Free Printable Memory Planning Stickers & Journaling Cards

I've been using my Memory Planner for a few weeks now and have to say I really, really love it.  You may remember when I used to do Project Life albums...you also may remember how I have slacked off from them for a long, long time.  For me, this is a new way of memory keeping that I'm really digging.  It has inspired me to work through my photos to put into my Project Life albums, but right now I'm focusing on memory planning.
I'm going to be posting a walk through of how I set up my memory planner on my YouTube channel, but I want to give you a little visual of what I use when it comes to setting up my planner for the week.  If you're familiar with my Erin Condren plan with me videos, you'll know I do full no white space spreads.  This Memory Planner has more of a white space look to it - I don't fill up every inch with stickers, the white background of the planner pages still shows through.

I like using kits that have a little bit of everything - check lists, full boxes, half boxes, labels, deco, icons, etc.  But I don't need everything for a full no-white space because I pull in a lot of other stickers that represent things - date night, coffee, trash bags, make up brushes, youtube stickers, etc.   If you read this post you learned about the anatomy of my no white space spreads.  The spreads in my Memory planner are really decorative and less functional.  They aren't really plans but what actually happened in the day.  I mark things that happen birthdays, babies being born, current events, date nights, movies we watched.  I also mark the mundane everyday things, trash out, doctor appointments, etc, mainly because I have a sticker for it.

I also throw in some pocket scrapbooking.  When I have a purchased kit, or a kit I've found for free, I try to search through my journaling card stash & my Pinterest boards to find some cards that will match.  I use 6x8 pocket scrapbooking sleeves - the two holes already punched line up perfectly with the middle ring in the set of three so all I have to do is punch 4 more holes.  I don't have to washi the edges or anything.

To keep track of what happens I take a moment each day to jot down what happened that day on a note pad from the Target dollar spot.  I have this taped in on top of the pocket scrapbooking sleeve and I just take a second each day to list what happens.  I jot them down in revers chronological order because I find it easier to start with what is happening now, then move backwards through the day.  Then when I sit down to fill it out I don't have to think about what the heck happened that day!
So today I wanted to share with you a free printable package - stickers + journaling cards to match.  The patterns are from the Free Pretty Things for You blog (love this blog for cute stuff!).  In the package is a PDF file and a Silhouette Studio file.  Unfortunately I was unable to make this into a cute file for the Cricut Explore, but you may be able to manipulate either file into something usable for you.  It is very hard to offer files like this in all formats for all cutting machines.
As always, please play nice.  This package is for personal use only.  Please do not disseminate this in mass quantities, sell any of the parts of this package, claim the designs as your own, or use in an commercial way.  If you would like to link this to your friends or pin this to a Pinterest board, please pin this blog post and not the files themselves.

I do hope you enjoy this little set and I hope to offer more of these soon!!

xoxo, Moe


  1. I like how you merge memory planning with some everyday planning! Thanks so much for the Freebie!

  2. I really like the way you draw images of what you read in the text to support your ideas.



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