & very feminine so I used it to memory plan Valentine's Day week of 2020.  (Check out my Happy Planner Plan With Me video for this week here.)  I think it has the perfect mix of checklists and functional boxes plus some little icons that you can just supplement a little bit with stickers you may have leftover from other kits or character stickers.

The stickers in this spread have come from the Papershire Facebook group & Print Petticoat Bandit.  I've made some script stickers myself (video tutorial coming soon!) and my own DIY glitter headers (check out the tutorial here!).  This kit comes with 7 glitter headers already but if you need more you can TOTALLY make some yourself, for free, to cut with your Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker!


Go ahead and download the kit above and let me know what you think! As always, these printables are for personal use only - do not sell or reproduce these guys.  You'll get a PDF to cut by hand, a PNG ready to cut with your Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker (size it to 6.75 in x 9.25 in in Design Space), and a Silhouette file to cut with your Portrait or Cameo.  
I'll also link above my favorite sticker papers to use.  I have two new favorites!  The weatherproof matte sticker paper from Online Labels is AMAZING.  I bought this a few years ago to make one sticker for Zach and then never used it.  I finally decided to bust it out again and it is perfect for super crisp, professional looking prints.  I also just found this Packzon sticker paper on Amazon too.  While not as durable as the weatherproof paper from Online Labels, it does give crisp prints and is much more affordable.  It is a bright, bright white just like the weatherproof paper too.  My OG favorite that is super affordable, kinda removable, and super thin is the Yens Full Sheet Labels on Amazon.  These aren't as crisp white as the other two but it doesn't look bad.  I've used this sticker paper for YEARS and it has only been recently that I've switched.  I like this paper because it is very thin and wont bulk up your planner.  The paper isn't marketed as removable but it comes up easily unlike the other two mentioned above.  The prints still come out acceptable...I was satisfied with the quality for years!  It takes inkject really well and delivers a fine print!  I recommend all three, and based on your needs, think there is a sticker paper in here for you!

I hope that you've been having a fun planner journey and if you're just starting out be sure to check all the previous planning blog posts here on the blog!

What have you circled back to in your planner journey?  What have you done from the very beginning?

xoxo, Moe

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