Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Countdown to my Birthday! Part One

Today marks 3 weeks (exactly) until my birthday.  Now, traditionally I am not home for my birthday as exams seem to always fall that week. BUT this year, I will be home!  I love celebrating birthdays.  I love my birthday because it is one day after my mom's birthday.  I find that kind of weird & only ever met one other person who has that same thing in common.

Also, on this day, I get to celebrate it however I want.  (yay!) I am such a control freak & plan all of the celebrations in my life, that making my cake every year doesn't bother me.  In fact I am sure if I didn't make a big deal of it no one else would.  Usually I make a 4 layer cake, alternating strawberry & lemon, with purple icing, sprinkles & other ridiculous decorations on it.

This year, I am going to take it super seriously! Ok, I lie, I am not going to take it that seriously.  But I am going to feature a color scheme, some recipes for fondant & some cake topper things I want to make.  Just to keep a record & spice things up.

The great part is I would love for you my wonderful followers to help me out!  I appreciate you all sooooo much  & am so thankful I've found other bloggers who love the same things I do.  You all rock!  I am also going to do a giveaway of a second topper I make that matches mine.  So if you follow these posts all the way through, you'll have a say in what goes into the whole shebang!

This first installment is about deciding on colors!  My favorite color is purple but I am open to new schemes that suite me.  Here are a few colors I am thinking about:




I used Color Scheme Designer. It's pretty cool but I think something else might have worked better

Of course the icing will be a paler color (I think, since I think I can make that sort of color) but the other colors would go into the sprinkles, etc, & the topper!

Taking it to serious? I want to have a pretty cool looking cake & perhaps I want to start party planning. :)

Please leave a comment about your favorite! Make sure you don't miss next week's installment about cake toppers & remember to enter the giveaway  next week during Dorm Dec Wednesday!

PS. Don't forget to check out the link parties in the Side Bar or click here!

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