5 Ways to Track your Spiritual Journey in your Planner

Tracking your woo-woo tendencies in you planner is a great way to carry your spiritual journey with you everyday.  If you've got a ton of different journals it's hard to bring all you'd like to bring with you around everyday - especially if you carry small purses like I do.  Heck, half the time I leave the thing in my car!
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Since I carry my Mini Happy Planner planner with me everyday and it is my place for everything, adding a bit of my spiritual journey into my weekly & monthly planning seemed natural.  It is my quick reference guide to my mundane week, why can't my planner be my quick reference guide for my spiritual week as well?  Here are 5 ways I track woo-woo in my planner:
Record daily Tarot pulls with a weekly ombre sticker
Like many who read, or are learning to read Tarot, I pull a card (or a few cards) each morning.  I do this not only to familiarize myself with the cards of the deck but to also having something to meditate on or work on through the day.  I have a specific journal that I use for my daily pulls & bigger spreads (the Moon Planner actually!) but instead of lugging that guy around all day I simply mark the tarot card down in my planner.  Of course you could mark it down on the box of the corresponding day, but I like to put them all in one place on a weekly ombre sticker.  Keeps everything in one place.  Make sure you're a part of the Cricut Ready Stickers group on Facebook for access to free weekly ombre stickers in the files!
Track the Moon phases and lunar cycles with simple doodles
Not all planners mark the moon phases in their monthly or weekly views but it is super simple to add in a circle with the moon phase right in the corner.  I do this on my monthly view in my Mini Happy Planner in order to see all the phases in one place.  My minimalist monthly planning keeps the important things at the forefront - like blog posts, videos, moon phases, & rituals!  You can even add a quick doodle of the sign the New or Full moon is rising in if you plan to set intentions at each New moon.  This is helpful to know what areas of life you should focus on.  Make sure you use a Pilot Frixion pen in case you're doodles don't turn out as you like.  You can quickly erase them!
Special stickers for special rituals
There are a ton of witchy & woowoo style planner stickers on Etsy!  I hadn't even thought to look that up until recently!  (Don't forget to sign up for Ebates to get cash back on your Etsy purchases)  But any sticker you deem to be special, is a special sticker.  The 'Me Time' stickers in the weekly kits I've purchased from Ruby Red Iris Prints on Etsy are perfect to mark rituals.  Half boxes or even icon boxes would be perfect to mark anything special to you.  Having custom stickers made or even learning to design your own can give you a really special & personal way to mark rituals or Sabbats.  Seeing the same sticker over & over gets me excited for my personal rituals!

Crystals & other tools
Personally, I try to work with crystals regularly & though I often journal about my experiences when I feel called to do so. A quicker way to keep track of these tools is adding a short line in your planner.  Many weekly pages have a notes section.  This section is perfect for tracking the crystal of the week, meditations, or any tools you may work with in your spiritual practice.
Habit trackers for spiritual actions
Each morning I try to meditate.  Lately, it's not been happening because again I've been choosing sleep over nurturing myself.  So a simple habit tracker that one may use for water, cleaning, vitamins, is perfect to track actions you take towards your spiritual practice.  This is kind of an obvious way to track woowoo but you know, gotta throw it in there.


I still struggle with using the word spiritual when it comes to the journey of self-love, self-development, & self-reliance.  Personally I don't like how close the word is to religious.  Changing my perspective on things though has really opened my eyes to the fact that everyone's journey to their greatest good is different.
Tracking my growth & spiritual goals in a place I look at everyday means there is one place I can go when I need to reflect.

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How do you track your spirituality in your planner?  Share below or in the Five Sixteenths Blog | Live Creatively Facebook group here.

xoxo, Moe


  1. Love this so much! I'm always looking for more ways to personalize my planner as well as incorporate little habits like tarot into my daily life so this is perfect :)

  2. Your planner is total goals! I love this! Definitely gonna think about starting a planner.

  3. Loved this! Thanks for sharing!!


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