Essential Oils for the Spring Equinox

I'm a little bit late with this post as the Spring Equinox happened on March 20th of 2018.....but better late than never!   The Spring or Vernal Equinox is a time when the light of day and the darkness of night are in perfect balance.  Unlike the Autumn Equinox where the days get shorter and we slip into the darkness of winter, the Vernal Equinox pushes us into the longer days of summer.  Now is the time to freshen up our homes & tidy up our lives to make room for the newness of Spring.  So if you've been itching to get Spring Cleaning (and you're sure it's not the allergies kicking in) now is the time to get your butt in gear!
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Also known as Ostara, the Spring or Vernal Equinox is a celebration of fertility of the land, or newness, and of planting seeds.  This is a time to prepare & a time to plan.  I often find that I get the inspiration to set new goals or adjust the ones I set in January to better align myself with the path I find myself walking.  So if you've felt you're moving in slow motion perhaps you'll get some inspiration around this time to start planning and planting the seeds that will help you move forward!

In previous seasonal essential oil posts, I've related the seasonal changes to moon phases.  If the Autumn Equinox is the Full moon, the Winter Solstice is the Waning moon, then Spring is the New moon.  This means that it is time to discover what we'd like to work on as the moon waxes.  We're working with the energy of growth and development.....so that by the time we are at Mabon (the Autumn Equinox) or the Full moon we're able to harvest our hard work!

Essential Oils for the Season

Since this is the season of preparation, of planting, and of cleaning the scents that match these vibes are fresh & earthy.  These scents inspire openness of the heart & mind as well as happiness with self.  We're working with the Heart, Third Eye, and Solar Plexus chakras!

Light Citrus Oils

Oils like lemon, lime, and grapefruit offer a fresh light scent that inspire happiness in us.  Citrus oils work with the Solar Plexus Chakra where our center of joy and self acceptance is located.  After the long winter, these oils give us hope for the coming warmth!  When used in cleaning products, these oils purify & disinfect.  Lemon is the perfect multipurpose oil for cleaning.

Herbaceous Oils

These hearty, earthy oils will open up the Heart Chakra.  The best example I've heard on how to relate these herbaceous oils to the Heart Chakra is to think about the love you pour into cooking & preparing meals for your loved ones when you use seasoning like rosemary, basil, or oregano.  You're pouring your care and love into your creation & nurturing the ones you love!  Plus spring is all about new growth & greenery!  A lot of herbaceous oils - like Rosemary and Basil - can bring about feelings of renewal & transition.  So just as we move through to a brand new season and brand new growth, these oils can help ease emotional transitions as well.  

Florals & Firs

This set of oils connects the Heart & Third Eye Chakras.  Fir oils can still have a little bit of a chest opening (so heart-centric) and also help with movement through emotion.  For example Cypress is known as the oil of Motion and Flow and as we're going through this new growth season, we'll be breaking old habits, patterns, and beliefs!  Florals are oils I like to associate with the Third Eye Chakra.  Much like you'd want your third eye to bloom open to developing your intuition, you can imaging the flowers of these oils doing the same: opening to the sun, growing, and developing.  Since Spring is when we start to see the flowers poke through the ground reaching out to their full potential so too can we use floral oils in the Spring to open up ourselves.

Oil Blends for the Season

I find the best way to create custom blends is to group my oils by category - so a group of citrus oils, a group of herbaceous oils, and a group of florals & firs - and then grab one from each group and inhale from the bottles.  Do the smell good together?  What else might be needed?  Rosemary & Lemon make a great fresh scent for the kitchen, but if you add it something like Basil the aroma gets just a little deeper.

Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint are thought to aid in combating seasonal allergies but you may find you prefer to use Rosemary over Peppermint.  Lavender and Citrus Bliss can be an amazing, even tempering blend but add in something like Douglass Fir or Cypress and you'll find feelings of support as well.

Here are a few Spring inspired emotion blends to get you started, try diffusing 2 drops of each oil or creating a roller bottle for yourself!

Creative Inspiration

Citrus Bliss - the Oil of Creativity // Cypress - the Oil of Motion & Flow // Basil - the Oil of Renewal
Perfect for getting the inspiration flowing & moving through the creative process.  Inspires newness & growth as well as working through old patterns.

Spring Forward

Lime - the Oil of Zest for Life // Douglas Fir - the Oil of Generational Wisdom // Rosemary - the oil of Knowledge & Transition
Perfect for feeling uplifted while trying to break old habits to allow for new ones to develop.  Give you the inspiration to move forward with a zest for life.  Great for the inspiration to spring clean!

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Free & Floral

Grapefruit - the Oil of Honoring the Body // Lavender - the Oil of Communication & Calm // Ylang Ylang - the Oil of the Inner Child
Helps expand belief in yourself & get back to your natural state of happiness.  Great for a relaxing bath as you focus on self love.

Citrus Bloom

Bergamot - the Oil of Self Acceptance // Clary Sage - the Oil of Clarity & Vision // Tangerine - the Oil of Cheer & Creativity
This oil blend can help to reveal to you a creative pursuit and give you the confidence to pursue it.  Perfect for an early morning diffuser to get started for a creative spring day.

Using essential oils seasonally can really get you connected to the emotions of the changing seasons.  You may notice in each of these guides some oils overlap - herbaceous oils were also mentioned in the Fall Essential Oil guide.  But what to pay attention to here are the prevailing feelings of the seasons.  Herbaceous oils help us in the fall as we transition into colder weather where we may be spending more time indoors & with family.  These oils support our heart as we work with others.  In the Spring, we're transitioning away from this and moving into our own personal growth.  So we can use the emotional properties of herbaceous oils to support our relationships with ourselves.

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