5 Vision Board Tips to Help you Slay your Goals

A few weekends ago I went to a vision board party hosted by my friend Monique from Many Sides to Me & Rosalinda.  Monique hosted a little vision board party in 2017 and I was dying for her to host one for 2018!  Last year my Vision Planner was the place I put anything & everything related to the life I wanted to lead in the last year and it helped me so much!
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This year, the vision board meet up started as a little thing.  Something not too big, just at one of their houses, a few close friend & acquaintances.  From what I hear it expanded out to include 70+ invites!  They ended up hosting it at the Miracle Center over in Chicago which was a lovely place.  30+ women attended and all of us shared laughter & a little bit of champagne.  I mean there was a mimosa bar.......
What moved me the most was Monique's willingness to open up about her own planning, blogging, & motherhood journey and how she wishes to devote her life to inspiring other women.  Through just a few tears, she revealed the reason she chose her blog name - Many Sides to Me - is because of how multifaceted her life is.  She's got interests here, there, & everywhere!  During her little speech and through listening to the other women tell as much as they wanted about themselves & their goals for 2018, I realized that womanhood is multifaceted.  It was such an honor to be in a room with women who I didn't know, open up about their lives, challenges, and visions for 2018.

I even met another planner girl, Nubia from Nubia Plans, who finally was able to answer my question "what the heck size is B6?!?".  Everyone there seemed to connect on such a deep level that it truly inspired me to see that magic happens when women gather.
So I started in on my Vision Planner for 2018 at the little meet up.  Luckily there were tons of magazines there to cut up as I only had images I'd pulled from my blog, my Pinterest boards, and my Instagram.  Flipping through magazine after magazine got me incredibly inspired and I want to share with you some tips on making a vision board that works for you :

Host or attend a vision board party

I have to say, like I did above, it is very inspiring to be around individuals that are excited to make small changes in their lives.  Surrounding yourself with this energy is more likely to help you realize what you'd like for your year as well.  Not to mention it gives you time to be social in a supportive atmosphere and encourage your friends to set and reach their goals.  Your party doesn't have to be 50 women gathered it can be your close friends or even family.  Set up a crafty day for you and your BFF!

Break your vision board into areas

It can become overwhelming to think about your whole life and all the things you want to change.  By breaking your board into smaller areas you're more likely to focus on the actionable tasks you can take to improve those sections of your life.  Back in the January Journaling Jump Start, one prompt asked you to think of three areas of your life you'd like to work on.  You can break your board in to areas like home, relationships, & wellness or spiritual, finances, family...the possibilities are endless!  Then you can focus on the small changes you'd like to see in your life in each of those areas and choose images that inspire the changes you'd like to make.  You wan to be able to see yourself living in the images you choose.  If you've like a fun planner insert to help you with feeling your goals this year, join the Printable of the Month Club over on Patreon!

Include images of yourself

Speaking of seeing yourself in your vision board, include images of yourself or photos you've taken that embody the goal you'd like to achieve.  Personally, I include things like images of my What I Wore posts because at those moments I've felt my most authentic self.  I also include images from blog posts, everyday images from instagram, even some from family vacations because in those moments I was living the life I wanted.  And I want to usher more of that in to my life this year!  Seeing that you're already making the changes to live the life you're looking for will inspire you to do more of what makes you feel that way.

Change up the layout

Since I have six areas of my life I like to work on each year I put my vision board into what I call a Vision Planner.  This year it is a 6x9 ish size, disc bound grided notebook that I paste images into.  There are 6 dividers and I get really creative with it.  But you can use a notebook (the common place book is really popular right now), digital software, pocket scrapbooking pages...anything that inspires you.  If you're not really feeling the actual board part of the vision board - maybe for lack of space - create another place for your vision for the year that you will look at everyday.  I kept my 2017 Vision Planner right next to my computer on my desk so I could flip through it often.  This year as I continue to work on the Vision Planner, I have mine in my new Raskog planner cart!

Make a Mini Board

Carrying the inspiration for the life you want to live around with you is a great reminder to keep making small changes everyday.  In my Mini Happy Planner I made a smaller vision board with the available pocket pages.  Add in your main focus for the year, then add something about each of your areas.  Then use each of the pockets for an image or quote that inspires you to work towards your vision.  In mine, I used images from my life to remind me there are moments where I'm perfectly aligned and to usher in more of those moments daily!
A vision board is a great practice to get into at the beginning of the year (or anytime you need to align your intentions!).  Its not too late to get started on yours for 2018, either.  Gather up some friends or your favorite inspiring podcast and flip through those magazines & Pinterest boards.  Layout the life you'd like to lead then make small changes daily so you can see yourself in the pictures.

Check out Moe's blog Many Sides to Me for wonderful printables, planning & goal setting tips, as well as a look into her life juggling mommyhood & ambition.  (ps. she does it extremely well).  Follow her on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel if you want to see more inspiring content from her!

Do you have a vision board for 2018?  What do you want to bring more of into your life?

xoxo, Moe

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