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Back in June, one of my monthly goals (oh yeah, remember those?) was to clean something every night.  Well let me give you a big ol yeah right because that did not happen.  I always have good intentions with keeping the house clean but it never seems to work out.  It always ends up as a one weekend a month cleaning spree that I hate.  Why can't I just pick shit up after myself?  No idea...did it for a while then I got lazy.  I hate that I'm so lazy.  When I get home from a busy day from work I pretty much do nothing.  I wish I had the energy after work to actually feel productive.
Anyway - another part of finding a cleaning schedule for your home is that the millions you can find on Pinterest aren't really catered to your needs.  At least thats what I've found.  I either have too many rooms, not enough rooms, not enough time, will not do something in the morning, or just plain don't like the way the chart looks.  If you're a list maker & planner like me the biggest step is getting the break down the way you want it.  Here's how I created my cleaning schedule - we'll see if I will stick to it.

When do you want to clean? - That's the first question I asked myself because I really hate waking up on a Saturday knowing that I'll be cleaning for a good chunk of the day.  Most of the time I want to do what I do best - lay on the couch and do nothing!  So I thought about the days I'd actually want to clean - Monday through Friday.  For me, Monday through Friday after work is the best time to think about cleaning because we're often gone on weekends & currently it's summer so we want to do a lot of stuff on Saturday & Sunday.

What do you want to clean? - This seems obvious...the house, right?  Well tackling your big ass house in one unorganized go can cause you to get frazzled.  I decided since I have only 5 days I wanted to clean on to divid the house into five places.  Now, if you have a bigger house (or kids or any other extraneous things that I don't have) this five day thing may not work for you.  But thats the point of these tips - to help you think of the way you can divide up your house/apartment/etc.  So I decided to divide my areas like this - Downstairs, Bathrooms (we have two), Kitchen/Dining area, & Bedrooms.  That leaves me with one day free of cleaning!  Hooray!!

How long do you want to clean? - This is the other thing, how long you want to spend on one area or one part of your divided out list.  I would say I really want to spend only about an hour a night on one area - and I plan on setting a timer!  No, that's not getting into deep cleaning but I am keeping things cleaner & tidier.  I include vacuuming in this hour as well in the places that need to be vacuumed.  Side note, my favorite chore is to vacuum!  And our dog literally sheds another whole dog in less than a day I'm pretty sure.  So this hour means that I'm not cleaning a weeks worth of shit up if I need to deep clean something sometime.  And hey, I can always deep clean on that spare day right?  (Not gonna happen!)

What do you want to do in each area? - This also helps you tackle the space in an organized manner.  Instead of just haphazardly tackling the zone you know what you need to do in each zone.  It's organized & you're not stressing out about all the shit you have to do after work.  I decided to list 5 things under each zone to make sure I get through what needs to be done in the area I'm working on.

If you're a thinking & planner like me, I hope this post helped.  I'm going to share a how-to on making a cleaning list based on these little tips using PicMonkey for your planner, fridge, home binder, etc.  Because PicMonkey has some cool new features!

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Hi Moe,
    Everything is depending upon planning and action. Saturday and Sunday is good time for cleaning the house because everyone gets some superfluous time on above mention day.


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