Make It Mondays: DIY Bangles

I have posted so much about bangles on this blog.  This week I am going to tackle making a few bangles from beads, string, wire, & crochet.

Here is some more bangle inspiration from three of my fave stores:

this one from Anthropologie would be fun to make on memory wire.
It would be easy to stack a few up your arm, they'll never lose shape! I think it would look great either solid or with multi colored beads.

This from Free People is stretchy.
I love the look of multiple bracelets, can you tell?

And this Best Friends Since ID bracelet from Urban screams gift to me.  
I need one for the first friend I ever met in college & another for a very dear friend I met shortly after.
I love them both to death!

I swear, if I don't buy it from Urban now I will definitely get this down the line from another engraving place.

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