Sum Up Sundays: Thanksgiving Feast

Now that I am fully stuffed with turkey, leftovers, & the chili my mother made for dinner tonight, its time to get back to work!  I've got a lot to do to finish up for school in the next two weeks & I've got a lot of work to do on this blog & on etsy.

This post is a sum up post right? Well this past weekend, after I'd finished stuffing my face, I went to a few of my favorite little second hand & consignment shops where my grandmother lives.

First, we took a trip to Two P's in a Pod.  This is a little vintage & handmade consignment shop just down from where we are staying.

I bought three little floral plates that I plan on turning into small cake plates.  I probably won't use them for cakes but instead plan on using them as display for craft shows or storage on my craft table. ("But Moe, you don't have a craft table," you say.  Well I will when I graduate & move. More on that a little later).

Second, we took a trip to a small place downtown.  This street is just down from were my mother grew up so after we visited her old house we went into Urban Gypsy.

I saw Urban Gypsy as we were driving by & knew I had to go in because of the paper chain front window displays.  So holiday chic, right?  Well even though I didn't buy anything I fell in love.  It is a small boutique that offers some eco-friendly clothing options & unique, trendy styles.  I loved their assortment of clothes & crocheted scarves, headbands, & bags.  I love me some fashion & crochet inspiration!

We also stopped by a second hand consignment shop called New To Me where I picked up an onyx ring like my mother's for Christmas.  Can you tell I love things that other people love & things that were once important to others?

Third, I recently received a table runner/pillow cover something, something that my great grandmother made.  My grandmother was going through a few of her things looking to pass down some odds & ends & my mother asked me if I wanted it.  It has embroidered flowers on either end and looks as if it was a table runner.   My grandmother said that my great grandmother used to use it over the pillows or over the end of the bed.  Since I would probably ruin it if I used it that way, I've decided it would look great draped on the wall over my bed when I move into my new apartment.  (Again mentioning the new apartment.....I'll get to that much, much later)

Finally while on Turkey vacation, I've been working on a blog love page for a few of my favorite blogs. I follow a lot & love every one to death, but I know there are definitely a few that I just can't stop returning to.  I've added a few buttons but I will be adding a load more as soon as I have the time.

I think it might be time for another slice of pie, sorry for the wordy post today.  Enjoy your Sunday!

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