4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Someone with an Art Degree

So, yesterday I was anxiously waiting for a call.  A call for a job.  I've been looking for full time work since we moved & had the opportunity to interview for a fun, fast paced company last week.  Through the interview, the interviewer stated he was looking for a creative person to bring onto their team.  This got me thinking: Why should you hire someone who is creative? Why hire someone with an art degree in to a job that has nothing to do with art?  Well, this made me examine my qualifications & how my degree had affected my place in, well, the workplace.  Here are 4 reasons why you should hire someone with an art degree:

We are creative thinkers by nature - We don't see things as they are & can often approach a problem in a different way than others.  Some may say a fresh approach.  And as individual artists we see things a lot differently.  Some see things in parts, some see parts as a whole, others see how a whole can affect something else.  We never see things as they are.

We learned a lot in school - We took history classes related to all sorts of history.  And we were required to take it seriously.  I believe the broad range of classes involved in studying art help us see how parts affect the whole, how the past affects the future, & how things are similar or relate to each other.  This training in the evolution of art helps us to see how we can grow, what needs to be done to reach a goal, & helps us reflect on the past.  Overall, this training makes us great thinkers & reflectors: we know how we did what we did & why.

We can plan - Whether you're taking on a painting, illustration, sculpture, or logo you have to plan spatially & plan out ideas.  We're wonderful composers of ideas.  Again, we can bring parts together into a whole.

We're familiar with criticism & how it effects us and the end product - In art school, criticisms from teachers & fellow students are normal.  Because we identify strongly with our work we can take it to heart but we can also turn it around & execute something better.  We bring a drive to grow & to succeed to the workforce.  We also know how to give criticism.  We use words like less successful rather than this is bad because we know the value others have put into their work.  We use words that encourage rather than belittle.  That might make us good management material *wink*

I consider studying art to be one of the best decisions I ever made.  I believe I am well equipped to learn any new task, to approach things with a creative solution, to work well on a team, & to see all sides.  I wouldn't trade what I'd studied for anything.  I think I'm very lucky to have been able to make that decision.

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I can soooo relate to this Moe. I have a BA, art teaching qualification and a Masters and none of jobs in the last 7 years have been art related HOWEVER my skills as an artist and creative thinker have definitely been noticed along the way and assisted in many tough work situations / problems!

  2. Good luck with the job hunting, I couldn't get anywhere in job hunting over here with my BA in Geography and my MA in sociology so it has me wondering if university was worth it at all in all honesty!

    1. I actually wondered the same thing after graduation. I mean, you see people with degrees every which way not having jobs. But I looked at it, as I do most things in my life, as an experience that changed my life for me. It was good for me to go to college, it was good for me to learn these new things, & I'm happy because it changed me & how I see the world. Because of the things I learned I've developed a better thirst for knowledge, a better understanding of others, & a better understanding of myself.

      At first I thought it was something you just did after high school.....that everyone did it - you go to college. But for some people it's a life changer. I often think that if I knew then what I knew now - that I wouldn't have a job after working my ass off for the 'experience' you need to get a job - would I have stayed at my crappy job that I know I could have moved to work full time at? I worked at a party store before college & Claire's during college. Both of those jobs appreciated me. Both of those jobs could have given me a steady salary......but I wouldn't have learned anything. I know it's important to measure life financially - we need money for food, shelter, clothes, etc....but we also need happiness. I am beyond thankful for my situation & my opportunity - that I have a family & loved ones that care about me enough to provide for me during this time. This time has also taught me that even though I am fiercely independent that no one should be too proud to accept for or ask for help. This experience has me donating to drives any time I'm asked & seeking opportunities to volunteer to give to others like I've been provided for.

      That was a long response & I apologize. But thank you for the well wishes!!!

  3. You are spot on! I am an art school dropout (to start a family). I learned so much in the short time I was in school. I have a much greater appreciation for the world around me and apply my knowledge when parenting (problem solving, planning, art projects, teaching my children appreciation for other cultures and their art). I hope that I can finish my degree when my kids are just a bit older.
    Good luck with your job search!

  4. I love this post! I get criticized by a lot of people with science degrees, engineering degrees etc. because I am pursing a Communications degree. I think that Art degrees get looked down upon a lot when they really shouldn't. Creativity I think is the most important aspect in a lot of job fields today especially business. Good luck in your job search! New follower!

    Summer x


    1. I agree. I was told not even to attempt changing to art...but it made me happy & I've never sacrificed anything for happiness. Being creative helps you solve problems and a creative degree requires you to know a lot! When I studied math - yes, before art I was a math major! - we learned math. I didn't have time to pay attention to my 'humanities classes' that universities/colleges require you to take to be well rounded because I could only study math....that's all I had time for. Switching to art I was demanded to study many things. And I'm sure it's that way with communications - you have to know the whole to study the parts & vice versa!

      You're forced to see every angle, to explore every option, to research, to find meaning......it's fun, exciting, & you learn so dang much!

      Thank you for your comment, I'm so glad you're a new reader of 516 :)


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